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Written By Friday 20th February 2009  

A brand new innovation for greyhound racing has just opened for public use.

The Australian Racing Greyhound Network is the world’s only greyhound racing community network.

Users can sign up free to create their own “blog” and join our social community.

Australian Racing Greyhound Network members can share their greyhound racing stories, opinions, observations, and photos, ask questions, get advice and connect with other greyhound racing participants and greyhound racing enthusiasts from around Australia and around the globe.

Just like a greyhound racing version of Facebook or Myspace, you can interact with others who have a similar interest; but you also get the advantage of free web hosting for your own personal blog, plus private messaging and our Greyhound Racing Forums.

An integral part of the Network is the Greyhound Racing Forums which will allow users to interact on vital discussion and even create their own private groups for discussion only amongst group members.

If anyone thought the Forums might be slow to take off, guess again. One of our Australian Racing Greyhound Network members, dmck has just posted a topic that is sure to have many voicing opinions, When do you stop breeding with your precious brood ??.

As with everything else on our network of greyhound racing sites, these new additions are completely free to use and open to everyone.

What are you waiting for?

Be the first to enjoy being apart of the world’s biggest greyhound community.

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Looked at the forum. Another fizzer?

teresa dylan
teresa dylan

I should also add, I called him a dead beat dad, not only for his lack of communication with his children, but in the entire time he has never paid not one cent in maintenance.  Everything they own is locked up in Deannes name so that when he dies his legit children get nothing, nada, zilch.   Yeah great bloke is that Erenshaw fellow.

teresa dylan
teresa dylan

Anyone heard of a greyhound trainer from Canningvale called Terry Erenshaw.  He originally came from Victoria, walked out on his wife and four kids to shack up with his brothers wife, Deanne Murphy.  She already had three kids to the brother, they have had two or three kids together now.  His legitimate children haven't heard a peep from him for about seventeen years now, they don't have his address or his phone number or anything.  He has tried to keep it a well hidden secret, for obvious reasons I suppose.  People don't seem to care about morals in the greyhound world though, I have seen plenty of write ups about him, but the fact of the matter is the bloke is a dead beat dad and a drunk.  It's a sad indictment on the greyhound people that they have just accepted him and his sister in law as a couple, and no one seems to care about the four children he left back in Victoria.  In that whole time, with all the money he has won from dogs, he has never given them one red cent, not a birthday card, a Christmas card or even a phone call.  I guess the inheritance his sister in law got was a lot more important to him than his own children.  Pretty crumby game this greyhound caper must be.  Do you only care about what dogs a trainer has and not about the lives destroyed to get there.

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