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IT IS fascinating to watch and listen to the comments being made about Fernando Bale, with so many people now suggesting he is possibly the greatest greyhound to have ever raced in Australia.

Yes, Fernando Bale is indeed one of the greatest greyhounds to have appeared on a racetrack in this country. I have no dispute with that at all. Yet I believe he still has a little way to go before he can be classed as the greatest ever.

I believe there are two key hurdles Fernando Bale needs to jump before the tag of the greatest ever can truly be placed upon his already impressive head.

At its simplest, the criteria for assessing a true champion should be fairly simple and straightforward. I have a personal check-list of seven categories I use to gauge the true class level of a champion.

1. Can win from any box.
2. Can win at Group 1 level, or the past equivalent of Group 1.
3. Wins 50 percent or more of race starts.
4. Can run a track record or be within two lengths of a track record at more than one track.
5. Can win over a 150-metre or more range (eg, 400-550 metres), for sprinters.
6. Can come from behind to win. That is, be fourth or worse at the first turn and still go on to victory.
7. Can overcome interference to win.

For me, points six and seven above are the real tests of greatness. While a greyhound may possess, as Fernando Bale certainly does, sensational box manners and great early speed, I think the true test of a champion is the ability to overcome adversity. To miss the start and be outpaced to the first corner, but still come back and take the prize; or, more potently, to be subjected to interference not of your own making and show the heart and courage required to still overcome against good opposition.

It is why I could never personally rate the likes of Temlee, Brother Fox, Flying Amy, or Brett Lee above say Tenthill Doll and Rapid Journey.

Two of the most incredible victories I have ever witnessed, one live and the other via a racetrack monitor, were those of Tenthill Doll in the 1996 Golden Easter Egg final and Rapid Journey in the 1998 National Sprint Championship final.

Tenthill Doll overcame box four to run down a flyer in Proper Tears after giving away a big lead down the back straight. Rapid Journey defeated two Greyhounds of the Year (West Australian Reggemite and Queenslander Faithful Hawk) in coming from box six, being poleaxed at the start and last as the field swept into the back straight.

The video of that victory can still be seen, as can his sensational 1998 Melbourne Cup win, also out of box six. If you want to see greatness in action, then I recommend watching both those races.

You can watch Rapid Journey win the 1998 National Sprint Championship below:

There will be those who argue that if a greyhound like Fernando Bale, and indeed Brett Lee or Flying Amy, makes their own ‘luck’ by being such good beginners and are so fast in the early stages they are able to avoid the pitfalls of a race, why should I penalise them for possessing such wonderful traits?

Well, I’m not. They are all great greyhounds, no disputing that whatsoever. Indeed, Fernando Bale is almost a saviour: he has appeared at the right time in our history, given the dark days we are experiencing. I sincerely hope he continues to keep this amazing string going.

But there are some acclaiming him as the greatest ever, and I find this disrespectful to the likes of past greats such as Chief Havoc, Macareena, Rookie Rebel and Zoom Top, as well as others like Sandi’s Me Mum, Tenthill Doll and Rapid Journey.

Fernando Bale is a great greyhound, he is not yet entitled to wear the tag ‘the greatest ever’ just yet.

Watch Fernando Bale’s last win – the Group 2 Bendigo Cup from box three.

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Free greyhound racing multi bet odds & predictions July 8, 2015. Tue, 07 Jul 2015 23:45:19 +0000 Read More.. ]]>

WHILE our best multi bet had no luck yesterday, we are back with a vengeance today to ensure our readers have plenty of cash in their online betting accounts at the end of the day.

Our quaddie starts out at Angle Park with the combined price being a lucrative $13.39 for each dollar with Bovada.

Leg 1 – Angle Park – Race 8: Elira Jane To Place $1.44

Elira Jane has a terrific record over this track and trip and she finds herself in a suitable race today. There is very little speed drawn on her outside, so if she can get away cleanly she should be able to avoid being crowded and that will allow her to carve across and settle near the lead. There are a couple of handy ones drawn nearer the inside but if she gets a clear passage in the first 40m or so she should finish in the top three.

Leg 2 – Meadows – Race 8: Allen Icarus To Place $3

Allen Icarus has always raced well here and he is much better than his past couple of runs suggest. He generally shows good early speed in his races and I’m expecting the four to carve up the inside division, so if he does happen to step well he should be able to get across and settle in the top three at the first bend. He is quite strong in the run home and at $3 for the place with Bovada I think it is great over’s.

Leg 3 – Ballarat – Race 8: Jack Kade To Place $3.10

Jack Kade is taking on some classy types tonight but he is blessed with explosive early speed and he appears well placed in the pink draw. There is some speed drawn in the middle but if he gets away cleanly he should be able to swoop into the first bend and most likely assume control. There are some strong chasers drawn in one, two, six and seven, so one of those might pick him off late but he should hang on for a top three finish.

Sign-up with Bovada for up to $200 in bonus bets.

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Free greyhound racing multi bet odds and tips July 7, 2015 Tue, 07 Jul 2015 00:08:36 +0000 Read More.. ]]>

THOSE who followed Brad’s multi bet yesterday would have been grinning from ear to ear, with each leg saluting resulting in a $140 payout for just a $20 investment.

Australian Racing Greyhound is confident in Brad’s ability to find some winners again today, with a multi price of $7.10 available through online bookmaker Bovada.

Leg 1 – Gawler – Race 6: Image Puzzle To Place $1.67

Image Puzzle hasn’t really set the world on fire in her three South Australian runs but she is clearly much better than that and today she drops back to a more suitable journey. She has always had brilliant early speed and from the red draw today she should be able to push through an hold the early lead. The $4 for the win with Bovada is great odds but I think the $1.67 for the place is a steal as I can’t see her missing the top three from the inside.

Leg 2 – Warragul – Race 7: Dr. Don To Win $1.70

Dr. Don is a super talent and he has a terrific record on the country circuit. He has been sparingly raced throughout his career but he did show that he was nearly back to his best when resuming from a spell here last time. From the pink draw he should be able to step on terms and I would expect him to outpace them as they approach the first bend. The $1.70 quote appears to be a little short but he does appear to be a moral.

Leg 3 – Devonport – Race 4: Mason Pines To Place $2.50 (Top Two Finish required)

Mason Pines doesn’t really win very often but he does have a fair bit of talent and he should be suited to the rise in distance. I’m expecting him to get back early on but he does have brilliant mid race speed and the gaps should open half way. There are a couple of handy chasers drawn in the one and seven but I think he is good enough to go with both of those and at the $2.50 he is a great price.

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In the stewards room: Craig Milne fined for improper conduct Mon, 06 Jul 2015 13:15:55 +0000 Read More.. ]]>

LICENSED trainer Craig Milne has been found guilty by Racing Queensland (RQ) Stewards on two charges relating to improper conduct which is said to have occurred at the Ipswich Greyhound meeting on April 11, 2015.

Milne is said to have verbally abused fellow trainer Tony Apap as well as Stipendiary Stewards Mr Braunberger and Mr Ferguson while they were on duty. 

Milne failed to attend the inquiry but was found guilty on both charges and was fined $1000 for each.

Gareth Miggins fined

Gareth Miggins faced RQ Stewards on Monday after his greyhound Wildash Wildfire was found to have the prohibited substance Hydrocortisone in a urine sample obtained after it competed won a race at Rockhampton on March 18, 2015.

Miggins pleaded guilty to a charge of 83(2)(a) in that he presented his greyhound not free of a prohibited substance and he was subsequently found guilty and charged $3,000.

Wildash Wildfire was also disqualified from the race and the placings have been amended accordingly.


THE Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) Stewards panel has handed down its inquiry findings into alleged incidents associated with the Keinbah Trial Track which found there was no evidence to sustain claims that greyhounds were mistreated at the premises.

The inquiry had been launched as a response to claims of a mass greyhound burial site on the property but found that many of the allegations had no substance and amounted to innuendo with no factual basis and therefore did not give enough reason for GRNSW to conduct an excavation of the site.

14 participants gave evidence during a two day hearing after which the panel concluded that they had identified potential breaches of the rules, however they were not cases that related to Keinbah.

Sweeney fined and disqualified

BEVERLEY Sweeney has been disqualified by GRNSW Stewards after one of her greyhounds Gus’s Gift returned a positive sample to the prohibited substance 5beta-androstane-3alpha, 17beta-diol, a metabolite of testosterone, at a concentration of greater than 10ng/ml.

Sweeney pleaded guilty to a charge under GAR 83 (2)(a) in that she presented her greyhound not free of a prohibited substance when it finished seventh in a race at The Gardens on February 27, 2015.

She was subsequently disqualified for a period of five months, while she was also fined $200 for a breach of GAR 84A(4)(b) after the Schedule 4 drug Testaprop was found within her kennels during an inspection of her property.

Sweeney’s husband, Peter Sweeney, also plead guilty to a breach of GAR84A(4)(b) in that he administered Testaprop to Gus’s Gift, with stewards imposing a $500 fine. 

Gus’s Gift was disqualified from the race in question.


BRETT Gatt has been suspended for three months, two of which have been suspended for 12 months following no similar breaches, after he was found guilty of punching licensed participant Correy Grenfell at Ballarat on February 25, 2015.

Gatt pleaded guilty to the charge when he appeared before the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board (RADB) last Wednesday.

Three more Victorians guilty of live baiting

TWO further Victorians have been disqualified from the industry in relation to live baiting at the Tooradin Trial track

Eric Sykes pleaded guilty to exciting a greyhound using a live rabbit which was on a leash being held by Lawrence Cunningham on December 23, 2014. After hearing the evidence the RADB found Sykes guilty and disqualified him for 10 years, five of which were suspended pending no further breaches of rules relating to live baiting or animal welfare.

Jon Roberts pleaded not guilty to two charges of exciting a greyhound using a live rabbit which was attached to the lure at Tooradin Trial Track. After considering all of the evidence, the RADB found Roberts guilty and imposed a life disqualification as he had shown no remorse t his inquiry and offered no submissions on his own behalf.

Another trainer, Douglas Wheeler, has also been found guilty by the RADB of two charges in relation to live baiting activity which was alleged to have occurred on December 23, 2014, however, at this stage, the Board has reserved its decision on penalty.


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Greyhound racing is joining backyard cricket Mon, 06 Jul 2015 05:07:57 +0000 Read More.. ]]>

THERE is possibly no subject more contentious amongst greyhound trainers than the grading system. Over many years, including just recently in NSW, hundreds of hopes and wishes have been put forward in an effort to get the local authority to make changes. Even more have been dreamed up by the authorities themselves. Rarely are any of these ideas the same.

This is why, at last count, more than 120 different grades have appeared cross the country. The solution has always been to add another option to keep someone happy. We started with six but they have gone forth and multiplied – to no good end.

Not only that, but the terms and conditions which apply to those grades keep changing. And then some clubs make up their own minds about how to get into a given race – typically those termed “Restricted Wins”. Even those then vary in the number of wins allowed – from one to two, three, four, five or six – or are further qualified by the number of total runs the dog has had – ie no more than 10 or 15 or 20, depending on the club.

Then there is the oddest one of all: the Non Penalty race. When you have 120 other ways of setting up a race, why pick that one? What is its purpose? Why give someone a free kick for no reason?

Two consistent threads run through all these extra options: they all cater for lower quality dogs and they are all trainer-inspired.

And there is one consistent outcome: they have produced fields of lower and lower average standards. This is evidenced partly by the fact that it is less common to see a race for higher than 5th Grade dogs, or perhaps a mixed 4th/5th Grade. Yes, there are Best 8s but they are sometimes not a lot different and simply reflect that enough higher grade dogs were not there in the first place. It not their abilities but their historical grades that have counted.

One of Victoria’s biggest attractions has been that owners and trainers, including those from interstate as well as Paul Wheeler, see the ability to win a 5th Grade at every track in the state as a huge bonus yet it is also a device to stop good dogs from progressing through the system. Tasmania has somewhat similar rules for youngsters. Now, WA has even started relaxing qualifying rules for imported Eastern dogs because it can’t get enough starters for better races.

The other major factor affecting standards is that a greater proportion of each litter is getting a run. That’s because breeding numbers are flat or declining but the number of races has increased. Some will argue that is a useful outcome in some ways but it has come at a high cost. One is that empty boxes mean less incentive for punters to bet due to the smaller prices and dividends. (Queensland is an exception to the general rule but there every number in the book has declined sharply from that of a decade ago).

It is interesting to see that over the past two decades the multi-grade approach has been accompanied by another major shift; the rise and rise of mug gamblers as a proportion of the total wagering scene. With that we got Mystery bets from Tabcorp and tipsters with a habit of suggesting boxed bets, both of which significantly distort market prices and dividends, as well as guaranteeing losses to the investors. (A boxed bet implies that all dogs have the same chance, which is rarely true in practice).

Concurrently, serious or knowledgeable punters have been shouldered out of the way, or perhaps have been diverted to other options (like sports betting or the stock market), or simply retired or died, never to be replaced.

Anyway, whatever the fine detail, the coincidental impact of all these elements cannot be ignored. It is almost like a death wish on the part of those in charge. Trends like these would cause huge disruptions in a normal commercial industry and seriously harm shareholders’ interests yet greyhound racing still ploughs on regardless.

To those who claim the figures are still good, I blow a raspberry. Turnover has either dropped or maintained a level only when some governments changed the commission sharing rules. Like for like, there have been no increases, including in the much-touted Victorian scene. Further, per-race and per-meeting takings have dropped, thereby making the day-to-day betting prospects even dicier. Inflation also disguises the real decline.

Here is the message. If you design the product to suit trainers, you will lose. Quite logically, they ask for whatever best suits their particular situation. They are not there to advance the industry.

To illustrate the racing authority mindset, whether coincidentally or not, that is also what happened in the case of the follow-on-lure where two major states elected to bow to the wishes of a minority of trainers and ignore their responsibility to create the best and safest industry structure for everyone’s benefit.

Another example lies in WA where the authority asked trainers what distances should be designed into the new Cannington track. Necessarily, the answers came back along lines which best suited the dogs or breeding strains most prominent in their kennels. The question of what best suited the long term needs of the industry did not get a look in, which amounts to the chiefs relieving themselves of a fundamental responsibility. (An unrelated but vital issue is that the design included a disruptive bend start for its 600m trip, which indicated the chiefs ignored masses of poor experience around the rest of the country).

The alternative is to structure the product to better suit the customer, in which case you will get more of them. Then more customers will mean higher rewards for trainers. It is the only logical progression.

Of course, that means bosses will need to ask customers what they think. That will be a turnaround because I don’t think that has ever been done.

In the end, we still come back to grading. Currently, that is being done from the bottom up. Yet, one way or another, it should be done from the top down. Excellence should dominate. People will bet on Test matches but not on backyard cricket.

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Best greyhound racing multi bet tips for Monday July 6, 2015. Mon, 06 Jul 2015 00:01:18 +0000 Read More.. ]]>

ANOTHER weekend has come and gone and hopefully you managed to back some winners. As everyone gets back into a new working week today, Australian Racing Greyhound wants to ensure that your betting account doesn’t have to suffer.

Our resident tipster Brad Bugeja has hand-picked his best greyhound racing multi bet to help cure you of your Mondayitis.

To have a wager on his tips, open an account with Bovada for up to $200 in free bet bonuses.

Leg 1 – Angle Park – Race 8: Alderley Reform To Place $1.73

Alderley Reform is a star chaser and he has a tremendous record over this track and trip. He has won 21 of 37 here and this is probably the easiest race he has contested for a while. I’m expecting him to get back in the early stages but he should be able to find the rail soon after box rise and he should be too strong for most of his rivals. He may find it difficult to reel the red in but I can’t see him missing a top three finish, that’s why I have chosen the place option.

Leg 2 – Albion Park – Race 7: Cyndie’s Magic To Place $2.25 with Bovada

Cyndie’s Magic has been racing in great style of late without winning and I think she will turn in another great performance tonight. She has been missing the kick in recent times, so she should drop out early again but she has been powering to the line and with a clear run she should be able to real them in. There are a couple of handy ones in this event but there are also quite a few which are suspect at the trip, so I would expect her to pick off most of them late in the race.

Leg 3 – Shepparton – Race 10: Spring Missile To Win $1.80

Spring Missile is a gifted speedster and he has excelled since moving to Victoria. Last time out he speared the lids and reeled off great sectionals before stopping the clock in a blistering 23.79 at Bendigo. He is better suited to this journey and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of depth in this race outside of the two. He should have no trouble leading and at the $1.80 quote with Bovada it appears to be pinching money.

Multi Price = $7 with Bovada

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Lady Toy back to her best in McKenna Memorial heats Sun, 05 Jul 2015 00:52:59 +0000 Read More.. ]]>

TALENTED stayer Lady Toy relished the drop back in distance last night at Sandown Park, sizzling over the 595m in a heat of the Group 2 McKenna Memorial.

The daughter of Our Toyman and Railway Shiaz jumped smartly from box three and positioned herself comfortably in third spot. The Brooke Ennis-trained chaser began to make her move in the back straight, challenging early leader What’s Chewing in the crucial stages of the race. Lady Toy whizzed to the lead in the home straight, scoring by a length in a fast time of 34.06. Notching up her 19th career win and first victory since May, her incredible stamina will be a formidable force in next week’s final.

Mepunga Tiara was an impressive winner in heat one, piping early leader Lektra Concord on the line in 34.32. The daughter of Premier Fantasy and Mepunga Opal, trained by Jeff Britton, quickly sped to second position and motored home in the latter stages. This win was her third over 595m at Sandown and 15th of her career.

Unfortunately favourite runner Allen Deed suffered a left back muscle injury in heat two and tailed off the field for a majority of the race. As expected, Morningside was best away from the middle alley, however was tackled by Known Danger approaching the home turn, who raced away to score by two and a half lengths, clocking a time of 34.29. Trained by James Shaw of Anakie, this New Zealand-bred chaser is by Scotexcited and Know Best.

Punters were somewhat rewarded in heat three, with second-favourite Ballerino leading all the way for trainer Joe Borg. Exiting from box six, the son of Premier Fantasy and Come On Luann took the lead at the winning post the first time and was never headed throughout in 34.36. The 36kg heavyweight recorded his 10th career victory and first win over the middle-distance journey.

Spring Leaf produced one of the best performances of the night, after suffering several checks of interference, managed to round the leaders up on the home turn and score by a length in 34.38. Despite receiving some good fortune in the latter stages, Andrea Dailly’s chaser produced a great burst of speed to find the front and hold on for the win, particularly with notable stayer Zipping Maggie hot on her heels. Thursday’s win was the 17th of her career and first victory at her debut over 595m.

Group 2 McKenna Memorial Final Box Draw – 595m – Sandown Park – Thursday, 9 July, 2015

1 – Spring Leaf – Andrea Dailly
2 – Lektra Concord – Andrea Dailly
3 – Lady Toy – Brooke Ennis
4 – Ballerino – Joe Borg
5 – What’s Chewing – Kelly Bravo
6 – Mepunga Tiara – Jeff Britton
7 – Zipping Maggie – Peter Dapiran
8 – Known Danger – James Shaw

9 – Morningside – Kelly Bravo
10 – Waymore’s Blues – Kelly Bravo

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Free greyhound racing multi bet tips and odds Sunday July 5, 2015 Sun, 05 Jul 2015 00:45:37 +0000 Read More.. ]]>

EVEN though the weekend is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean your betting accounts have to suffer.

Australian Racing Greyhound has its best multi bet tip for you to have a bet on today, giving you the best value for your hard earned coin.

William Hill are giving readers of Australian Racing Greyhound up to $700 in bonus bets to place on our multi bet upon sign-up.

Leg 1 – Sandown Park – Race 5: Zigstar To Place $1.80

Zigstar hasn’t won for a little while but he is much better than his recent form reads and with an ounce of luck he should be able to threaten in the run home. There is a fair bit of early speed in this event, so I’m expecting him to settle mid field and once he gets balanced he should be able to make a strong move mid race. He is a great winning chance but the place option does look a lot safer for the multi and $1.80 with BetOnline is a good kick starter.

Leg 2 – Sandown Park – Race 6: Pride Of Egypt To Place $2.10

Pride Of Egypt is another who hasn’t won for a little while but he is blessed with a heap of talent and his effort last time out when placed behind Sweet It Is was eye catching. He doesn’t have a great amount of early speed, so he will settle in the back half of the field but he does hit the line well and he has great track sense. Some of the more fancied chasers are drawn out wide and with the pace drawn on the inside I think they might have some trouble getting into the race.

Leg 3 – Sandown Park – Race 8: Penance Allen To Place $2.25

Penance Allen has been racing in great heart of late having won three of her past four and I’m a little surprised about the $8 fixed. I’m expecting the inside two to push through and hold a forward spot early and that should allow her to drop in and get a great sit in the initial stages. She is quite strong in the run home and she is capable of running time off the lure which she showed in her recent 30.45 Cranbourne win. The $8 with BetOnline is big over’s and for the multi I think the $2.25 is a steal.

Multi Price = $8.50 with BetOnline

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Greyhound industry paying a high price Sun, 05 Jul 2015 00:35:15 +0000 Read More.. ]]>

THE key question, as always, is how governments attack embarrassing problems. Well, maybe “attack” is too strong a word. This time, “address” might be better and more attuned to what has happened in the greyhound industry.

As we forecast earlier, a string of investigations and inquiries has been set up, half of which have already reported. That half has achieved very little. They confirmed existing truths and skipped over the need for real reform, instead plumping for the safe ground in calling for more independence on the same old boards (some of which was already present in Victoria and NSW).

Investigators decided the people at the coalface (ie stewards) should have done better even though no hard evidence of their failure has been produced. Yes, there might have been knowledge and hearsay but that’s a long way from proof. It’s also useful to note that some of the evidence that was displayed on the ABC TV program was apparently obtained illegally.

Dumping the bosses may be justifiable but also tends to avoid the point, which is that the real culprits are the culture of the industry and its general lack of accountability. In turn, those faults are almost mandatory when you have a committee in charge. As the saying goes, “I wanted you in, mate, but they outvoted me”.

But back to the inquiries.

The two Victorian ones cost relatively little as they were performed by existing officials. However, ongoing increases in personnel numbers at GRV will come out of the budget.

The other two states are a different story. The NSW Commission of Inquiry will cost a bomb as it is staffed by a QC and other lawyers and looks like taking a long time to do the job. Added to that cost will be whatever they pay KPMG consultants to advise on future board structures. Running GRNSW in the meantime will attract only modest costs as that job is being done by a serving public servant on secondment.

Queensland has gone much deeper. The first inquiry offered very little but it did take another QC and more lawyers to tell us that, yes, there had been terrible abuses. I think the videos said that, too.

But, to run the industry in the meantime, and after sacking everyone else, the Queensland government hired a bloke from KPMG (again) to act as the interim boss. He will not come cheap but has already determined that the books were not straight and that racing will actually be losing millions over the next two or three years. That belies all the hoo-hah about the huge commission increases negotiated with Tatts Group just recently, which quickly led to wonderful increases in prize money. Unfortunately, they have now been watered down to pay for higher costs of new integrity measures.

More importantly, another group from KPMG (yet again) is looking into the entire structure of Racing Queensland and will prepare a report for the government in due course.

Remember that Queensland has also been forced to endure several judicial and other inquiries in recent years, mostly paid for by the taxpayers. Some of those cost over one million dollars, but it is hard to see any conclusive outcomes.

This now warrants a bit of perspective. To help with that, I will borrow some intelligence from a respondent to the website who checked out what these guys at KPMG get paid. His example came from an existing brief the firm had to look into the failure of a prominent stockbroker, and quoted rates advised to creditors. (In these cases the liquidator gets first crack at whatever funds are left in the system).

The fees being charged there varied from $650 per hour for a partner or similar down to $140 per hour for someone performing basic “administration”, whatever that is. I emphasise “per hour”. Note also that legal or accounting firms normally charge in six minute batches, so the bill will mount up if you phone them up and ask a question, or if you write to them and someone has to read the letter.

That means a daily rate could be as high as $5,000, which is the minimum any QC would expect to stand up for you in a court case (plus more for assistants and solicitors, of course). Some would charge considerably more. The person answering the phone will earn the firm $1,000 per day.

Now the government may well be able to negotiate better rates but we don’t know. What we can say is that the entire exercise will cost many millions and that cost will affect the racing industry, whether directly or indirectly. And we still don’t know what the results will be, or whether the government will accept the advice.

History does not encourage any optimism about that advice. For example, take the case of the debate over the two options about the payment of field fees by online bookmakers. Racing Victoria, its advisors Price Waterhouse, the ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission, the Productivity Commission and several consultancy firms advising the bookmakers all favoured paying a fee based on a share of bookmaker profits. Racing NSW alone said a percentage of turnover was better way to go and went to the High Court to defend its case.

Racing NSW was right, all the others were wrong. RV and RNSW each said they ended up $100 million better off. A lot of supposedly expert people did not do their sums very well. But they still cost a lot.

All of which boils down to the fact that expensive advice is a doubtful quantity. So, was there some other way that governments could have obtained less costly and possibly more appropriate suggestions about how to organise the racing industry? No doubt there was, and is, but governments have a habit of going to “name” firms as a matter of routine, thereby giving them someone to blame if things do not work out. It also makes you wonder what all the Racing Departments have been doing, given they are there to supervise the industry and advise the Minister.

What both governments and consultants are missing is that the system is broken, not just because of live baiting, but because of the inability of the management structure to cope with the reality of the modern world. Fundamentally, the governments created those structures and so must take the blame.

We are only part way through the current exercise and few substantial decisions have been made so far. We live in hope.

No way!

I did say I would stop relaying crook comments but this one was so blatant that I could not sit back and do nothing.

Stewards Report, Ballarat, Race 6, 650m, 1 July.

Sisco Fiasco (7) crossed to the rail soon after the start, checking Black Velcro (6), It’s A Blast (5) and Molly Michelle (4).

Sisco Fiasco never touched those other dogs. It jumped clear and stayed that way around the corner. Any checking was all their own work. The underlying cause of any interference is the habit of siting the start on a bend, particularly in middle distance races like this one.

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Best greyhound racing win and exotic bets for Saturday July 4 Fri, 03 Jul 2015 23:24:08 +0000 Read More.. ]]>

FOR those who want to sit back and watch the races tonight, Australian Racing Greyhound has put together a list of the best greyhound racing win, value and exotic wagers to ensure you have plenty of money in your online betting accounts.

To get you kicked started on your winning way, William Hill are giving readers of Australian Racing Greyhound up to $700 upon sign-up to place on today’s best bets.

Best Bet
The Meadows

Race 7: Crackerjack Max

Crackerjack Max is blessed with explosive early speed and from the red draw he should be afforded all the breaks in the early stages. He has always done his best racing over this track and trip and if he holds them out early he should be able to boot away mid race. He isn’t overly strong but he should have enough in the tank to hold on and they will have to go sub 30 seconds to reel him in.

Best Value
Wentworth Park

Race 8: Bessy Boo

Bessy Boo is currently around the $8 mark with BetOnline and that is a huge price for a chaser of his calibre. In recent weeks he has scored a devastating 29.58 win here and he followed that effort up with a commanding 34.87 Gosford win. There is plenty of early speed in this event and that should be an advantage for him, as he should be able to settle just behind the speed and I would expect him to rail through in the middle stages and assume control as they near the finish line. He is definitely worth an each way ticket and it might be worth having double on for the place.

Best Roughie

Race 5: Red Sun Foo

Red Sun Foo can be a little hard to follow at times but he is highly talented when on song and he should appreciate the drop in class tonight. There isn’t a whole lot of speed in this event, so he should be able to balance up in the first half of the field and he will be very strong in the run home. He is currently around the $10 mark with BetOnline and that is enormous over’s.

Best Quinella
The Meadows

Race 7: 1 to rove with 2,3,4 ($3 for 100%)

Crackerjack Max is drawn to lead all the way and I think he is one of the better bets on the cards. Dyna Tiber turned in a mighty performance when placed at Ballarat during the week and he is drawn to get a nice trail, whilst both Spring Grace and Ivy Bale both have a great record here and they shouldn’t be too far away.

Best Trifecta

Race 1: 1/2/3,4,6,8 ($4 for 100%)

Best Quaddie
Wentworth Park

Leg 1: 1,5,6 – Leg 2: 1,3,4,6,8 – Leg 3: 3,5,8 – Leg 4: 3,4,8
$135 for 100%

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