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Sandown 20th Of March Preview – Part Two

Please have a read of part one of this preview for races one through to six of tonight’s Sandown meeting.

Don’t forget to load up with one of our various Free Bet Offers for tonight’s meeting.

Race 7 – 715M Grade 5 Heat – 9:11PM

Whodat Knockin’ has a top record at this track and in February scored an enormous 33.99 win over the 595m journey. In a race which lacks genuine early speed, he should roll to the early lead and prove too strong for this company. He is likely to be short, but if you can find Fixed Odds over even money, load up!

The only real threats to the favourite are drawn out wide. Infinite Wish has experienced bad luck in her past five starts and from box six tonight she is likely to experience it again. Lethal Three can ping the lids at times and if she can step cleanly tonight she should be in the mix throughout. If taking a quaddie, these are the only three runners you need, but have a few more units with Whodat Knockin’.

Top Four : 2-6-7-5

Suggested Bet: Load up on Whodat Knockin’ if better than even money at Sportingbet.


Race 8 – 515M Free For All – 9:35PM

The in form Walk Hard is likely to go around as favourite. Like Hooksy earlier in the night I think he may be worth laying! Innocent Til is normally a faultless beginner and it looks as though he will assume control soon after box rise. With Walk Hard in the event, you should be able to get $3.20 or better and that looks to be value.

Marcus Joe scored an all the way win here last week in 29.34 and a repeat of that puts him in contention, but I think Innocent Til may burn him off mid race. He looks to be a strong quinella chance.

There is no doubting Walk Hard is the most talented runner in the field but from box five it looks as though he has a tough night ahead. Jewel Bale looks to be the only other winning chance. She has a top record at Sandown and the draw should work in her favour.

Top Four : 3-2-5-1

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta 3/1,2,5/1,2,4,5,6 ($12 for $1)

Trifecta 1,2,3/5/1,2,3,4,6 ($12 for $1)

Trifecta 1,2,3/1,2,3,4,6/5 ($12 for $1)


Race 9 – 715M Grade 5 Heat – 9:55PM

Allen Eryk is stepping up to the 715m journey for the first time. In his two middle distance runs of late he has given every indication that the longer journey won’t be a concern. Allen Eryk should be in a speed battle with Sisco Rage for most of the trip and I expect him to draw away in the closing stages. With Arising expected to start favourite, you might be able to get $2.80 or a little better.

Sisco Rage has been in tremendous form of late and he is ideally drawn. The only negative against his name is that in his last try over this trip he got very tired in the last sixty metres.

Arising has won his past three starts in good style, but he has been beaten in his only two tries over this journey. From the middle pin I think he is a definite lay prospect tonight.

Top Four : 2-1-4-5

Suggested Bet: Allen Eryk to win ($2.80 fixed or better). You can secure fixed odds at many of the different corporate bookmakers found here at ARG!


Race 10 – 595M Mixed 4/5 – 10:14PM

This race looks to be a raffle. With so many chances I think it will be worthwhile to split your bet and invest on both Easton Bale and Dream It. Dream It normally goes around at short odds, but from tonight’s draw you are likely to see him at $5.00 or better. The draw doesn’t appear to be an advantage but I think over the longer journey he can settle closer to the speed and the extra distance will work in his favour.

Easton Bale is expected to be double figures, however this consistent chaser has the speed to find the early lead and I expect there to be some shuffling as they all head through the first bend. With all the trouble behind him he may be able to pinch this race at odds.

See Him First is clearly the class act of the race, but he can bomb the start at times and he races best when drawn out wide. From box three he will need some early luck.

Top Four : 7-4-3-6

Suggested Bet: Dream It and Easton Bale both for the win


Race 11 – 515M Mixed 4/5 – 10:38PM

Awesome Project was enormous here last week when running second and he has a slow beginner drawn outside, which should allow him to muster to the early lead. If he can find the early lead I expect him to be running sub 29.30, which would prove far too good for his rivals.

Crawf’s Bread has been ultra consistent of late and the middle pin shouldn’t pose too many concerns. He should be on the speed throughout and looks to be a solid quinella hope.

Clone Your Own can bomb the start in his races and he can’t afford to make those mistakes in tonight’s event. Include him in your exotics, but I don’t think he is a winning chance.

Top Four : 3-5-4-6

Suggested Bets: Awesome Project Win (should be $2.20 or better)

Trifecta: 3/5/1,2,4,6 ($4 for $1)

Trifecta: 3,5/3,5/1,2,4,6 ($8 for $1)

Trifecta: Box 3,4,5 ($6 for $1)


Race 12 – 595M Grade 5 – 10:58PM

In the get out stakes I think we can find some value. Dyna York has drawn perfectly out wide and he is much better than his recent form suggests. I expect him to be double figures and with two keen railers drawn underneath him, he should be able to hit the front as they pass the post the first time and he can run time when on the lure.

Zipping Joe is likely to settle well back in the field but he will be steaming home late. From the middle pin he will need a tremendous amount of luck, but he is more than capable of featuring.

Knockabout Aussie is a hard dog to follow. Blessed with ridiculous talent, he has an uncanny knack for finding bother. Once again he is drawn poorly but he must be kept safe as with some luck he will be in the finish.

Top Four : 8-5-6-2 

Suggested Bet: Dyna York Each Way



8/Field/2,6,7/1,2,3,5 ($48 for 50c)

8/Field/2/1,2,3,5 ($32 for $1)

2,3,4,7,8/1/2,6,7/1,2,3,5 ($30 for 50)

Round Three Of The Easter Egg Preludes

As the Group One Golden Easter Egg approaches, the quality of the preludes increases. This week we see some handy Victorian’s trained by Darren McDonald, and the Healesville Cup winner and track record holder Frosty Jay Jay making an appearance.

Three Preludes will be conducted at Wentworth Park on Saturday night, on a card that features two heats of the a Group Three Betfair Cup, which ARG is also previewing.

Golden Easter Egg Prelude 1 – Race 4 at 8:28pm

Darren McDonald’s first runner of the night is Where’s The Surf. The blue Where’s Pedro – Nova Surf (Surf Lorian – Nova Keroma) dog has won his last two at Traralgon and has won nine from 24 overall. He is a good beginner who likes the rail and he will need to lead from the awkward draw. He comes up against well-performed Tasmanian Hellyeah Bolt. The Anthony Bullock trained chaser steward’s trialled at Wentworth Park last week in 29.89. He has won five of his last nine and 18 from 29. He is also handy out of box eight, winning three from four.

Manyana Pearl (6) has won her last three on the trot, including a last start 29.95 at Wentworth Park in a fourth and fifth grade. She has been beginning well of late and with a first split of 5.39, could very well lead the race.

Apollo Reign (2) is a strong dog who won at Richmond in a fast 30.43 last start. He can find some trouble early and can’t afford to give some of these a head-start.

Of the others, the superbly bred dog by Brett Lee – Cindeen Shelby (Bombastic Shiraz – Proper Shelby), Quite Ready (1), has box one and has won two from three at Wentworth Park, including a last start win in 30.00 from box six. He can be risky at box-rise. Knot Tellin Ya (3) and Retiring (4) have been around the track plenty of times, which may assist them, but their recent form has been patchy. Gibbonator (7) has contested the last two rounds of the Preludes and isn’t having much luck and looks to have a tough ask from the box.

Golden Easter Egg Prelude 2 – Race 5 at 8:47pm

Queenslander Yogi Blue (2) gets another chance this week from box two. He had box eight last week at his first look at the track and finished a respectable fourth behind Make A Fifty. He’s got four wins from box two and after a look at the track, will be improved.

Classy There’s A Earn (4) is McDonald’s second runner engaged in the preludes. A litter-mate to Where’s The Surf, he has had seven wins from 12 starts and has won his last three (two at The Meadows and a fast 29.40 at Sandown). He’s got early speed and is a good beginner and is definitely one of the chances.

Two more Queenslanders, Rascal Flash (3) for Ron Ball and Raging Obsession (7) for Selena Zammit are also engaged. Rascal Flash finished last at Wentworth Park from box one earlier this month and will need to improve on that. Her Albion Park form is good and she has won 11 from 24. Raging Obsession has won 12 from 24 and is having his first look at Wentworth Park. He is good from an outside draw and can run, having broken 30 at Albion Park.

Cawbourne Bugsy (8) appears the best of the local chances. She has had two wins at Wentworth Park and ran 29.77 last week from box two. Her form from box eight isn’t inspiring, with two starts from the pink reaping no reward.

Golden Easter Egg Prelude 3 – Race 6 at 9:10pm

This is a very tough race with a number of talented Victorian’s and the white and fawn flash Frosty Jay Jay (3). Frosty Jay Jay has returned to Renald Attard’s kennels after a highly successful campaign with Kel Greenough in Victoria. He is well-performed on the bigger tracks, so it will be interesting to see how he handles the difficult Wentworth Park.

Fellow Queenslander, Swift Opulence (4) is drawn on Frosty Jay Jay’s immediate outside. She is a good beginner and handled her first look at Wentworth Park well, winning in 29.86. If she repeats that, she will be hard to beat.

Dyna Geldof (1) has drawn box one for the first time in his 21 start career. He has good wins around Geelong and The Meadows and should go well at his first look at the track.

McDonald’s final runner of the Preludes is Dark Warrior (7). The black dog by Where’s Pedro – Shanlyn Supreme (Token Prince – Shanlyn Maddy) has 30 career wins but is having his first start at Wentworth Park. He is a very consistent beginner and has won five times from box seven.

It’s Now Or Never For Greyhounds Australasia

Apparently, Greyhounds Australasia Ltd has one of its quarterly board meetings this month. The date and the agenda are not available because they are kept secret, as are the decisions, if any. However, it is timely for our leaders to get together because there are big political and economic moves on at the moment and they could have wide ranging effects on the industry.

Tasmania has just voted in a new Liberal government which is intent on cutting costs and encouraging new business, including more forestry activity. What it will do about the loss-making government instrumentality that runs greyhound racing is unknown. In South Australia, whatever way the final votes go, it will have a hung parliament, or nearly so, meaning decisions will be few, hard fought and possibly illogical.

Both states have been suffering from a drop in employment and business activity and are being kept alive by handouts from Canberra, including attracting a bigger share of GST takings than is justified by their population or sales volumes. Either way, it does not augur well for betting growth from recreational punters.

Queensland, another smaller greyhound state under the Tattsbet wing, continues to blunder along under the worst governance structure ever seen in racing history (run by insiders voted for by other insiders) and suffers from a chronic shortage of dogs of all standards. Even horses are moving south of the border looking for higher prize money. The LNP state government is still at sixes and sevens as it tries to combat financial problems left by the previous occupants and is stuck with a racing minister who keeps demonstrating he has not a clue about what makes the industry tick. He has just issued a media release looking forward to a fantastic year ahead, which is like whistling as you walk through the cemetery at midnight.

Tattsbet has also been doing some hopeful whistling despite the poor performance of its tote business and its declining share of the market – a process which must inevitably continue as the big get bigger and the small get smaller.

So the GAL meeting will be looking at the most worrying trends seen in decades as the lopsided growth continues across the country, with only one possible means of avoiding disaster – it has to scream from the rooftops for state racing ministers to bring in a national betting pool, and quickly. Nothing less will help small state finances.

It will be a good test of the seriousness and the vision of the people around the GAL table.

And, by the way, WA has moved past its mining boom era so cash will not be as plentiful as it has been in the past. Racing authorities have yet to obtain funding for a good part of the new Cannington complex – due next year. Then NSW is shortly to hear from the parliamentary inquiry into greyhound racing. That minority report is unlikely to be complimentary, but it is also unlikely to provoke much action from the current government. Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen. The low probability of a dismantling of the horrible 99-year commission sharing agreement is the main worry.


Formguides, which are the industry’s prime means of communication with the public, need to be informative, accurate and easy to read. Yet the current lot fall short in several ways. Here is a small example.

Some time back, our leaders (no idea who) decided to change the system for posting running numbers, which are very important in assessing the sort of dog you are dealing with. They cut off the last number – the one denoting its finishing position – and included only those relevant to a “corner” of the track. Translated, that actually means the entry to and exit from each turn. This process adopted the practice used in WA, but not anywhere else (although Queensland has never published running numbers in its entire life).

Taking another example from that March 11 meeting at Warragul mentioned previously in this column, we find that the winner Arizona Showman was shown as “11” rather than “111” as was once the case. That is both annoying and unnecessary. But, for different reasons, it also happens to be factually misleading.

At best, when reading a future formguide, it means your eye has to dodge back and forth between the finishing position column and the column showing running numbers. It does not sound like a big deal but it makes life harder for anyone reading that page (or between two and four pages if reading the cumbersome GRNSW guide).

At worst, it does not reveal the true facts. In this case, if you read the stewards report you would see that “Arizona Showman was slow to begin”. So which is right – “11” or “slow to begin”? They are contradictory.

The answer is that both are right under current practice. The dog was stone motherless after the jump, but then roared to the lead from its outside box to record a slashing sectional of 8.34, which meant it was in front at both the official markers. Yet anyone noting that sectional time might think stewards were talking nonsense.

And there is another even more important factor. Anyone reading a future formguide would assume the dog is brilliant early, yet it is far from it. The dog’s sectional history shows it had averaged (in Warragul equivalent) a time of 8.72 and the best it had ever done was 8.50. For the subject race, more informative running numbers would have been something like 8311. That would have told readers exactly how the race was run.

In a future race where it has to battle its way out of a middle box it would be highly unlikely to run such a sectional time again. More likely it would strike trouble getting through the traffic.

Whatever reason our masters had for changing the system, it does not pass the road test. Like the convoluted GRNSW formguide, which is now becoming the dominant version across the country, it fails the KISS principle. And it can be misleading.

Let’s go a bit further than that. These concepts and formats are developed inside state authorities where, generally speaking, the staff are not allowed to bet. Consequently, they do not use the product of their efforts in the real world. It all ends up as a “it would be a good idea if …” process, which is fraught with danger. (I should add that the TABs do much the same thing).

Far better to start with what the customers need and work your way back. The reverse direction is never a success.

Rebel Kist Sets The Standard In 2014 SA Breeders Prelude

A sizzling upset win by Rebel Kist was the highlight when Angle Park was privy to some superb mid-week racing on Wednesday. The picturesque circuit played host to five heats of the 2014 Breeders Prelude One, which showcased some of the states best young dogs. The race is restricted to South Australian bred greyhounds whelped between January 2012 and June 2012.

The final will take place next Thursday evening, with the five winners and three fastest thirds making up the field.

Let’s take a look at how the heats panned out;

2014 SA Breeders Prelude One – Heat One

The Cameron Butcher trained Winbrook (1) took out the first event with a great display of strength. After beginning only fairly, the son of Where’s Pedro and Little Looper was seventh past the post the first time. Long Gully Mark (4) was the lamp-lighter, with Nowak (5) and Individualize (6) also handy as they headed to the back. Nowak found the rails from an awkward draw and took over down the back. Winbrook had worked his way to fourth and hooked out deep for a run, making up good ground to get to second as they came off the back.

Entering the home straight, Nowak looked to have the race bottled up, but Winbrook’s long sustained run saw him find enough to grab Nowak in the concluding stages to salute by 3/4 of a length in 29.99. Nowak held second, with Long Gully Mark three lengths away in third.

2014 SA Breeders Prelude One – Heat Two

Lewsiton mentor Des Hockley landed the second heat when his 27kg chaser Wingard (4) sizzled around the Angle Park circuit in 29.71. The son of Premier Fantasy and Cool In Blue shanghaied out of the boxes to lead from the middle alley in the fastest first section of the five heats (4.37). From then on it was a one-act affair, with Wingard showing them a clean set of pads to lead all the way.

Macca’s Spirit (6) chased hard in second for the bulk of the race, but the further they went, the further Wingard got away, eventually winning by 5 and 3/4 lengths from Macca’s Spirit, with Woodside Jagger a further 3/4 of a length away in third.

2014 SA Breeders Prelude One – Heat Three

A solid chasing effort by Nevada Smith (8) saw him land the third heat for McLaren Vale trainer Gavin Harris in a time of 30.00. Beginning fairly from the outside box, the 30kg son of Premier Fantasy and Cool Keepsake used plenty of the track as he settled in second and set about chasing the early leader Cosmic Illusion (5). By the time they came off the back straight, the long-striding white and black dog had the race parcelled up. He railed through to scoot away and score by four lengths from the fast finishing Raja’s Onyx (2), with the race favourite Lindy Sue (3) finishing third.

2014 SA Breeders Prelude One – Heat Four

Mombassa Boy (7) took out the fourth heat in a race that was decimated by scratchings, with only five dogs facing the starter. After leaving the traps in second place, Mombasa Boy had the task of chasing the early leader Kankakee McLaren (5). The big black chaser wasted no time in taking over and had the lead before they left the straight the first time.

After opening up a break, the Richard Pearce trained son of Cosmic Rumble and Who Wot Where did enough to hold on and win by 1 and 3/4 lengths in 30.00, despite getting a little tired in the concluding stages. Kankakee McLaren held second and was making ground on the winner late in the race, while Boonoona Boy (1) finished third a further two lengths away.

2014 SA Breeders Prelude One – Heat Five

Rebel Kist (1) caused the upset of the day in the final heat when he not only set the fastest time of the five heats, but also rolled $1.30 favourite Sidney’s Shadow (7) in the process. The son of Satanic Cash and Ivory Kist stopped the clock at a personal best of 29.68 en route to a two length victory. The South Australian St Leger winner, Sidney’s Shadow began well to lead, leaving most punters to think that the result was now a fait accompli.

Cool Guiness (2) landed in second with Rebel Kist sitting patiently in third. As they left the back, Rebel Kist began to unleash a long, sustained run and moved quickly to second before really knuckling down to his task in the straight to overhaul his much more fancied opponent and salute. Sidney’s Shadow did enough to qualify for the final in second, with Little Dakota (5) finishing third, a further length-and-a-half away.

The order of qualification for next Thursday’s final is as follows;

Rebel Kist – Peter Hurley – 29.68
Wingard – Des Hockley – 29.71
Winbrook – Cameron Butcher – 29.99
Nevada Smith – Gavin Harris – 30.00
Mombasa Boy – Richard Pearce – 30.00
Sidney’s Shadow – Cameron Butcher – 29.80
Nowak – Richard Stasiak – 30.03
Macca’s Spirit – Richard Pearce – 30.07


Kankakee McLaren – Donald Foster – 30.11
Raja’s Onyx – Raymond Fewings – 30.25

Sandown 20th Of March Preview – Part One

Race 1 – 515M Grade 5 – 7:06PM

In a race which possesses numerous front runners, Empire Allen should be able to muster enough early speed and hold the lead from his favourable draw. Two starts ago the Angela Dailly trained chaser ran a bottler behind class performer Innocent Til in a heat of the Horsham Cup. In the past he has run his best races when on the lure and tonight he should get every chance to lead throughout. If you can find $3 fixed or better, try your luck with one of our Free-Bet Offers!.

Godric Gryfindor hasn’t had much luck in recent runs and is drawn in box two, he should be able to follow Empire Allen through on the first turn. He is sure to test Empire Allen for the majority of the trip, however the last thirty metres will be a struggle.

Likely favourite Bogner Bale has been in terrific form of late, but he is likely to be posted wide throughout, therefore making him a trifecta player at best. It’s worth noting that if Peloton Bale gets a start from a rails draw he must be kept very safe.

Top Four : 1-2-3-8

Suggested Bet: Empire Allen to win at Sportingbet, also rove him in quinellas with 2 & 3


Race 2 – 595M Grade 5 Final – 7:25PM

Coconut Grove had no luck in the early stages of his heat last week from box five and tomorrow night from the rails draw he should be able to show a little more early dash. I’m expecting him to jump on terms and this should allow him to establish a big break mid race. It’s also worth noting that this will be his second try over the 595m trip, so he should strip much fitter tonight.

Zipping Rory is blessed with enormous talent but the box draw will make things tough for him tonight. He has most of these covered on pure ability, however he still needs to fix his racing manners. At $8.00 or better he is worth a saver bet.

Mepunga Ledger and Ruff Cut Diamond look to be the only other winning chances. Both aren’t blessed with early speed and will rely heavily on luck, so include them in your multiples.

Top Four : 1-6-8-5

Suggested Bet: Anchor Coconut Grove in Trifecta’s and Exactas. 3,5,6,8 to fill the minors.


Race 3 -  515M Grade 5 – 7:43PM

This race has a number of promising speedsters engaged, none more so than the Jason Thompson trained Scintillating. He is a last start winner here in a very fast 29.26 after recording a first split of 5.02. With a slow beginner drawn directly outside he should get every chance to repeat his last performance and that should see him record an easy victory.

High Speed Chase has shown an enormous amount of ability, but he is still a little inexperienced and will require a lot of luck early to be competitive. He is likely to be posted three or four wide going through the first turn and I’m happy to risk him tonight.

Crowdza Captive is a reliable beginner who has a consistent record at Sandown. He should settle just behind the favourite early and fill the quinella spot. Reserve Rumble Comet can run a big race if he gets a start.

Top Four : 4-6-8-7

Suggested Bet: Trifecta 4/6,7,8/1,2,5,6,7,8 ($15 for $1) also include Scintillating in all ups.


Race 4 – 515M Grade 5 – 8:08PM

Intriguing race in which I think we can find some value. Dundee Toro has been luckless of late and he showed a return to form when placed in his heat. With a wide runner drawn directly outside and a lack of speed from runners drawn out wide, he should find himself in a very prominent position early. He should be $8.00 or better, which is worth an each-way ticket.

Who’s Doing What looked highly impressive in his Victorian debut. The most impressive part of his recent 30.14 Geelong win was his run home. He powered to the line and made a mockery of his rivals.

Zipping Makka is likely to get back early, however he will get to the line solidly and if you’re a first four player, it’s worth anchoring this bloke for third and fourth.

Top Four : 3-7-6-1

Suggested Bet: Dundee Toro Each way, also rove him in quinellas with 1,6,7.


Race 5 – 715M Grade 5 Heat – 8:28PM

The first leg of the quaddie looks straight forward tonight, with Alpe D’Huez facing an enormous drop in class. His record over this trip is pretty ordinary, but in this company he should settle in the first three and take control mid race. Take him one out in the quaddie.

Speed Lane should fire to the lead and run her normal consistent race, but the last seventy metres is always a worry for her over this trip.

Hot Chili Lankan is the intriguing runner. He is making his staying debut and his previous sprint form suggests that this trip will really suit. If you see $12.00 or better he is worth a saver bet. Unfortunately you can never back this bloke with any confidence, as he does make a lot of mistakes in his races.

Top Four : 8-2-7-4

Suggested Bets: Quinella Alpe D’Huez to rove with 2,4,7

Trifecta 8/2,4,7/2,3,4,6,7 ($12 for $1)

Trifecta 7,8/2,3,4,7,8/2,3,4,6,7,8 ($32 for $1)

Race 6 – 515M Grade 4 – 8:52PM

Probably the most open race of the night. Hooksy set the track alight here last week in 29.15, however from his draw tomorrow I think he might be the lay of the night! There is a heap of pace from boxes one through five, which will see him posted wide throughout. Jordan Allen has enough speed to hold them out early and he can run time on the lure. I think you should be able to get $5.50 or better at Sportsbet.

Great Spartacus is hit or miss early, but last start at The Meadows he pinged and broke the 30 second barrier. If he can step again tonight he should be in the mix.

Tick Bale is the run on dog in the race and he could be a great dog to anchor in first four and trifecta bets for third and fourth.

Top Four : 1-5-6-7

Suggested Bets: Jordan Allen to win at Sportsbet. Great chance to use the $250 Free-Bet!

First four 1,5,7/1,2,3,5,7/6/1,2,3,5,7 ($36 for $1)

First four 1,5,7/1,2,3,5,7/1,2,3,5,7/6 ($36 for $1)

This Week in Racing History



Queensland sprinter Nujooloo set a new track record for 508 metres at Dapto, running 29.28 in 1998, slicing 12/100ths from the previous mark. Nujooloo was in scintillating form, having won at Dapto two weeks earlier in a fast 29.47 and then he went on to win over 520 metres at Wentworth Park in 30.16 nine days later, just over three lengths outside the-then tack record.

On the same night at Dapto, the 1998 Dapto Classic final, worth $100,000 to the winner, fell to Western Marshal, who downed Golden Clover by three lengths. Third in the race was Alice Du Pont, who later became well-known as a charity greyhound, raising money when she raced under the new name of No Nads.


Askalon won the St Patrick’s Day Stakes at Hobart in 1943, notching his eighth consecutive victory at the track, a record not broken for 30 years.

Victorian’s completely dominated the 1986 Adelaide Cup final with Farquhar defeating Potty’s Gully by two lengths with future champion stayer Pharaoh’s Mask a length away third. Farquhar ran 30.28 for the 512 metres at Angle Park.


Champion racer Sentinel notched his seventh successive victory when winning a Harold Park Stake (top grade) over 440 yards (402 metres) in 1936, downing Weltown and eight other sprinters.

The Jason Thompson-trained El Galo equalled the first sectional records of 4.99 and set a new mark of 18.76 for the second section on his way to winning the 2009 Bert Bryant Memorial over 515 metres at Sandown in a fast 29.55.


Lyn’s Daisy won the 2008 Easter Chase over 720 metres at Wentworth Park by three-quarters of a length from Fancy Penny in a fast 42.33, earning $20,000 for trainer Charlie Dimech and her connections.

On the same night in 2008, Blazing Token picked up $150,000 for trainer Max Burdekin in winning the 520-metre Golden Easter Egg, defeating Victorian pair Winoki and One Tree Hill in 30.16.


Mystic Hope took out the 1987 Victorian final of the National Distance Championship (champion stayer Bold Trease was third) over 732 metres at Olympic Park.

Punch One Out broke the 520 metres track record at Wentworth Park in 2013, running 29.27 to obliterate Queen Lauryn’s previous time standard of 29.44.


Sensational speedster Surf Lorian established a new track record for 457 metres at the Gold Coast (Parklands) in 2004, running 25.61. This was just eight days after setting new track figures for 520 metres at Ipswich. It also meant he now held both sprint records at the Gold Coast, after setting a new track record for 429 metres in January 2004.

Cool Mat broke the track record with a 30.42 effort in the final of the 2006 Richmond Derby, run over 537 metres at Richmond. Cool Mat defeated Victorian Another Whisky by a length and a half.


Victorian sprinter Satan’s Legend blitzed the field to win the 1978 Bi-Annual Classic (later the Peter Mosman Memorial) over 457 metres at Harold Park by seven lengths and running 25.95 to set a new track record.

Greyhound Betting Tips Wednesday 19th March

A big day of racing at Angle Park today, with heats of the Breeders Prelude. Every heat has a sub 30.00 second dog engaged and there looks to be a couple of genuine hopes in most races. While a few stand out in each field, punters will find it tough to find the outright winners. Sidney’s Shadow, a daughter of Mogambo and Alana blues, is in red hot form and should be setting the time standard for the day after posting a flying 29.56 a couple of starts back against far better opposition. She is one of many runners today for Cameron Butcher.

Angle Park Greyhounds Race 10 Box 1 Cairnlea Layla, 4.16pm

This girl posted a scorching 29.77 stewards trial here nearly a month ago today. While she’s yet to win in two starts since, she’s been putting in some solid runs. Box one is perfect for her today and she should make every post a winner.
There’s moderate speed drawn around and I expect her to punch up early and take the early lead. Once she hits the front she should repeat her 29.77 stewards trial. The daughter of Mogambo has posted some fast times in Victoria and there’s no doubt she’ll knock up winning a few here. The main danger looks to be her litter mate in Cairnlea Ethan, who is just as talented and looks a huge threat if he pings and gets across early. Box six will make it super hard for him and I highly doubt he can beat his sister from the gun draw.

Cairnlea Ethan won’t be a huge price, but even money should be about and she looks the one.

Great bet and maybe worth the exacta.

Albion Park Greyhounds Race 4 Box 1 Abundia Flyer, 3.44pm

This girl can run but must be quite injury prone. She’s only had 23 starts and while that’s only netted the one win, she’s much quicker then her form suggests. Box one is a huge advantage over the 395 meter trip and she should use the box to perfection. This is her first run in nearly a year and while that does put me off, I think she will start at a huge price.

Her last four starts have been over the longer 520m trip, but disregard that year old form. Her only win has been here in a solid 23.04. If she is to ever win another race then this looks the perfect opportunity against a average field.

Señor Beach looks the main winning option and he’s in great form, winning his last two race starts here at Albion Park over the 331m trip. But he’s no certainty and huge odds could be had about Abundia Flyer.

Cannington Greyhounds Race 7 Box 8 Regal Patch, 11.37pm

This race looks a match race between two dogs, box two runner Coxie, and box eight runner Regal Patch. Both dogs have been racing consistently and will look to head straight to the front from the get go. Coxie has a best time of 30.72 with a 5.80 first section and Regal Patch has a best time of 30.78 with a 5.79 first section. There is basically nothing between them, so who ever gets out first with the clearer run looks the likely winner. Box seven runner Redod Roxy should jump and drag Regal Patch across.

This is Regal Patch’s third attempt here, so she should be primed and ready to win with a coupe of starts under her belt. Punters looking to take exotics could try anchoring boxes two and eight.

$$ Another Day Another Dollar $$

Wynburn Syndicate Chasers To The Fore In Breeders Classic Final

The Wynyard based Wynburn Racing syndicate have qualified three greyhounds for the rich Launceston Breeders Classic Final (515 metres) to be conducted at the LGRC meeting on Monday night.

All three are members of the successful Collide – Hayleys Girl litter bred by Tom Englund and will be competing for stakemoney in excess of $9,000 and a breeders bonus in excess of $8,000. It promises to be a highly competitive event.

Wynburn Wizard, Wynburn Chaos and Wynburn Rush had won a total of six races between them until the heats of the Breeders Classic were conducted last Monday night, when all three greeted the judge in impressive fashion.

Wynyard plasterer Scott Bryan prepares Wynburn Wizard, whereas Wynburn Chaos and Wynburn Rush are prepared by his mate, former Burnie Dockers footballer Ben Englund.

“Members of this litter qualified for the Devonport Breeders Classic Final but failed to finish in the placings. We are naturally hoping to improve on that performance and feature in the finish on Monday night,” Scott Bryan explained this week.

“It is a great race and one that owners and breeders must target if they are to recoup some of their expenses.”

Of the three Wynburn syndicate chasers, Wynburn Wizard ran marginally faster on Monday night when he recorded a time of 30.04 in winning his heat by two lengths. Wynburn Chaos recorded an easy seven length victory in the time of 30.06 and Wynburn Rush also recorded a time of 30.06 in establishing a two length advantage.

Master trainer Ted Medhurst prepared the fastest qualifier, the promising Debbie Cannan owned Homeward (High Earner – In Top Gear), which put four lengths on his rivals in a sizzling 29.97.

“Obviously Ted Medhurst’s greyhound will prove to be the testing material on Monday night, however we have drawn the red box with Wynburn Rush which is an advantage.”

“I consider Wynburn Wizard to probably be the pick of our three, but on this occasion he has not been favoured by the draw.”

Meanwhile former jockey Pat Hall was seen in the winners circle at Monday’s NWGRC meeting conducted at the Devonport Raceway, when Waratah Boy (Dyna Lachlan – Coulta Sky) was successful in the Grade 4/5 (580 metres) event.

Raced by Victorian owner Jarrod Sharp, the chaser has now won six of 27 lifetime outings and has proven to be a welcome addition to Hall’s Old Beach kennel.

Former New South Wales trainer Rod Bragg, who prepares his team in the Midlands town of Tunbridge, was also seen in the winners circle at the meeting when Boom Boom Kitty (Take The Kitty – Noisy Tiger) was successful in the Juvenile (452 metres).

Raced by prominent Oatlands sportsman Peter “Barney” Carnes, the chaser has now won two of eight lifetime outings and is likely to score again in the not too distant future.



1. Wynburn Rush Ben Englund
2. Homeward Ted Ted Medhurst
3. Wynburn Chaos Ben Englund
4. High Sierra Michael Louth
5. Wynburn Wizard Scott Bryan
6. Topline Star Mick Stringer
7. Spring Fall Ted Medhurst
8. Arome Peche Shane Whitney
9. Mystic Falls Ted Medhurst
10. Underclass Hero Mick Stringer

Maitland Gold Cup Heats This Thursday

Group racing heads to the picturesque Hunter Valley on Thursday for the heats of the Group Two Maitland Gold Cup.

Seven heats of the $40,000 race over 450 metres have been drawn with the final taking place on Thursday, 27th of March 2014.

Heat One – 2014 Group Two Maitland Gold Cup (Race 1 @ 4:37pm)

Last start Golden Easter Egg Prelude winner Chica Destacada (5) lines up from the squeeze draw. This will be her first start at Maitland, but if she shows the form she has been showing at Wentworth Park and Richmond, she is a big hope of progressing through to the final.

Vanessa’s Flame (8) is only lightly raced but has won five of his seven career starts for Peter Lagogiane. He has had the one start at Maitland over the distance for a win in 25.33, which was last week. Prior to last week’s run, he had been running over 400 metres at Bulli and Richmond.

Another lightly raced dog that is talented is El Silverado. The El Grand Senor – Indiana Showgirl dog has had seven starts for three wins, with one of those wins coming at Maitland in 25.67. He has won from the box but is risky at box-rise, but can begin well if he wants to.

Of the experienced brigade, Glamorous Opal (4) stands out. The Carol Hudson trained bitch by Magic Sprite – Awesome Opal has a win and two placings from four starts over the Maitland Cup distance. Her best is 25.36 back in March last year and her current form is good, having been unplaced just once in her last ten starts. She has been racing in non-graded company at her last two starts over 400 metres at Maitland, running third to Yo Cool Maxie last week, beaten just two lengths.

Heat Two – 2014 Group Two Maitland Gold Cup (Race 4 @ 4:57pm)

This is a really hard heat, with a lot of talent engaged. The flying Mr Babicci (3) Will be making the trip down from the North Coast to contest heat two. The Collision – Dulcinea dog has been zooming around the 395 metre trip at Albion Park (breaking the track record in the process) and the 420 metres at Lismore. He loves box three, winning four from six. This will be his first start at Maitland and a small step up in distance for him.

Drawn next to him is fellow North Coast dog Sudoku Rebel (4). The James Gallaway trained chaser won at Maitland last week in 25.07. He had the suitable outside draw last week, but moves to a less than ideal box for this heat.

Bathurst Cup champion and last start Wentworth Park winner Zipping Tess (7) lines up from box seven. She had her last start at Maitland over this distance back in March last year, running third. She is yet to win from box seven, but in her last two runs she has displayed brilliant box manners which will be of great assistance to her in this heat.

Talented Disintergrate bitch Nosey Rozy (8) makes a long awaited return to racing after sustaining an injury back in October last year. She has won nine from 12 with one of those wins coming at Maitland in 25.31. She has scorched around Bulli in the past and has a win from box eight.

The Jason Mackay trained Fire Elusive (2) is well drawn in box two and may be the one capable of upsetting the other fast dogs in the race. He is well boxed on the inside and won here last week in 25.18. His box manners are mixed but he has won 10 from 26.

Heat Three – 2014 Group Two Maitland Gold Cup (Race 5 @ 5:17pm)

Jason Thompson’s Zulu Zircon (5) clocked 25.06 in a steward’s trial last week at Maitland. He is a recent Healesville Cup place-getter and contested the heats of the Horsham Cup. If he can run up to his trial, he will be hard to beat.

Rose Sannette (1) has seen Maitland plenty of times and is a box one bandit, winning six from nine. Her best time at Maitland is 25.17. The Cosmic Rumble – Sarah Sannette bitch has had 25 wins from 49 starts and is more than capable.

Warragai Boy (2) has taken to Maitland well with two wins from three starts over the 450 metre distance. His best is 25.32 and he loves box two.

Bella Senora (3) has also had two wins from three starts at the track with a best of 25.26. Her recent form has been a bit erratic around The Gardens and Wentworth Park.

Prince Tanga (4) has had seven starts at Maitland for three wins and three placings. He isn’t the best away and needs room to muster, which he may not get from this draw although his best time of 25.23 came while wearing the blue rug.

Lastly, the speedy Lil Miss Sparkle (8) has had three months off racing after failing from box one in a heat of the Goulburn Cup. She is great off the outside and has two wins at Maitland and a best of 25.25. She needs to lead to win.

Heat Four – 2014 Group Two Maitland Gold Cup (Race 6 @ 5:37pm)

Victorian star Paw Licking (4) is the headline act for this heat. If he displays his customary early toe he is sure to qualify for the final. He’s been placed in the Australian Cup, the Healesville Cup, Warragul Cup, and won the Hobart 1000 in track record time in the lead-up and is clearly the classiest runner in the race.

Local favourite and veteran Yo Cool Maxie (6) has been in great form, running track records at Gunnedah and Armidale in the lead-up to his recent Maitland Gold Collar win earlier this month over 400 metres. He has won nine from his last 10. He races in similar fashion to Paw Licking so they will be matching motors into the first turn. He has three wins over the 450 metre distance with a best of 25.24.

Zipping Logan (3) is a strong dog that ran second in the Group Three Cyril Rowe Plate at Bulli earlier this year. He hasn’t got the pace to match it with Paw Licking, but may be thereabouts if there is some strife up front.

New Gleam (1) loves the red rug and has won here at Maitland in 25.12. It wouldn’t surprise if he pulled off the upset. Devine Vegas (8) has only been unplaced once at Maitland but has not won from the outside after four attempts.

Heat Five – 2014 Group Two Maitland Gold Cup (Race 7 @ 5:57pm)

Classy veteran Gradence (5) gets to strut his stuff in heat five. The strong dog by Vapour Whirl – Ding’s Rocket isn’t a great beginner, but he has still managed to win 22 races despite this. He won the Group Three Cyril Rowe Plate at Bulli this year, finishing over the top of Zipping Logan from box one. The concern here is the draw. He has only managed one win from the squeeze box in his 81 start career.

Zipping Willow (6) returns to NSW after an Australian Cup campaign. She didn’t factor in the Australian Cup series but managed a 30.11 win at The Meadows on March 8. She has a fast 29.59 Wentworth Park win to her name and has won over the 400 metres at Maitland recently in 22.42. She is in with a big show if her box manners don’t let her down.

Bojack Kahn (3) is an interesting runner from box three. He’s has just the five starts for three wins and two placings. He has won from this box in 25.70, but his best time is 25.35. He needs to handle the step up in class and experience to feature.

Kilkenny Babe (4) may be best served by having a slow beginner on her outside. She is a good beginner with two wins at Maitland and she ran third in a non graded event here last week, and has a best of 25.31.

King Sapphire (2) has hit a bad run of form his last three starts but prior to that had been performing consistently in fifth grades. The last three starts have been in a non-graded event at Maitland and fourth and fifth grades at Wentworth Park. This indicates he may struggle with the jump in class. He has won three at Maitland and has a best of 25.35.

Heat Six – 2014 Group Two Maitland Gold Cup (Race 8 @ 6:17pm)

Launceston Cup winner Varcoe (4) has the chance to prove himself on the mainland after stewards trialling in a very quick 24.98 last week. The El Galo – Magic Dust dog has only been unplaced twice in his 19 start career. He has to contend with handy Victorian Waymore’s Blues (8). The Collide – Casey’s Angel dog trained by Glenn Rounds has seven wins from 15 starts. He hasn’t been beginning well at Ballarat, The Meadows and Sandown Park in his last three starts but prior to that had been beginning well. He has two wins from box eight.

Mexico City (2) won a free-for-all at Bulli last start clocking a flying 22.38 over the 400 metre trip. He is also a multiple Wentworth Park winner including a scorching win in 29.58. If the Where’s Pedro – Physical dog begins on terms he will be hard to run-down.

Of the others, Jake’s Run (5), Miner’s Moss (6) and Devine Awe (7) have all recorded wins over the distance but are rising in class.

Heat Seven – 2014 Group Two Maitland Gold Cup (Race 9 @ 6:37pm)

Mark Gatt has drawn the prime box with talented chaser Ridiculousness (1). With four wins from five starts, the Collision – Wonderous dog looks to have a bright future. He’s had two starts at Maitland for two victories and a best of 25.23. He is coming up against much more experienced dogs and this may work against him.

Glenreagh Rocket (7) won the free-for-all event at Maitland on March 6 over the 450 metre distance in 25.18. Garry Streatfield’s chaser has 22 wins from 50 starts and is a consistent beginner. Drawn on his immediate outside is Natural Player (8). Natural Player is part of the fast and successful Knocka Norris – Winning Shiraz litter trained by Mark Wilcox. He has the 350 metre Goulburn track record against his name and won at Maitland last week in 25.21. He has a perfect record from the pink, winning three from three.

Splash About (3) has been around Maitland a few times in her 56 start career. Over the 450 metre distance she has three wins from four attempts and recorded her best of 25.19 back in May 2012. Her most recent racing has been over the sprint trip and this will be the first time she has raced over this distance since August last year.

The heats feature a nice mix of experienced chasers and youngsters looking to make their mark. A comprehensive wrap of the heats will be available on the ARG website later this week and ARG will be providing a complete preview of the big final scheduled for next week.

Phenomenal Lives Up To His Name At Ballarat With A Track Record run

In a week that has seen five track records fall by the wayside, interested spectators at Ballarat last Wednesday got to witness the most significant one of them all. The special event was the main drawcard on the night and it looked to be an intriguing affair with three powerhouse sprinters locking horns. Jason Thompson had Boris Fields exiting box three and his freakish speedster Phenomenal exiting the coveted rails draw, with his main opposition coming from the Karen Leek trained Billy Rocket.

Punters confirmed their faith in the Thompson trained Phenomenal by sending him out as a $1.60 favourite and in the end they had very little to worry about. As the lids opened, the son of Collision and Tocsin stepped on terms, whilst his two main rivals hesitated and the judges only concern became times and margins. Soon after the jump, the dark brindle greyhound found his nose in front and as they entered the first turn he was a clear leader. With nothing to impede his progress, the Serge and Bill Buccilli owned dog bolted down to the line, winning by six and half lengths in new track record figures (hand timed) of 24.88. The win eclipsed Hooksy’s one month old 24.94 track record by just over a length.

The new record however is not without controversy, as traditionally hand timed track records have not been recognised. Track records have had to be recorded using the track timing, not by hand timing which is highly variable. Adding weight to that argument was the fact that the GRV Stewards did not swab Phenomenal after the race. Post race swabs are traditionally carried out on all track record running greyhounds and yet in this case those officiating elected not to swab the greyhound.

However, Phenomenal claims to a track record appear to have solidified the next day when the GRV media department wrote two sentences at the end of another piece recognising the record:

“Incidentally, Ballarat’s 450 metres track record also fell last night, with the Jason Thompson-trained Phenomenal running a time of 24.88sec. While Phenomenal’s run was hand-timed and contradicted the time on the semaphore board – which is currently experiencing technical issues – his time of 24.88sec is official as per the Judge’s ruling.”

Was this a case of the GRV marketing department acting where Stewards failed to do so?

There is some precedent for hand timed track records in Victoria. In circumstances where the time reads different to the semaphore board, racing authorities are able to use their discretion to make it official, as seen when Omar Gee set new figures for the Warrnambool 450m trip in March 2013.

Phenomenal’s career has always been closely watched. Making his race debut just 13 months ago, the talented sprinter won at The Meadows in a staggering 29.78. That speed would see him win seven of his next eight starts.

After such an emphatic start to his career, connections started to endure a frustrating run of injuries and luckless performances which in turn forced this star chaser to spend some time on the sidelines. In November of 2013, he announced his return to star status with a string of four wins on the provincial circuit, one of them in 32.08 track record time at Horsham over the 570m journey.

After Wednesday night’s record performance ARG spoke to Seona Thompson about her star chasers performance.

“Once he stepped away so cleanly and wasn’t touched for the first part of the race, we knew the time was going to be interesting. On the trial track he runs some ridiculous times, the best word to describe him is freakish, but unfortunately in some of his races he finds a lot of trouble and he doesn’t get to show what he is really made of.”

Phenomenal’s immediate racing future may prove to be very prosperous for connections.

“He is fully paid up for the upcoming Warrnambool Classic and he will be one of the older dogs in the event which should work in his favour. After that he will be targeting some of the upcoming Group events in the hope to strengthen his future career at stud.”

With two track records under his belt it is exciting to think what might be ahead for this star of the track. He has already proven that he can handle the Metropolitan tracks with ease and now with his recent injury problems seemingly behind him he will have those track records clearly in his sights. Connections have stated that they want to continue his racing career for as long as they can, so there should be some exciting times ahead for greyhound racing fans.

Exciting Youngster Red Road Wins The 2014 Richmond Derby

Thirlmere trainer Mark Gatt was ecstatic to have notched up his second group win of the year with his promising pup Red Road. The son of Collision and Mystic Pace was brilliant in the Group Two Richmond Derby final on Saturday night, with Gatt and owner Edwin Kingswell collecting a cool $40,000 for their efforts.

Exiting from box one, the winner of eleven races stepped beautifully from the inside alley and led throughout in a smart time of 30.34.

“It was good to see him begin that well. I kept him fresh hoping he would come out like that and he did and now I’m just hoping he can jump like that consistently”, said Gatt.

Runner up Evil Punk lost no admirers, cutting the winning margin to just three quarters of a length, stamping his authority as one of the in-form chasers in New South Wales.

“To be honest it didn’t surprise me he got that close to my dog (Red Road) at the end. He’s in really good form at the moment and I was worried about him heading into the race.”

Gatt also lined up three other finalists, with Ritza Raider finishing fourth, Boyce Road fifth and Ritza Ryder sixth.

“Ritza Raider ran a good race; he just didn’t have the pace to go with them. Boyce Road got into a heap of trouble and never got himself into contention and Ritza Ryder was a little disappointing, but it was still a good effort that he made the final.”

All four runners from the final, plus Gatt’s other kennel stars Gradence and Ritza Hattie, will head to the Glebe circuit next month to contest the $250,000 Group One Golden Easter Egg series.

“All four from the final, plus as many I have that I can get right for the race I’ll put in the heats. It will be a very competitive race, but hopefully I get some luck and have some in the final.”

Gatt’s two-time Group winning bitch Ritza Hattie is on the comeback trail after suffering a hip injury prior to the Group One Australia Cup heats last month. The daughter of Bombastic Shiraz and Midnight Flare will be a force to reckoned with after clocking a flying 29.79 personal best at headquarters back in November of last year.


Tony Gannon Receives Four Month Suspended Sentence

Greyhound Racing NSW stewards today inquired into an alleged incident said to have occurred in the function room of the Wentworth Park Greyhound Track on the evening of 18 January 2014.

Evidence was taken from trainer Tony Gannon, Peter Davis, Jason Witham and Master of Ceremonies on the night Ron Arnold.

Mr Gannon was found guilty of the offence of misconduct under GAR 86 (o) in respect of his aggressive manner towards Mr Davis and the use of offensive language towards him in the function room on the night in question.

Mr Gannon was subsequently suspended for a period of four months. Under the provisions of GAR 95 (3) the penalty was suspended in full on the condition that he does not re-offend under the conduct rules in the next 12 months.

Greyhound Betting Tips Tuesday 18th March

Ipswich Greyhounds Race 7 Box 5 Freddie Finch, 5.02pm

Freddie Finch has been super consistent in his last four starts by running four seconds. It won’t be long before the son of El Galo finally picks up a win. He’s suited from the middle box and can begin quickly against this opposition. There looks to be five genuine winning chances in Kool Alexia, I’m Lilly Hot, Freddy Finch, Silky Wanda and I’m Ziva and all look genuine hopes. Freddy Finch is capable of running 30.80 and can lead all the way.

Punters looking for value could try boxing up all five runners in a trifecta and first four.

Lismore Greyhounds Race 3 Box 2 Kulu Cher, 7.22pm

This is the sort of race that Kulu Cher can win. Box two suits and expect her to be pushing forward early. She’s run a PB of 30.42 here and that looks fast enough to win this. She’s drawn inside likely favourite Killara and can hold her out early. If she’s able to do this she should be able to beat her to the line. Box eight runner Lee Kahn gets his chance from out wide, but will need to be burning from the get go to get across the field.

Gosford Race 3 Box 1 Fantastic Barb, 7.39pm

This bitch looks a certainty here tonight. Box one is perfect for her and she should ping and go straight to the front and race right away from a solid line up. She’s got a big motor and can run fast times when on song. She’s two from three here and all things point to her bringing up win number 15 from 30 starts.

Great even money bet so load up.

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Today looks like the perfect day to have a crack at Fantastic Barb with the $250 Free Bet at Sportsbet. Take advantage of our current Free-Bet Offers!.

A Review Of The Nowra Summer Puppy Classic Heats

The Shoalhaven Greyhound Racing Club hosted three heats of the Group Three Nowra Summer Puppy Classic on Monday afternoon.

The race is for greyhounds whelped between 1 January 2012 and 30 June 2012 and puppies are nominated for the race at 12 months of age.

The winner receives a nice pay-check of $25,000 at the end of the series. The heats have been conducted with the semi-finals on next week.

Here’s how the three heats played out.

Heat One – Nowra Summer Puppy Classic

In a messy race, it was outsider Dark Seeker (1), trained by Dale Hall, who took out the first heat by two and a half lengths in 30.58. The black dog by Dyna Lachlan – Hayley Boo (Primo Uno – Emmalana) had been well beaten in his only race start at the track back in early February. The superbly bred Someone Tifi (4), who was hampered running into the first corner, managed to secure second spot and a place in the semi’s. Thunder Clay (2) filled the last of the minors and Jack Finn (3) completed the first four.

Heat Two – Nowra Summer Puppy Classic

A flying performance by Stilton Blue (4) caught the eye in heat two. The Where’s Pedro – She’s A Player (Go Wild Teddy – Nimuay) speedster stopped the clock at an absolutely scorching 29.57, winning by seven and a half lengths. The Philip Goodsell trained greyhound had smart sectionals throughout and displayed brilliant box manners and the final time would have to be in the top times recorded around the 520 metre Pinebowl circuit. He’s had a pretty good start to his career, winning seven from 14 and is already a Wentworth Park winner. Highbury (7) and Solar Pak (1) fought out the minors and Quick To Go (2) was fourth.

Heat Three – Nowra Summer Puppy Classic

Leica Destiny (6) led all the way to claim the last heat for Susan Sundstrom. The black bitch by Dyna Lachlan – Destiny (Collision – Leba Com) ran 30.37 and defeated White Pointer (2) by two lengths. Power of Will (4) was half a length behind White Pointer, with Stilton Blue’s sister Hollie Anne (5) finishing fourth. Both encountered trouble at the first turn to produce solid runs. It was Leica Destiny’s eighth win from 17 starts and her first at the track.

The semi-finals will be conducted on Monday, 24th of March and ARG will be providing a full preview of the semi-finals when the fields become available.

NSW Greyhound Of The Year Shock

Double Twist and Jagger Swagger were announced as the joint winners of the 2013 NSW Greyhound of the Year title in a ceremony held at Luna Park in the Harbour City on Friday evening on the 14th of March.

The result overturns almost half a century of award convention: that is, that there can only be one greyhound awarded the prestigious Greyhound of the Year title.

For this writer the change to that convention is actually welcome. The NSW Greyhound of the Year award was the first of its kind in Australia; indeed, for the first time, greyhound racing led the way on the gallops, with horse racing only introducing a Horse of the Year title after NSW. Inaugurated by the NCA in 1965, the first winner was the stayer Blue Autumn.

Then, in 1966, the judging panel quite correctly could not split the mighty stayer Rose Moss and the brilliant sprinter, Roman Earl. So, the 1966 Greyhound of the Year title was shared jointly.

For some strange reason, the idea of another joint winner was taken off the table and it was decided there would only ever be one winner per year. Now, in 2014, that convention has been overturned.

Back in the days when Sydney had two city courses (Wentworth Park and Harold Park), there was an unwritten rule that a greyhound needed to have won at Wentworth Park (run by the NCA, the club which had instituted the award in the first place) as well as Harold Park (run by the GBOTA, with whom there was an, at times, very unhealthy rivalry). In 1970 this unwritten rule saw the great stayer Travel Rev miss out to the very versatile Tara Flash.

Thankfully, that silly convention fell by the wayside in 1977 when Smooth Keith took the award, never having raced at Wentworth Park.

It’s just sad that the convention of not having dual winners between 1967 and 2012 has meant Woolley Wilson’s name does not appear on the winner’s board for 1973.

Woolley Wilson had been a deserved finalist in 1972, but lost to former Victorian, Ragsie.

In 1973 Woolley Wilson was again a finalist and the panel of eight jury members were deadlocked at four votes apiece for Woolley Wilson and Victorian stayer, He’s Some Boy. Instead of allowing the dead-heat, the panel was asked to deliberate further to come up with a single winner. He’s Some Boy emerged victorious.

In 1988, Kirsty’s Charity got the nod over See Yah in yet another extremely close contest.

Surprisingly, the press release for announcement of the 2013 NSW Greyhound of the Year made no mention of the dual 1966 victors.

Hailstorm Billy’s Lightning Track Record Run

Sensational middle distance performer Hailstorm Billy broke the Warrnambool track record over 650 metres last Thursday night.

The son of Westmead Hawk has always shown enormous ability, especially over the middle distances, so it came as no surprise to see him register new figures for the Warrnambool 650 metre journey, recording a cracking 37.12 seconds.

Exiting from box two, the Angela Langton trained chaser began only fairly, before punching up on the rail into second place as the field raced through the catching pen.

Stalking early leader Smart Maxwell, Hailstorm Billy began to really put the big strides coming off the back straight, and soon after raced to the front. Despite having strong chasers in Sisco Rage and Lethal Three pursuing him, Hailstorm Billy never looked like being overhauled in the final stages and went on to win by 2 ½ lengths from Sisco Rage, with a head back to third placegetter Lethal Three. The time of 37.12 seconds eclipsed the previous mark of 37.20 seconds held by Red Hot Andy, recorded in May 2011.

The victory by Hailstorm Billy was his 12th from 46 starts and took his stakes earnings over $81,000.

Hailstorm Billy has always displayed the talent to be worthy of track record status. Some of his personal best times across Victoria are absolutely first class, having run 29.35 seconds at Sandown over the sprint course, whilst over the 595 metres he has recorded a super 34.25 seconds. Some of this other PB’s include a 30.88 second run at Ballarat over the 545 metres and a stunning 34.47 seconds for the 600 metres at The Meadows.

Hailstorm Billy’s breeding is also noteworthy, as he is by UK Sire Westmead Hawk out of Shelby Shiraz (Bombastic Shiraz-Proper Shelby).

Shelby Shiraz was lightly raced, having only started on 22 occasions, recording 8 victories. She won at Wentworth Park in 30.22 seconds and at The Meadows in 30.07 seconds, but most notably is a full litter sister to champion Cindeen Shelby.

Cindeen Shelby was the best race bitch of her era, with victories in the 2009 Australian Cup and 2009 Paws Of Thunder, retiring with stake earnings in excess of $440,000.

The elusive ability to “throw on” has once again proved it’s not always the best performed chaser on the track who succeeds in the breeding barn however. Certainly Shelby Shiraz has more than held her own against her highly rated litter sister Cindeen Shelby when the success of their progeny is compared.

Further, Hailstorm Billy was not the only star of the litter either, as his litter brother Set Sail South also had a superb race record until he unfortunately broke his hock in the final of the Sydney Cup last October.

As far as Hailstorm Billy is concerned, this was his first test at anything beyond 600 metres, and he returned a track record. You get the feeling he is on the cusp of bursting in to the Metropolitan staying ranks with perhaps a Group race victory not beyond him.

Greyhound Betting Tips Monday 17th Of March

Albion Park Greyhounds Race 9 Box 6 Never Ever, 9.26pm

There looks to be a few nice winners here at Albion Park’s meeting tonight. Skuzi looks tough to beat, Hougenie looks set to salute and Katherine Benz can win at a nice price from out wide. But our top pick is the Anne Southee trained son of Cosmic Rumble, Never Ever.

He’s been around the mark in his last couple and has threatened to win at some stage, but has fallen short on the past two occasions. He should lead these from out wide tonight and once on the bunny, he should carve out solid time. He’s not overly strong, but neither are the rest of the runners. Hara’s Annie will pose a problem early for Never Ever as he looks to rail up. But as long as he gets across her, I’m confident he can beat her.

Hara’s Annie and Loud Max look hardest to beat and are both boxed well. Hara’s Annie put in a fantastic run here last start chasing home litter brother Hara’s Harry to finish second, and she should improve on that performance. If she finds the front before Never Ever does, I doubt Never Ever can run her down. Loud Max is the best credentialed runner with a PB of 30.25, but he’s pretty disappointing even though he’s finished runner up in his last four starts.

These three runners look the standouts and should run in the top three. Punters looking to take a first four should throw in box one runner Chez Dominique trained by leading trainer Sandra Hunt.

Angle Park Greyhounds Race 5 Box 5 British Bomber, 7.57pm

This son of Elite State was always going to knock up winning a few here at Angle Park. He’s been solid over the 515 trip here winning a couple and running a few placings. He does look suited to the 600 metre trip and has performed well in two of his three starts, with a solid PB of 35.37. He goes better from outside draws as he likes room to move and races a couple off the rail. He’s better suited out here I feel than when he was when running second over the trip last start.

The only concern here is that he may be slow to begin and find himself caught up in the early scrimmage. But he’s capable of beginning and should with ordinary beginners boxed around him.

The main two danger are box eight runner Full Beer Fridge, who’s having his first go over the trip. He has been racing poorly over the 515 of late, but he should fire out and could be a smokey if he can lead clearly. Oogaboo Oz is the likely second favourite and she’ll be a huge threat if presented with the right run. These three dogs look the top three runners in the race.

Launceston Greyhounds Race 10 Box 3 Bag Of Spice 10.40pm

Bag of Spice won’t be more then even money, but he looks the outright winner with a couple of likely chances engaged who don’t like winning. Sandy’s Pick has the ability to win this but hasn’t yet worked out what winning is. He was lucky to win last start after throwing the race away a couple of times. He’s suited by the red box, but I doubt he’ll use it to the best of his ability. Arnhem Warrior has also been going well, but the squeeze box makes it harder.

Bag Of Spice is in form and should jump straight to the front in this and put the race beyond doubt. He looks capable of running low 30.00s and should win with a few lengths in hand. His recent form is fantastic and all things point to win number three for the son of Collision and Pepper Spice.

Great bet and a race where a roughie could find the placings.

Shepparton Greyhounds Race 7 Box 2 Lachlan Bomber, 9.09pm

Three starts back Lachlan Bomber went really well when running second the the Jason Thompson trained Scintillating. This is a far easy race and he should find his way to the front from the start. He’s a pretty speedy dog on his night but hasn’t really fired since coming up from Sydney, but he’s also had too tackle a few smart ones in the process. He hasn’t drawn well in his past 8 starts and there’s no doubt that attributed to his poor form. If he comes out and finds the bunny tonight, I doubt they will catch the son of Dyna Lachlan.

Jack Silver is the class runner and is in form, and he’ll be hard to beat in this. Punters taking a gamble on Lachlan Bomber will be hoping Jack Silver bombs the start and gets held up in traffic at some stage in the race.


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Britton Dominates 2014 Canning Trophy

Linda Britton finished first, second and third in the 2014 Canning Trophy run over the 530 metre distance, with High Recall taking out the top honours in a flying personal best time of 30.21. It was the Britton kennels second consecutive trifecta for the night.

Britton’s first trifecta came in the Free For All, with Gomes defeating a very classy field. Te Amo finished second after being run down and Saving Bundles found herself in third position.

It was the final that had Linda Britton smiling from ear to ear. High Recall, handled by her trainer, flew out of the boxes in a blistering 5.57 early, slotting her into first position in front of litter sister Star Recall who jumped from box one. The race was won by the time the field hit the home corner; Star Recall made an attempt at a late lunge but was unable to reel in the leader. She had to settle for second, with Rapido Kid running into third position.

Owners Gary and Craig Weston cheered High Recall to her most impressive victory to date with a glass of red wine in hand.

“She went really good! Phenomenal first section, it was just outstanding from box eight!” Owner Gary Weston explained.

“I was worried about the one of Ben Abercrombie’s (Takahashi), I thought she was going to be too strong in the end but when you run those kind of first sectionals it is pretty hard for the dogs at the back.”

“I was hopeful that’s all; she hadn’t run the times that a couple of the others had. She was just fantastic, all three of Linda’s were.”

High Recall has had two wins from two starts since returning from her Australian Cup campaign in Melbourne. Although unsuccessful finishing fourth, the daughter of High Earner – No Recall has settled into life back home in WA without a care in the world. Saturday nights win was her 10th from 14 starts.

“Melbourne was the first time I saw her in the parade area looking focused; it didn’t look like a game to her, I think that really helped.”

“Its great that she is doing this coming into events like the Oaks and the WA bred races. It’s a good time for her to be running well and she is so young too. Hopefully she will stay sound and really represent Linda’s kennel well.”

High Recall is known around the kennel as being a little disruptive at times, but she is well behaved compared to litter sisters Star Recall and Who’s Doing What. Since being brought into the kennels the three girls have shown more maturity, with their Melbourne trip done and dusted, improvement should be eminent as they got to experience the world of Victorian greyhound racing.

Weston was not just ecstatic with High Recall’s Canning Trophy win, but also with Gomes’ surprise victory over the extremely talented Free For All field. Gomes jumped poorly from box one to sit on the fence in last position as the field flew past the finishing post for the first time. He camped on the tail of Saving Bundles until she allowed enough room on the rails for him to slide into second position. The son of Bombastic Shiraz – Shazlyn played catch up with Te Amo as he chipped away at her five-length lead to defeat her on the line by a length in a near personal best time of 30.45.

“Gomes just seems to have improved in his last 6 starts. He is very much suited by the inside box.”

“I didn’t expect him to beat Dyna Nalin and Zelemar Fever, even to run down Te Amo for the second time was a good effort!”

Gomes is a veteran of the racing industry with 74 starts and 19 wins to his name; his spectacular win on Saturday night tipped his earnings to over $85,000. No one was happier with his win then handler Nicola Hind who fell in love with the cheeky black dog the moment she saw him. Nicola, who is currently 21 weeks pregnant still wanted to handle her favourite dog despite her newly formed belly.

“I know that Nicola really likes Gomes and she ensures us that he will have a good home with her when he finishes racing, so that always makes me feel good.”

After a great night at the track for the Britton kennels, as well as Gary and Craig Weston with both Gomes and High Recall claiming top honours; the expectations and excitement levels are high heading into next Saturday nights meeting at Cannington in hope of yet again another sensational night at the track.

What The Eye Can’t See

There’s nothing better than a great view of a great race. Everyone can cheer and see where their money went. It’s what sells the industry to the public.

But for years now I have been squinting my eyes trying to make out what is going on in the back straights. It’s hard enough at the track, but much worse when you have to rely on film – either on SKY or from race videos – which is how 99% of people watch a race.

Three issues come into play: the environment, the dogs and the equipment. All pose problems. It’s easy enough when the dogs are right in front of you but far too difficult to tell what is going on once the distance increases. Here’s why.

1. Cameras, or camera work, are not good enough. Still photos are fine but as soon as the dogs start moving their images become blotchy. Telling them apart is not helped by long distances, low photo angles, or obstructions (such as the rail infrastructure, light poles or yahoos waving madly at the start). None of this happens for pictures of the gallops or the football, so a technical solution is obviously available.

2. Camera positions are often dependent on the nature of the building that houses them – high or low, further away or closer, in line with the finishing post or not. All these matters are more important to more people than any other purposes served by the building. Customer numbers demand that nothing should take precedence over the camera.

3. Track lighting varies considerably, night and day involves different visual perceptions, rainy weather makes all runners look much the same and, once again, long distances are a challenge.

4. The dogs’ rug colours do not work well – of which more below.

5. Generally, major city tracks perform better than provincial tracks, possibly partly because their cameras are positioned higher. Yet by far the majority of races are held at those provincial tracks, so they therefore dominate public impressions.

Rug colours were assessed a few years ago at Greyhounds Australasia when a long drawn-out process ended with the brown rug being changed to green and cloth giving way to synthetics – both sound enough moves. Apparently, nothing else was examined at the time, but it should have been.

Rug colours do vary a bit from country to country but they are broadly much of a muchness. However, they give the impression that they have all been chosen by a group of blokes spreading them out across a boardroom table. Theory has outweighed practice. That is, they are done mostly by amateurs with only a little help here and there from material manufacturers. Unfortunately, the challenge here is not to create a fashion statement but to achieve a result that works in varied and trying conditions. We are not after the right shoes to wear with a tuxedo but a workboot that satisfies a range of mucky conditions, so to speak.

The difficulty in separating runners at long distances is critical, of course, but the problem is not helped by the rug colours in use today. For example, Red and Pink are fine when they are put in front of you, but not in wild and woolly weather, and when the field is mixing. The same goes for Blue and Green.

More subtle is the job of telling apart the Black and White stripes, the White, the Black and the Green and White stripes when they are placed on dogs that might be coloured White, Black and White, or Black. Or even when they are not. It ends up as guesswork.

Broadcasters with powerful binoculars might handle the task, but how about ordinary viewers with a mixture of eye strength, short or long sight, varying colour sensitivity, or wearing glasses to boot?

The subject was dramatically illustrated last Tuesday while watching a 680m race at Warragul (R6). Arising (3) quickly ran to the lead in the front straight and then cleared out. But by the time they reached the back straight it had become impossible to see where the rest of them were at any stage. It was all a blur. And it did not improve a lot when they were bunching in the home straight. To tell the truth, the first half of 460m trips are no better, or not once they start moving.

By all means check the GRV videos yourself, but it is only one example of many as many other tracks are no better. Bulli, for one, is an absolute horror. Canberra has huge light poles in the way. Angle Park makes you go cross-eyed when racing in bright sunlight.

Cameras, lighting and photo angles are all matters which can be improved readily by technical people and by good management. But the question of rug colours is much more complex. Colour perception is a highly skilled science due to the varying interfaces of human eye properties, the equipment in use and the targets. The job is way beyond the reach of anyone except a true professional. As we have mentioned in respect to track design, nothing less than a full scientific study would be able to achieve an acceptable result.

As just another amateur, it is not for me to suggest a better range of colours. However, let’s note that Dayglo colours are in wide commercial use today and could do a remarkable job of distinguishing one dog from another. For example, a Dayglo Pink would immediately remove doubts about the Red/Pink clash.

Finally, a small but important point. A few clubs show still pictures of close finishes on SKY but most do not. This involves only a simple process of stringing up a bit of cable from one spot to another in the judge’s box so it should be made common practice everywhere. The customers love being their own judge.

Digressing a bit, here is some interesting information from “How Dogs See the World” by Natalie Wolchover on the Live Science website. It points out that it’s not the eyes that works things out, but the brain that deciphers the signals sent to it by the eyes.

“Normal human eyes contain three kinds of color-detecting cells called cones, and by comparing the way these cones are each stimulated by incoming light, our brains distinguish red wavelengths from green and blue wavelengths from yellow. Dogs’ eyes, like those of most other mammals, contain just two kinds of cones. These enable their brains to distinguish blue from yellow, but not red from green”.

Surf Mail Delivers On Early Potential And Breaks The Cranbourne Track Record

Since the Cranbourne track was laid with new sand, spectators have been treated to some blistering performances. Both the 311m and 520m time standards have been pushed to the limits on a number of occasions and last week was no exception. After a couple of promising maiden chasers set the track alight earlier in the evening, patrons on track were watching closely when the classy veteran Surf Mail was scheduled to perform from his favourable rails draw in the main event of the night.

He may have been winless in his four runs since resuming from a spell, however interested onlookers quickly had their eyes fixated on the clock when Surf Mail emerged in front soon after box rise. After stepping on terms with his opponents, the fawn powerhouse quickly dropped the hammer and passed the first marker in a smart 5.47. As he roared through the first turn the Darren McDonald trained chaser scraped the paint allowing him to establish a six length lead with victory clearly in his sights.

The track had been on fire of late with a number of sub 30 victors, however with the talented Salegreys Power chasing hard, but failing to make any impact on the leader, it became apparent that Surf Mail clearly had his eyes on setting a new time standard for the 520m journey. Finally the Veteran stopped the clock in a staggering 29.67, eclipsing the great Pororoca’s previous time by one hundredth of a second.

After speaking with ARG, premier trainer Darren McDonald said he was quite surprised with the time.

“In a way I was surprised that he broke that track record as I believe that he is a little past his best. The track has been super quick of late and I think it would be a tad scary to imagine what Pororoca would run on this type of surface.”

When questioned about his chasers short term plans, “D-Mac” said he will continue to aim at claiming a few more metro wins.

“He is engaged again at Cranbourne on Wednesday night and after that I will heading back into town with him. At this stage of his career he is just a little short of the top flight sprinters, so hopefully I can step him back up to the middle distances at The Meadows and Sandown. He seems to excel over these journeys.”

In a career that has seen this ultra consistent veteran snare 22 wins from only 59 starts. The question most would ask is, does this multiple open grade metropolitan winner have a future at stud?

Firstly the son of Surf Lorian – Hybrid Theory lacks nothing when it comes to bloodline. His sire needs no introduction, having produced numerous group one calibre chasers. His dam hails from a strong family and she shot to glory herself when scoring an all the way win in the 2008 Group One Laurels final at Sandown Park, so it’s fair to say that this class act ticks all the boxes on the breeding side of things. His racetrack feats also present a strong argument. In addition to his recent Cranbourne Track Record, he has a sub 30 second win at The Meadows when beating recent Group One winner Kiss Me Ketut, along with numerous scintillating 595m wins at Sandown Park in Free For All class.

In a career that has been limited by injury, it’s fair to say that connections would be proud of their charges record and achievements. Wednesday nights stellar performance would have helped restore some confidence in Surf Mail’s immediate racing future and if he can continue to begin like he did the other night, there should be many more victories in the near future.

Red Road Simply Brilliant In Group Two Richmond Derby Final

Once the lids flew in last night’s $40,000 Richmond Derby Final, it was game, set and match for Thirlmere trainer Mark Gatt, after Red Road stepped beautifully from the inside alley to lead all the way in a fast 30.34.

Gatt went into the race with four finalists, with Red Road his best hope from box one. Punters were very keen on the youngster by Collision x Mystic Pace, who started at just $2.00. Second favourite Evil Punk ($4.80) was very gallant in defeat for trainer James Coyle, reducing the winning margin to three quarters of length at the finish. The $21 outsider Manyana Groper battled on gamely to finish third.

The $2.00 starting price for Red Road was significantly less than the $2.50 Fixed Odds offered at Sportsbet during the day. Punters that took advantage of the $250 Free Bet are giggling.

Red Road’s sensational race record now sits at eleven wins from fifteen starts, with last night’s victory taking his prizemoney total to an astounding $74,340. The dominant owner-trainer combination between Mark Gatt and Edwin Kingswell looks set for another successful year, with next month’s $250,000 Easter Egg firmly in the team’s sights.

Bekim Maxim Wins The 2014 Mandurah Kanyana Cup

All the hard work and patience has finally paid off for Linda Britton’s kennels, with the very spiteful Bekim Maxim taking out the 2014 Mandurah Kanyana Cup.

The black dog fell out of box two into last position. He made his way into seventh place as the field hit the first corner and in only a matter of seconds Bekim Maxim darted through the field to sit third behind leading kennelmate Waiter’s Eye (1) and Ambitious Gem (6). Coming into the home straight it only took a number of his childish strides to steal the Kanyana Cup victory; Ambitious Gem finish second in front of Waiter’s Eye and Prang Monelli (8) in a time of 27.88.

“It was great, such a big thrill to win the feature. I had a dog that ran a dead heat for first in a final so technically this is our first win.” Owner Paul Sanders explained.

“I thought he was going to struggle, but obviously when the race opened up a bit he got through and that was all he needed to do.”

“We travelled two and a half hours, so about 270 kilometres, just to watch him in the final so it was great to see him win.”

The son of Bekim Bale – Sassy Guess, is certainly not short on personality; in a matter of seconds, Bekim Maxim informally known as Grasso, can unlock his kennel door with his tongue. Although this characteristic may be seen as pure talent, it can air on the side of frustrating when he is wandering through the kennels only seconds after putting him away. His personality traits certainly don’t stop there; before feed time you can hear him pulling at the wire and playing in his water bowl and when it comes time for his food he lays down to eat it. It’s dogs like this that makes training greyhounds all the more fun, isn’t it?

“Grasso would have to be the best dog we have had, he has run the fastest time at Mandurah.”

As a pup the Sanders Grasso syndicate took the time to travel to Mandurah to pick a pup out of Sassy Guess’ first litter. There were seven puppies in the litter and Grasso was the smallest of the three dogs and as a puppy he caused as much trouble as he does now in the kennels.

“Chris threw this old smelly sock that was in the yard for the pups and Grasso was the first dog to get it and that’s how we picked him. He also has a white marking on his chest that looks like a hawk.”

“We got the Bekim part of his name obviously from Bekim Bale and the Maxim is a chemical that I sell to farmers. Mick sell’s office furniture and one of the chairs is called Maxim, it was a conjoined meaning. So we came up with Bekim Maxim and away we went.”

The Sanders Grasso syndicate have been friends for a number of years before entering into the greyhound racing industry about 10 years ago, with a pup they purchased for $1000. From then on they had greyhounds; more recently they have had Velociraptor racing with Majella Ferguson. The syndicate decided to stick with the Bekim Bale sire for their next potential super star, this time mothered by Flying Machine.

For now the syndicate’s most successful chaser, Bekim Maxim, pulled off a career high performance; the Kanyana Cup win was his seventh from 13 starts. The majority of his runs have been at Mandurah over the 490 with a personal best time of 27.54. The 31 kilo dog has recently been running over Cannington’s 530 metre distance; winning on two occasions from five starts.

“Linda has been great with us. It has been very exciting watching Grasso run around under Linda’s name as trainer.”

With success over 490 an easy affair last Friday night, it’s only a matter of time before Bekim Maxim makes him way back up to Cannington in search of another feature race to add to his name.

Three More Easter Egg Preludes Finalised At Wentworth Park

A stormy Sydney back-drop set the scene for three Preludes of the Group One Golden Easter Egg at Wentworth Park on Saturday night.

Chica Destacada (3), trained by Doreen Drynan, started as the $1.70 favourite in the first Prelude and more than justified the short starting price, winning by seven lengths. She stepped with the field and had plenty of room on her inside to muster pace and get to the corner, just in front of Triumphant One (7). The black bitch by Cosmic Rumble – Eluthra (Most Awesome – Buena Sarah), ran right up to her best, recording 29.74 for the 520 metre journey. Triumphant One, who pressured Chica Destacada in the early stages was pipped on the post by the fast finishing Zipping Delta (4). It was a run and a half from Zipping Delta, who was last past the post the first time.

Victorian chaser Dream It (3) had no luck at his first start at Wentworth Park, striking interference at the notorious first turn. Crash Model (1) flew the lids and was able to lead clearly. She does her best work in front and ran away with the second Prelude in a personal best 29.87 for Keith Waddington. The win was the Collision – Clay Model (Bombastic Shiraz – Tarhooley Dooley) bitches fourth at the Sydney circuit. He’s Rising Fast (2) was again the bridesmaid. After a good second last week, he was unable to go one better and finished eight-and-a-half lengths behind Crash Model. Collision Post (5) filled the other minor placing. Mr Fordham (6) had no joy on his return from a spell and it will be back to the drawing board for him.

A long-shot picked up the win in the third Prelude when the Simon Ma chaser Make A Fifty (6) scored a two-and-a-half length victory over favourite Warrior King (4) and third place-getter Magic Display (2). Warrior King performed very well at his first look at the track. He was slow away, but pushed his way through the field into the first turn. Just like the other heats, Make A Fifty led and wasn’t headed, stopping the clock at 29.92. Warrior King was third down the back and wanted to rail underneath Magic Display but was constantly disappointed for a run. He would have gone close to winning if he was able to get clear a bit earlier. Queenslander Yogi Blue (8) was unable to cross from the outside but ran a respectable fourth. Grand Journey (7), who was in the market on his return to racing, had no luck at the first turn and ended up near the outside fence. Make A Fifty, by Trewly Special – Miss Corinne (Token Prince – April Showers) notched up her second victory at Wentworth Park, breaking thirty for the first time at the circuit.

Just like last week, the three winners (Chica Destacada, Crash Model and Make A Fifty) will receive priority entry into the heats of the Golden Easter Egg on April 5.

Greyhound Betting Tips Saturday 15th March

The Meadows Greyhounds Race 12 Box 2 Tyra Giselle 11.00pm

Unfortunately I’ve found one in the last tonight. So hopefully punters are able to build a bank early on in the night
and this girl can win, to top the night off. The daughter of champion bitch Paua To Burn has run some fast times at Sandown in previous wins, but is yet to go quick here at The Meadows. Her recent form is only fair and that is of concern. II generally only like backing dogs when they’re in form, or have drawn the right box in the right field. But this girl does tick a few boxes with her early speed and her solid record overall. A lot depends on her finding the bunny and gaining clear running without being pressured.

While there is a touch of speed in the race, at her best she does have enough speed to head them off and find the front. There’s no doubt if she does she’s capable of running far quicker then her PB of 30.30. She deserves to be in the market, but not to short. About $5.00 is about the right price for her.

There looks to be a few dangers, Dyna Geldof and Choir Master look the main pair outside Tyra Giselle. But both have to navigate across from the outside and will need to gain luck and be at there best to win.

Ipswich Greyhounds Race 3 Box 2 What It Shrinks, 8.19pm

Disregard the form of this dog and just rely on my selection. Her form is poor and it’s to hard to tell if she can run from her form. But she’s been trialling very fast and can really carve out solid time in this. But she’s very moody and does need a little bit of luck and have things go her way.

Rain Stream who won last weeks heat gets wide in her races, so our selection should get a gun run up the inside. She will only need a clear path and to find the bunny, and she’ll make her presence felt in this.

Joe’s Choice from box seven has plenty of talent, but the box makes it tough. Box eight runner Oh That’s Nice was impressive last week so she’ll be the hardest to beat. She should have no trouble with the pink box and should be out and burning from the outset.

Boxes 2,7,8 look super hard to beat, so work them into your multiples.

Wentworth Park Greyhounds Race 6 Box 2 Avondale Maurick, 9.08pm

As most form guides read, Avondale Maurick should of won last start. But as he was going to the lead he was chopped out and checked back in the field. This week should be different, he should find the front here tonight with ease, and once in front they won’t go past him. He worked extremely hard early and still finished of the race really well last start.

Little Red beat him last week but she was gifted a run after Maurick was inconvenienced. There’s no way she can beat him tonight.

Suits Us has come up with the red but he’ll need more then the red to beat Avondale Maurick. Everything points to the box two runner winning, so load right up here.

Cannington Greyhounds Race 2 Box 2 Born Lightning, 10.27pm

The ex Victorian looks like she can get the chocolates here in this. She’s quite talented and will no doubt win races here at Cannington. She’s drawn well and takes on the right field to notch up her first win here in WA. She’s run solid times in Victoria so she should be able to get down around the 30.60 mark here. If she can get out and stay out of trouble, find the rail and clear room she’ll be there at the finish.

Box one and box three runners look the main two hopes and both are boxed well to show there best. Love of Lauryn is a strong run on dog and she should be finishing hard at the end. Lochinvar Lass has won five from ten and on that record alone she’s a huge threat. These three runners look the top picks so work then into your multiples.

Best of Luck

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Dub Me In Lowers Mount Gambier 512m Record

The Cup final may have been run and won earlier in the week, but none of those finalists went as fast as Thomas Sinnott’s Dub Me In went around Mount Gambier on Friday.

The son of Lonesome Cry and On Shore lined up in race eight of the ten event card, a Grade 3/4/5 event over the 512 metres, and although it started a $2.30 elect, no one in attendance could predict what would happen next.

Whether it was the extra bit of concentration or just the stars aligning, the usually tardy box dog fired out of the one trap and charged to the front with an attitude of ferocity. Dub Me In whizzed past the post the first time with a two length gap, leaving his rivals desperate to change the situation.

From there it was clear who the premier chaser was on this occasion, with the margin expanding out to sixth lengths with half of the distance left to travel. The normally powerful Walkaway Again (a winner of 15 races itself) was unable to make any headway on the leader as it became apparent that there was some time being carved out in front.

As the finish line loomed large, the strides from Dub Me In were as big as at any other point in the race, and the margin would wind up eight lengths by the time the dust had settled.

Despite the on-course semaphore board displaying something different, it was confirmed that Dub Me In had indeed ran them ragged like nothing else before, setting a new record at 29.62. The record had stood since April 2011, when Half Way Home ran 29.79 when having only its third career start for trainer Robert Halliday. However, fast forward three years and Dub Me In eclipsed that effort by almost three lengths, which is a significant amount for a track where racing takes place regularly.

Dub Me In is a greyhound with a very good record, with this being his sixth win to match his three placings from eighteen starts.

Originally from Victoria, Dub Me In started life on the eastern side of the border, debuting under the astute care of master trainer Graeme Bate. Along with many others, it was transferred to the care of Peter and Jenny Hunt, before Norm McCullagh took over in January. However, it wasn’t long after that Dub Me In returned home to the Thomas Sinnott kennel, and back to the man responsible for breeding the litter on New Year’s Day 2012.

Thomas also raced the dogs’ dam, On Shore, which won twelve races across two states, including success at The Meadows, Geelong and a sub 30-second effort at Angle Park.

But back onto Dub Me In, and looking at the dogs’ racetrack performances, it may come as no surprise that a run of this nature was on the cards. Considering the dog started out with a win around The Meadows over Maximum Lil to break its maiden and then went on to  run 30.14 in victory at the same track five starts later.

This week’s’ record breaking effort was the fawn chasers third run in South Australia, with a 30.03 display coming before a fourth in a Cup heat behind Cairnlea Peter.

Dub Me In will line up again at Horsham on Tuesday in a heat of the Rural City Cup for Grade  5 runners. Wearing the white rug on this occasion, it will need to be at its best to overcome a strong field which includes city-class winners in Money Come Back and Al Moran. But the South Australian air at Mount Gambier may just be in catalyst towards bigger and better things for this talented prospect.


Fixed Odds At Sportsbet For The Richmond Derby

Tonight’s Group Two Richmond Derby market is up at Sportsbet and they have the Mark Gatt trained Red Road as the $2.50 favourite. Kennel mates Boyce Road ($4.50), Ritza Raider ($6.50) and Ritza Ryder ($9.00) are all in the mix.

“It’s hard to go past Red Road, he’s an up and coming greyhound. He was too good from the six in qualifying and has drawn the rails for the final, so it’ll be hard for anything to head him”, sportsbet.com.au’s Shaun Anderson said.

If there is a danger it is probably National Derby runner-up Evil Punk ($3.60), who jumps from box three.

The box draw for the $40,000 final :

1. Red Road                    Mark Gatt                 $2.50
2. Ritza Ryder                 Mark Gatt                 $9.00
3. Evil Punk                      James Coyle           $3.60
4. Manyana Groper         Syd Swain                 $31.00
5. Boyce Road                  Mark Gatt                 $4.50
6. Romantic Affair             Mario Abela             $14.00
7. Calamity Trigger            Michael Eberand     $21.00
8. Ritza Raider                     Mark Gatt                 $6.50

ARG has provided a preview containing trainers comments on the big race.

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2014 Group Two Richmond Derby Final Preview

Thirlmere trainer Mark Gatt’s runners will make up half the field in tomorrow night’s Group Two Richmond Derby final, putting the polish on four of the eight finalists, with his fastest qualifier Red Road, coming up with the coveted box one.

Gatt’s quartet were all class in each of their respective heats with victories from Ritza Raider in 30.51 and Boyce Road in d a flying 30.38. These added to Red Roads impressive 30.33. Four and a half year old Ritza Ryder secured his place in another group final and will jump from box two.

Fastest qualifier Evil Punk began brilliantly from box five last week to sizzle around the 535m distance in 30.29. Trainer James Coyle will head into the race full of confidence, after his charge came up with box three for the final.

Box 1
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Red Road
Mark Gatt
Edwin Kingswell
Last 10 Starts
25 Months   Black   Dog   by   Collision - Mystic Pace
Start Fast Running Rail Finish Strong
Prizemoney Rating $2,452.86 Rating 99
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
14 10 1 0
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
71% 79%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
4 3 1 0
Box 1 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
1 1 0 0
Comments: Mark Gatt: ”Perfectly boxed this week, all he has to do is jump. I was pleased with his performance last week, in particular his run home and he’s drawn the best of my four chances so I just really want him to begin well.”

Best Richmond Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.22 30.33 5.13 5.23
Box 2
Race Odds 
Heat Replay
Ritza Ryder
Mark Gatt
Mark Gatt
Last 10 Starts
52 Months   Red Fawn   Dog   by   Where’s Pedro - Midnight Flare
Start Good Running Rail Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $1,932.08 Rating 90
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
76 22 13 18
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
29% 70%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2 0 1 0
Box 2 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
11 7 1 2
Comments: Mark Gatt: “This dog is just getting better with age. He went awesome last week running second to Evil Punk in fast time and is perfectly boxed this week. I’m expecting him to go well and he will only need a bit of luck to run a cheeky race.”

Best Richmond Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.47 30.47 5.40 5.40
Box 3
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Evil Punk
James Coyle
James Coyle
Last 10 Starts
30 Months   Black   Dog   by   Collision - Punk Angel
Start Fast Running Rail Finish Strong
Prizemoney Rating $1,468.68 Rating 100
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
38 10 9 5
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
26% 63%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
6 6 0 0
Box 3 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2 0 1 0
Comments: James Coyle: “I’m stoked with how good he’s going at the moment. He has an unbeaten record at Richmond and I’m expecting him to go well again in this race. His early speed is very important in a race like this and I just hope he can get a clear run and get through the race safely.”

Best Richmond Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.29 30.29 5.24 5.24
Box 4
 Race Odds
Heat Replay
Manyana Groper
Syd Swain
William Mulligan
Last 10 Starts

34 Months

  White & Blue Brindle   Dog   by   Knocka Norris - Speedy Cadillac
Start Fair Running Middle Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $549.83 Rating 75
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
29 8 3 1
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
28% 41%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2 0 2 0
Box 4 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
4 1 1 0
Comments: (Trainer Unavailable): Made up a lot of ground last week from box eight to finish second behind fastest qualifier Red Road in 30.33. Clocked a solid time of 30.65 and despite he’s lack of early speed, this dog really finds the line well and will be doing so again.
Best Richmond Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.65 30.65 5.39 5.39
Box 5
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Boyce Road
Mark Gatt
Edwin Kingswell
Last 10 Starts
25 Months   Black   Dog   by   Collision - Mystic Pace
Start Fair Running Rail Finish


Prizemoney Rating $1,411.88 Rating 98
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
16 10 0 2
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
63% 75%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
6 5 0 1
Box 5 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
1 1 0 0
Comments:  Mark Gatt: “He was great last week, showed really good speed to get through a squeeze at the first turn and I was happy with his finish as well. The box I think will suit him and I hope he can get a clear run because he can definitely win this. I would like to see him jump a bit better.”

Best Richmond Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.38 30.38 5.32 5.33
Box 6
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Romantic Affair
Mario Abela
M Abela & Ptns
Last 10 Starts
43 Months   Black   Dog   by   Bombastic Shiraz - Romantic Diva
Start Good Running Middle Good N/A
Prizemoney Rating $1,160.40 Rating 80
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
25 10 6 6
Strike Rates
Win 40% Place 88%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
8 3 3 1
Box 6 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2 0 1 1
Comments: (Trainer Unavailable): Ran a solid race last week to finish second behind Ritza Raider in 30.51. Still posted a fast time of 30.61, however has drawn awkwardly this week and is surrounded by early speedsters. Can go well with the right run. 

Best Richmond Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.61 30.61 5.34  
Box 7
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Calamity Trigger
Michael Eberand
Tony Driver
Last 10 Starts
30 Months   Black   Dog   by   Collision - Thousand Kisses
Start Fair Running Middle Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $328 Rating 85
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
25 4 6 4
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
16% 56%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2 0 2 0
Box 7 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2 0 0 0
Comments: Michael Eberand: “He’s improving every week which is pleasing. i was really happy with his performance last week and now he’s just starting to come good. I think he has the pace to run a good race and I’m just really happy to be in a final like this.”

Best Richmond Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.59 30.59 5.33 5.33
Box 8
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Ritza Raider
Mark Gatt
Mark Gatt
Last 10 Starts
28 Months   Red Fawn   Dog   by   Bombastic Shiraz - Midnight Flare
Start Moderate Running Wide Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $1,097.94 Rating 90
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
17 7 4 5
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
41% 94%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
5 4 0 1
Box 8 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
3 3 0 0
Comments: Mark Gatt: “I was very happy with his run last week. He began terrific from box eight and I’m glad he’s drawn there again, because he seems to like it. Obviously there’s a lot of speed on the inside of him, but with the right run, he can go well.”

Best Richmond Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.47 30.51 5.27 5.27

The winner will take home $40,000 for connections, with many of these greyhounds set for the $250,000 Group One Golden Easter Egg series next month at Wentworth Park.

The final will jump at 9.26pm EDST.

Magic Diva Dazzles The Clock At Warrnambool

It’s rare to see one track record broken at a meeting, let alone two. But this is exactly what happened at Warrnambool on Thursday night, with spectators having the privilege of watching two star chasers set new time standards for the 390m and 650m journeys.

Magic Diva was the first chaser on the night to capture the attention of greyhound racing fans. Starting from box one in a mixed 4/5 event over the 390m dash, the Diva was sent out as a $1.20 favourite and punters who were looking to earn a little interest on their investment were never in doubt.

Magic Diva hails from a successful bloodline which traces back to the wonderful producer Web of Silence. Web of Silence as most would know produced the Melbourne Cup and Shootout winning superstar Go Wild Teddy, as well as a string of other Group winners.

Having won seven of her past nine starts, it was no surprise to see the daughter of Elite State – Encambell sent out a short priced favourite, especially considering she was exiting the coveted rails draw in which she had won four of eight and only missed a place in one try.

After stepping on terms with her rivals, the Diva turned on the afterburners and as she passed the first marker she had already established a 5 length lead over her nearest rival. From there she managed to increase the margin with every stride, stopping the clock in a scintillating 21.70.

The previous time standard had been set by Country Cups king Ronan Izmir in a zippy 21.73. In late December Magic Diva had set the table for Thursday night’s performance with a blistering 21.79 win.

Trainer Darren Brown has been one of the State’s premier trainers over the past 18 months racking up numerous provincial and metro wins, with the likes of Ride the Rails, National Time, Cosmic Station, Elite Diva and of course his premier speedster Magic Diva.

Speaking with ARG, Brown said that he was a little surprised when he saw the clock.

“You don’t expect them to break records, so I was a little surprised, but the track has been in good order of late and she did give the record a little nudge in late December.”

When asked about the Diva’s immediate racing future you could sense the excitement in his voice.

“I have six dogs paid up for the upcoming Warrnambool Classic, with Magic Diva being one of them. I recently got offered a large sum to sell her, but with the classic coming up soon and the prospect of giving her one or two more tries in the city, I decided not to part with her. Not to mention her value as a broodbitch. Fingers crossed I have made the right decision.”

In a career which has seen Magic Diva grace the track only 34 times for a staggering 18 wins, it is apparent that the future for Magic Diva looks very bright. She has broken the magical 22 and 25 second barrier at Ballarat, and she now has her first track record. After watching some of her race replays it looks very likely that this stunning chaser will maintain her brilliant strike rate in the near future. She is a faultless beginner and you will be hard pressed to find another chaser in the land who can keep up with her when she steps on terms with her rivals.

Although 33 of her 34 assignments to date have been on the provincial short course circuit, a metropolitan campaign should reap some nice rewards for her connections in the near future. In her first and only try at the 500m journey she was far from disgraced. In late February she contested a heat of the Australian Cup and showed that maybe with another 500m hit out or two she will be able to enhance her future breeding aspirations further by adding a few coveted city wins to an already impressive CV.

If you happen to see this exciting chaser engaged in the future, be sure to watch closely, as there are not many chasers who can put on a display of speed and grace like Magic Diva.

Strength Prevails In Both S.A Features

While nobody will doubt that having a greyhound with early speed is valuable, sometimes having one that does the job at the business end of a race is worth its weight in gold.

This was exactly the case at Angle Park on Thursday night, when both feature events were taken out by dogs settling off the speed. The two $10,000 finals attracted the hottest local dogs available and provided some wonderfully entertaining racing along the way.

For the sprinters, the Anniversary Cup appeared an intriguing race on paper over the 515 metres, with the key playmakers drawn in all the wrong places. This created a market with plenty of chances, and five dogs would be under double-figures come start time.

Sidney’s Shadow had been the standout runner from the heats, with the Cam Butcher-trained chaser going sub-30 in his past three appearances. It would jump as a $2.50 favourite, with Set The Scene ($4.00) and Proven Juddy ($6.00) expected to be the biggest dangers from boxes seven and three respectively.

However it was the bookend pair of Bogie Magic ($6.00) and Lolly Bale ($7.00) that were fastest away, with Sidney’s Shadow precariously pushing up between runners. Dyna Hakon ($21.00) put itself in the picture shortly after, with Set The Scene scouting wide around the first bend.

Down the back, and it was still Bogie Magic showing the way for Ben Rawlings. Proven Juddy had railed up into second spot along with Dyna Hakon who made progress close by. Sidney’s Shadow had found bother by this point and was all but out of contention. Meanwhile, anyone that has viewed Set The Scene’s running pattern in the past would know that it was beautifully positioned out wide, only three lengths off the lead.

Giving the impression he was toying with his rivals the entire time, Set The Scene stayed wide out of any trouble and stormed around the leaders approaching the final bend. Once they had straightened for the judge, the race was all but over, with the son of Bartrim Bale and Coulta Gold tearing away for a great win.

Dyna Hakon led a wall of runners battling for the minor end of the prize, with Proven Juddy and Bogie Magic not far away.

On a lightning track, Set The Scene’s twelfth career win was run in a time of 29.80, and takes his count to nine wins in South Australia since coming across from Victoria in November.

Two races later, and it was the stayers turn when another $10,000 prize was on offer courtesy of the West End Distance Championship over 731 metres.

Despite both heats being quite competitive in nature, punters elected two dogs which appeared likely to fight it out.  Token McLaren was the obvious candidate, having announced itself as the state’s premier stayer in 2013, and would start in the red again as a $1.75 favourite from box one.

However, the new kid on the block is Luna Jinx, and having only its fourth career start, was expected to push Token McLaren for the entire journey at a $3.00 quote.

Doona Bale ($9.00) wasn’t advised of this plan though, and speared out to a large lead in the opening stages. Token McLaren pushed up to a handy spot soon after the start, just as Kaylarikki ($11.00) ran around it with a lap to go.

The diminutive Luna Jinx was further back in the field and was on the fence starting her run, but faced an eight length deficit as the field sped down the back.

As the distance rolled on, the lead of Doona Bale got smaller as it came back towards the in-pursuit Kaylarikki, with the favourite looming nearby. It wasn’t long until a line of three developed across the track, with Token McLaren appearing the stronger of that trio. He soon took over about 100m from the post, with Luna Jinx not close enough and the others raising white flags, Token Mclaren cruised to an easy victory to take the cash as expected.

Owned and trained by Helen and Donald Foster, Token Mclaren took his overall purse to $43,000, with this most recent addition of funds coming from the 43.08 win. He has now had nine starts over the 731 metres for seven wins and two seconds in a staying career that looks likely to grow exponentially over the remainder of 2014.

Greyhound Betting Tips Friday 14th March

Ipswich Greyhounds Race 7 Box 1 Haode, 4.58pm

Haode, a son of Surf Lorian and Abundia Boo, could be a real chance in this here today. Abundia Boo was a super fast race bitch who ran some brilliant times at Albion Park and Ipswich. This fellow will start at a big price, but Peter Dunne has been getting a few winners of late, so the kennel is in form. Box one will suit him and he should punch up inside them around the first turn. His exposed form is not much to go on, but he does have his fair share of ability, and he should be able to run around the 31.00 mark and he looks a solid eachway bet in this.

Apart from our selection, there’s plenty of other winning chances in the race. Most are out of form, or have drawn tough boxes. Box two runner Harley Are could start favourite based on the inside box and his 30.92 win here two starts back.

Punters looking to take exotics, could box up runners 1,2,4,5,8 in a trifecta.

$60.00 for 100 %.

Ipswich Quadrella

First leg: 1,4,5
Second Leg: 3,4,8
Third leg: 1,2,4
Fourth leg: 1,2,3

$81.00 for 100%

Wentworth Park Greyhounds Race 2 Box 1 Lacey Lois, 7.36pm

Boxes win races as we all know, and Lacey Lois has come up with the cherry in this. Box one is a gift at Wenty if the dog can use the box and get away quickly. She’s had one start for one win from box one and should make it two from two here tonight. Her last start third was brilliant after working her way from last into third by the time they crossed the line. She stopped the clock in a moderate 30.47 in last weeks run, but can break 30.00 if she steps away and finds the bunny.

Box eight runner Storm Twister could be the knockout dog. He flew the lids and won really well at Nowra last start, and generally most dogs run around the same time at Wentworth Park as they do at Nowra.

Geelong Greyhounds Race 4 Box 1 Tweak 8.06pm

The very talented but moody Tweak looks a solid bet in this race here tonight at Geelong. The son of College Causeway has a big motor, but is extremely moody and does not always race to his full potential. He generally needs luck in his races, and does need to get forward early. But he gets his chance to find the bunny tonight and should be a worthwhile bet. He’s out of form at present so bet with caution, but this should ensure he starts at odds of around $5.00. Anything less and I feel your taking unders.

Box four runner Ennis Bale looks the danger, he has been racing consistently of late, and looks suited to the big Geelong track. He’s proven he can win in fast time from outside boxes, do don’t let the squeeze box turn you off him in this.

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