Greyhound Racing Group 2 Fields For AWM Distance Championship Final Saturday 26th July 2008

Group 2 AWM Distance Championship Final
The Meadows, Vic.

S/E Final 725 Metres 09:42PM
$25000-7200-3600 /4TH LEG QUAD 2ND LEG D/D TRI/QUIN R/D
Box Form Name Best Trainer
1 52713 REBEL ANGEL 43.41 E M King
2 12342 SKY HAZZARD 42.09H D E Hazzard
3 11161 CHINATOWN LAD 42.70 S G Whitney
4 41113 RISK IT NBT T W Murray
5 26112 MANTRA LAD 42.71 G Jose
6 51321 LILLEY CRIMINAL 42.78 P J Wishart
7 12211 FALLEN ZORRO 42.77 S G Whitney
8 51122 GUNNADOO MAGIC 42.88 R J Britton
9 76433 FENWICK FOX Res. NBT R W Barron
10 26144 KULU SPIRIT Res. NBT R J Britton

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