Doubles To Both McFarlane & Wadick At Canberra Greyhounds

Written By Monday 16th February 2009  

As Canberra gears up for it’s feature maiden series, the , this week, last Sunday’s meeting wet the appetite of punters, with and both claiming doubles.

Having to sadly scratch from the Canberra Mower Service final, Wadick was able to still make Sunday a profitable evening with Highland Abbey and Highland Breeze claiming good wins.

Ian McFarlane opening his account with , who produced a spectacular 25.40 win in the Best 8 event over the 440.

The Jerrawa trainer scoring the running double with knocking off her maiden in the seventh event in 30.99.

Despite being a woman of very few words was nothing short of over the moon when clung to the rails at the first turn and skipped under early leaders Shonky’s Girl and to take lead in the 5th Grade Canberra Mower Services Final.

Using all her voice to cheer the Collide x Winmoore Osti dog on to it’s 3 ¾ length 18.12 win, the result a pleasing one for the Cudal trainer.

The remainder of the card going to a range of owners and trainers from across New South Wales and the ACT .

In a small but close event, the first went to Osti’s Treasure, who continued it’s good Canberra form pipping at the post, rounding out the placings.

for took out the second mixed grade 310 metres, while ’s Bradman’s Willow clocked another 25.95 win in the Kel O’Rourke Appreciation over 440metres.

was able to prevent Ian McFarlane from claiming a treble for the meeting, taking the lead in the home straight from Berridale Belle, rounding out the minors.

The final win going to and with . Having finished behind a Lorraine Roy greyhound in everyone of it’s last five starts the black dog finally got his shot on Sunday getting over the line a half head infront of .

Canberra returns to SKY this week with what is set to be a great Rod Everett Memorial Series.

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