Greyhound Racing Group 2 Fields For Geelong Gold Cup Final Friday 16th October 2009

2009 Group 2 Geelong Gold Cup Final
Open To The Best Greyhound Nominated – No Seeding, No Guarding, Random Draw
$40,000 To The Final Winner
Geelong, Vic

$40000-11420-5710 (VIC time)
457 Metres S/E Group 2
1 11121 OCTANE SHOW 25.39 D N Mcdonald (Cranbourne)
2 22111 GO GO ALLEGRO 25.61 D N Mcdonald (Cranbourne)
3 55432 PREMIER MOMENT 25.74 M R Dapiran (Seymour)
4 18111 GRIPEN BALE 25.23 B J Wheeler (The Oaks)
5 12811 TURANZA BALE 25.24 G J Bate (Lara)
6 53222 NED’S PEDRO 25.54 D N Mcdonald (Cranbourne)
7 65632 LAST MAN OUT 25.66 W A Vassallo (Devon Meadows)
8 11322 BIRTHDAY BOY 25.39 S J Elsum (Camperdown)
9 23333 HARMER BROTHERS 25.93 S B Lees (Seddon)
10 41123 GREASE MONKEY 25.79 P E Giles (Moe)

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