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Peter Yore – Question Time Podcast

ARG was lucky to sit down with Peter Yore for another edition of our question time podcasts.

The man that brought us the four hour video “The Racing Greyhound” answered plenty of questions written in by our readers. It’s an extremely interesting interview that will provide listeners with good advice.

Greyhound Betting Tips Thursday 17th April

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Big night of racing ahead tonight at Albion Park. Heats of the Bogie Leigh Futurity take center stage with some really good quality bitches engaged. Jeff Britton has 3 runners engaged, with the standout out being Oakvale Destiny, who recorded a near record 29.76 at Cranbourne recently. Troy Iwanyk has the brilliant Bridgeson in box two, who has run a flying 29.40 at Sandown.

South Australian trainer Ben Rawlings also has former Queenslander Bogie Classic exiting box two, and she’s in super form with a quick 30.50 win at Gawler two starts back. Hall of fame trainer Ron Ball has his brilliant bitch Made For Ron in, who has been working her her way back to the 520 metre distance with some scorching 395 metre wins recently.

Heat one of the Bogie Leigh Futurity kicks off at 6.57pm, with the first race at Albion to start at 6.39pm.

Albion Park Greyhounds Race 9 Box 2 Angvella 9.28pm

Angvella was last weeks Albion Park selection and while he was slow to begin he did run a solid race to finish second. As I wrote last week Angvella is a real high speed chaser who should go on to make top grade here at Albion Park. He has run some brilliant times at Ipswich and looks capable of breaking 30.00 should he jump and hit the front. He’s a pacey dog and should lead these here tonight from box two.

Box one runner Space Wave is only an ordinary beginner and Angvella should have no problems crossing her and finding the bunny. Once out and on the bunny I expect him to show his turn of foot and at least race to a two length lead early. He should be able to run 11.60 down the back and that should see him open up a unassailable lead.

Box three runner Are Ate looks a danger and he’s going to be there for the majority of the race. He too has recorded fast times at Ipswich and did win the Devonport Cup a few starts back. Benarkin has box five for one of Queensland’s leading trainers Tony Brett, and he’s been racing superb lately. But he’ll get a long way back tonight and it’s unlikely he can come from a long way back to run down Angvella on the bunny.

Stick with Angvella and he should be $5.00 tonight.

Angle Park Race 4 Box 5 Defib Daryl 8.14pm

Rulebook is the obvious winner here after his brilliant effort to break the long standing 600 metre record at Angle Park last week running 34.35 from box one. He has drawn the red again tonight, so expect him to just win. But Defib Daryl looks a huge chance to run second at odds. He’s a terrific chaser and will chase really hard from off the speed. It’s likely Rulebook will open them right up tonight and I expect most of the dogs won’t chase as hard as they can off the bunny.

Defib Daryl was checked out of contention early Monday night and still chased hard to rattle home to grab fourth. He shouldn’t find trouble tonight and he looks certain to run second in this. Wild Soul and Mr Donatello look the only two who can full third place.

Punters looking to grab some cash from this race should take the Trifecta 1-5-78 $2.00 for 100%.

Launceston Greyhounds Race 5 Box 4 Alonnah, 8.41pm

Alonnah has been racing well of late and looks the winner in this. She should be around the $5.00 mark early on fixed prices, so get on early. She looks capable of setting the early tempo and should find the top, or at worst sit second. She has a solid best time of 26.17 here and unless something in this field improves out of sight that will be good enough up win this.

Boxes three and five have no early speed so they shouldn’t pose any problem early for Alonnah. If she pings and goes like she can and races to her best she should be winning. Box eight runner Real Caution has the motor and ability to win but he can be a bit awkward in running and at times finds more trouble then he should.

Stick with Alonnah she looks the one.

Sandown Greyhounds Race 2 Box 2 Salegreys Power 7.24pm

Salegreys Power is a very speedy beginner who has been racing very consistently of late. She shouldlead around the first turn as they enter the back straight. She only has a best time of 29.80 and she will need to go quicker to win, but her last start win at the Meadows was good and she ran a good 30.18 for the 525 metre trip. She’s the classiest runner engaged in this and we should see her first past the post.

Box one runner Peter Pettigrew can threaten, but he does tend to get a long way back and he may end up squeezed up and out the back early. If he does happen to stay in touch and gain clear galloping room he could run clean over the top of them here.

Best Of Luck

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Ten Years Of Confusion Coming Up

Well, this time we have the Sun Herald to thank for bringing out into the open what is apparently an ongoing but secretive investigation into shifting Wentworth Park to western Sydney.

Several stories last Saturday, Sunday and Monday, together with letters to the editor, are rabbitting on about the pros and cons of selling off the headquarters of greyhound racing and moving to a newly built complex at Eastern Creek, some 34 km from the CBD. That puts it half way between Parramatta (20km) and Penrith (49km). The facility would be shared with the harness code and perhaps other sporting organisations. Or so the story goes.

The problem is that it is just a story. A hopeful one, at that. A property developer, Brookfield Multiplex, is putting together a proposal to government which would require selling off Wentworth Park in its entirety and allowing it to build high density housing on the site. It suggests the cash would go towards creating a collection of sporting facilities in the west.

Wentworth Park is not just a dog track and a grandstand. While it is hardly a “park” in the original sense of the word, it does contain several sporting fields used mostly for junior football and schools. A trust controls the racing property and leases bits to various people, including GRNSW which then rents it to the GBOTA. The lease runs until 2027 but GRNSW says it has been negotiating an extension to 2054 – without any resolution so far. The playing fields are actually under the control of the local council, which also charges greyhound fans parking fees when they use the area.

Interestingly, the trust is chaired by Percy Allan, a former public servant, part-time academic and previously chairman of the very same GRNSW. This is the bloke who once spoke out aggressively about the horrors of allowing NT bookies access to racing and wagering. He implored participants to avoid them at all cost. How times change! It is a small world, isn’t it?

In principle, there is nothing wrong with GRNSW having a look at the potential for a replacement site for racing, although it would have been nice for them to tell us about it before we read it in the daily papers. GRNSW is paying Deloittes to look into the possibilities so you can expect a substantial bill to arrive, regardless of what happens with the developers.

The Wenty complex is turning into a bit of a disaster. When last I counted there were some 13 organisations that had to sign off on any change to the place. That would now be down to 12 following the demise of the NCA, but it still includes people like the Heritage Society which views the kennel block as some sort of national icon (translation – it’s very old). The grandstand is aging, which is why big money had to be spent on the roof recently. A once thriving mezzanine level has now been put out to pasture as crowd numbers have progressively dwindled over the years.

Most important of all, the track is a disruptive one and badly needs a complete rebuild in order to provide fairer racing as well as middle distance events.

One group that would not mind a shift to the west are trainers. Many of them live out there where they have room for their dogs. Of course, so do half the population of Sydney – a growing half – while industrial development is moving on apace, as is planning for Badgerys Creek airport, which is less than 10km from Eastern Creek.

Football has done well by shifting many matches west to Homebush, which is less than half way to Eastern Creek and both are already served by freeways to one degree or another. The airport will ramp that up a bit more.

However, the whole deal will turn on what government decides to do about Wenty and the surrounding playing fields. The harness people came up smelling like a rose when they sold off Harold Park and moved to the outskirts of town at Menangle Park (52km) with a brand new track. That will not happen at Wenty. The land is owned by “the people” and so politics will govern its future.

In turn, that will mean a battle between the environmental lobby and a government always keen to fill its coffers. Should the former win, as is highly likely, the whole thing would be turned into a recreational area, or at least largely so. Green space is as scarce as hen’s teeth in that part of the city.

In that event, greyhounds would be entitled to compensation for the unused portion of its 2027 lease, and hopefully to some additional help from a government which is highly dependent on tax income from racing. Coincidentally, that might give government the opportunity to restore, in one way or another, some fairness to the way TAB commissions are being distributed (as recommended by the current parliamentary Inquiry). After all, it makes no sense to allow greyhound racing to wither away, taking with it a substantial annual contribution to the Treasury.

Racing Minister, George Souris, has been of no great help to greyhounds but he is a country boy at heart and may not like to see any forced de-licensing of provincial tracks, particularly his local circuit at Muswellbrook.

The more likely outcome is that Multiplex and Co will not get what they want out of Wentworth Park, but they may get a little bit to take home. That still leaves them with the potential for big developments as they are also after the nearby Fish Markets. They may well be able to do a Packer/Bangaroo style deal which leaves everyone reasonably happy.

Either way, hang on to your tickets for the next ten years as it will take at least that long to make any headway. After all, the new airport took 50 years to bring about and the options there were as plain as a pikestaff.


Great to see, for the first time I can remember, the Golden Easter Egg being advertised on free-to-air TV – 7-Three in this case – in the middle of an AFL match. That’s likely to be more productive than the traditional ads on SKY where only the already-converted are watching.

Having said that, the ad was not a memorable one. It mentioned only the fact that the races were on and made little emotional appeal to viewers. Budget restrictions (presumably of the GBOTA’s) may have limited the production expense. That’s a pity because we need much more of this.

By comparison, it’s worth noting a comment on the gallops’ “Championship” advertising by Patrick Smith of The Australian (April 11).

“IT is hard to think of a sport more oblivious to the world in which it seeks to operate than thoroughbred racing. It is a pastime/industry that only connects with the greater community when the grog flows and the business is dressed up to party hard”.

“The advertisement that you can see now promoting the Randwick championship carnival seems at pains to celebrate everything bar the horse. The animal is an afterthought. Everything else takes precedence. Alcohol, punting, bores, wankers, snappy suits, cool guys and good-looking girls”.

All very true, but they did get reasonable crowds to Randwick, so it is a start. The point being that they were giving fans a reason to attend, rather than just posting a diary note, as the greyhounds did.

Question Time Podcast With Leading Veterinarian Peter Yore – Ask Your Questions

We have managed to secure some time with veterinarian Peter Yore today for another Question Time Podcast. This interview follows on from our Question Time Podcasts with Jason Mackay, Paul Wheeler, Jason Thompson, Rob Britton and Tom Dailly.

Peter is well known for his video The Racing Greyhound and is an unrivaled knowledge source on greyhounds.

You can send your questions in via many options -

- Our Contact Form
- Our Facebook Page
- The comments section on this page

These podcasts are designed to allow our readers to get involved in the interview process and we encourage your participation.

Sandown Park Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview April 17th 2014

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Race 1 – 515M Grade 5 Heat – 7:08PM

After an in depth look at the form guide, I believe that veteran speedster Black Saharrah can get us off to a flying start. Drawn perfectly in box one, she looks to have enough speed to hold the early lead and from there and she should prove too hard to run down. After a run of poor performances, she returned to form with a top Warragul placing last start and tonight she returns to her favourite track and trip.

Mepunga Ledger is expected to get a long way back in the early stages but in a race which has a lot of natural leaders, his racing pattern should work in his favour. Three of his four wins have been here and he should be nice value.

Gimme Fuel and Rustic Rocket are both likely to be equal favourites, however both are likely to encounter difficulties in running. He Went Off could be a smokey at nice odds.

Top Four:             1 – 2 – 7 – 8

Suggested Bet:

Win bets on Black Saharrah and He Went Off (more on Black Saharrah)

Quinella Boxed: 1,2,7 ($3 for $1)


Race 2  – 515M Grade 5 Heat – 7:24PM

Mepunga Hayley has been very costly of late but tonight she should get her chance to return to the winners list. Since scoring at The Meadows in February in a slick 30.01 she has experienced bad luck in every subsequent run. Tonight there appear to be three of four pacesetters who are all vulnerable in the last 50 metres. I’m counting on her getting a nice sit in the early stages and then proving too strong in the run home.

Skye has shown continual improvement in recent months and she is armed with sizzling early speed. Of all the early speed candidates, she is drawn closest to the rails and if she can step on terms she will have no trouble holding them out. This will be her first 500 metre run for a while so the last 30 or 40 is the only concern.

You Say Goodbye has been racing in solid form of late and he is a reliable beginner, whilst Lou Todd should get plenty of room in the early stages. Both can feature if they gain some luck through the first bend.

Top Four:             3 – 4 – 8 – 5

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Mepunga Hayley, rove in quinellas with 4,5,8


Race 3 – 515M Grade 5 Heat – 7:44PM

Now we arrive to the first monty of the night. Exciting the coveted red draw, Louie Neveelk should be able to pounce on the early lead and from there on it should be times and margins. In recent times he has lowered the colours of the exciting Campaspe Will at Traralgon and he was far from disgraced in a heat of the Launching Pad here last week. Tonight we should get around $2.50, I think he is worth having a crack at and also include him in your all-ups.

Punch It is poorly drawn in the middle but she does have early speed which will work in her favour. If she can step cleanly I believe she will match the favourite in the early stages, but I don’t think she will keep up with him in the run to the line. At around the $9.00 mark she may be worth a saver bet if Louie makes a few mistakes early, she is also great value in the quinellas.

Dundee Toro will be in the market, however the middle pin will pose a few problems for him. Newfire Riley will get a long way back early but I expect him to be hitting the line like a demon. Anchor for third and fourth in your exotic bets.

Top Four:             1 – 5 – 7 – 4

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1/4,5,7/Field ($18 for $1)

Trifecta: 1,5/1,5/Field ($12 for $1)

First Four: 1/4,5/7/Field ($10 for $1)

First Four: 1/4,5/Field/7 ($10 for $1)


Race 4 – 715M Grade 5 Final – 8:08PM

The highly talented Luna Jinx is expected to start a short priced favourite, however tonight I reckon she is worth taking on. Arejay Smokey tends to do his best racing at this track and surprisingly he is suitably drawn in box five. After finding early bother in his heat, he managed to hit the line strongly when beaten by under two lengths and tonight I expect him to settle much closer to the speed and at $7.00 he is enormous value.

Luna Jinx clearly has them covered in the ability category but she has shown to date that she doesn’t like to be crowded in her races. In tonight’s event there appears to be an even spread of early speed and she may find herself in a little traffic early. I have noted in her runs to date, she can ease dramatically with dogs around her, so tonight at the prohibitive odds she is worth risking.

Butterfly Bling is the blowout chance. When switched on she is more than capable, she will be double figures and if taking the favourite on she is a worthwhile saver bet. Also include Miss Cyprus and Ronald in the exotics.

Top Four:             5 – 7 – 6 – 1

Suggested Bet: Win bets on Arejay Smokey and Butterfly Bling (more on Arejay Smokey)


Race 5 – 595M Mixed 4/5 – 8:28PM

Gold Town and Prue Bale matched motors at The Meadows on the weekend with Prue Bale landing the cash. Tonight will be a different story though as Gold Town has the advantage of the inside draw. Although Prue Bale is lightning quick early, on the bend start if Gold Town can step on terms he should have enough genuine speed to hold her out and if he leads it will be goodnight folks. He has been quoted with some publications at $5.00, if you see those odds, head straight for the hole in the wall and unleash. I’m predicting you will see around $2.80 which is still worth a crack.

Tweed Bah Day is a former Queenslander who has just joined the powerful Greenough kennel. He has already shown in QLD that he has a ridiculous motor and with the Greenough polish I’m sure he may have even found an extra length or so. His only vice is that he likes to use plenty of the track.

I think Prue Bale will find things difficult from off the speed and I’m expecting her to hit a wall late. Allen Eryk is a gun chaser and if he can get some luck initially, he looms as a danger.

Top Four:             1 – 7 – 3 – 8

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Gold Town, rove in quinellas with 3,7,8


Race 6 – 515M Group Two Launching Pad Final – 8:52PM

Now we get to the feature race on the card. After going over the heat runs from last week, it really is hard not to keep coming back to Texas Titan. Not only did he overcome bother in the early stages, he still had the audacity to record the quickest time of the eight heats. I know it’s hard to get too enthusiastic about slow beginners, but with a fast beginner drawn underneath, I can see him getting a clear run early and settling within four lengths of the early leader. Currently $2.90 is available with some outlets but I think you will get better on race night.

The big improver will be the Tony Brett trained Chant. The clock read a mediocre 30.01 in his heat win, however after turning for home seven in front his final margin was only three lengths. This tells me that he was definitely short of a run and he will have derived a lot of benefit from having a look at the track. Currently you can get around $9.00 Fixed Odds. This is great value as I believe the smart punters will come for him closer to start time.

Classy Tasmanian Wynburn Wizard really caught the eye with his heat win and a forward showing tonight won’t be a surprise. Mepunga Ranger has the right draw but with plenty of speed out wide he may get shuffled a long way back in the early stages.

Top Four:             4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Suggested Bet: Although Texas Titan is my top pick, $9.00 about Chant is very enticing. Maybe snap up the $9.00 for Chant early and if Texas gets out to around $3.60 race night have something on him also.


Race 7 – 715M Grade 5 – 9:11PM

Although it’s just a Grade 5 event, this is one of the most exciting races on the card for mine. We get to see Nockabout Aussie make his long awaited 700 metre debut, whilst Bekim Hatrick and Wilma Bale are both coming off slick 725 metre Meadow’s wins.

I’m going to go with Nockabout Aussie. From the red draw he should fire to the early lead and I think he will get out to at least a seven to eight length lead. Obviously the last 70 is a massive concern, but at around the $3.50 mark I would be willing to take the risk.

Bekim Hatrick has really grabbed my attention of late and after finding early bother he powered to the line in his 42.90 Meadows win. He will be settling back in the field like always but if Nockabout doesn’t run the trip out I think this bloke will be there to get the cash.

Wilma Bale has loads of talent but she is extremely unreliable, she is also the type of chaser who either wins or finishes well down the track.

Top Four:             1 – 3 – 2 – 5

Suggested Bet:

Win bet on Nockabout Aussie

Trifecta: 1,3/1,2,3,5/1,2,3,5,6,8 ($24 for $1)


Race 8 – 515M Special Event – 9:35PM

In a race which isn’t blessed with lightning fast beginners, Class act Marcus Joe should get his chance to cash in. Last Saturday night he pinged the lids and although headed mid race he managed to hit the line strongly and score in a very quick 29.85. My only concern tonight is that with his early speed he may in fact make things a lot easier for Campaspe Will.

Campaspe Will is dropping back in distance after two impressive 595 efforts here in recent weeks. The two runs appear to have helped him gain some confidence and his box manners have improved a little. Tonight if he can step on terms with Marcus Joe he should be in a position to apply plenty of pressure off the back straight. I was very close to putting him on top but I am still not convinced about his box manners.

Mepunga Melachi and Cornelius Fudge are the two run on dogs and they will be hoping for lots of shuffling up front in the early stages of the race. Maybe anchor those two for third and fourth in the exotics.

Top Four:             6 – 7 – 4 – 5

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 6/7/Field ($6 for $1)

Trifecta: 6,7/6,7/Field ($12 for $1)

Trifecta: 6,7/4,5,6,7/4,5,6,7 ($12 for $1)


Race 9 – 515M Grade 5 Heat – 9:55PM

The powerful Surf Mail faces a big drop in class tonight and in a race with numerous fast beginners, he should be able to avoid early trouble and settle a lot closer to the pace than normal. There are five possible leaders in this race and I am expecting there to be a big shuffle up on the first turn. If he can begin slowly like normal, he should get to the fence easily and find himself very handy to the leaders and he will prove too strong in the run home.

Go Mobo looms as the main danger. This chaser has a tremendous turn of foot and this should allow him to drive to the early lead. In his recent runs over 500 he has folded up late in the race, however after his Meadows effort on Saturday over the 525, I think he will strip a little fitter and he should be able to hang in for a little longer tonight.

Terrorizer and Lektra Stroke are both winning hopes, both have plenty of early speed and if Go Mobo misses the start, one of them may get left a long way in front.

Top Four:             4 – 3 – 8 – 5

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Surf Mail, rove in quinella with 3,5,8.


Race 10 – 515M Grade 5 Heat – 10:12PM

Normally you would shy away when you see Roy Galo drawn in box one, however tonight he may be able to utilise his draw. Being a wide runner, he will need to do everything right initially. Drawn directly outside him is a slow beginner and there only appear to be two runners with genuine early speed. His box manners have been much better of late and if he can hold them out into the first turn he should put a space in them.

Len Wayne may be some value in this event. He has been racing in consistent style of late and if Roy Galo and a few others make some mistakes early, he may be able to establish a race winning break. I am still keen on Roy Galo but I think you can also have a little saver bet on this bloke.

Banged Up Bill is likely to be well in the market but last week he was very disappointing and I wouldn’t be rushing in to take short odds tonight.

Top Four:             1 – 7 – 6 – 2

Suggested Bet: Win bets on Roy Galo and Len Wayne (lot’s more on Roy Galo)


Race 11 – 515M Grade 5 Heat – 10:33PM

We have to wait awhile but we finally get to see the unbeaten Johnny Black Fox strut his stuff in town. Clearly if you’re having a punt on this race, I suggest you just take some exotics around the favourite as he will be extremely short.

This striking black son of Collision – Alotto Mojo has scored nine brilliant country wins to date and he has shown dazzling acceleration each time. Tonight I would expect him to step on terms and take over control 30 metres into the event and from there on it’s a matter of times and margins.

If the favourite happened to make a mistake, Cee Ronaldo and Access are the likely two to spoil the party. Cee Ronaldo recently won at Traralgon in a ridiculous 29.28 and he has a top record here. A repeat of the Traralgon effort will see him keep the favourite honest.

Access really caught my eye in a heat of the Launching Pad last week, he showed great early dash and was only nabbed in the shadows of the post. It was his first try over 500 and I am certain he will be better for the run.

Top Four:             6 – 4 – 7 – 8

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 6/4,7,8/Field ($18 for $1)


Race 12 – 515M Grade 5 Heat – 10:52PM

We now arrive at the get out stake and from the red draw, I’m tipping Mepunga Tiara can get us out on a winning note. In her brief career to date she has done her best racing from this draw and with a wide runner drawn directly outside she should be able to avoid early bother. She has a solid 29.86 best here, but she can go a lot faster than that.

Deadly Boy is the likely equal favourite but I think he is a risk from a wide draw tonight. His last start 29.54 win here was impressive but it came from the red draw and tonight he will have plenty of trouble crossing early, so I think his chances are quite limited.

Wide running Crackerjack Rose is likely to make the race for Mepunga Tiara and with her early speed she should be in a position to hold on for a minor placing.

Top Four:             1 – 2 – 3 – 8

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Mepunga Tiara.



1/3,4/1,3,5/6,7 ($12 for $1)

1/1,2,3,4/1,3,5/6,7 ($24 for $1)

1,3,7/3,4/1,3,5/6,7 ($36 for $1)

1,3,7/1,2,3,4/1,3,5/6,7 ($72 for $1)

Greyhound Betting Tips Wednesday 16th April

Sportsbet is Australia’s largest corporate bookmaker and ARG has a sensational promotion to offer our readers. Receive a Free bet BONUS up to $650! This offer is only available until the 24th, so get on board to take advantage of this deal. You can place all your bets at Sportsbet. They offer all the exotics and quaddies on the dogs, as well as Fixed Odds markets.

Bulli Greyhounds Race 6 Box 2 Clonakilty Man 8.48pm

The talented Clonakilty Man gets his chance to bounce back into winning form here tonight. The very well bred son of Vee Man Vane and proven city producer Gibbo Gold hasn’t won a race for six months, with his last win at Wentworth Park in 29.91. He’s a high speed dog that has also won in 29.78 at Wenty, but does take a few strides before he kicks into gear and that has been his problem recently. Its unlikely he’s going to begin here again tonight but he should get room to move with a ordinary beginner on his inside.

If he’s able to get out and find the lure he will prove hard to run down. The main danger and hot favourite will be Garrdice who has recorded some smart times here, with 22.43 and 22.52 wins over the 400 metre journey. The son of Where’s Pedro and She’s So Pretty should be suited by the step up in trip and looks a real danger from the outside with clear galloping room.

Clonakilty Man should start at odds of $5.00 and at that price he’s a worthy bet. Punters could also try taking the exotics around Garrdice and Clonakilty Man.

Cannington Greyhounds Race 10 Box 1 Ying And Yang, 11.27pm

Ying and Yang isn’t all that reliable when it comes to winning races. But the son of Brett Lee is always around the mark in these sort of races. He has a PB of 30.77 and if he were to run that he’d be unbeatable, but it’s been a while since he’s done that and it’s unlikely he can go that quick tonight. Box one is a great draw for him and he should come out at worst with them. He looks capable of holding the rail and if he finds himself in a forward position he should go close.

Box three runner Quartz River could be the smokey, she has a big motor and generally gets back in her races. But if she’s able to lob handy or the leaders find themselves in a mix up. Expect her to be motoring over the top, rough chance.

Rockhampton Greyhounds Race 6 Box 1 Cecil Henry, 8.38pm

Cecil Henry is a class animal and Albion Park top grader. He’s been taken up for the Cup and it appears as if his trainer Greg Brennan is giving him a chance to get use to the track a week early. Box one suits him and he should be off and gone from the get go. He’s capable of running fast times and should stop the clock in around 29.70. Cosmos Waters has a scorching PB of 29.35 and if she replicates that she will most certainly knock off Cecil Henry. Cecil Henry looks the leader and Cosmic Waters looks the run on dog so base all your exotics around these pair.

Best of Luck

$$ Another Day Another Dollar $$

This Week In Racing History



The last meeting to be conducted at the North Melbourne greyhound track took place in 1962. The track had opened five years earlier.

Sun Hero, named by trainer Tom Dailly as the ‘hardest chaser we’ve ever had’ in a podcast with ARG, took out the 2005 Perth Cup, winning by three-quarters of a length from fellow Victorian Go Forever.


Satyr Rocket defeated Harbour’s Double by a length and a half with Chariot Charm third in the 1965 final of the Vic Peters Memorial Classic, run over 500 yards (457 metres) at Harold Park. The field consisted of 10 starters.

Queensland star stayer Shape Shifter set a new track record of 42.27 for 715 metres at Sandown Park in 1997.


Heather Rev took out the 1970 Wentworth Park Gold Cup defeating Sally Alla by a length with Busy’s Charm third. The final was run over 790 yards (722 metres) at Wentworth Park but had been renamed the Sir Joseph Banks Cup to celebrate 200 years since Captain James Cook had sailed up the east coast of Australia. For the first and only time in its history the Cup had heats run at both Wentworth Park and Harold Park before a final field was assembled.


Steelflex became the first and only greyhound to win two successive National Derby finals when he defeated Alpha Brava by three-quarters of a length over 530 metres at Wentworth Park in 1975. Ungwilla Lad was a nose away third. Steelflex was retired immediately after the race by his breeder, owner, trainer Allen Wheeler.


Greyhound racing at night in South Australia commenced with the opening of the Day’s Road track in Adelaide in 1972. Well over 11,000 people turned out to watch eight races. The opening event was taken out by Riverette (box 6). Other winners were Red Ochre, Garron Court (box 5), Varley (box 1), and Satan’s Fury, all from Victoria, as well as former Victorian Starkie, Speedy Goblin, and Rich Benefit. The main event, over 560 yards (512 metres) was the Commonwealth Invitation Sprint, which featured Gerard The Gent, Red Ochre, and Binica, all from Victoria, Lord Galaxy (NSW), and local hopes Bristol Miss, Mulga Clown, and Sawle. The race was marred when the boxes opened prematurely and it had to be re-run after the last. Gerard The Gent was scratched, injured. The race was won by Red Ochre by half a length from Binica with Lord Galaxy, who had led by six lengths at one stage, half a length away third. Lord Galaxy was later found to be injured. Bookies held over $95,000; the tote almost $23,000.


The Bob Doak-trained Dusty Trail used box one to full advantage to take out the 1973 Bi-Annual Classic over 457 metres at Harold Park, defeating the smart El Gazelle by two lengths with Kid Springdale third.

Track specialist Turbo Top won the 1984 Premier Stakes, run over 530 metres at Wentworth Park, downing Master Dominic and Star Prediction.


In 1949, Treble Value won his 10th successive race over the hurdles on the Launceston track, a new record for a Tasmanian greyhound. On the same night, Tiler Bill won the Easter Cup.

Wentworth Park specialist Stately Bird took out the 2000 Golden Easter Egg from Mystical Gem and Mabili’s Babe, earning $100,000 for trainer Ken Paull.

Simply Phenomenal

Outstanding sprinter Phenomenal set new figures for the 450 metres at Warrnambool on Tuesday night, in the heats of the 2014 Warrnambool Classic.

Drawn in box two in heat four, the dark brindle son of Collision was coming off a fall at his latest start at Geelong, and had not been seen at the race track for a few weeks. Despite the recent tumble, punters were not deterred and sent the accomplished chaser out at a prohibitive quote, and he did not disappoint.

Beginning smartly, Phenomenal showed great acceleration to hold the rails and the lead as the field reached the first corner. From that point on, it was simply a procession for the brilliant chaser, as he increased his margin with each stride. He reached the finish line over 11 lengths clear of Serengeti Oasis, who did all the chasing, with Noaki Swift six lengths further back in third place.

The time semaphored was mind blowing, 24.83 seconds for the 450 metres, a new track record, breaking the previous mark of 24.85 seconds held by the talented Walk Hard.

While the early sectionals returned by Phenomenal of 6.64 and 11.44 down the back are speedy, it was certainly the strength of the run home in 13.39 which enabled him to eclipse the previous mark. To put the run into some sort of perspective, when Walk Hard broke the same track record, his run home time was 13.52.

While track conditions vary from meeting to meeting, the performance of Phenomenal was simply breathtaking and his third track record breaking run, following on from his record efforts at Ballarat and Horsham.

Some of his personal best times are staggering, including a 29.27 run at Sandown Park, 29.78 at Cranbourne, 26.83 at Horsham and 29.78 at The Meadows.

Bred by Kerry Dalziel in the Wimmera in Western Victoria, Phenomenal has a strong pedigree which has speed and strength in equal measure throughout.

His dam Tocsin (Pure Octane-Sound Lee) was lightly raced, only having the 17 starts for four wins, including a fast win at the Meadows over 600 metres in 34.47, and a 30.17 win at Cannington. The litter she came from had plenty of ability and included the brilliant but ill-fated Pure Inspiration, who won 13 from 29 before breaking down, and the well performed Code One and Nitrane.

Raced by the See The Dream syndicate and trained by Jason Thompson at Pearcedale, Phenomenal has now raced on 30 occasions for 15 wins and 8 minors and stake money earnings of just over $84,000.

Judging by his outstanding ability and robust pedigree, Phenomenal should be very attractive to breeders once his race career is completed.

While he is more than capable over the sprints, Phenomenal may again but targeted toward some of the middle distance and staying features in the near future.

For greyhound fans, it promises to be fascinating to follow the star chaser in his quest for further race track glory.

WA Great Dyna Nalin Headed For Stud After Saturday Night

Dyna Nalin will jump out of box three on Saturday night at Wentworth Park for the last start of his career for WA trainer Paul Stuart, moving on to his next chapter as a stud dog.

“It will more then likely be his last start; he is going to be stood at stud in Victoria, alongside a few of our other dogs at Meticulous Lodge with Paul Westerveld.” Breeder Paul Wheeler explained.

Dyna Nalin’s highly decorated career has seen him take out the Perth Cup, Sale Cup and the Topgun, as well as being thereabouts in feature events like the Maturity, the Temlee, Australian Cup, Mandurah Cup and Shoot Out.

With just 56 starts under his 34 kilo frame for 30 wins and 17 placing’s, he also generated nearly $600,000 in prizemoney. On paper it’s easy to see why Dyna Nalin was awarded the 2013 WA Greyhound Of The Year.

His come from behind style has him noticed as one of WA’s most exciting chasers, he can miss the start and give his opponents 10 lengths if he wanted to before showcasing his strength in the home straight to snatch a victory.

Despite great success and strength showcased over the 530 metre distance at his home track of Cannington, he was unable to win over the 642. From just two starts over the distance he finished second, falling short by less then five lengths on both occasions.

The more than successful son of Ashom Bale – Tally Bale, was hand selected by Wheeler’s son during the break in process for trainer Paul Stuart to race in WA.

“Brendan was able to identify Dyna Nalin as a young break-in dog that he thought would have the potential over there and he has turned out well.”

“Within the last couple of weeks Brendan has identified another one that we think has the potential to replace Dyna Nalin; he has just sent that one over there, he is by a US sire. We are hoping that something may eventuate with him.”

When choosing a chaser to race in WA, Wheeler’s criteria mainly involves strength, because Dyna Nalin lacked early speed Wheeler believed that the 530 metre trip at Cannington would be ideal.

“We try to place dogs where we think they would be best suited. In WA, the sprint distance is 530 metres and a hard run, you want a strong dog like Dyna Nalin to run it out.”

“We try and target strong dogs for WA.”

After much speculation that Dyna Nalin would be heading to China once his race career was over, Wheeler has suggested that he would much prefer Dyna Nalin to stand at Stud in Australia. A welcomed suggestion that has many breeders relieved.

Wheeler estimates he will put about $1,650 on a Dyna Nalin straw.

“At this stage I haven’t had any offers or approaches from Chinese connections. The international sales are a bit of a touchy subject with a lot of people in the greyhound industry.”

“You have got to remember, if you stand a greyhound here at stud in Australia and he doesn’t generate enough finances to keep himself here, if a lucrative offer came from overseas, no matter what country it is, you have to take it into consideration especially when you’re a professional.”

It’s hard for all trainers to part with a greyhound that has created a large amount of success for them and established a strong working relationship. The sight, like Miata and Stuart, of Dyna Nalin strutting to and from Cannington’s kennels with his white tipped tail in the air will be missed by many. Although towards the end of his WA career he had to contest with emerging stars such as Te Amo, Zelemar Fever, Sveta Monelli and On Coin, he will always be pencilled down as one of WA’s greats.

A legacy of happiness and success will be left in Dyna Nalin’s absence in Stuart’s kennels, who will be hoping that some day soon his next Wheeler bred superstar can make a similar mark on WA greyhound racing.

Greyhound Betting Tips Tuesday 15th April

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Lismore Greyhounds Race 6 Box 2 Rosealea, 8.23pm

Rosealea has been brilliant in her last two starts, last Tuesday night here at Lismore and last Thursday night at Albion Park. She won here last week in a career best 30.53 leading all the way and it looks as if she will repeat that dose here tonight against a similar field. With three scratchings in the race and no reserves, there is just the five runners, and if even money or better is about for Rosealea I suggest jumping aboard because she looks unbeatable here.

The main danger is Intensive Storm who has been a little down on form of late, but is much better then her form suggests. If she manages to get forward early and find the top she’ll prove a little tricky to reel in. Fire up Phantom looks the third selection in a small field of five.

Mandurah Race 5 Box 1 Director 9.26pm

The former Apple Isle chaser has been pretty good since coming across. He’s managed to win two from four here and has posted a PB of 22.82. Forget his last start effort of being flogged by the brilliant Rapido Kid in a scorching 22.47. Director began only fairly in that race but mustered great pace to burst through the pack, before being checked badly as he was making a run around the outside and was potentially going to run second. While there is some talented types in this race he has the advantage of box one and is a quality chaser.

As long as he steps away and gets a little room to shift one or two off the rail early he looks mighty hard to beat. The main danger appears to be box eight runner Black Ronny who has been going well but may struggle from out wide unless he pings and goes from the get go.

Warrnambool Greyhounds Race 6 Box 4 Lunar Tom, 8.27pm

It looks to be a very tough night to find a winner that will be over $2.00. The majority of races will be won by the favourites and the rest of the races are filled with first starters. Lunar Tom began really well last start at Sandown before being run down by Lektra Brave. Elite Diva will lead tonight’s race early but if Tom can ping and stay in touch with her, it’s likely he can run over the top if he’s close enough. Elite Diva will start the favourite and Lunar Tom the second favourite, so back Tom and hopefully he’s a fair price.

Best Of Luck

$$ Another Day Another Dollar $$

William Lambert Receives Lengthy Disqualification For Positive Swab

Offence: Mr. William Lambert failed to present the greyhound Sovereign Star free of any prohibited substance for an event at the Bendigo Greyhound Racing Club on Wednesday, 6 November 2013.

Following advice from Racing Analytical Services Laboratory, the Stewards of Greyhound Racing Victoria conducted an investigation into the results of a post-race urine sample taken from greyhound Sovereign Star at the Bendigo Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on Wednesday, 6 November 2013.

During the investigation, Stewards received evidence from registered trainer Mr. William Lambert, Mr. Paul Zahra (Racing Analytical Services Laboratory) and Dr. Steven Karamatic (Greyhound Racing Industry Veterinary Officer).

After considering the evidence, Stewards charged Mr. Lambert with a breach of Greyhounds Australasia Rules 83(2) and (3) in that he did fail to present the greyhound Sovereign Star free of any prohibited substance for an event at the Bendigo Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on Wednesday, 6 November 2013, given that the post-race urine sample taken from the greyhound indicated the presence of the prohibited substance Benzylpiperazine.

Under Rule 47.1 of the Greyhound Racing Victoria Local Rules this constituted a Serious Offence. As a result, on Monday, 14 April 2014 this matter was heard before the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board in the first instance under Greyhound Local Racing Rule 47.3 and Sections 83C(b) and 83M(1) of the Racing Act.

Mr. William Lambert represented himself, assisted by Mrs. Ellen Lambert.

Mr. Glenn Fish (GRV Chief Steward) represented the Stewards Panel.

Mr. William Lambert pleaded guilty to the charge.

After hearing all the evidence tendered the RADB determined that Mr. Lambert was guilty as charged and disqualified him for 18 months (with 9 months of this disqualification suspended for 2 years pending no further breaches of GAR83 during this 2 year period), effective from Monday, 14 April 2014.

In assessing penalty, the Board took into account all the evidence and submissions, including the following matters:

(a) Mr. Lambert’s guilty plea;
(b) The nature of the prohibited substance Benzylpiperazine;
(c) The substance falls under category 4 of the Prohibited Substance Penalty Guidelines published by GRV;
(d) The need to maintain the integrity of greyhound racing and ensure a level playing field for all participants;
(e) Prior penalties for similar Category 4 substances;
(f) Mr. Lambert’s character and his clean history over 40 years in the greyhound industry (both coursing and greyhound racing) as an owner, trainer, breeder and his contributions to the industry (including as a sponsor)

Acting under GAR83(4), the RADB also disqualified Sovereign Star from Event 3 – Santons of Bendigo Maiden 500m – at the Bendigo Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on Wednesday, 6 November 2013 and amended the placings accordingly.

Bendigo Cup Heats Tips & Betting Preview April 16th 2014

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Race 5 – 425M Bendigo Cup Heat One – 8:18PM

Although there are only five heats, each heat is stacked full of talent and it’s sure to be an ultra competitive series.

The first heat features country cups king of 2013 Ronan Izmir. He appears to tick all the boxes and has drawn perfectly in box one. It’s hard to see this striking black chaser not getting the cash. He resumed from a short spell with a Ballarat placing recently and he is sure to have derived a lot of benefit from that run. In the past, he has won seven of his eight tries from the red draw and his track credentials read an impressive four wins from five tries. The Jason Thompson trained star is likely to be $1.50 or shorter but it does look to be better than bank interest.

Outside of the favourite, there appears to be a number of runners capable of filling the quinella spot. The powerful Kelvin Greenough kennel has recently acquired promising Tasmanian chaser Direct Current. If he can repeat his jaw dropping 25.20 Devonport win from last month he should give the favourite something to worry about.

Zambora Storm has the talent to feature, however sometimes his box manners can let him down. He would need to do everything right initially. Nic Nat Nui and Quara Bale may have trouble crossing from outside as there is an abundance of early speed drawn inside.

Top Four:             1 – 3 – 4 – 6

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1/3,4,6/3,4,5,6,7 ($12 for $1)

Trifecta: 1/3,4,6/3,4,6 ($6 for $1)


Race 6 – 425M Bendigo Cup Heat Two – 8:41PM

Heat two sees the best one bend chaser in the land strut his stuff. Like the first heat, Paw Licking is likely to start tens on and it will take a brave man to take him on. He is coming off a commanding Maitland Gold Cup win and he has won six of his nine tries from this draw. In a field which doesn’t have a lot of lid pingers, he should find himself in front soon after box rise and he is likely to give the track a record a shake.

Leesa Benz really caught the eye at Geelong last week when she was narrowly beaten over the 400 metre journey in a blistering 22.38. She can be a little hit or miss early, but if she can step cleanly, she should bring Paw Licking across early and run the quinella.

Empire Allen and Black Rip look to be the other place hopes. Both are front runners but neither has the speed to go with the favourite early.

Top Four:             8 – 7 – 6 – 2

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 8/2,6,7/2,6,7 ($6 for $1)

Trifecta: 8/2,6,7/2,3,4,6,7 ($12 for $1)


Race 7 – 425M Bendigo Cup Heat Three – 8:58PM

Finally we get to a heat which looks to have a few chances. Deadly Vane is the likely favourite, but I don’t believe he is suited from the rails draw.

The early leader appears to be Fine Diner. If he can ping the lids like normal, he should make the race for the Gary Ennis trained Blaster. He is having his third run after a spell and he looked very impressive when scoring at Geelong in 22.47. He’s sure to be hitting peak fitness by now and the wide draw should suit.

Whata Good Size has a tremendous record on the country circuit and he recently set the Shepparton track alight with a dazzling 21.86 win. With a slow beginner drawn either side, he should get a clear run early and he is likely to be putting pressure on Fine diner and Blaster in the initial stages.

Fine Diner has a big problem running out the trip, so he is unlikely to feature. Ollie Bale and Deadly Vane look to be the two other winning hopes.

Top Four:             6 – 3 – 1 – 7

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Blaster, rove in quinellas with 1,3,7


Race 8 – 425M Bendigo Cup Heat Four – 9:18PM

Once again we get to see another short priced favourite and like the first two, he looks to be a monty as well.

Reigning Melbourne Cup champion Black Magic Opal has drawn ideally in box one and he if he pings he is likely to test the time standard set by Paw Licking in heat two. After a disappointing effort at Sale in mid march, this superstar chaser showed he was back to his best with a track record performance at Ballarat the following week. I expect he will be tens on, but he is as close as you will get to a certainty.

Veyron Bale is drawn to follow the favourite through in the early stages and if he can recapture his best form he should run the quinella. Since scoring a 29.50 Wentworth Park win in January, this highly talented speedster has experienced loads of trouble in each subsequent run.

Coco Benz has been in good form of late but she will struggle in this company. Great Spartacus should be suited by the empty box underneath him.

Top Four:             1 – 2 – 6 – 3

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1/2/3,6,7,8 ($4 for $1)

Trifecta: 1/2,3,6/2,3,6 ($6 for $1)


Race 9 – 425M Bendigo Cup Heat Five – 9:41PM

In the final chance to qualify for next week’s lucrative final, it is hard to go past faultless beginner Matt’s Entity. In recent months he has taken all before him, having won seven of his past eight starts, with the latest being here in a lightning quick 23.57. There isn’t a single runner who can go with him for the first 300m in this event and it’s hard to see him being run down running 23.50 out in front.

Clone Your Own is the smokey in the event. He has gone winless in his past nine starts but he is suitable out wide and there doesn’t appear to be a heap of pace drawn directly outside him. If Matt’s Entity makes any mistakes early, Clone Your Own may be able to cause a boil over.

Zipping Brock will be in the market but I think he is better suited to a longer trip, Top Secret is drawn to be in the mix throughout.

Top Four:             3 – 6 – 1 – 7

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 3/1,6,7/1,6,7 ($6 for $1)

Trifecta: 3/1,6,7/1,2,4,6,7,8 ($15 for $1)

First Four: 3/1,6,7/4/Field ($15 for $1)

First Four: 3/1,6,7/Field/4 ($15 for $1)

Bendigo Gold Rush Carnival In Full Swing

The 10th annual Bendigo Gold Rush Carnival is in full swing, with the rich Gold Rush Maiden Series at the Semi Final stage, while the heats of the 2014 Group 2 Bendigo Cup have also been drawn.

It promises to be an excellent night of racing on a bumper twelve race card this Wednesday, April 16. Four semi-finals of the maiden series will support five strong heats of the cup.

The Gold Rush Maiden Series is fascinating this year, with the semi-finals of the event over the 425 metres oozing talented up and comers in each of the four run offs.

The first semi-final pits the Jenny Hunt trained Capullo Bale, who scored a terrific heat win in 24.20 seconds against the impressive Leading Edge for Brooke Ennis,, who also won his heat win in 24.20 seconds. Conquer Fear was the quickest qualifier in the first semi, with a superb 23.95 heat victory for Geoff Howell.

In semi-final two, it’s hard to go past the heat win of Hard Urned Burst for Darren Pattinson, who ran a stunning 24.00 seconds on debut. The other main chances appear to be Arena Allen for Jenny Hunt and Detcord for Barry Marshall, who both impressed in their heat victories.

Semi three again sees Brooke Ennis to the fore, with her runner Bejay The Dejay setting a hot tempo before winning his heat in 24.01 seconds. Valladares must rate as the danger going on his heat win in 24.14 seconds, while the other main contender appears to be Trent Twogood who won his heat in 24.35 seconds.

The fourth semi contains perhaps the most interesting runner in the whole series in Bradley Benz. Bred in the UK and imported to Australia as a pup, the son of Droopys Scolari out of group one winning bitch Westmead Sula, went gangbusters on debut, winning his heat in 24.02 seconds. Dangers look to be Fratelli Fresh, who ran home strongly in his heat win in 24.29 seconds, while Cosmic Angel led throughout in his heat win in 24.05 seconds.

The heats of the Group Two Bendigo Cup over 425 metres will pit some of the best horseshoe greyhounds in Australia against one another for a shot at the huge riches on offer in 2014.

While only five heats have been drawn, the quality is sensational, with the Jason Thompson trained Ronan Izmir attempting to defend his 2013 Bendigo Cup Victory in the first heat. The dangers look to be Quara Bale who has won seven of her past eight starts, while Zambora Storm and Nic Nat Nui look best of the rest.

In heat two, Paw Licking is ideally drawn in Box eight and he looks a class above his rivals.

Heat three looks a match race between Deadly Vane and Whata Good Size. Others with claims look to be Ollie Bale, while youngster Fine Diner has plenty of early speed.

In the fourth heat star sprinter Black Magic Opal has box one and looks almost unbeatable. If there was to be an upset perhaps Great Spartacus or Al Moran look the most likely.

Heat five is perhaps the most open of the 2014 Bendigo Cup Heats. Locally trained sprinter Matty’s Entity for Scott McKenzie has been racing in terrific form and has loads of early speed. National Futurity winner Zipping Brook looks a threat as does the Rob Britton trained Clone Your Own.

The Bendigo Gold Rush Carnival culminates on Easter Sunday with the finals of both the Group Two Bendigo Cup and the Gold Rush Maiden, as well as several other graded finals, in what shapes as being a wonderful evening of greyhound racing at Lords Raceway.

Greyhound Betting Tips Monday 14th April

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Albion Park Greyhounds Race 6 Box 2 Ellie’s Flash, 8.24pm

The very talented Ellie’s Flash has found herself back in form at her past couple of starts. She’s a quality dog who has earned $45,000 for her owners John and Lil Edwards. The daughter of Queensland sire Buckingham Chuck and super brood Ellie’s Diamond has raced here her whole career at Albion and has a PB of 30.24 for the 520 metre trip. She looks the winner here tonight in a race that appears to be a two dog affair. Ellie’s Flash from box two should find herself jumping away in second early and finding the rail from the very start.

Box three runner Premiers Reign will be the early leader and is likely to lead the majority of the way. Ellie’s flash should be camped in behind Premiers Reign, and should be able to overhaul her late in the race. These two runners look to be the clear cut leaders and should be three to four lengths in front of the pack early. Moss Gambo is the run on dog of the race and will be steaming home at the finish. He’s unlikely to be able to stay in touch early though, so it’s unlikely he will be close enough to run over the top of them.

Punters looking to take exotics could take a trifecta 2,3-2,3,4-2,3,4,7 $8.00 for 100%.

Angle Park Greyhounds Race 1 Box 1 Dillinger, 6.35pm

This looks a race that Dillinger can win. The son of Bit Chilli has been going exceptionally well of late and has drawn the right box to get a soft run and win. He should land second or third early on and can hit the lead mid race. He’s only won the two starts here at Angle park in twelve attempts and that’s a slight concern, but he drops in class tonight and if he is to return to the winners circle then this looks his opportunity.

The main danger appears to be box three runner Danyo’s Luke but he can be hit and miss and needs to ping and lead clearly to salute. Box one runner Sienna Bale looks to be the key to the race and if she pings and goes like she can, she will give Dillinger the perfect kart into the race.

If odds of about $3.00 to $3.50 are around jump on board, he looks the one.

Launceston Greyhounds Race 8 Box 4 Blue Mccool, 10.00pm

Barnes Bay looks a great lay bet here tonight in my opinion. He’s yet to draw box one and has come up with that here tonight. But I’m not so sure he’s suited to the inside and it’s likely he won’t be the first out of the boxes. Box two runner Hellyeah Flicka is capable of pinging the lids and she looks just one runner who could cross Barnes Bay initially. The other runners capable of crossing him early also are Blue Mccool, Trex Tiger and Rose Cabernet. If they happen to cross Barnes Bay, he’s not strong enough to come from behind and run them down. He has however won here in a fast 29.84 but he’s likely to start a short priced favourite and from the red and with speed drawn around he’s worth laying.

Blue Mccool is racing really well at present and he looks to be the classiest runner of the early leaders. It might pay to back him and lay Barnes Bay. Punters looking for value could box up runners 4,5,6,7 for $24.00 for 100%. If the fav misses the placings then it’s likely a big dividend will result.

Only the three selections tonight but hopefully all three will do the job and win.

Best of Luck

$$ Another Day Another Dollar $$

Question Time Podcast With Ted Medhurst – Ask Your Questions

Saturday night is a huge night for Ted Medhurst, with his superstar sprinter Buckle Up Wes jumping from the red box in the Golden Easter Egg Final.

We have managed to secure some time with Ted on Saturday night for another Question Time Podcast. This interview follows on from our Question Time Podcasts with Jason Mackay, Paul Wheeler, Jason Thompson, Rob Britton and Tom Dailly.

Ted’s career began as a 17 year old back in 1976 and he has trained a lot of exceptional dogs over a long career. In recent times he has had group one winners Belle Haven and Buckle Up Wes.

I asked Ted who his “favourite” dog was over the years and Blazenka’s Flyer was the instant reply. Hearing Ted tell the stories from the late 80′s was a real warm up for what should be an interesting and informative interview.

You can send your questions in via many options -

- Our Contact Form
- Our Facebook Page
- The comments section on this page

These podcasts are designed to allow our readers to get involved in the interview process and we encourage your participation.

Association Cup: 50 Years Of Grand History

This week’s final of the Association Cup will mark the 50th running of the Association Cup, the second-oldest of the four major Sydney distance cups. It will also be only the second time in that long history that two track record holders at the same course will face off in the final.

The GBOTA introduced the Association and Summer Cup’s at Harold Park in the same year, 1965, two years after the NCA had inaugurated the Sydney Cup. In 1966 the NCA reconstituted the Wentworth Park Gold Cup as a distance event and so Sydney’s two tracks boasted four major staying annual events.

Xylia Allen, the new 720-metre track record holder, and Dyna Willow, the former track record holder join the 2006 finalists Texas Gold and Royal Riddle, who jointly held the 720-metre record at the course from September 2005 until October 2007, as the only dual track record holders to race in an Association Cup final at the same time. As an aside, neither won the 2006 final, that honour going to Victorian stayer Endless Pit.

Inaugural Running

The event was first run on 5 June 1965 and taken out by Blue Autumn, who defeated the Victorian stayer Rare Grand by a head and earned the equivalent of $2,000.


It was the Association Cup from 1965 to 1981 and then was sponsored and renamed the Fury Ford Cup from 1982 to 1984. Although it remains sponsored, it has been the Association Cup ever since.


From 1965 to 1987 it was run on grass over 732 metres at Harold Park. From 1988 to 1992 it was run on grass at Wentworth Park over 720 metres. Since 1993 it has been run on the sand over 720 metres at Wentworth Park.

When Is The Race Run

The final was run in early June from 1965 to 1974; May from 1975 to 1977, and then alternating between the end of May and the beginning of June from 1978 to 1990. From 1991 to 2011 the final was held in January (apart from the 1992 version which took place on 1 February). In 2012 the final was run in April and last year it was run on 30 March.

Biggest Winning Margins

Equability (1992) scored by eight lengths, while Dotie Wilson (1975), Woolley Wong (1976), and Clover Park (1986) all won by seven lengths.

Closest Winning Margins

In keeping with the very competitive nature of this race there have been some extremely close finishes: Rob’s Rebel (1995) and Many Tricks (2000) both got the nod by just a nose; Cyclone Corsica (1978) won by half a head; Blue Autumn (1965) and Heather Rev (1970) prevailed by a head; Call Me Casey (1993) and Big Sam Banner (2003) got the decision by a neck.

Only Dual Winner/s

Only the great Zoom Top (1968 & 1969) has managed to complete the double.

Only Reserve/s To Win

None. The closest have been Brindle Felony (1980) and Last Quoted (2005) who both ran second after getting a start as first reserve.

Dual Finalists

Rose Moss (Won 1966, second 1967), Zoom Top (Won 1968, Won 1969), Tara Flash (second 1970, third 1971), Woolley Wong (Won 1976, unplaced 1977), Kawati Boy (second 1977, second 1978), Michele Cherie (fourth 1977, third 1978, unplaced 1979), Little Vogue (unplaced 1978, Won 1979), Gini’s Choice (second 1979, Won 1980), Shamrock Jewel (unplaced 1981, third 1982), Quick Pulse (second 1982, Won 1983), Ten Guitars (unplaced 1982 & 1983), Coin Spot Pride (unplaced 1983, second 1984), Lease Of Life (Won 1984, unplaced 1985), Kirsty’s Charity (second 1988, second 1990), Equability (Won 1992, third 1993), Rob’s Rebel (third 1994, Won 1995), Mr Arkwright (fourth 1994, second 1995), Northern Legend (eighth 1996, Won 1997), Let’s Be Frank (fourth 1996, third 1997), Smart Attitude (second 1999, sixth 2000), Many Tricks (Won 2000, fourth 2001), Endless Pit (fourth 2004, Won 2006), What’s New (eighth 2004, fourth 2005), Dashing Corsair (fifth 2010, second 2011), Hotwire (fifth 2012, seventh 2013).

Some Beaten Stars

Goldent (fifth 1965), Pearl Moss (third 1967), Lord Baden (fourth 1968), Busy’s Charm (second 1969), Mustard Moss (second 1971), He’s Some Boy (sixth, injured, 1973), Miss High Lo (eighth 1974), Busy’s Chief (fifth 1975), Tachycardia (second 1985), Toni’s Comic (second 1987), Trojan Tears (sixth 1994), Miss Cruise (third 1995), Tonight’s Wish (second 1997), Paradise Street (fourth 1999), Poetic Reward (second 2000), Texas Gold (second 2006), Miss Brook (fourth 2008), Fallen Zorro (eighth 2009), Bell Haven (second 2013)


Blue Autumn (1965), Rose Moss (1966), Zoom Top (1968 & 1969), Ragsie (1972), Dotie Wilson (1975), Irinka Barbie (2004), Miagi (2008) have all gone on to win the NSW Greyhound of the Year title in the same year they annexed the Association Cup.

Michele Cherie, the iron stayer, is the only greyhound to have ever made three consecutive finals, a feat second-only to Bold Trease’s four successive Sandown Cup victories.

Kirsty’s Charity made two finals, three years apart, running second in both, while Endless Pit achieved the same feat, but won the second attempt.

Equability won the last final run on grass and made the first final run on loam.

Why I Bet On Victoria

This is the story of a modest punter but I would not be surprised if there were many others like it.

The constant flow of good dogs from NSW and Queensland to points south of the Murray River has got all the attention over the last 15 years or so. Nothing those two states do seems to slow down this process. The attractions of more prizemoney, kinder grading and a bigger choice of suitable tracks are the big pullers. They certainly are for Australia’s biggest owner, Paul Wheeler.

But punting is a different subject. These days, you can bet on anything, anywhere, at any time, from wherever you sit. The choice is yours.

I choose Victoria. Not for the tracks. Not for the better dogs. And, certainly not for the cash in the pools; they are much of a muchness everywhere. The main reason, in fact virtually the only reason, is the information. Victoria offers much more information, more conveniently, and it is more accurate. It’s not quite perfect but it is near enough.

There are two key aspects of that information flow – formguides and results.

Leaving aside Queensland, where the local formguides are rudimentary at best, the comparison is between Victoria and the rest – ie NSW, SA, WA and Tasmania. Those four are now embroiled in the Ozchase system designed and operated by GRNSW.

Whatever other benefits the partners get from Ozchase, its three “formguides” are terrible. Here’s why.

The (F) option is not a formguide at all but simply a list of runners. Even so, it still takes one and a half pages to print out ten races. One page would have been enough.

The (W) option not a formguide either. It is a list of Tips accompanied by a sectional map. That also takes a page and half to print out but don’t try to print it from you own program’s Print option as that will show only the left half of the page. Use the onscreen Print Meeting although that will still take up one and a half pages, usually with four races on one page and six on the other. As for the sectional map, forget it as it will only lead you astray. It does not assess most interstate runs, Tasmanian times are mostly lies (that state assigns the only sectional time to the winner in every race, regardless of what dog ran it) and NSW calculations are unreliable because many tracks record only the leader’s time, but you have to guess which dog was responsible. A particular problem is the shortage of times at the state’s two main one-turn tracks – Bulli and Maitland. It’s a hotchpotch.

The big one is option (E) – for “Expert”. It is a formguide, but it contains all of the problems with the (W) version as well as some of its own. Each race soaks up two and a half pages of paper and even then you will need a magnifying glass to read the formlines. In poor light it would be an impossible task. In an era when the average age is increasing (including those for trainers and punters) and reading capability is therefore falling, this is very poor planning.

The task of designing all these was outsourced to an alleged racing “expert” a few years ago, according to GRNSW. (From personal dialogues with those people, I can assure you they were not).

The NSW effort to publish race results is not a lot better. The screen will show you an attractive and colourful page for a given race so no problem so far. However, there is no option allowing you to Print the whole meeting, or even to show it all at once. If there was one, it would require many more forests to be cut down due to all the wasted space on the page.

If you try to Print directly from the screen, bad luck. You will get only two thirds of the page. As for a Download option – forget it, it does not exist. If you try to do it manually you will not be able to send it to one of the common programs such as MS Word – it will tell you “it does not compute”, or words to that effect.

Alternatively, you can download it to a basic text editor, which will lose all the formatting and, for reasons which escape me, GRNSW has another trick up its sleeve – it deletes all the box numbers on the way. Apparently, they want to keep them a secret.

As for a comma-delimited file, which many fans might like to allow them to insert the details into their own programs – nothing. That does not exist either.

By comparison, here is what Victoria offers.

Free and easy access to all local formguides via the Watchdog section. Just hit the button to download it or print it out. All races occupy only one page and the typeface is easy to read. If you wish, you can print some pages and ignore others.

Free and easy access to meeting results – the whole meeting on the same file – so you can print or download that, too, as you wish. There is a comma-delimited option as well.

A sister option also provides full colour presentation, together with videos and stewards reports, all on the same page. No need to go searching all over the website.

All Victorian races have complete sectional times for all runners (except, once again, for interstate runs).
The only drawback in Victoria is the misleading presentation of Handicap race times. There is insufficient distinction between them and normal races over the same nominal distances, so readers can get confused.

In other words, for Victorian races you just go bang, bang and it all happens easily. For the NSW coverage, which now involves four states with Queensland to come later, everything is hard work while presentation and usability are poor to non-existent. All four states were advised of these shortcomings before they signed up but chose to ignore the advice. So did GRNSW.

So, one Australian state offers good information which encourages fans to take part, the others put up a long string of obstacles to make life difficult. On balance, that cannot be good for the industry.

That’s why I favour Victorian racing.

Of course, many of these hassles are overcome by the subscription-only National Tabform formguide ($11 weekly), but not for NSW meetings.

Note: For our personal system we have been forced to develop our own means of producing formguides for those few non-Victorian occasions when we need them. The GRNSW-Ozchase system, which probably cost millions to implement, is just impossible to handle. The effectiveness of that project would make a good start for the proposed independent Integrity Auditor, as recommended by the recent parliamentary Inquiry.


It used to be the convention – if that is the right word – for stewards to accept that an injury was sufficient explanation for a dog’s misbehaviour (fighting, failure to chase, etc). Now a suspension or warning or satisfactory trial and so on get mentioned in the same breath. Is there a standard here? We are confused.

I am all for chucking out fighters but not this way. Anyway, on a related issue, if we are serious about this subject then surely it is time that greyhound racing rules were changed to require fighters to be disqualified and lose any prizemoney. Every other competition on this planet, including both the other two codes of racing, does exactly that. I have been proposing this for many years but everyone seems to ignore the need. It’s not a fair go, especially for the victims.

Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Five Year Strategic Plan

The Governing body of greyhound racing in the state of Victoria, Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV), have announced a five year Strategic Plan to oversee and direct the future of the sport, until 2019.

After much industry consultation, the plan, On Track for a Great Future, lists eight core competencies that address all aspects of the sport, including animal welfare, racing operations, wagering, member services, culture, clubs, technology and branding.

While stake returns to participants has never been greater ($41 million in the Financial Year ending 2013) and wagering turnover continues to increase, GRV have recognised the way forward must be carefully planned in order for greyhound racing to continue its prosperity.

Despite the successes of the past decade, GRV Chief Executive Officer Adam Wallish says now is not the time to stay stagnant and there is much to be done to ensure the future of the code nationally and internationally.

Of the eight core competencies itemised in the Strategic Plan, three perhaps more than the other five may have a direct impact on current participants.

The implications of the new Strategic Plan may predominantly be experienced by participants in the areas of animal welfare, racing operations and increased membership.

Firstly, the animal welfare topic continues to be a highly scrutinised, both internally and externally. Wallish described animal welfare as a “key plank in our strategic direction”, emphasising the amount of onus placed on this one issue.

The tracking of a greyhound throughout its entire life, from whelping, rearing, breaking in, racing and finally retirement, is of paramount importance for GRV. This forms part of their commitment to ensuring the greyhound is always monitored throughout its life cycle and that someone is responsible for the greyhound at all times. An additional $2.8 million is being injected into animal welfare to make sure best practices are observed in regards to Greyhound welfare issues.

“A key priority is to have a Victorian strategy and also we are leading the way in a National strategy”, says Adam Wallish in regards to greyhound welfare.

Secondly, in racing operations, GRV are committed to providing a fair, transparent and enjoyable racing experience for all participants with increased racing opportunities and clear rules in order to govern the sport with the highest level of integrity.

The aim is to monitor grading rules and to implement drug policies and increase swabbing in order to preserve the fairness to all competing.

Thirdly, the attraction and retention of the next generation of members through increased opportunities is also a key priority for GRV, for without new blood entering the sport, greyhound racing will not flourish. While this seems to go without saying, our current participants’ average age is 51 years, so to entice and maintain newcomers to greyhound racing is of huge importance.

Other sections of the Strategic Plan include the vision statement as follows:

“Greyhound Racing Victoria to become the world’s most respected greyhound body; widely regarded for the market position and reputation we have created for greyhound racing in Victoria.”

While this declaration is fairly obvious in its objective, GRV are already the industry leaders in this country, and perhaps even on a world scale.

GRV Chief Executive Adam Wallish will present the Strategic Plan to members at The Meadows, Warragul and Ballarat clubs in the coming month to explain the significance of the five year plan. If you would like to attend any of these sessions you should contact GRV Member Services to reserve your place.

The next five years in greyhound racing cannot be taken for granted as far as success is concerned for our governing body, and many hard yards are still to be traversed before the goals of this plan are realised. However, it is fair to say Greyhound Racing Victoria have achieved a great result for our Owners, Trainers and Breeders in recent years.

The implementation of this Strategic Plan over the next five years should ensure the continued success of greyhound racing in Victoria.

Hooksy Sets The Benchmark Again In New Sensation

Hooksy delivered another outstanding performance in last night’s Group Three New Sensation heats, recording best of the night figures once again, clocking a fast 29.57 on a wet track.

Stepping out in the final heat as the $1.20 favourite from box three, the Tanya Auld trained chaser secured his eleventh career win from sixteen starts and is now the $2.20 favourite to take out next week’s $25,000 final. King Odessa chased gallantly in defeat, finished second by thirteen and three quarter lengths and will exit from box seven in next Saturday night’s final.

Semi-final one went to Bottom Dollar ($5.90) for Glenn Rounds, who used box eight to perfection. The son of Bombastic Shiraz and Miss Bel Air crossed hard at the first turn to sit behind early leader Raincheck and grabbed his rival on the line by one and a quarter lengths in 30.27.

Silent Effective started as the heavy favourite in semi-final two for Darren Sultana at $1.30 after a scintillating win last week, clocking 29.54. However, he had to settle for third placing after kennelmate Irondale Bravo stole the show from box seven, running down early leader Lacey Lois in a flying 29.66.

The third semi final finally rewarded favourite backers with My Kinda Music ($2.40) saluting from box four in a brilliant displaying, clocking 29.75. Trained by Alan Pringle, the regally bred daughter of El Grand Senor and Ice Dancer notched up her tenth win from fourteen starts, but will have to overcome a difficult box six draw next Saturday night.

The box draw for next week’s $25,000 final is:

1. Raincheck – Peter Lagogiane
2. Irondale Bravo – Darren Sultana
3. Hooksy – Tanya Auld
4. Velvet Flame – Andrew Bayliss
5. Bottom Dollar – Glenn Rounds
6. My Kinda Music – Allan Pringle
7. King Odessa – Kristy Sultana
8. Lacey Lois – Peter Acers

2014 Lew Dorsa Memorial Won By Sensational Chaser On Coin

John and Brenda Crossley would have to be the happiest people in Western Australia at the moment with the restoration of their superstar On Coin.

At just his second start back from injury, On Coin defeated a field of some of the fastest dogs in WA to win the 2014 Lew Dorsa Memorial in a flying 30.10.

“To defeat a field like that he had to be at his best.” Trainer John Crossley explained.

The son of Primo Uno – West On Lee exited from box one starting as $3.20 second favourite behind Zelemar Fever.

Te Amo (box four) flew out of the boxes to land in the lead ahead of On Coin and Star Recall (box two), Zelemar Fever (box three) was not far behind them as she used the inside of the track to slot into third position. Although Te Amo’s run looked strong last week, she couldn’t fight off the late lunges of both On Coin and Zelemar Fever. On Coin claimed victory by one length in a best of the night 30.10.

“To win a race against top dogs like that was brilliant, they are the best of the west. I’m never confident until the end of the race but he was looking alright behind Te Amo.”

At the start of the year On Coin fell on the home corner at Cannington and many, including Crossley himself, believed that it was the last time his brindle chaser would wear a race rug. With three months on the sidelines after tearing his shoulder muscle off the bone, it is safe to say On Coin is pretty much back to his best, with dramatically improved box manners.

He was once known for his inability to lead out of the boxes but his last two performances have seen him jump with some of the fastest chasers out of the boxes in WA; Te Amo and Zelemar Fever.

“He did show that he can jump in the race that he fell in, and he is coming out pretty well at the moment!”

This is Crossley’s second consecutive Lew Dorsa title. Boss Coin took home the money last year, clocking a then race record time of 30.12.

On Coin has had 47 starts for 21 wins and 19 placings. The win tonight put a smile on not only John and Brenda Crossleys’ faces, but the greyhound community as a whole. His royal blue Lew Dorsa rug will always be a reminder of the hard work and time spent in the pool to get this magnificent chaser back to the track.

On a night of highs, Ben Abercrombie’s litter sisters Takahashi (race nine, box four) and Mullet Hunter (race three, box four) pulled on plenty of heartstrings winning for their mother Tayza who passed away this week. Breeder Helen Sayer created a bond with Tayza that helped produced the likes of Two Wah, Burzynski and Takahashi in the same litter. Informally known as Min, Tayza’s loving and caring nature will live on through the high standard of pups that she has been able to produce.

Xylia Allen And Dyna Willow Sizzle In Association Cup Heats

A loam scorching track record run by Xylia Allen stole the headlines with three top quality heats of the Group One Association Cup run and won at Wentworth Park on Saturday Night.

Xylia Allen stopped the clock at 41.53, shaving 0.21 seconds off the record set by Dyna Willow in the Gold Cup final a fortnight ago.

Amazingly, Dyna Willow came out in the second heat and lowered her personal best when she won in 41.69, but it was not enough to see her regain her track record title.

Let’s take a look at how the three heats transpired;

Group One Association Cup Heat One

Xylia Allen (1) announced herself as the countries most exciting stayer, dominating the first heat and running her third consecutive track record in the process.

Shanghaiing out of box one, the daughter of Turanza Bale and Tayah Bake (Droopys Vieri – Francesca Bale) quickly opened up a space, running the first 280 metres faster than the current track record which has stood for 11 years.

Alpe D’Huez (6) and Infinite Wish (2) were the early chasers, but it was a solo act throughout as Xylia Allen just got further and further in front, eventually scoring by 11 1/2 lengths from Hala Belle (7) who ran on well for second to qualify for his third Group One Final, with Infinite Wish hanging on for third.

Group One Association Cup Heat Two

Wentworth Park specialist Dyna Willow (5) kept her amazing record at the Glebe circuit intact when she took out Heat Two in the second-fastest time ever witnessed at the track.

Perth Galaxy winner Born Ali (1) led early with Shoe Laces Lady (6) and Dyna Willow parked right on her hammer.

Born Ali managed to hold the ascendency past the post the first time but Dyna Willow loomed large and took over as they entered the back straight.

The daughter of Collision and Horizon Bale (Stately Bird – Vodeena Bale) quickly extended her advantage and raced away to score her sixth race win at Wentworth Park from just seven attempts in a lightning 41.69.

Sweet It Is (3) looks to be a much improved stayer and flew home to finish second for Darren McDonald, while Born Ali hung on for third.

Group One Association Cup Heat Three

With the first two heats always going to tough acts to follow, it was Hailstorm Billy who showed he has a staying future, winning at his first attempt beyond 700 metres in the time of 42.11.

Dyna Kayla (3) left the boxes in a hurry, leading clearly with Hailstorm Billy and Lethal Three (7) in pursuit.

By the time they entered the straight the first time, Hailstorm Billy had already hit the front and opened up a three length break with Lethal Three moving to second and Pumped Up Zarr (8) in third place.

That is the way the front two remained up the back and into the home straight with Lethal Three trying her heart out, but unable to make any ground on Hailstorm Billy, who won by three lengths.

Rocky Bale (5) unleashed a withering burst to fly home and nab second place right on the line, with Lethal Three in third.

The box draw for next week’s $75,000 Group One Association Cup is as follows;

1- Lethal Three – Kelly Bravo
2- Xylia Allen – Jenny Hunt
3- Sweet It Is – Darren McDonald
4- Dyna Willow – Steve Collins
5- Rocky Bale – Jenny Hunt
6- Hailstorm Billy – Angela Langton
7- Hala Belle – Peter Akathiotis
8- Infinite Wish – Angela Langton

Finalists Decided For 2014 Group One Golden Easter Egg

Over half the field for the 2014 Group One Golden Easter Egg final will be trained by two trainers. Andrea Dailly has qualified three runners for the final (Ollie Bale, Jordan Allen and Hawk Alone) and Brooke Ennis has qualified two runners (Warrior King and Tonk).

The final field is now known after four semi-finals of the rich Group One race were completed at Wentworth Park on Saturday night. The fastest semi-final winner was Evil Punk, who recorded 29.70 for the 520 metre journey. Overall, there wasn’t much difference amongst the other semi-final winning times; 29.80, 29.81 and 29.83.

Here’s a look at how each of the semi-finals panned out.

Semi-final One – Group One Golden Easter Egg

The Dailly’s kicked off the semi-finals with a bang, qualifying the first two runners into the Easter Egg final next week. Everything went the way of the Silver Chief winner Ollie Bale (3), as he lead all the way in 29.83, recording sections of 5.46, 13.94 and an 11.74 run home.

The race favourite, Keybow (7), came undone by the box draw, finding all sorts of trouble trying to get across from the outside and he finished down the track in seventh. Where’s The Surf (1) looked well-suited by the draw but didn’t fly the lids and had to do a mile of work to get himself into a handy position around the turn, but he couldn’t hang on for a place, finishing fourth.

Fort Allen (8) crossed beautifully from box eight to land in second behind Ollie Bale but it was kennel-mate Jordan Allen (5) that displayed blistering mid race pace to finish six and a quarter lengths second behind Ollie Bale. It was a top run as he was only average away and had to negotiate a tricky passage into the race. Romantic Affair (4) finished strongly for third.

The first two 2014 Easter Egg finalists are Wheeler bred. Ollie Bale is a black dog by Go Wild Teddy – Zambola Bale (Collision – Maple Bale) and Jordan Allen is a black dog by Fear Zafonic – Dyna Celeste (Awesome Assassin – Jindara Bale).

Semi-final Two – Group One Golden Easter Egg

Evil Punk (5) took out the second semi-final in a victory that no one could begrudge him of. It was a gutsy effort by the James Coyle trained dog who was desperately unlucky in the heats, falling after striking the lure down the back straight. The stewards wisely used their discretion to advance him through to the semi-finals and avoid the ballot. He ran away with a four and a half length win over Warrior King (4) in a time of 29.70. He recorded sections of 5.48, 13.84 and 11.73 run home.

Brooke Ennis’ Warrior King (4) began well from box four but switched off the back of Evil Punk rounding the turn, losing momentum. This allowed Lach’s Wish (1) to move up into second behind Evil Punk on the rail. However, Warrior King quickly balanced back up and swept past Lach’s Wish down the back. Dyna Nalin (6) stormed home for third, after rounding the first turn in fifth position.

Richmond Derby place-getter Evil Punk is a black dog, bred, owned and trained by James Coyle and is by Collision – Punk Angel (Addis Boy – Dos Santos). Horsham Cup place-getter Warrior King is a red brindle dog by Turanza Bale – Flamenco (Where’s Pedro – Zarbo).

Semi-final Three – Group One Golden Easter Egg

Luckily, greyhounds don’t know what odds they are when they jump from the boxes. Magic Display (3) was rated a $31.00 chance when the lids opened but she didn’t run like a longs odds shot. She pinged the lids to record the best first section of the semi-finals, a fast 5.36. Buckle Up Wes (4) tried to go with her but she stuck to her guns to get the all important lead around the first turn.

Down the back, she was nearly four lengths clear of Australian Cup winner Buckle Up Wes and Ritza Hattie (1), who began well from box one. Buckle Up Wes had to do a little bit of extra work as he was stuck outside Ritza Hattie down the back and could only cross her heading into the final turn. It was a mad dash to the finish line with Buckle Up Wes in hot pursuit of Magic Display and Ritza Hattie chiming in down the middle of the track.

Magic Display crossed the finishing line with half a length to spare in 29.80. Buckle Up Wes finished second, with just half a length separating him and Ritza Hattie in third. Magic Display, trained by Evelyn Harris, recorded sections of 5.36, 13.74 and 11.92 run home.

Magic Display is a black bitch bred by Evelyn Harris. She is by Magic Sprite – Display Bonus (Elite State – All Display). The Ted Medhurst trained Buckle Up Wes is a black dog by Collision – Everlong Bale (Primo Uno – Shique Bale).

Semi-final Four – Group One Golden Easter Egg

Brooke Ennis qualified a second runner for the Easter Egg final after Tonk (2) put on a great chasing display to hunt down Hurricane Rino (5) and run away to score in 29.81, running home in 11.87. The first two sections of 5.38 and 13.76 were credited to Hurricane Rino, who speared the lids from box five to lead the field around the Glebe circuit.

Tonk railed beautifully and chased the leader hard down the back. He poured on the pace up the home straight to zoom past the tiring Hurricane Rino to score strongly by three and a half lengths.

Rookie Rebel winner Hawk Alone (7) unleashed a withering finishing burst to grab Hurricane Rino in the shadows of the post to secure second spot and a place in the final.

The fancied Iona Tokyo (1) began well from box one, but after being crossed by Hurricane Rino going into the turn she shifted wide and that ended any chance she had of making the final.

Tonk is a fawn dog by Bartrim Bale – Coulta Gold (Bombastic Shiraz – Coulta Tess). Hawk Alone, trained by Andrea Dailly, is by Westmead Hawk – Glamorous Jade (Brett Lee – Glamorous).

The all-important box draw for the final next week is:

1. Buckle Up Wes – 29.84 (Ted Medhurst)
2. Tonk – 29.81 (Brooke Ennis)
3. Ollie Bale – 29.83 (Andrea Dailly)
4. Warrior King – 30.02 (Brooke Ennis)
5. Magic Display – 29.80 (Evelyn Harris)
6. Evil Punk – 29.70 (James Coyle)
7. Jordan Allen – 30.27 (Andrea Dailly)
8. Hawk Alone – 30.05 (Andrea Dailly)

Wheeler Ecstatic As Xylia Allen Smashes Wentworth Park Track Record

There is very little that Paul Wheeler has not achieved when it comes to greyhound racing in Australia, but when you hear him speak about his newest staying star Xylia Allen, you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice.

On Saturday night, Xylia Allen obliterated the Wentworth Park 720 metre record, running a jaw-dropping 41.53 and shaving over two-tenths off the former record set by Dyna Willow in the recent Wentworth Park Gold Cup.

If the track record wasn’t enough, Xylia Allen also lowered the 280 metre record en route to her win, carving out a sizzling 15.84 early. The current record is 15.98 which was set by Ballerina Legend way back in 2003. This prompted legendary race-caller Paul Ambrosoli to emphasise the significance of the feat.

“I can’t remember anyone doing anything like that since Zoom Top and I think that was in the fog one night at Gosford or something like that.”

ARG was lucky enough to talk to Paul Wheeler straight after Xylia Allen’s feat, with Wheeler hinting the scary prediction that Xylia Allen may go even faster in the future.

Wheeler says Xylia Allen’s latest successes are largely due to having a full preparation aimed at the longer trips.

“When she first had a go at distance racing, she was plonked straight into seven-hundred against Miata,” he said.

“Everyone said they were very disappointed. What they didn’t take into account was that she hadn’t had a preparation and Graeme (Bate) had to do it that way when he was training her because the race just came up and he had to put her in or not have a go at it at all. So Graeme had a go and she was always up against it racing Miata and everyone sort of boo-hooed her at that stage.”

“But there has been a hell of a lot of preparation put in by Jenny this time and what they have done has been that they have been running her over six hundreds and everything and she has been winning and breaking track-records over six hundred. So the preparation for the distance has been totally different this time.”

With Saturday evenings run being Xylia Allen’s longest race to date, Wheeler sent out the ominous warning to competitors that she is likely to have some improvement in her.

“That is the furthest she has ever ran and my own personal opinion is that, in the last twenty or thirty metres, she was showing the effects of a 720 metre race. Given that that race was her first 720 in this preparation and she has broken the track record by a couple of tenths, give her another couple of runs and she could give the track record a shake again.”

Xylia Allen is by Turanza Bale out of Tayah Bale (Droopy’s Vieri – Francesca Bale) meaning that she is a product of two greyhounds that Wheeler bred himself, another factor that he is also particularly proud of.

“We have been having a colossal run with our own breed, Allen Deed for example, he won a $12,000 final on Thursday night and he is also by our own sire and our own bitch. We have got a few out there now that are bred 100% from our kennel that are going great guns.”

If Xylia Allen can continue in the same sort of form that she has shown over the long trips in this preparation, she could end up among some of the best we have seen.

2014 Lew Dorsa Memorial Preview

With WA talent bursting at the seams it’s almost impossible to pick a winner in the 2014 Lew Dorsa Memorial on Saturday night. On Coin stole the spotlight in his return to the winner’s circle last week and Te Amo pulled out one of her best performances to date to earn her rug in the $13,500 to the winner final.

Te Amo stopped the clock at 30.33 over the 530 metre distance, an equal personal best, much to the delight of Owner Breeder Michelle Romer.

“I knew she would lead; Gone To Heaven was the only one that I was a bit worried about. When she got around that first bend I have to admit that I thought she had the race, but I was on edge every second until she hit the finishing line.” Michelle explained.

“I think it would have to be one of her best, but nine times out of ten she leads anyway. I could probably think of a couple of her runs that were better in the sense that she got into a bit more trouble and it was a bit harder for.”

It was the daughter of Cosmic Rumble – Osti’s Bride’s first win since her return from a stint at The Meadows. Te Amo shot to the lead from box three after starting favourite, with the closest chaser Merlot Monelli four lengths behind. She didn’t show any signs of weakening as she crossed the finishing line.

“With Shots (Te Amo), it’s not like she is in the lead and you know she will win, it’s more; is anyone going to come up and run her down. I am never confident with Shots until she is over the finish line. With other dogs like Zelemar Fever, you know when they are in front they are going to win.”

Linda Britton has five of the eight chasers in the Lew Dorsa final and her best chance lies with Zelemar Fever, who is jumping from box three.

On Coin has been blessed with box one and his nearly perfect record from the cherry has earned him $3.00 second favoritism heading into the race. Last week he looked to have improved on his box manners dramatically compared to what they were before his injury induced stint on the sidelines. If On Coin takes out the Lew Dorsa Memorial for trainer John Crossley it will be the second consecutive year Crossley has come away with the win, with Boss Coin taking out the honours last year.

Star Recall is jumping from box two paying $4.50 for the win. Her early box speed may not be too much of an advantage with more then half the field relying on the early stages of the race to give them a helping hand. She isn’t weak, but there are a number of chasers that will be able to catch her in the home straight if they are close enough.

Zelemar Fever has received box three and $2.80 favouritism heading into the final. Last week in the heat she ran second to On Coin who matched her early speed. Her run home was more than impressive; she was held up on multiple occasions preventing her from snatching the victory from On Coin. If she is to get a clear run on Saturday night she is more then capable of clocking some very quick times.

Te Amo has been handed box four this week and is paying $5.00. She will more then likely lead the field out of the boxes, as strong as her run looked last week she will have to lead by a decent margin to prevent the field from catching her on the line.

The old veteran of the race Gomes has drawn box five. He is more then capable of sneaking this victory despite being the oldest dog in the race. His heat win was more than impressive, recording a personal best time of 30.38.

Merlot Monelli is jumping from box six as a 30.00 outsider. Last week he couldn’t catch Te Amo despite jumping from box one. This week the David Hobby trained chaser is going to need everything to go his way if he is going to win this race.

Hillbilly Flash drew box seven after his kennel mate Astronomic was scratched early from the field. He has clocked 30.30 at the start of the year, which should give him a chance come box rise. It’s hard to see him taking out the race with all the speed and strength on the inside of him.

Kasumi Rose rounds out the Lew Dorsa field in box eight paying $50.00 for the win. Last week was her best performance in WA, flying out of the boxes only to be run down by Astronomic. She isn’t up to this class of dog and is going to need a lot to go her way if she is to win.

“It’s a really good field. Every dog in that race deserves to be there and it just goes to show you how high the talent is here in WA.” Romer explained.

“I’m not confident that she (Te Amo) is going to win it but it’s great to have her there, Shots is always in those finals and that’s all you can ask.”

With Romer being close friends with Linda Britton as well as John and Brenda Crossley, she is more then happy for any of their chasers to take out the Lew Dorsa Memorial.

“I think it’s a toss up between On Coin and Zelemar Fever. Any of those eight greyhounds could win the race, but with On Coin out of box one I would say him. It’s all fun and friendly competition!”

The Lew Dorsa Memorial is set to jump at 8.32pm Perth time at the 530 metre boxes. It is more then likely going to be a clock-watching affair with the majority of the race relying on their early speed.

The Meadows Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview April 12th 2014

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Race 1 – 600M Grade 5 – 7:12PM

Dyna York’s recent form doesn’t appear to be very attractive, however tonight he faces a significant drop in class and finds a race which lacks genuine early speed. He appears suited from the middle pin and I expect him to be around the $7.00 mark which looks very appealing.

Unix Bale has the most talent of any runner in the field but the wide draw is somewhat of a concern for me. If she gets a clear run initially she will feature. Why Not Wayne is very hit or miss, but from box one he should also be a major player.

Top Four:             5 – 7 – 1 – 2

Suggested Bet: Win bets on Dyna York and Why Not Wayne.


Race 2 – 525M Grade 5 Heat – 7:35PM

Cee Ronaldo recently set the Traralgon track alight with a dazzling 29.28 win and tonight he returns to a track which he tends to race well at. From box two he should muster to the early lead and make every post a winner.

Dyna Yenite is expected to settle near the speed and he looks to be facing a small drop in class. If Cee Ronaldo makes any mistakes early, Dyna Yenite might be off and gone with the prize. Anchor Zipping Makka for second and third in your exotics.

Top Four:             2 – 4 – 7 – 8

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 2/4,7,8/Field ($18 for $1)

Trifecta: 2/7/Field ($6 for $1)

Trifecta: 2/Field/7 ($6 for $1)


Race 3 – 525M Grade 5 Heat – 7:58PM

The perfectly drawn Vapour Storm looks to be one of the better bets of the night. He recently returned to form with a brilliant 29.64 Traralgon win and he should get every chance tonight.

Noble Bale has won seven races over this journey and he is armed with a barnstorming finish. He has them covered for talent but his poor box manners will see him get a long way back early.  Skinny Vinnie was far from disgraced when placed here last week.

Top Four:             1 – 2 – 3 – 6

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Vapour Storm, rove in quinellas with 2,3,6.


Race 4 – 725M Mixed 4/5 – 8:19PM

See Him First is making his staying debut tonight and he has drawn a race which lacks real depth. I expect him to be starting at a very short quote but it’s hard to see him getting beat. May be worthwhile anchoring him in some all ups and the early quaddie.

Mimicking is second up from a short spell and he would have been sharpened up by his strong 515 metre effort last start. He races well here and he does have a fair bit of class. Maddison Dee has been going terrible of late.

Top Four:             8 – 1 – 2 – 6

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1,8/1,8/Field ($10 for $1)

Trifecta: 8/1/Field ($5 for $1)


Race 5 – 525M Grade 5 Heat – 8:38PM

Surprisingly Buckle Up Mason drops back to a Grade 5 event and he looks to have panels on most of these. From box one he should find himself settling in the first three through the first bend and he will prove too powerful in the run home.

Black And Cool does his best racing here and he will be better for his first up placing at Shepparton last start. Take Charge is an exciting talent but he needs to do everything right from box six.

Top Four:             1 – 7 – 8 – 6

Suggested Bet: If you can find even money, empty the wallet on Buckle Up Mason.


Race 6 – 525M Free For All – 8:57PM

Class act Marcus Joe was never headed when scoring at Sandown in 29.34 recently and tonight he returns to his favourite track and trip. He has two slow beginners drawn outside and he should get every chance tonight.

Searle Bale is the smokey, since returning from a spell she has improved with every run and tonight at big odds she might be the surprise packet. Surf Mail will get a long way back early, anchor for second and third in your exotics.

Top Four:             6 – 8 – 3 – 1

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1,3,6/8/Field ($18 for $1)

Trifecta: 1,3,6/Field/8 ($18 for $1)

Trifecta: 6/1,3,8/1,2,3,4,7,8 ($15 for $1)


Race 7 – 725M Grade 5 Final – 9:22PM

Wilma Bale is a hard type to follow but when she is on song she is brilliant. After a slow beginning, she took control mid race and powered to the line for a smart 42.88 heat win and a repeat of that will see her win again.

Bekim Hatrick is going to be a major player in Group races in the future, so tonight from the rails draw he should be putting plenty of pressure on Wilma Bale in the closing stages. Heaps Of Ability looks to be the only other winning hope.

Top Four:             8 – 1 – 4 – 7

Suggested Bet: Take the even money for Wilma Bale, she should lead throughout.


Race 8 – 525M Grade 4 – 9:46PM

Extremely difficult race but I believe that the desperately unlucky Tick Bale gets his chance tonight. With two keen railers drawn underneath, he should be given plenty of room early and he will get a chance to show his true form.

Tiggerlong Chief has been very hit or miss at box rise of late, if he can ping the lids tonight he will set a cracking pace and will give them something to catch. If you get ridiculous odds about Lektra Bianca, she may be worth a small saver bet.

Top Four:             8 – 3 – 5 – 6

Suggested Bet: Tick Bale straight out, rove in quinellas with 3,5,6.


Race 9 – 600M Mixed 4/5 – 10:05PM

Gold Town is finally making his middle distance debut and he should have no trouble with the longer trip. He has two slow beginners either side, so he should get a clear run in the initial stages. If you can get $3.50 or better that is value.

Prue Bale will be flying out in front but the last 50 metres is a big concern for her. Moonhaze is well drawn out wide and he does his best racing at this venue.

Top Four:             3 – 8 – 2 – 1

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 3/1,2,8/Field ($18 for $1)

Quinella: 3 to rove with 1,2,8


Race 10 – 525M Grade 5 Heat – 10:25PM

Go Mobo has the gun draw and he recently set the track alight with a 25.14 Shepparton win. From the rails draw he should be able to punch through and lead and there doesn’t appear to be anything in this field that can reel him in.

Dyna Filbert is a consistent veteran who should be able to find the rails in the early stages. He’s coming off two solid metro wins and should feature again. Proven Trendy doesn’t look suited from out wide.

Top Four:             1 – 3 – 4 – 7

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Go Mobo, should be $2.50 or better.


Race 11 – 525M Grade 5 Heat – 10:42PM

Cette Away is showing loads of promise and she is armed with very good early speed. She had no luck in her Meadows debut, but her racing pattern (leader) will suit this type of track.

Velocemente Has won five races over this journey and he faces a big drop in class. His only concern is his lack of early speed. With some luck initially he should be in the finish. Soul Eater has some claims at odds.

Top Four:             2 – 6 – 7 – 5

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Cette Way, quinella with Velocemente.


Race 12 – 525M Grade 5 Heat – 11:00PM

Rozehill Sanya looks ideally drawn out in eight and she gets her chance to return to form after four luckless runs in a row. She can ping the lids and her 29.89 PB here was recorded from this box.

Upset Boy has enormous potential but he can be very hit or miss at box rise. If he can step cleanly tonight he will be right in the mix. Yakamov Bale and Sky Fighter are the only other winning hopes.

Top Four:             8 – 6 – 3 – 5

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta Boxed: 3,5,6,8 ($24 for $1)

Trifecta: 8/3,5,6/Field ($18 for $1)



1/6/1,4,8/3,5,8  ($9 for $1)

1/1,2,3,6,8/1,4,8/3,5,8 ($45 for $1)

1,6,7/6/1,4,8/3,5,8 ($27 for $1)

1,6,7/1,2,3,6,8/1,4,8/3,5,8 ($67.50 for 50c)

Finalists Decided For 2014 Sportingbet Magic Maiden

Steve White and Jason Mackay will train half of the runners in the 2014 Sportingbet Magic Maiden final after both trainers qualified two runners for next Saturday night’s Group Three event at Wentworth Park.

And what a final it promises to be, with just 0.15 seconds separating the four semi-final winners from Friday night. Add to that a couple of hard luck stories who snuck through to the final and our appetites are well and truly whet for a thrilling $25,000 to-the-winner finale.

Here is a recap of how the four semi-finals transpired;

Race 1 – Sportingbet Magic Maiden Series – Semi-Final One

Anything Less (2) unleashed a strong finish to land the first semi-final in 29.94 for Tooradin trainer Glenn Rounds, who may have also been unlucky not to land the quinella.

Box-rise drama resulted in All Strung Out (8), Glenn Rounds second runner, walking out some 15 lengths behind the field.

Cuddletime Tears (3) and Anything Less (2) were the early leaders but were quickly headed off by the speedy Paua To Roar (4) who led into the first turn.

Cuddletime Tears (3), Passenger (6) and Mean Mr. Mustard (7) struck trouble at the first turn and this allowed Paua To Roar and Anything Less to get away in front with Old Mexico (1) in third place as they headed into the back.

Paua To Roar opened up a good break, holding a four or five length ascendency on Anything Less down the back who slowly started to whittle down the margin as they rounded the home turn.

Swinging into the home straight it still looked as though Paua To Roar was going well enough to win the event as Anything Less hooked out for one last crack at him.

The last 50 metres saw Anything less really knuckle down to the task and sprout wings to grab Paua To Roar right on the line to score by a head.

Back in the field, All Strung Out had weaved a path through runners to somehow finish in third place just six lengths from the winner, despite giving the whole field a massive start.

Race 2 – Sportingbet Magic Maiden Series – Semi-Final Two

Zipping Bruno (3) benefited greatly from a clean run this week to take out the second semi-final in a much improved 29.81 for Richmond Vale trainer Jason Mackay, setting the time standard for the four semi-finals in the process.

Organic Choice (4) and Miss Talladega (8) were the best to leave the traps with Zipping Bruno finding a clear passage to the fence in third as they left the straight the first time.

Filante (5), who started favourite, was fourth away and found the fence early as well.

As the field headed to the back straight, Zipping Bruno railed hard underneath Organic Choice and hit the front slowly opening up a margin and skipping away as they began the swing for home.

Organic Choice held down second with Miss Talladega in third. Filante was disappointed for a run as he looked to rail under Miss Talladega leaving the back straight.

Around the home turn, Zipping Bruno put on the after-burners and scorched away to score by an impressive 7 1/2 lengths, breaking the hearts of his rivals in the process.

Organic Choice held down second from Miss Talladega who finished third.

Race 3 – Sportingbet Magic Maiden Series – Semi-Final Three

Brasko Khan put on a bold front-running display to take out the third semi-final in a slick 29.86 for Austral mentor Jason Magri.

The regally bred son of Where’s Pedro and Mantra Style (Malfoy – Al Fresco) left the boxes in third but took little time to muster to the front which is where he stayed for the duration of the event.

Gilgamesh (6) chased Brasko Khan resolutely throughout the race but could not quite match it with the winner, running a very credible second. Zipping Lucy (4) was in third place for the bulk of the race and also chased well to finish third.

Race 4 – Sportingbet Magic Maiden Series – Semi-Final 4

Tommy Brislane (7) showed the virtue of early speed to lead all-the-way in the fourth semi-final in a time of 29.96 giving Nowra Hill trainer Steve White his second finalist.

Beginning smartly from box seven, the son of Premier Fantasy and Mary Virginia (Brett Lee – Thai Again) set the fastest first section of the four semi-finals when he stopped the clock at 5.37.

Favourite for the race, Zipping Weston was last away and found plenty of trouble as he set out in his pursuit of the early leader. He worked his way to second as they left the back, but the bird had flown and Tommy Brislane was off and gone, scoring by 4 3/4 lengths on the line.

Zipping Weston finished second, making Jason Mackay the second trainer to qualify two dogs for the final.

Lyla Mel (1) came from a long way back to run a commendable third.

The box draw for next Saturday night’s Group Three final is as follows;

1 – Paua To Roar – Steve White
2 – Zipping Weston – Jason Mackay
3 – Brasko Khan – Jason Magri
4 – Zipping Bruno – Jason Mackay
5 – Organic Choice – Graeme Duggan
6 – Tommy Brislane – Steve White
7 – Gilgamesh – Justin King
8 – Anything Less – Glenn Rounds


9 – Zipping Lucy – Jason Mackay
10 – All Strung Out – Glenn Rounds

Wentworth Park Greyhounds And Golden Easter Egg Tips & Betting Preview April 12th 2014

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Race 1 – 520M Heat – 7:28PM

In form trainer Darren McDonald looks to be in for a big night again and he should get the ball rolling in race one. Awesome Project looks perfectly placed out in box eight and with a keen railer drawn directly underneath he should get a clear passage early. He has won here in 29.86 previously and a repeat of that will see him win again.

Stilton Blue looks the likely leader and he can run very quick times on the lure. My only concern is that if he gets a little bit of pressure applied early, he may come unstuck in the final stages. Being Good will hit the line hard and she must be included in the exotics.

Top Four:             8 – 5 – 1 – 4

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 8/1,4,5/Field ($18 for $1)

Trifecta: 8/5/Field ($6 for $1)

Trifecta: 5,8/5,8/Field ($12 for $1)


Race 2 – 720M Association Cup Heat One – 7:47PM

The brilliant Xylia Allen has been in rare form of late having broken two track records in her past two starts, however I still don’t believe she is a true and genuine stayer. I expect Xylia Allen to establish a big lead but the strong Infinite Wish should be within striking distance as they head for home. Infinite Wish has recorded some top placing’s at Sandown in recent times and she looks perfectly placed in a race which is sure to have a fast pace set.

Set Her Again has struggled in her two runs here but she is a whole lot better than that. She recently recorded a sub 35 win at Albion over 600 metres and has indicated in her past couple of runs that she is now crying out for the 700 metre journey. Alpe D’Huez is another runner who is in hot form and he looks to be a genuine chance also.

I believe this is a great value race. Xylia Allen is a big take on, she should hold on for second or third, but I think that a stronger type will haul her in late, so her winning chances are diminished.

Top Four:             2 – 5 – 1 – 6

Suggested Bet: Win bets on Infinite Wish and Set Her Again

Trifecta: 2,5,6/1/Field ($18 for $1)

Trifecta: 2,5,6/Field/1 ($18 for $1)


Race 3 – 720M Association Cup Heat Two – 8:10PM

The powerful Sweet It Is produced a monster effort to score at Sandown last week at her second start for the Darren McDonald kennel. She seemed to show a little more early dash than normal last start before getting knocked over and if she can reproduce that better speed initially tonight she will be able to settle much closer to the pace. The fact that there are at least four front runners in this line up just enhances her chances even more. With the presence of Dyna Willow, Ash Flash and Born Ali, it is very likely that you may see $4.00 or better for Sweet It Is, enormous value.

Dyna Willow is expected to start a short priced favourite and rightly so. She is coming off a track record performance over this track and trip and in that performance she powered to the line. The box draw is her toughest opponent tonight, Ash Flash likes to use a bit of the track and there is every chance Dyna Willow will be posted wide for most of the trip.

Born Ali was soundly beaten when runner up here last time but she is much better than that performance.

Top Four:             3 – 1 – 5 – 2

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Sweet It Is, rove in quinellas with 1,2,5


Race 4 – 720M Association Cup Heat Three – 8:27PM

This is probably the toughest heat of the three. Established staying star Dyna Kayla looks the top pick and with any sort of luck early she should win, however we see up and comer Rocky Bale and the consistent Hailstorm Billy who makes his long awaited staying debut.

For me, it is too hard to look past Dyna Kayla. The Andrea Dailly trained chaser has the runs on the board and she is likely to be out in front and avoiding any trouble. She has had little luck in her past four runs but prior to that she had won 10 of her 14 career starts. If you can find $2.50 or better then I suggest you unleash.

Rocky Bale is the most intriguing runner of the series, he is taking on the big guns for the first time over the staying trip and he races as though this journey is right down his alley. My biggest concern is that he likes to run wide and being his first look at Wentworth Park he may get a little lost through the turns.

The enigmatic Cawbourne Looney must be kept safe also, she doesn’t always show her best but her best is quite amazing.

Top Four:             3 – 1 – 5 – 6

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Dyna Kayla, anchor in exactas with 1,5,6


Race 5 – 520M Golden Easter Egg Semi Final One – 8:50PM

Now we arrive to the major players of the night. We kick start the first semi with the reigning Perth Cup champion Keybow who smashed a quality line up here last week in 29.45. I’m going to start sounding like a broken record, but like last week I think Keybow is a risk tonight (he made me look silly last week). In tonight’s event he has loads of early speed drawn either side which should mean that he will be strung up in traffic early, which should allow his kennelmate Where’s The Surf to head through the first bend with a commanding lead.

Where’s The Surf has produced three solid performances here in recent times with the most impressive being from this draw when scoring in 29.71, a repeat of that will see him get the cash tonight.

I have anticipated that the outside draws will be finding bother, this should give classy veteran Ritza Ryder a chance to show his best and qualify for another Group Race final. He loves to rail and his form hasn’t been too bad of late.

Obviously Keybow has the talent edge but like I hinted earlier, tonight’s box draw may pose a major problem.

Top Four:             1 – 2 – 3 – 7

Suggested Bet: Win bets on both Where’s The Surf and Ritza Ryder, more on Where’s The Surf.


Race 6 – 520M Golden Easter Egg Semi Final Two – 9:15PM

Heat number two looks pretty straight forward for mine. Talented Tasmanian Varcoe looks perfectly drawn out wide and he is sure to have derived plenty of benefit from last week’s look at the track. He recently broke 25 seconds in a trial at Maitland he is the reigning Launceston Cup champion over a similar distance. Dyna Nalin is expected to start a short priced favourite but I think he will be giving Varcoe an almighty head start. Varcoe should be around the $6.50 mark or better, definitely worth an each way ticket.

Dyna Nalin is coming off a sizzling 29.69 heat win last week, however the red draw played a major role in that victory. There is no doubting this superstars ability but there are plenty of negatives for him tonight. Being a slow beginner is never an advantage and box six is a disastrous draw for a notorious railer. I think we can let other punters snap up the short odds about this one.

Shadow Lane may be the surprise packet in the race, I think he will start double figures but with some luck initially he may find himself in strong contention off the back straight. Warrior King has been in great form of late but like Dyna Nalin the box draw may be his undoing tonight.

Top Four:              7 – 6 – 4 – 3

Suggested Bet: Have a little crack at Varcoe, very keen on this one.


Race 7 – 520M Golden Easter Egg Semi Final Three – 9:35PM

This looks to be the most open of the heats. Buckle Up Wes has taken all before him of late. He recently captured the Group One Australian Cup and he set the track alight here last week with a 29.56 heat win. Like a few of the top fancies in earlier heats, tonight’s box draw looks to pose a problem for the favourite.

Musquin Bale has drawn ideally in box eight and he was far from disgraced when runner up behind Buckle Up Wes last week. Tonight he should once again gain a clear run whilst Wes is likely to be weaving his way through some traffic. In these sort of races there is very little separating each runner talent wise, so sometimes it is often better to look for value this is why I have put Musquin Bale ahead of the favourite.

Ritza Flare is another who has the suitable draw, last week she was handily placed here and being her first run from a spell, she is sure to have derived a lot of benefit from that run. As stated earlier, Buckle Up Wes clearly has the class and talent edge but box draws can bring the best undone sometimes.

Top Four:             8 – 1 – 4 – 6

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Musquin Bale, rove in quinellas with 1,4,6


Race 8 – 520M Golden Easter Egg Semi Final Four – 9:58PM

The inside draws appear to hold the key to this race. I am expecting Iona Tokyo to fire to the early lead. In her past three wins she has gone 5.40 or better to the first marker and still managed to finish off around the solid 29.70 mark. With Iona Tokyo likely to set the speed, Tonk looks set to get the nice drop on her early and if he is within two lengths of her off the back he should have her measure. Three runs ago he reeled off a sizzling 29.57 win here and when given clear galloping space this bloke can really let down.

The quinella looks pretty straight forward on paper, with the inside two dominating the event, however if everything doesn’t go to plan, the swooper Gradence may come into play. He is likely to get a mile out of his ground but he will be unleashing a barnstorming finish late. I think it would be best to anchor him for third and fourth in your exotics as I believe he may be giving the two leaders a massive head start.

Hawk Alone has some small claims but he will need to do everything right in the early stages, whilst Dark Warrior may find some of these too slick for his liking.

Top Four:             2 – 1 – 4 – 7

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1,2/1,2/4,7 ($4 for $1)

First Four: 1,2/1,2,7/4/Field ($20 for $1)

First Four: 1,2/1,2,7/Field/4 ($20 for $1)


Race 9 – 520M Special Event Heat – 10:18PM

Rumble Comet should cap off a top night for the kennel. In recent times he has scored two sub 30 wins at The Meadows and both times he had to overcome plenty of difficulties. All he has to do is get through the first turn still standing and he should feature.

Bearded Midget has blistering early speed but I think he is a doubt to run the trip and he may also need a look at the track. Triumphant One could be the smokey, he was far from disgraced in his last start placing here.

Top Four:             7 – 5 – 4 – 8

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 7/4,5,8/Field ($18 for $1)

Trifecta: 4,5,7/4,5,7/Field ($36 For $1)


Race 10 – 520M Special Event Heat – 10:37PM

Jawlaa is in good form, has the perfect draw and is likely to be short, however tonight she comes up against a number of chasers who have blinding early speed with Army Surplus being the fastest of them all. Army Surplus has an amazing turn of foot soon after box rise and he finally put the time on the board with a brilliant 29.78 win here late last month.

Dyna Geldof should be able to follow Army Surplus across early and this will allow him to be a major player throughout. Billy Buzzard looks to be the other winning hope. Jawlaa is the type that will either win or finish well down the track, tonight I’m tipping well down the track.

Top Four:             3 – 4 – 8 – 5

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Army Surplus, rove in quinella with 4,5,8


Race 11 – 520M Special Event Heat – 10:53PM

The get out stakes looks to be the toughest race of the night with at least six winning chances. Kid Maximus reeled off sizzling sectionals when beating a smart field at Sandown last time. He should be good value in this event.

Ritza Raider faces a big drop in class and with an ounce of luck early he should be right in the finish. He has a top record here and his best performances to date have been from wide draws. Apollo Reign could be the surprise in the event, will be double figures but has the talent to feature. Box draw is his only concern.

Top Four:             2 – 7 – 8 – 3

Suggested Bet: Win bets on Kid Maximus and Ritza Raider, box quinella 2,7,8 ($3 for $1)



1/7/1,4,8/1,2 ($6 for $1)

1/3,4,5,6,7/1,4,8/1,2 ($30 for $1)

1,2,3,7/7/1,4,8/1,2 ($24 for $1)

1,2,3,7/3,4,5,6,7/1,4,8/1,2 ($60 for 50c)


2014 Group One Golden Easter Egg Semi-Finals Preview

The Group One Golden Easter Egg progresses to the semi-final stage on Saturday night at Wentworth Park. A total of four semi-finals will be conducted, with the first two placegetters from each semi progressing through to the rich $250,000 final on Saturday, April 19.

The field composition of the semi-finals has been determined, firstly, by placings in heats and, secondly, times recorded in registering such placings. The formula used seeds greyhounds into the semi-finals based on a combined consideration of the placings and times recorded by all greyhounds in the heats. No guarding applies in the semi-finals.

Training honours from last week went to Andrea Dailly, who has qualified seven runners for the semi-finals.

Here’s a look at the four races.

Semi-final One – Group One Golden Easter Egg (Race 5 at 8:50pm)

Darren McDonald has two greyhounds engaged in this semi-final and Andrea Dailly will rug up three greyhounds.

One of McDonald’s greyhounds, fastest heat qualifier Keybow (7), has moved from box two, which he had last week, to box seven. He is better drawn near the rails although he has won from outside boxes. The dog on his immediate inside, the Fay Wotton trained Pride Of Mykonos (6), is a quick beginner and may give Keybow a cart across. Keybow will need luck in the early stages in order to repeat last week’s devastating 29.45 performance.

Mcdonald’s other runner is Where’s The Surf (1) and he has drawn ideally in box one. He has had five starts from the cherry and recorded four wins and a minor placing. He ran second to Iona Tokyo last week, beaten three lengths in 29.78 after contending with an undesirable box seven draw. He won at Wentworth Park from box one on 29 March in 29.71. He looms as a big threat.

Andrea Dailly’s main chance in this semi-final looks to be Fort Allen (8). He is drawn on Keybow’s outside and was one of the greyhounds involved in the abandoned race last week. He began well from box six in the heats and was running within a length of Evil Punk before the lure caused carnage. He has won two from box eight and looks well drawn. He is yet to win at Wentworth Park. Dailly’s other chasers include Ollie Bale (3) who led all the way last week in 29.96 and Jordan Allen (5) who finished fourth, five and a half lengths behind Warrior King, who ran a winning time of 29.91. Ollie Bale and Jordan Allen will need to improve their times in order to feature.

Old stager Ritza Ryder (2), trained by Mark Gatt, finished a strong third to Dark Warrior last week, beaten two lengths in 30.29. He hasn’t been beginning well lately and faces a tough ask. Mario Abela’s Romantic Affair (4) was also finishing strongly in her heat and was beaten 10 and three quarter lengths by Keybow. She has only missed a place at Wentworth Park once in her 13 goes at the track, but this looks to tough for her at this stage of her career.

Semi-final Two – Group One Golden Easter Egg (Race 6 at 9:15pm)

Dyna Nalin (6), trained by Paul Stuart, has the fastest heat qualifying time in this semi-final. He ran 29.69 last week from box one. The move to box six is likely to cause the tardy beginner a few problems. He is a champion dog but will need that luck around the first turn in order to put himself into the race.

Warrior King (4) looks to be improving with each look he has at the track. The Brooke Ennis trained chaser won his semi last week in 29.91 after lobbing close to the lead. He began well and will need to do so again to overcome the poor draw. He has a lot of talent and is very strong.

Evil Punk (5) fell last week after colliding with the lure down the back straight and was advanced through to the semi-finals at the discretion of the stewards. He looked to have the race all sewn up last week after beginning well from box four. Trainer James Coyle rates him as a 90% chance of taking his place in this semi-final and it remains to be seen how the incident last week will affect him. He is a good beginner and could lead this field. He has a best of 29.70 at the track.

Tee Brady (2) finished second last week from box one, beaten four and a half lengths by Ollie Bale in 29.96. He has just one win at the track in 29.93 and is yet to record a career win from box two for trainer Tom Tzouvelis.

Varcoe (7) began okay from box eight last week and gets his chance this week to try and lead. He has a slow beginner (Dyna Nalin) on his inside and on his outside (Bessy Boo). The Debbie Cannan trained dog ran third to Iona Tokyo last week, beaten three and a quarter lengths in 29.78. He has run 29.92 in a stewards trial and would probably need to run quicker then that to make it through.

Of the others, Michael Carter’s Shadow Lane (3) is a talented chaser who is yet to win at Wentworth Park. He was beaten by Dyna Nalin last week but ran a good 5.46 to the first mark. He will show his best if he can lead. Lach’s Wish (1), for Adam Campton, was balloted through from the abandoned race last week. She has won five races at Wentworth Park but hasn’t managed to crack the 30 second mark and will find this tough. Bessy Boo (8), trained by Christine Proctor, rattled home last week but she has very little early place, which will make it hard for her to get across from box eight

Semi-final Three – Group One Golden Easter Egg (Race 7 at 9:35pm)

Buckle Up Wes (4) has drawn the blue rug for the third semi and is clearly the one to beat. Leading throughout last week in a personal best of 29.56, Wes recorded 5.36 to the first mark and that sort of section will see the Ted Medhurst trained dog leading this field.

Ritza Hattie (1) was very unlucky last week and the rails draw should suit Mark Gatt’s talented bitch. She isn’t the best away at box rise but has a slow beginner, Zipping Delta (2), on her outside. Zipping Delta, trained by Jason Mackay, ran fourth behind Buckle Up Wes last week. If Ritza Hattie can get a look in around the first turn, she is an each-way chance.

There’s a bit of speed drawn to the outside of Buckle Up Wes, with Edge (6), Mexico City (7) and Musquin Bale (8) drawn in the outside three boxes. Edge (6) is on the comeback trail and was very tenacious from box seven last week, running second to Easton Bale. His best time at the track is 29.68 and he has recorded a best first section of 5.38. Graeme Barnett will be hoping his fawn flash is back to his best. Mexico City (7), Mark Gatt’s other greyhound engaged in this semi-final, is also on a comeback. He has had three runs since a spell and had his first 520 metre race last week since returning. He wasn’t disgraced, losing by three lengths to Warrior King in 29.91. He hasn’t performed badly from outside boxes. Despite not winning from box seven, he has won four from box eight. Musquin Bale (8) ran second to Buckle Up Wes last week and ran 29.76 in the process. He’s won two races wearing the pink rug and the Andrea Dailly trained chaser is sure to be prominent.

Magic Display (3) for Evelyn Harris and Woods (5) for Marie Burton, may find the going a little tough. Magic Display was a surprise heat winner last week in 29.94. She does her best leading and ran a 5.37 first section last week. She will need to lead and hope for some trouble behind her. Woods has been done no favours by the box draw. He hasn’t been beginning lately and his form has been very patchy.

Semi-final Four – Group One Golden Easter Egg (Race 8 at 9:58pm)

Iona Tokyo (1) was a heat winner last week in 29.78 and has drawn perfectly in box one. The little black bitch, trained by Francois Sidrak, has really taken to Wentworth Park, winning three from four at the track. She is an excellent beginner and will put herself into the race.

Darren McDonald’s Dark Warrior (3) is another that has drawn well. He toughed out a win in the heats last week in 30.29 and with three looks at the track now under his belt, he looks the improver.

Easton Bale (6) led virtually all the way from box five to win last week for Andrea Dailly and recorded 29.83. It was just his second win from seven attempts at Wentworth Park. He had been coming off a 600 metre campaign and showed good early zip last week, running a first section of 5.44.

Tonk (3) couldn’t repeat his 29.57 effort last week that he put in at his first look at the track in early March. In the heats, he ran third to Buckle Up Wes, beaten five lengths. He had box one last week and this week moves to box two, a box he has won from four times. The Brooke Ennis trained chaser may make things interesting if he can hit the lead early.

Andrea Dailly has two other runners engaged in this semi-final and they look to be drawn unfavourably out wide. Rookie Rebel winner Hawk Alone (7) has box seven and Dyna Beth (8) has box eight. They are also drawn next to fellow kennel-mate Easton Bale. Hawk Alone found all sorts of trouble from the inside draw last week but fought on well to finish 11 lengths third behind Magic Display. Dyna Beth finished nine and three quarter lengths behind Keybow, but was drawn in box three on that occasion.

Local chasers Gradence (4) and Hurricane Rino (5) will need some luck to feature. Gradence, trained by Mark Gatt, likes to get back in his races and flash home. He may just give some of these speedy chasers too much of a head start. Anthony Azzopardi’s Hurricane Rino finished second to Magic Display last week from box eight, with the wide draw suiting him. He has the squeeze box this week and has never won wearing the yellow rug.

Texas Titan Launches Into The Spotlight

After an exciting night of racing, it was the Jeffrey Britton trained Texas Titan who set the time standard and stamped himself as favourite for next week’s lucrative final. The first four heats saw four of the more fancied chasers record heat wins, however the towards the end of the night there were a few surprises. The most surprising would have been Tasmanian chaser Wynburn Wizard, who lowered the colours of the highly talented Deadly Clear.

Heat One – Launching Pad

Good box manners finally saw the Graeme Jose trained Prince To Excel get his chance to advance to next week’s final. After beginning on terms with the field, he and Louie Neveelk matched motors as they headed for the first bend. Using the rails draw to advantage, Prince To Excel bumped Louie Neveelk out of the way and quickly established a two length lead as they headed for the back straight. Although he seemed to get a little tired in the run home, if you had invested your hard earned on him you had no worries as he always looked to be in control, scoring by a half length in a respectable 29.91. I would expect him to improve on that time for next week’s final.

Surprisingly Moot Point was sent out as favourite. The wet track didn’t really suit his racing style as he was always going to find himself settling well back in the early stages. After some scrimmaging through the first bend he managed to find himself within four lengths of the leader and although he looked close enough, it was always going to be a struggle to reel in the leader on the heavy track. Louie Neveelk who helped set the early pace hung on for the minor end.

Heat Two – Launching Pad

According to punters, heat two looked to be a match race between likely leader Stylish Baroque and the explosive Oscura. From the coveted rails draw, Stylish Baroque pinged the lids and quickly rolled to the early lead and from there on she was always going to be hard to reel in. After beginning well the other well fancied runner Oscura managed to find a little bother and soon after he found himself giving the leader a four to five length head start. As they rounded the final bend, early leader Stylish Baroque looked to be coming back to the leaders, but as they straightened up she managed to dig deep and hold on for an impressive 29.68 win.

After finding early bother, Oscura was always going to find it difficult to win, however this exciting chaser managed to hit the line solidly for third place and he managed to narrow the margin to just under a length. The consistent Owen Bale who stepped much better tonight managed to snare the runners up prize with a strong effort. He is sure to break through in town very soon.

Heat Three – Launching Pad

Texas Titan has been catching everyone’s attention with some powerful performances in recent weeks. Last week he settled near last before unleashing a barnstorming finish to narrowly go down. Last night he anticipated the start a lot better and before he knew it he was within two lengths of the leader as they headed for the back straight. Once he had settled this close it was a matter of times and margins. The Jeffrey Britton trained chaser quickly took over going around the final bend and quickly raced into favouritism for next week’s final, scoring the fastest heat win in 29.57.

Lady Goldenpaw, who races well at Sandown, set the early pace as expected, but unfortunately for her supporters she had two strong chasers breathing down her neck. After being headed she managed to kick on and hold on for third place. The improving Fully Charged managed to gain a rails run through the back straight and for a fleeting moment he looked to be a winning chance before Texas Titan quickly put pay to him. He eventually filled the quinella spot, going down by only three and a half lengths.

Heat Four – Launching Pad

The fourth heat saw punters get it right again. The Tony Brett trained Chant made the most of the coveted rails draw. After bombing the start, he showed a tremendous turn of foot which saw him go from a length behind to a length in front as they headed through the first turn. Soon after he hit the power button and established a commanding six length lead. In the final stages he appeared to get a little tired and the final margin registered was two and three quarter lengths in a time of 30 seconds flat. On the heavy track and being his first look at Sandown, I would expect him to improve dramatically in next week’s final.

Blurred Lines was the second pick in the market, but after a slow beginning he was never in contention, eventually finishing well down the track. Penn Bale caught the eye of onlookers. After giving the leader eight to nine lengths start, she hit the line solidly to fill the quinella spot. She isn’t too far away from another win.

Heat Five – Launching Pad

As the night went on, conditions on the inside part of the track continued to get worse, however this did not sway punters. Fearless Bert was sent out as an even money favourite, but soon after box rise punters were heading for the bar. After bombing the start he found himself strung up in traffic and looking for room to move and as they headed through the first bend he was well and truly out of contention.

After stepping cleanly from box six and given plenty of room to muster by Lou Todd in box seven, the strong Zell Bale soon found himself within three lengths of pacesetter Access as they headed through the first corner. Having scored a 600m win at The Meadows in February, it was clear that Zell Bale was going to feature once he had settled so close. As they straightened for home Zell Bale had the leader clearly in his sights and he powered to the line to score by just over a half length from early leader Access in a more than handy 29.77.

Access who led for most of the journey was very gallant in defeat, with this being his first try at the 515m journey. His previous racing had been limited to the 450 metre distances at Shepparton and Warrnambool. A metro win is just around the corner for him.

Heat Six – Launching Pad

In what originally looked to be a very open heat punters quickly stored there faith in the Stephen Elsum trained Mepunga Ranger, and he didn’t let them down. After beginning well from box two he got squeezed out by Frank Furter and Top Secret, who were both desperately seeking the rails. After copping the knock he quickly found his feet again and with the aid of some scrimmaging through the first turn he managed to balance up only four lengths from the early leader. With some open space off the back straight he quickly lengthened stride and began to eat into the lead and as they turned for home he had hit the lead and powered to the line to score by one and a half lengths in a smart 29.81.

The second pick in the event, Frank Furter, was never really in contention. Soon after box rise he was squeezed out by Top Secret and being a leader, his hopes had quickly ended. Runner up Top Secret wasn’t really helped by track conditions and if he can continue beginning like he did last night he will be a major player in any event he contests.

Heat Seven – Launching Pad

Heat seven looked to be the most intriguing event of the night. Boxes one to three appeared to hold the key to the race. Mepunga Sambo was coming off a brilliant Sandown win last start, Cheeky Hand was expected to set the early lead and most onlookers where watching with anticipation to see if Deadly Clear could return to his brilliant best. With all this being said, Wynburn Wizard had something else in mind.

After being slow to begin, Wynburn Wizard slowly worked his way across and after 60 or so yards he found himself hugging the fence and within four lengths of the pacesetting Cheeky Hand. Coming into this event with only Tasmanian form, onlookers didn’t really know what to expect mid race once he had settled in third spot. Turning for home he gave spectators plenty to talk about as he had quickly gathered in the leader and had also left the talented Deadly Clear in his wake, eventually scoring by one and half lengths in 29.88.

Although beaten, Deadly Clear is sure to have derived a lot of benefit after his metropolitan debut. He appeared a little lost as they headed through the first turn and headed for the back straight. I think with another look at the track, he will appear more at home and he will be able to fulfill his early promise. Cheeky Hand as expected set a cracking pace, but the heavy conditions made it a little tougher for her to run the trip out. Favourite Mepunga Sambo was having only his fourth start and after being crowded early he eased a little through the first turn, from there on he was out of contention.

Heat Eight – Launching Pad

The final heat was another open affair with four strong winning chances. Mepunga Hayley and Banged Up Bill looked to be the most talented chasers in the field, however it was the Andrea Dailly trained pair who took control of the event.

Lunar Tom managed to step cleanly and soon after he drove to the early lead. Lektra Brave was drawn directly outside him and also began well and followed his kennelmate across into the first turn. As they headed off the back straight, Lunar Tom had broken up the field and established a four length lead over Lektra Brave. Unfortunately for Lunar Tom punters it wasn’t a big enough lead and as they rounded the home turn Lektra Brave had quickly cut the lead back to a length and had victory clearly in his sights. He eventually hit the line one and three quarter lengths in advance of Lunar Tom, stopping the clock in 29.89.

Mepunga Hayley was slow to begin and as they headed into the first turn she copped another knock. After that she got pushed back to last and was never in contention. Banged Up Bill who was also considered a winning hope never really looked likely. He bombed the start and he seemed to look all at sea as they entered the back straight, which is quite strange as he raced at this venue before.

Group Two Launching Pad Final – Box Draw

1. Mepunga Ranger
2. Wynburn Wizard
3. Chant
4. Texas Titan
5. Stylish Baroque
6. Lektra Brave
7. Prince To Excel
8. Zell Bale

9. Owen Bale Res.
10. Fully Charged Res

Next week’s final should be a great race. My early tip is Texas Titan just ahead of Chant. Chant should probably set the pace but I think Texas might be a little too strong in the run home. If you are having a look at early betting markets, if you can find $4.00 for Texas Titan and $5.50 or better for Chant, it might be worthwhile snapping up those odds before race night using one of out free bet offers.

Satchmo’s Hanky Wins The 2014 Dapto Derby

Amid driving rain, Satchmo’s Hanky (8) caused a boilover when he led all the way to land the $5,000 to-the-winner Dapto Derby for Badgery’s Creek trainer Ben McCauley at the iconic South Coast circuit on Thursday night.

Sent out as a $21 outsider, the son of Bit Chili and Hannah Jane (Elite State – Austina) began flawlessly from the outside alley to cross the field and lead easily in a first section of 5.43.

Favourite Supercell (1) landed in second early with Francois Dryva (7) in third.

Satchmo’s Hanky extended his lead up the back straight and burnt off the more fancied Supercell, opening up a break.

As they came off the back, Francois Dryva emerged from third place in a hurry, racing up to the leaders hind-quarters and it looked as though it could be another Dapto Derby heading the way of Kembla Grange trainer Ruth King.

But to his credit, Satchmo’s Hanky kept finding and prevailed to score by three-quarters of a length, stopping the clock at 29.95 on a waterlogged Dapto surface. Francois Dryva finished second, while Supercell stuck on well for third.

Of the beaten brigade, Pablo Cruz (2) was away ok and fourth into the back, but copped a slight prat and drifted back through the field to finish sixth. Rexroth (3) collided with dogs at box rise and raced very wide into the first turn, finding plenty of trouble. Scout’s Gold (4) was squeezed up at the start and checked off heels in the catching pen but still ran on well for fourth. Electro Storm (5) looked desperate for the fence, carving left early and colliding with dogs before being carted off on the first turn and out of play. Fast Archer (6) was also slowly away and found a world of interference at the first turn, leaving him with little hope.

The win was Satchmo’s Hanky’s 14th from 44 career outings and takes his earnings over the $32,000 mark.

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