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The Future Is Here Already

We happened to enter the Woolies supermarket together and stop at the big box full of broccoli, attractively priced at $1.50 per kilo. She was a mature, well-dressed woman, clearly just out of an office or professional environment. I was just looking for a good deal, just as I used to do when wandering around a betting ring with 20 or 30 bookmakers keen to get my cash.

“Wow”, I said, “What a great price”.

“Is that good?” she asked. “Try four bucks”, I responded, quoting a more usual price.

Which tells you a lot. First, that Woolies had tumbled on to a huge pile of the stuff. Second, that it allowed them to use it as a “loss leader”, as the trade terms it, and thereby encourage shoppers to visit the store. And then buy more high priced items just down the aisle.

The supermarkets are past masters at this practice, far more so than the airlines which get all the publicity about managing yields by charging different fares at different times to different market segments.

For example, for 52 weeks a year Woolies charges just on $5 a bunch for rhubarb but I can get it for half that at the local greengrocer just down the road. No such competition exists inside the shopping centre (unless there is another supermarket) because Woolies has frozen out the greengrocer we used to have, along with the butcher and the deli (so no longer can we buy freshly-made lasagne). And when an enterprising Japanese food outlet started up just opposite its doors, Woolies immediately opened up a similar counter to divert the customers. Happily, it did poorly at that and it has discontinued the effort. A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

The third lesson from my brief encounter was that some smartly-dressed mature women have not got a clue about the value of things, or maybe they don’t care. There is a remarkable parallel there to today’s happy gambler jumping on to the Fixed Odds prices being offered by Tabcorp and Tattsbet, regardless of their poor value. If you have $5 to spend, just whack it on. That includes the odds-on favourite which now is so short that it will never be possible to make a profit on it. But who cares? You may win enough to buy the next round of drinks, or some broccoli.

Another parallel is with the era when TAA and Ansett operated under the Two-Airline-Policy with set fares and identical numbers of planes. When their managements met every Monday morning they were little concerned about weekly profits or customers but instead whether they had 51% or 49% of the business. By comparison, when Woolies dropped milk prices to a fixed $2, Coles did exactly the same thing and later Aldi followed suit. Or was it vice versa, but who cares. Well, producers did and so were forced to breaking point in many cases. Personally, I would have been quite happy to pay $2.50, and I suspect many other folk would have had the same view. The point is that the supermarkets were concerned only about getting a jump on the other guy. Benefits to consumers or producers never came into it.

Meantime, airline fares are now half what they used to be since Gareth (Biggles) Evans, then Minister for Aviation, brought in deregulation in 1989 which, incidentally, has been of huge help to the thousands of greyhound trainers shuttling around the country.

I might add that that was one of the only three things Labor governments ever did to improve things. Another was floating the dollar and the other when Whitlam stopped inserting “British Subject” in my passport. I hated that and never took any notice of it anyway, so it was a nice touch.

Which leads us to the tweedledum-tweedledee nature of Fixed Odds prices. The differences are small and often hard to get hold of anyway, whether you are a big or small punter. But it is why Racing NSW is now making a song and dance about their anti-competitive practices. CEO V’Landys, in his usual noisy fashion, is threatening dire consequences unless they conform to normal (oncourse) bookmaker principles. A fine idea, of course, but threatening to deregister them, in effect, is unlikely to get anywhere. It involves his implied power over the copyright to field lists, which is a state by state matter rather than a national one. It might work with Tabcorp, which is licensed in NSW, but not with operators licensed in other states, which is all the others.

What the Northern Territory and Tasmanian governments do is all that matters, especially in a digital era when copyright power is becoming more and more irrelevant and difficult to police. And they are two tiny states which do need the extra taxes.

Certainly, quite a lot of punters are not happy at the moment. But mature, well-dressed women from an office environment or builders on a work site trying to get set via their IPad or mobile may not know or care. The power of the people is just not there, unfortunately. Without that push, state racing ministers are unlikely to show much initiative.

The ideal message would be to ask punters to walk away unless the price is right. That’s exactly what would have happened in a decent old-time betting ring. Sadly, many investors now seem to know the price of everything but the value of nothing. Ideally, the industry might encourage the development of punters who do know what it is all about yet the facts suggest the opposite is occurring.

It is a classic case of people with knowledge outwitting those without it. That surely makes a case for more government intervention, which is principle I do not like, but what else can you ask for?

Otherwise, only a national reform of the betting market offers hope of improving the lot of today’s punters and gamblers, to say nothing about the future prosperity of the industry. Is a Royal Commission out of the question?

A National Approach To Greyhound Welfare

In February this year, Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) and Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) announced a joint Greyhound Welfare Strategy. As a result of this welfare initiative, the Board of Greyhounds Australasia (GA Board) has endorsed a national approach to animal welfare known as the “Greyhounds Australasia Greyhound Welfare Strategy” (Strategy).

The implementation of the Strategy is intended to ensure that the standards of care and welfare of every greyhound is not impacted by the movement of the greyhound from state to state. In the Strategy, GA has stated that “industry-wide strategies for addressing breeding of unsuitable greyhounds and for the provision of career and retirement opportunities provide the only meaningful method of producing positive change.”

Overall, the national approach will see:

- better education of participants and a requirement that all new participants be assessed on core competencies before obtaining or upgrading a licence;
- greater controls around the breeding of greyhounds;
- promotion of responsible breeding practices;
- a requirement that all greyhounds be under the care of a registered participant unless retired as a pet;
- better inspection and compliance requirements on greyhound properties;
- a star rating system to be used for all greyhound facilities at which greyhounds are housed;
- a tiered trainers licence system which will stipulate how many greyhounds a trainer can train;
- enhancements to the Greyhound Adoption Programs;
- measures to maximise racing opportunities and ensure greyhounds reach their full potential.

Scott Parker (CEO of GA) said the decision was a big win for the industry.

“GA and its members are absolutely committed to achieving the best possible welfare outcomes for its greyhounds. The industry is aiming to achieve the best greyhound welfare outcomes in the world and the national approach is a really important step in that ambition.”

“The industry already has nationally endorsed health and welfare standards and the vast majority of our owners, breeders and trainers treat their greyhounds with great respect. However, with many greyhounds moving regularly from state to state, regulating national welfare outcomes has been difficult,” Mr Parker said.

All states and territories have committed to the full implementation of the strategy over the next three years. Controlling bodies will now engage their registered participants to confirm strategy implementation plans. The GA Welfare Working Party will determine an oversight body to support each jurisdiction with their implementation.

The adoption of welfare initiatives at a national level should see a better, more consistent approach to the welfare of greyhounds. This is something that was needed in the industry and is a positive step towards improving an area of the sport that has been heavily targeted by critics of greyhound racing.

The Iron Dog Chases History

Whilst updating the ARG prizemoney page I came across the glaring omission of “The Iron Dog”. Tonight Garry Selkrig’s grand campaigner Stagger turns up at Ballarat for his chance at history. Earlier this month Stagger won at Warragul to notch up win 61, which equalled the record held by Tasmanian star Rewind for wins at a TAB meeting.

A look at Stagger’s career record of 61 wins from 120 starts leaves you wondering how long the dog can keep on going. When will this warrior of the track finish his career?

“We retired him after he won his 50th start at Healesville. I really wanted him to get to 50 wins and the Healesville Club celebrated the end of his career with a nice BBQ, but we didn’t explain it clearly to the dog. He just doesn’t know how to stop, he is healthy and just wants to race. He is currently injury free and loves it. My old mate has had 11 more wins since that retirement day”, Garry explains.

“When he wants to retire he will tell me and that hasn’t happened yet. He is keen still, he pulls me out to the car and pulls me out to the boxes. That tells me that he enjoys it all and whilst that is the case I will continue on with him.”

Stagger is one of the very few dogs that has managed to continue racing well whilst having a stud career, which is a testament to his chase and honesty.

“He has served over 30 bitches and his oldest are 19 months old and flying at the moment. It’s really exciting and we cant wait till they hit the track. He mixes business and pleasure perfectly, not many can handle stud duties and racing, but he has kept his mind on the job. There is a chance now that he could be racing against his own, which would be exciting and rare.”

Garry tells a story with such enthusiasm of the day a Chinese buyer enquired about buying Stagger.

“We had a Chinese tycoon in the Iron Ore business that rang wanting to pay 60 thousand for him to take him to China. He loved the dog because he had heard him referred to as “The Iron Dog” and he wanted to buy him being in Iron Ore. We never considered selling the dog though, he is part of the family. Once we retire him he will spend the rest of his life at home, we are just enjoying the ride week to week with him.”

In a lot of interviews conducted on ARG we ask the trainer what the career highlight is for a dog and the trainer normally refers to a victory in a group race. In the case of Stagger that group win is the Warragul Cup, but the response from Garry when I asked this question sums up Stagger and his trainer perfectly.

“The honesty is what i think is the main highlight. They don’t make them more honest than him and he just puts in so hard every start. Whenever he won heats for country cups he would struggle to back up in finals four days after, it just didn’t suit him at all. He could have won more cups if they were spaced a week apart. He gave 110 percent every start and he then struggled with quick back-ups.”

When asked if tonight would be the night for Stagger to etch his name in history, Selkrig put it very simply.

“He’s always a chance because he just tries so hard. They don’t make them anymore honest and 61 wins tells the story. He always stands up to racing and there isn’t any that are more durable. That’s why they call him “The Iron Dog.”

This Week In Racing History



High Earner annexed the 2009 Queensland Derby (520 metres, Albion Park), defeating Fedex by three-quarters of a length with Dashing Corsair just a head away third.

On the same night as High Earner was winning the Queensland Derby, NSW stayer Forty Twenty ran 43.23 to set a new track record for the 729 metres trip at Dapto.


The NSW State Government introduced regulations giving the Greyhound Racing Control Board supreme authority over racing in the state in 1950. The NSW Greyhound Racing Clubs’ Association objected to some of the rules. In late July, the NSW Chief Secretary, Clive Evatt, granted the Clubs’ Association an extension to 14 August in which to submit draft rules which they considered acceptable.

Northern Legend took out the 1995 Maturity Classic (511 metres at Olympic Park) for trainer Graeme Bate, earning $20,000. Northern Legend defeated His True Value by just over two lengths with Big Ginger Boy seven lengths adrift in third place. This was the first time the Maturity Classic final had been run in June.


Sentinel won a 575 yards (525 metres) match race at Murwillumbah with Owataboy in 1936. Billed as the mechanical coursing championship of Australia, Owataboy led for 200 metres, they then raced neck and neck for 50 metres before Owataboy again led. Sentinel took the lead 100 metres from home and raced away to win by three lengths. The time of 32.0 broke the previous track record (held by Owataboy) by one second. Owataboy (Golden Beauty x Maid Of Fashion) had raced 26 times for 19 wins, the last five on end. Sentinel took his record to 20 starts for 16 wins, two seconds, and two thirds (another source suggests it was 21 starts for 17 wins). The victory was Sentinel’s eleventh consecutive.

Shady City defeated Bold Trease by three lengths in their match race held over 732 metres at Harold Park in 1987. In front of a large crowd, Bold Trease, who had won the Association Cup three weeks earlier, led by six lengths on the home turn but was run down in the straight by Shady City. After the event it was revealed Bold Trease had been suffering from a minor hip injury and trainer Norm McCullagh had the champion on the lead for the previous week. He later said he only raced Bold Trease to keep faith with the public. Had it been any other event he would have been scratched.


Flash Jass won the 1986 National Futurity in 26.43 for 457 metres at Harold Park. This was the first time the race had been run at the track because of work being conducted on remodelling Wentworth Park.

Sworn to Secrecy ran 28.20 to set a new track record for 503 metres at Port Augusta in 2003.


Victorian sprinter Superman set a new race record of 29.83 in winning the 2006 Queensland Derby (Albion Park, 520 metres) by a length and a half from NSW contenders Winsome History and Spring Gladiator.


Track specialist Turbo Top defeated Caraloa Pride by five lengths to win the 1984 National Futurity over 530 metres at Wentworth Park. Salisa was third with National Lass fourth.


C’Est La Vie won the 2010 Laurels at Sandown (515 metres) for trainer Robert Britton. This was the last time the event would be finalised in June. A second Laurels final took place in December, the only time the race has been held twice in the same year.

El Grand Senor blitzed the 2011 Traralgon Cup field, scoring by five and a half lengths from Allen Lawson with Radley Bale a further four and a half lengths away in third place. El Grand Senor ran a race record 29.45 for the 513 metres.

Brendan Pursell Set For A Big Night At Hobart With “Team Despicable”

Brendan Pursell is a Tasmanian trainer on the rise and he has a big chance to add to his recent run of form on Thursday night with a strong hand at the Hobart meeting. Pursell’s “Team Despicable” loom as major chances to take out two of the GOTBAT division’s after impressive showings in the heat’s last week.

Getting these dogs was a case of being in the right place at the right time for Pursell and things have been rosy for the Brighton trainer since.

“Mitchell Pryce owns the dogs and sent them down to Mick Stringer who has since gone through the process of winding down his numbers to a much smaller team. He hadn’t done anything with Despicable Ben and Matt and I was offered the dogs”, explained Brendan.

“Once those two were going well Mitchell sent me Despicable Lea, who is in the final Thursday night. He also sent me Locky and Chris who haven’t had a race yet, but one of those goes pretty good, so we are looking forward to that. I’ve got 10 dogs in work at the moment; the five Despicable’s, Champagne Girl, Allonah, Club Foot, Limbo Maid and Bain’s Lane.”

“Champagne Girl and Bain’s Lane aren’t far away from resuming, whilst Allonah and Club Foot are in on Thursday night as well. Club Foot is another from Mick Stringer that goes well and I expect him to run a good race on Thursday.”

Despicable Lea is the first of Pursell’s GOTBAT finalist’s after winning her heat impressively in the Division 3 for Juveniles series. She will jump from box two in the final.

“If she jumps like she did in her heat and found the front she will be hard to catch. Howzat Grace has drawn perfectly and is very strong and will be the hardest to beat.”

Pursell will also play a huge hand in the GOTBAT Division 2 for grade four and five dogs after Despicable Ben and Despicable Matt won their respective heats impressively. Despicable Ben ran a best of the night 26.06 and looks the hardest to beat in the final.

“Ben is the better of my chances. He probably would have been suited drawn out wide where he can wind up. Real Caution would be the main threat after his run the other day and Matt is a place chance if things go right, but he will find it hard to beat the other two.”

“Despicable Ben is the best of the three by a country mile on what he’s done. He is very strong, but lacks a little in the second split. His run home times are as good as the really good ones and if he can improve a bit early we might have something. I might bring him over to Victoria for one of the heat and finals at The Meadows on a Wednesday or Sandown on a Sunday.”

“If he happens to win on Thursday night and everything is well we might trial next week at The Meadows and see how he goes. At least there is no excuses that way, if he has seen the track and been through the travel process we will be ready to go. He isn’t fool-proof early, so I think a trial is crucial. It would be different if he was a flying machine early and landed on the lure, but he is what he is.”

This attention to detail is sure to see Pursell with a big win in Victoria sooner rather than later.

Brodie Burgess And Narelle Mulcahy Fined Following Bundaberg Incident

Racing Queensland (RQ) Stewards today inquired into complaints lodged by licensed trainer Ms Narelle Mulcahy and Mr Bill Samuel (licensed attendant) regarding the alleged conduct of another licensed attendant Mr Brodie Burgess following the race meeting at the Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club on Saturday 10 May 2014, and a subsequent counter complaint of Mr Brodie Burgess against Ms Mulcahy alleging that she had removed a greyhound trained by his father Mr Paul Burgess from the kennel block, without their permission.

Today evidence was taken from Ms Mulcahy, Bill Samuel, Brodie Burgess, Paul Burgess, Henry Plunkett (Vice President Bundaberg Racing Club), Dianne Patterson (Office Secretary Bundaberg Racing Club), Peta Lea and Desleigh Bickley (Patrons), David Raines (Gate attendant), together with written evidence from Mark, Robyn and Kirstie Reberger (Patrons). Subsequently Mr Brodie Burgess was charged and pleaded guilty to a breach of Greyhounds Australasia Rule of Racing 86 (f)(iv) which reads:

A person (including an official) shall be guilty of an offence if the person engages in, publishes or causes to be published, broadcasts or causes to be broadcast, the use of any contemptuous, unseemly, improper, insulting, or offensive language, conduct or behavior in any manner or form towards, or in relation to any other person having official duties in relation to greyhound racing.

The specifics of the charge being that on Saturday 10 May 2014, at the Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club, Mr Brodie Burgess (licensed attendant) did improperly conduct himself by using offensive language towards other licensees in the vicinity of the kennel block at the Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club, and furthermore that he improperly conducted himself by throwing a greyhound muzzle, which struck the Club’s Vice President being Mr. Henry Plunkett.

When considering an appropriate penalty, Stewards were mindful of Mr. Burgess’s unblemished record with regard to conduct matters, his forthright evidence and remorsefulness throughout the inquiry, however also recognised a need for a penalty to serve as a deterrent. Mr. Burgess was subsequently fined $1000 of which $600 was ordered to be suspended for a period of 12 months subject to him not breaching any conduct related rules.

In relation to the counter complaint lodged by Mr Burgess against Ms Mulcahy, Ms Mulcahy was also charged under and pleaded guilty to Greyhounds Australasia Rule of Racing 86 (o), which reads:

“A person (including an official) shall be guilty of an offence if the person has, in relation to a greyhound or greyhound racing, done a thing, or omitted to do a thing, which in the opinion of the Stewards or the Controlling Body, as the case may be, is negligent, dishonest, corrupt fraudulent or improper, or constitutes misconduct”

The specifics being as a licensed Trainer with Racing Queensland, at the Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club on 10th May 2014, she was negligent in that she failed to properly identify the correct greyhound before removing the registered greyhound BLUE SORELLA, which is trained by Mr Paul Burgess, from the kennel block, which in the opinion of Stewards was negligent.

Ms Mulcahy was fined the sum of $100.

Mr Burgess and Ms Mulcahy were advised of their appeal rights.

Ken Burnett Appeal Result

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) advises that the NSW Racing Appeals Tribunal’s Mr David Armati has ruled on the appeal of trainer Mr Ken Burnett against a penalty imposed by GRNSW stewards for a breach of GAR 86 (o) following an incident at Wentworth Park on 17 January 2014.

Mr Burnett appealed against the stewards’ finding and the penalty imposed on him of a $200 fine and a three month suspension, which itself was suspended for 12 months. The appeal hearing was conducted on 11 June 2014.

The appeal against the breach of GAR 86 (o) was dismissed. The appeal against the penalty was upheld in part, with the penalty varied to a $200 fine and no suspension.

One-third of Mr Burnett’s appeal deposit was refunded.

The full decision can be viewed here.

Greyhound Lotteries Dominate

Henry Ergas, usually better known for his economic and political commentary, plucked out a topical quote in his column in The Australian (16 June): “In the game of the round ball,” Jean-Paul Sartre ruefully observed, “everything is complicated by the presence of the opposing team.”

The opposition in greyhound racing is turning out to be the people who refuse to do anything about removing the complications from its racetracks. No better illustration is available than the pictures of competitors at Wentworth Park in the Peter Mossman heats last Saturday. They were spread out at the first turn like a flock of geese in the path of a jet aeroplane. Feathers flew everywhere, three dogs fell but many more were inconvenienced. Few favourites won and exotics ranged from difficult to impossible to pick. The First Four in Hooksy’s race paid $4332, another paid $5,165 (or would have if someone had put $1 on it) and four others were just under or over the $1,000 mark.

The reason is simple – the track is badly designed.

Thirteen years ago authorities fiddled with both main turns, only to make the situation worse. For forty years before that, grass and loam, it was always known as “the tricky track”, mainly by comparison with the famed Harold Park circuit, beloved of trainers, punters and champion dogs. Many refused to go over the hill to Glebe’s other track, knowing their fortunes would be in the lap of the gods. Their numbers include Australia’s biggest and most successful owner, Paul Wheeler, who for years refused to allow his dogs to race at Wenty and now allows it only on special occasions when big money is on offer.

Perhaps Greyhounds Australasia talked about the subject at their quarterly meeting last week, although we have no idea what was on their agenda or what they decided to do. If so, they might also have looked at the other major circle tracks in the country, all of which also have significant faults in one way or another. The problem is endemic and it is scoring the industry a series of own goals. Punters don’t much like their chances being ruined after the first five seconds.

In some cases the problem is easy fixed. We pointed out the other day the urgent need to shift the start of the 600m trip at The Meadows, but you can add Albion Park’s 600m start to that list as well. Despite all the noise about millions being spent to create a new track at Logan, Albion Park will continue running for years to come and a comparatively small investment would attend to that problem. Yet it is not even on the shopping list.

Currently, that part of the track is hemmed in by the existence of one of those figure eight training tracks for the trots. That not only causes hassles for 600m starters but the resultant flat camber also disadvantages 710m dogs trying to get around their first turn. As favourite Tarks Nemesis will remember, it was there that it took the second favourite (Wag Tail) off the track in a heat of the Gold Cup, allowing outsiders to take the honours.

Incidentally, the last plan published for the new Logan track included a bend start for its middle distance trip, indicating that authorities are very slow on the uptake.


Back to the nitty-gritty, Xylia Allen scored a meritorious all-the-way win in the Albion Park Gold Cup last Thursday, albeit she did not have a lot to beat. Her 41.71 time was three lengths slower than her heat win although she ran almost identical time to the judge the first time around. It was her seventh distance race in 42 days so the pressure is no doubt telling, even though the Albion Park is trip certainly one of the easier “700s” around.

On that last note, Albion Park’s 710m is essentially a 650m sort of trip with a good two thirds of all winners being in the first two from the jump. It was instructive to note a great stayer, Arvos Junior, finding it too tough from box 8 to catch the runaway leaders there in the National Championships. Outside boxes are always disadvantaged because of that flat first turn mentioned above.

More surprisingly, our old friend, Late Angel Lee, finally conquered his demons in winning a 4/5th grade 710m race last week in a smart 42.09, after running a quicker first sectional than Xylia Allen. In both these cases they were noticeably slowing on the line, suggesting that both are due for a longer break than the constant 7-day habit they have been experiencing. Be wary if that does not happen.

In the only other distance race of note last week, Luna Jinx got away quite nicely (5.10) at The Meadows and had little trouble scoring in a moderate 43.06. This time she paid a more sensible $4.20 on the tote. In her previous three starts, winning the first and doing poorly in the next two, she has been priced at $1.90, $1.50 and $2.80. Several of her opponents were theoretically capable of better times but all are fading these days or just not getting into the race. None of these is worth backing at anything less than $4.00, including Luna Jinx, and preferably after a longer beak than 7 days.

Greyhound Betting Tips Monday 16th June

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Albion Park Greyhounds

RACE 3 – 515M Novice – 7.24pm

Blue Den has finally drawn the red and as long as he doesn’t blow the start, we might see the son of Elite Blue Size finally win his novice. He has always been a dog who can run much quicker then his form suggests, but slow starts and wide boxes have seen him struggle to notch up win number two. There is two main dangers in this race, Hanson Harley and Well Hello, boxes five and eight respectively. Hanson Harley will have to begin really well and Well Hello can’t dwell like she did at her first start at Ipswich.

Punters can expect to get odds of about $5.00 for Blue Den and as long as he doesn’t find himself in traffic, I expect the box to make the difference against his main rivals. Box seven runner Shot Of Fear is another that’s well drawn and who has been ticking over nicely. She looks the fourth selection if she stays out of trouble and begins quickly.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 5 – 8 – 7

Suggested Bet: Win Bet on Blue Den

Trifecta: 1/5,8/2,5,7,8


Leg 1: 2,7
Leg 2: 3,5
Leg 3: 4,5,7,8
Leg 4: 1,3

$32.00 for 100%

Albion Park Best Bet
Race 3 Box 1 Blue Den

Best Roughie
Race 7 Box 5 Premier Malt

Angle Park Greyhounds

RACE 4 – 731M Mixed Stake – 7.37pm

Manila Express is clearly the best dog in this race. I have a big opinion of her but I’m not so sure she should be racing over the 731m staying trip just yet. Last time out she looked flat over the 600m trip and only managed third. There was early interference, but I expected her to run on better. I expect her to lob handy tonight before racing right away. She has recorded fast time over the trip and this is her best chance to win.

There is many chances in this but the box draw hasn’t been kind to the main hopes. Ducktail Jiver and Husky Dreamer are the main dangers but both have drawn wide and both like to rail. Gold Hunter looks another hope, he joins the successful Petar Jovanovic kennel and Petar is building up a team of talented stayers. Don’t be surprised to see him have nearly the entire field in the near future. Another hope is Disco Bullet, he is only young but he looks a stayer in the making.

Top Four Selections: 2 – 7 – 8 – 3

Suggested Bet: Trifecta 2/3,7,8/1,3,7,8


Leg 1: 3,4,6
Leg 2: 5,7
Leg 3: 1,3,8
Leg 4: 7

$18.00 for 100%

Best Bet
Race 4 Box 2 Manila Express

Best Roughie
Race 5 Box 6 Shimmering Hood

First It’s The Box Draw, Everything Else Falls In Behind

Next time you think it’s tough finding a winner or two, think about how it must have been for punters at the old Harold Park circuit in the period when 10 runners would line up for a race.

I don’t know precisely when Harold Park dropped to eight-dog fields, although it appears to have been around 1960, or a little earlier. Prior to this, fields were a maximum of 10 runners. What’s interesting is that despite the passage of 60 or more years, some things really don’t change when it comes to which boxes tend to dominate.

In a brief chart published in the Sydney Morning Herald in April 1954, a list of winning box numbers from Harold Park showed there had been 201 races run from January to the end of March. Runners exiting box one registered 36 wins, or 17.91 percent, while box two notched 31 wins and box three 32 wins. The wins then dropped away dramatically with box five next best at 20 victories, box four 16, box nine 14 and boxes six, seven, eight, and 10 with 13 wins apiece.

A couple of weeks earlier, the Herald had published the results of 190 races run at Wentworth Park. As with today, races at Wentworth Park only ever consisted of a maximum of eight starters. Box one dominated with 48 wins (a massive 25.26 percent), ahead of box three with 31 wins and box two with 29. Box four won 22 races, ahead of box eight with 21 while box five had 14 (with one dead-heat), box six 14, and box seven just 10 (with one dead-heat).

Basically, the inside three alleys won almost 57 percent of races. At Harold Park in the same period, the inside three boxes picked up 49 percent of events run.

By way of comparison, I looked up the current situation regarding winning box numbers at Wentworth Park (via thedogs website). According to their statistics, box one has recorded 3,887 wins, box two 3,152 and box three 2,598. It doesn’t say what period the figures cover, but given there are 21,129 races it must be the period since the beginning of the loam track back in 1992. So, boxes one, two and three have won 9,637 races between them in that time, or over 45 percent.

By way of further comparison, I looked at The Meadows box stats for 525 metre races, via the GRV website. They only have the past 12 months, but from 926 races box one notched 188 wins (20.3 percent), ahead of box two with 156 and box three with 125 wins. So, the inside three alleys have snared 469 of the 926 races, or a whopping 50.6 percent.

Box six, almost universally, comes out with the worst numbers (which, in my opinion, always adds further lustre to the grand career of Rapid Journey, who raced five times out of that alley for five wins; but that’s another story).

Note what I wrote earlier regarding Harold Park and Wentworth Park, 60 years ago. The numbers haven’t moved much with the passage of time, whether it is a grass one-turn horseshoe track with long straights and 10 starters like the old Harold Park, a tight grass circuit like Wentworth Park used to be, or a loam track such as The Meadows. That box draw remains the single most important element in the equation for most punters, owners, and trainers.

Punters To Get Behind Push It

Speedy greyhound Push It is favourite to win the last Group One of the season at Wentworth Park on Saturday night.

Online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au has posted Push It at $2.90 favourite for the Peter Mosman Classic. The second reserve Keybow is next at $3.20 and Tommy Brislane ($3.50) is on the third line.

“Push It was impressive in the semi-final win, she’s a brilliant beginner and should lead and take catching from the two box,” sportsbet.com.au’s Shaun Anderson said.

Stilton Blue ($4.40) is also expected to race handy and luckless semi-finalist Access ($15), should be running on.

ARG’s Dimity Maher provided a detailed review of the semi-finals and will be posting a preview including the thoughts of the trainers involved in the final.

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Peter Mosman Classic market at Sportsbet

$2.90 Push It
$3.20 Keybow
$3.50 Tommy Brislane
$4.40 Stilton Blue
$8.00 All Strung Out
$9.00 Where’s The Surf
$11 Bessy Boo
$13 Fire Elusive
$15 Access
$21 My Awesome Opal

Virginia Coursing Results 15th June 2014

Small But Good!

With only a small number of nominations, racing was over pretty quick, but that didn’t deter from the quality on offer. Neil Mann and Rolland Parry led in doubles with Hidden Criminal, Miss Shaw and Kirkstall Jenny and Vail respectively, with Vail running best of day in 15.15.

Long Gully Brook finally saluted for Paula Hearnden when she defeated Karon Blakemore’s Blonde Justice. Lake Burley greeted the judge for Wendy Sebastyan when he defeated Karon Blakemore’s Pristine Justice. Don Turner led in Dan Holder who defeated Anthony Fry’s Nasty Ned.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday 29 June – all grades will be catered for.


Paula Hearnden’s LONG GULLY BROOK (WH & BK B, Apr ’11; Premier Fantasy/Blue Palace) defeated Karon Blakemore’s BLONDE JUSTICE (F B, Feb ’12; Dee Winter/Candy Lu) by ¾ length in 15.59. Winner trained by Paula Hearnden.

Wendy Sebastyan’s LAKE BURLEY (BK D, Mar ’11; College Causeway/Where’s Leena) defeated Karon Blakemore’s PRISTINE JUSTICE (F D, Mar ’09; Lucky Pristine/Another Justice) by 5 lengths in 15.54. Winner trained by Wendy Sebastyan.

Don & Gail Turner’s DAN HOLDER (BK D, Dec ’11; Cosmic Chief/Miss Eva Mai) defeated the Dont Knocka Coppa syndicate’s NASTY NED (BK D, Mar ’11; Knocka Norris/Police Woman) by 5 lengths in 15.33. Winner trained by Don Turner.

Teresa Mann’s MISS SHAW (BK B, Sep ’12; Trewly Special/Crime Fighter) defeated Cheryl Styles’ KIARO LASS (BK B, Sep ’12; El Grand Senor/Vadream) by 2.5 lengths in 15.78. Winner trained by Neil Mann.

Simon Bryars KIRKSTALL JENNY (WH & BK B, Apr ’12; Birthday Boy/Kirkstall Jane) defeated Don Turner’s TRULY DELICATE (BK B, Nov ’11; Cosmic Chief/Miss Eva Mai) by ¾ length in 15.51. Winner trained by Rolland Parry.

Michael Louth’s VAIL (BK D, Aug ’11. Bombastic Shiraz/Sitka) defeated Cathy Harris’ APERTIF (BK D, Apr ’11; Bombastic Shiraz/Black Caviar) in 15.15 (best). Winner trained by Rolland Parry.

Teresa Mann’s HIDDEN CRIMINAL (BK D, Sep ’12; Trewly Special/Crime Fighter) defeated Teresa Mann’s CRIMINAL WITNESS (BK D, Sep ’12; Trewly Special/Crime Fighter) by 1 length in 15.69. Winner trained by Neil Mann.

Four Invitees Announced For Superstayers At Albion Park

The four invitees for Thursday night’s listed Superstayers at Albion Park were announced on Sunday evening.

The invite-only event is held over the 710 metre trip and is worth $15,000 to the winner.

Two Victorian greyhounds as well as a Victorian-based New Zealander will join one local in the four-dog field.

The invitees announced are as follows;

Xylia Allen – Jenny Hunt - The Queen of Australian staying racing and the winner of the Group One Gold Cup at Albion Park last week. She has broken eight track records and won four Group One events. A win in this event would see her skip from fifth to third on the all-time stakes earners for Australian greyhounds.

Wag Tail – Christina Harman - A local staying star in Queensland who represented the state at the 2013 National Staying Championships. She won the 2014 Winter Chase winner at Albion Park and is the logical local selection.

Infinite Wish – Angela Langton - A regular top-line performer who has made finals in Group races in four different states over the last year. Was a runner-up in the Sydney Cup and ran third in last week’s Group One Gold Cup.

Know Class – James Shaw - A New Zealander who recently arrived on Australian shores and has already made two Group One finals. He will have his 100th career start in this race. Ran a cracking second behind Xylia Allen in the Gold Cup last week. Before that he had made the final of the Sandown Cup and will not be out of place in this race.

Grace Takes Top Honours At Melton Coursing

We were back at Melton this Sunday for the running of the 2014 Werribee Cup, J.N.Smith Memorial All Aged and supporting events. The wind was cool and the sky looked grim, but all in all the day turned out not too bad as far as coursing weather goes.

The main event on the card was the 2014 Werribee Cup and we saw a brilliant display of coursing all day by our winner and runner-up. Today girl power proved too strong with our President Peter Craig’s fawn flyer Full of Grace showing her strength to get the goods over Why Not Al, trained at Clyde by Wayne Mannix.

Next on the program was the J.N.Smith Memorial All Aged, with a very pleasing win going to Wayne Gray’s Why Not Oscar taking top honours from Magic Flyer, trained by Jessie Fothergill.

The Monash Vet Clinic One Win stake was won by Baines Park for David Dawson, bringing up her second win for the season. She was too good today for another runner from Wayne Gray’s kennel in Why Not Jetta, who made the trip down from Wendouree.

The first of the Maiden events was also the first leg in a treble for Team Massina, with Cette For Speed full of speed today and too good for Sam Luizzi’s Gary Groundwork.

The BKM Engineering Maiden Bitch event was won by Gary Mannion’s Dyna Cleto in impressive style over Doug Hammerstein’s Barjas. Great job by both bitches in this event today.

I am pleased to say that Shifty Mifty broke her maiden status today by taking out the Bernie Osmond Injury Detection Mixed Maiden. This greyhound has been knocking on the door for a while now so it was great to see her get the win today over Queer Banana, trained at Lara by Mark Roberts.

Derby Trial One was the second part of the Massina treble, with Zulekha showing his style, getting up over Andy Stewart’s locally trained Tackifire. Both of these pups ran well during the day and you should be proud of your boys.

Derby Trial Two was won by Midnight Flynn, who is trained at Glenrowan by John Carr. The runner-up today was Craig Davis’ Big Bad Tom.

Derby Trial Three was the final leg of the Massina’s treble, with Skin To Bone too good today for the Russ McRae trained Agar. If these events are anything to go by I can’t wait for the Puppy Championship and Derby to come around.

Last but not least on the card were the Oaks Trials for bitch puppies and they made their connections proud and were in no way being outdone by the boys today!

Oaks Trial One was won by Blingle for John Westerlo at Clyde. The runner-up was another of our President Peter Craig’s charges in Find Out Friday.

In Oaks Trial Two we saw Tina Two for Malcolm Davis get the edge over Graeme Campbell’s first time courser Laquita Lass.

Oaks Trial Three was won by Black and Pretty trained by Pat Burley and the runner-up was another of the Fozz team in Julie Fozz, who made the trip down with her trainer Brian ‘Fozz’ Fothergill.

A big thank you to everyone involved at the Melton Greyhound Racing Club who conducted this meeting on behalf of the Werribee Coursing Club. Huge thanks also go to all of the sponsors and last but by no means least to the trainers, who cover the kilometres across the state with your teams, be they large or small, giving your greyhounds a change of scenery and building their endurance along the way.

Our next meeting is the 2014 Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship, which is the first of our Classic meetings commencing at Melton on Sunday 29th June, with the final day being Sunday 6th July. This year the prizemoney for this event is $3695.00 to the winner, with a GOBIS bonus of $1000. We are calling for 64 puppies whelped on or after 1st March 2012. Nominations for Day One close at 4pm Wednesday 25th June, 2014.

For further information please visit our website www.ncavictoria.com

Take care and safe racing to all.

Upsets Galore In Group One Peter Mosman Semi-Finals

Group One Peter Mosman series favourite Hooksy bowed out in last night’s semi-finals at Wentworth Park after stumbling at the start and finding a stack of trouble from box three. The Philip Goodsell trained Stilton Blue continued his outstanding run of form, stepping beautifully from box five to lead throughout in a time of 29.93 by a length. Christine Proctor’s $28 outsider and first reserve Bessy Boo finished a gallant second and consistent chaser My Awesome Opal for Marie Burton finished in third position.

In-form chaser Push It recorded her fifth straight win at Wentworth Park last night taking out semi-final two for trainer Dean Swain after leading all the way from box two in 29.93. Notching up her tenth career win last night, the daughter of Collision and Low Gee Eye scored by nine and a quarter lengths and is a genuine chance in next week’s final, coming up with a favourable box two draw. Victorian greyhound Access for trainer Ian Garland finished second, providing a massive thrill for connections, and Fire Elusive for Mark Moroney wound up in third position. Favourite runner Zipping Delta unfortunately took a heavy tumble at the first turn, along with Aurora Girl and Smashing Sally.

Group One winner Keybow was all the rage at $1.90 in the last semi-final, however he failed to fire again from box two, missing the start and running home to finish in fourth place. Highly consistent chaser Tommy Brislane continued his winning ways after beginning brilliantly from box four to streak away by two and a half lengths in a best of the night time of 29.76. Trainer Steve White has prepared this greyhound to perfection, winning seven of eight career starts. The son of Premier Fantasy and Mary Virginia also recorded his fifth straight win last night and is a star on the rise, his notable early pace will be a key factor in next Saturday night’s final. Glenn Rounds’ All Strung Out ran a sensational race to finish second and cement his spot in the final, whilst Darren McDonald qualified Where’s The Surf for the final after he finished in third place.

The box draw for Saturday night’s $75,000 to the winner final is:

1. Bessy Boo – Christine Proctor
2. Push It – Dean Swain
3. Stilton Blue – Philip Goodsell
4. Access – Ian Garland
5. Tommy Brislane – Steve White
6. Where’s The Surf – Darren McDonald
7. My Awesome Opal – Marie Burton
8. All Strung Out – Glenn Rounds

Fire Elusive – Mark Moroney
Keybow – Darren McDonald

Robert Camilleri Fined And Disqualified On Two Charges

Offences Charged:

(1) GAR86(d) – Mr. Camilleri, being a trainer having official duties in relation to greyhound racing, did make a false or misleading statement on 5 December 2013 regarding Hydrocortisone in the form of Hysone 20mg tablets to Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) stewards Mr. Glenn Fish and Mr. Brayden Jinks and GRV Industry Veterinary Officer Dr. Steven Karamatic during the course of an investigation regarding a swab irregularity taken from the greyhound ‘Luxurious’ on 11 August 2013, in that he denied knowing the nature of the substance Hydrocortisone in the form of Hysone 20mg tablets that was being administered to Greyhounds trained by Mr. Graeme Bate.

(2) GAR86(o) – Mr. Camilleri, in that between on or about 11 August 2012 and 23 October 2013 he did administer or cause to be administered the prohibited substance Hydrocortisone in the form of Hysone 20mg tablets to Greyhounds trained by Mr. Peter Hunt without his knowledge or permission, being conduct which in the opinion of stewards is negligent, improper or constitutes misconduct.


General Following advice from Racing Analytical Services Laboratory, the Stewards of Greyhound Racing Victoria conducted an investigation into the results of a pre-race urine sample taken from greyhound ‘Luxurious’ at the Sale Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on Sunday, 11 August 2013.

During the investigation, Stewards received evidence from registered trainer Mr. Graeme Bate, Mrs. Beverley Bate (Owner), Mr. Joe Briffa (Trainer), Mr. Robert Camilleri (Trainer), Ms. Amy Cole (Trainer), Ms. Jenny Hunt (Trainer), Mr. Leon Harris (Handler), Ms. Michelle Mallia-Magri (Trainer), Mr. Chris Falcke (Department of Health), Wendy Fasoli (Trainer) and received statements from Dr. Alastair Smith (Sandown Veterinary Clinic), Mr. Paul Zahra (Racing Analytical Services Laboratory), Dr. Steven Karamatic (Greyhound Racing Industry Veterinary Officer), Mr. Glenn Fish (Chief Steward) and Mr. Ron Matthews (Steward).

After considering the evidence, Stewards charged Mr. Camilleri with a breach of Greyhounds Australasia Rules GAR86 (d) and GAR86 (o) as indicated in changes (1) and (2) above.

Under Rule 47.1 of the Greyhound Racing Victoria Local Rules these charges constitute Serious Offences. As a result, on Tuesday, 10 June 2014 this matter was heard before the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board in the first instance under Greyhound Local Racing Rule 47.3 and Sections 83C(b) and 83M(1) of the Racing Act.

Mr. Robert Camilleri represented himself.

Mr. Robert Camilleri pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Mr. Paul Holdenson QC assisted by Mr. Patrick Considine (Corrs Chambers Westgarth) represented the Stewards Panel.

After hearing all the evidence tendered and having regard to GAR86 (d) and GAR86 (o), the RADB determined that:

(a) in relation to charge (1), Mr. Camilleri was guilty as charged and was fined $500 and disqualified for 3 months; and

(b) in relation to charge (2), Mr. Camilleri was guilty as charged and he was fined $500 and disqualified for 3 months (to commence after the disqualification for charge 1 has been served and wholly suspended for 18 months).

The RADB’s reasons for their decisions were as follows:

Charge 1 – GAR 86(d)

Evidence given by all the parties has been reviewed. As noted by the Stewards, there are inconsistencies in the evidence. Mr. Camilleri claimed at the Stewards Inquiry on 5 December 2013 and at the hearing before us on 26 May 2014 that he didn’t know that the “little white tablets” were Hysone 20mg tablets or that they contained Hydrocortisone; he said he believed they were anti-cramp tablets to be given to those greyhounds who were identified by Mr. Graeme Bate as bad crampers. Mr. Camilleri also claimed that he originally got the tablets from Mr. Bate in a little white container with no label on it, or with the label scratched off, which he kept to prevent the tablets from getting wet. In this regard, his evidence was not confined to the seven loose tablets left on a table at Mr. Bate’s kennels when Stewards arrived to notify Mr. Bate of the Gunda Bale positive swab on 10 May 2013. Mr. Camilleri said that he had used the little white tablets for a couple of years, and had even given four of these tablets to his own racing greyhounds during this period. Mr. Bate said in his evidence that he didn’t know Mr. Camilleri had done this.

From the evidence, the Board is of the view that it is highly unlikely that as at 5 December 2013, Mr. Camilleri did not know that the little white tablets were Hysone 20mg and that they contained Hydrocortisone. The Board notes the following:

1. The tablets were imprinted “H20″.

2. Mr. Camilleri has been a registered greyhound trainer since 1995 and a public trainer for most of this time. While working and residing at Mr. Bate’s property for six years, he has trained a small number of greyhounds and used the little white tablets on his greyhounds on four occasions. It is difficult to believe he would do that not knowing what the tablets really were.

3. Ms. Amy Cole, who was responsible for looking after one of the sheds at the Bate property during the time that Mr. Camilleri was there, knew that Hysone tablets were being used at the Bate property in 2012 as, according to the evidence of Ms. Michelle Mallia-Magri, another greyhound trainer for whom Amy worked for a short time, Amy suggested Michelle try them on her greyhounds. It would seem very surprising if others working at the Bate property, particularly Mr. Camilleri and Mr. Joe Briffa (both experienced trainers in their own right and in charge of the Bate operations when Mr Bate was not there) did not know at least at a similar time to Ms. Cole of the use of the Hysone tablets there.

4. Mr. Bate was notified by GRV Stewards on 24 October 2013 that a swab taken from the greyhound “Luxurious” at the Sale Greyhound Racing Club meeting on 11 August 2013 had shown the presence of the prohibited substance free Hydrocortisone at an unusual or abnormal amount of an endogenous substance. At the time of the notification Mr. Camilleri was present and telephoned Mr. Bate to inform him of the Stewards’ visit and Mr. Bate subsequently arrived and talked with the Stewards. This positive swab probably arose because, at the time of the notification of Gunda Bale positive swab, Stewards took one of the seven loose tablets which Dr. Steven Karamatic (GRV Veterinary Officer and present with the Stewards at that visit) found on a table at the Bate kennels, and took it to Racing Analytical Services Ltd on 13 May 2013 for analysis. RASL confirmed that the tablet contained Hydrocortisone (Refer witness statement of Dr Steven Karamatic). Mr. Bate said in his interview with Stewards on 24 October 2013 that he had thrown away all the remaining Hysone tablets because Stewards were constantly swabbing his dogs, so he knew Stewards “must have been looking for levels” and he stopped using them. Even if Mr. Camilleri did not know up until then what the “little white tablets” were (which we doubt), it is difficult to believe that he would not have been told or at least noticed that there was a change in Mr. Bate’s medication regime (that is, no more “little white tablets”) and to enquire as to the reason. Mr. Bate’s evidence on 10 December 2013 states that he didn’t tell Joe (Briffa) and Rob (Camilleri) initially, but “since this (presumably the Luxurious swab result), naturally Joe and Rob found out (page 54). Mrs. Bate was even more forthright in her second interview with Stewards on 24 February 2014 when she said that Rob and Joe knew what the (little white) tablets were.

In his interviews on 5 December 2013 and before this hearing on 26 May 2014, Mr. Camilleri denied any knowledge of what the little white tablets were. They were to be used, at Mr. Bate’s direction, for those dogs which were bad crampers. Mr. Camilleri said he knew nothing more about them. The particulars of charge 1 require the Board, on the Briginshaw standard, to be comfortably satisfied that on 5 December 2013, Mr. Camilleri knew “the nature of the substance Hydrocortisone in the form of Hysone 20mg tablets being administered to greyhounds trained by Mr. Graeme Bate”. Even accepting that Mr. Camilleri did not know that the little white tablets were Hysone 20mg and that they contained Hydrocortisone (and this is somewhat of a stretch given other evidence), we are comfortably satisfied that he would have known this on 5 December 2013. As an experienced public trainer with his own greyhounds, it seems to defy common sense to believe that he did not know these things by this time. His statements and his actions (or lack of obvious enquiry) may have been guided by his loyalty to Mr. Bate and his fellow workers. Indeed, all of those people who gave evidence in early December 2013, maintained a similar line of denying knowledge of what the little white tablet was. But even knowing that it was an additional tablet for the bad crampers (whereas the Pharma Mag tablets were for the “ordinary” crampers and the Pharma Mag name was always used) and then using these tablets for his own greyhounds should have put Mr. Camilleri in a position of finding out for himself what the tablets were and what was in them. We believe any reasonable trainer in Mr. Camilleri’s position would have done so. We also note that Mr. Briffa and Ms. Cole, who were both charged with a similar offence to Mr. Camilleri and who denied knowledge of what the little white tablet was in their interviews with the Stewards in December 2013, pleaded guilty to their respective charges before this Board. Therefore it is almost unbelievably strange that given his role in Mr. Bate’s operations, it was only Mr. Camilleri who did not at 5 December 2013 know about the Hysone tablets and that they contained Hydrocortisone.

The Board noted that in the course of submissions made by Mr. Camilleri after delivery of this finding that he conceded that when interviewed by the Stewards on 5 December 2013 he was aware of the nature of the substance Hydrocortisone and the 20 mg Hysone tablets and had been so aware since about 24 October 2013.

The Board finds Mr. Camilleri guilty on charge 1.

Charge 2 – GAR 86(o)

If we accepted Mr. Camilleri’s claims on charge 1, then administering the little white tablets to greyhounds trained by Mr. Peter Hunt without his knowledge or permission may be even more negligent or improper than it might otherwise be. Mr. Camilleri claimed that he was only guilty of what Mr. Bate directed. In his mind, given the family relationship (Mr Hunt being Mrs. Bate’s son), Mr Hunt’s dogs were Mr Bate’s dogs – part of the overall Bate kennel operations. Nevertheless Mr. Camilleri is an experienced public trainer who knew of Mr Hunt’s illness and he should have enquired further as to Mr Hunt’s knowledge or permission to the administration of the tablets. Otherwise he was exposing Mr. Hunt (as trainer) and those greyhounds to which the tablets were given, to a potential positive swab and the consequences and penalties that flow from that.

In the circumstances the Board are comfortably satisfied that Mr. Camilleri’s conduct is negligent and improper and in breach of GAR 86(o). The Board finds Mr. Camilleri guilty on charge 2.

In assessing penalties, the Board took into account all the evidence and submissions, including the following matters:

(a) Mr. Camilleri’s not guilty pleas;
(b) The nature of the prohibited substance Hydrocortisone;
(c) The need to maintain the integrity of greyhound racing and ensure a level playing field
for all participants;
(d) Prior penalties for similar offences, including those associated with other persons charged
in the ‘Luxurious’ swab irregularity matter;
(e) Mr. Camilleri’s character and his clean history (very minor prior offences) in the
greyhound industry;
(f) Mr. Camilleri’s false statements impeded Stewards in their investigations; and
(g) Mr. Camilleri’s conduct in relation to charge (2) was over a lengthy period of time.

Move On. Nothing To See Here!

Not much there isn’t!

It was wonderful to hear the Queensland Racing Minister and Racing Queensland boss (Dickson and Dixon resp) tell assembled throngs at the annual award night that everything was looking fine and dandy, including the start of work on the new track at Logan, southwest of Brisbane, on May 19. That’s this year, not next. No further details are available yet but no doubt someone is there with a shovel or two.

The usual noisy objectors have been around, claiming greyhound racing is a dastardly affair and that the $12 million investment should have gone to hospitals and schools. That’s odd logic because that’s precisely where the gambling taxes go anyway. Demonstrators at the parliamentary Inquiry in Sydney also got their facts wrong in the same way.

Hovering at the moment is a decision on who will end up with the Queensland tote license, currently in the care of Tattsbet. The government and RQ have been looking for “innovative” submissions, whatever that means, yet the Minister seems to have missed the point that the tote (whoever runs it) has been losing traction for many years now. That may be partly due to its smaller size, partly due to the way it is run, but more importantly it is due to the fact that customers are fewer and/or are going elsewhere – ie to corporate bookies or to interstate and overseas operators.

The Minister’s joyful forecasts has also failed to take into account the continuing decline in animal numbers and nominations in all codes and owners’ preferences to move good racers elsewhere in search of better prize money and opportunities. Albion Park’s major weekly Thursday meeting now routinely includes one, two or three Maidens or Novice races and, last week, two 395m fillers to make up the numbers.

With the possible exception of NSW, racing authorities have all been putting on a bright face and trumpeting about what they term great results over recent years. GRNSW has at least pointed out it will be running out of cash before long as it is unable to negotiate a better split of TAB commissions, and may then have to rationalise operations.

None of these hopes have much substance behind them as progress has so far been funded by extra races and mug gamblers prepared to have a crack at anything. You will not hear much publicity about that, though. Interestingly, it all bears a great resemblance to the picture of the Australian economy, or at least the national budget.

Peter Van Onselen, a WA University professor writing in The Australian (June 14), surmises that the Commonwealth government is getting beaten about the head “because the community is yet to embrace the seriousness of the fiscal challenge in the years ahead” – that is, people will not accept we have been spending more than we can afford.

He agrees with the Abbott/Hockey objectives although not always the methods they have chosen to get there. To bring matters to a head, he claims that voters first need to realise the extent of the problem. “Three proofs are needed: (that) Australia has a fiscal problem, the government’s approach is flawed, and there is a better way”.

Many folk might not agree that greyhound racing has such a threefold problem. Yet, in real terms, industry incomes are flat or in decline. Field quality is getting poorer by the day as more and more races are being screwed out of a dog population that has not changed much for several years. And the betting market lacks enough real competition to generate attractive prices – largely due to the cartel nature of the system’s members.

In the last case, note that Fixed Odds operators all offer much the same price structure, more or less, while tote pricing sets the base for the former products (or perhaps vice versa).

An interesting pointer came from Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald (May 31) when he examined the so-called competition now being promoted between universities following the latest series of budget changes. He suggests there is no genuine competition there as “we have a relatively small number of large and larger organisations, selling differentiated products of uncertain quality. We have oligopoly rather than perfect competition”.

Consequently, they “usually try to avoid competing on price rather than marketing. They have a degree of pricing power and their competition takes the form of “rivalry” – focusing on the behaviour of competitors rather than the needs of the public”.

Is that any different from what we are experiencing amongst betting operators? It seems not, thereby helping to explain why the overall market is static or falling, and has been for 20 years now.

At the core, the underlying reason for that situation is that state governments control the major operators directly as well as approving the rules under which the others work. But when have governments been good at running commercial enterprises? When have they updated or brought about reforms? Not in recent memory.

Indeed, the reverse is the case. The only significant change to the racing system over the last few decades has been arrival of corporate bookmakers, starting in the 1990s. Yet, almost to a man, state governments and racing authorities opposed them violently, giving way only when the Northern Territory and Tasmania broke ranks after they got offers too good to refuse. Although customers had always welcomed the newcomers, their views were coincidental and had little impact on the big decisions.

Hence the artificiality of the wagering system as we know it. It’s set by power brokers – in an oligopoly – rather than by customer demand. And it is expensive to use, which is why we have seen the increase in mug gamblers as a proportion of the betting public. Greed wins over rationality. Genuine punters have either insisted on big discounts or given the game away.

So there is nothing new about racing trends; it’s just a matter of whether we recognise them and take corrective action.

Meadows Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview For Saturday 14th June 2014

If you’ve already claimed our feature Free Bet of the week from BetEasy, take advantage of Sportingbet’s decision to bump their free bet offer up to a $700 Free Bet – Claim Your SportingBet $700 Free Bet.

Race 1 – 600M Maiden Final – 7:14PM

Tough race to open the night but I think the early speed Julie Bale showed in her heat gives her the edge. After a clean getaway she posted a 9.06 first section and from there on she never looked back. Her mother is the former champion stayer Amity Bale and she showed last week that the extra trip was not an issue and in time she will probably relish the 700m trip.

Bekim Rose was produced the most eye catching run of the heats, for most of the trip she was posted wide and never really given a chance to balance up until with 150m to go. After finding a heap of bother she still managed to hit the line first and the time was a more than respectable 34.96.

Top Four: 5 – 1 – 4 – 6

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 1,5/1,5/Field ($12 for 100%)

Trifecta: 5/1/Field ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 5/1,4,6/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race 2 – 525M Grade 5 – 7:37PM

Tic Tac Thomas doesn’t have the flashiest form but this is a fairly weak event and if he can begin cleanly he should be able to punch through at the first bend. In recent times he has been finding bother soon after box rise and his confidence has been shattered, in the past he has won here in 30.13 and a repeat of that will see him get the cash.

Moot Point is the run on dog in the event, he is likely to miss the kick and move to the fence soon after box rise. With that being the case he should be able to drive through and find himself in a prominent spot as they head for the back straight. Bayman Bale and Cobra Bale are the two class dogs in the event but both appear to be racing a tad below their best at present. Obviously if they happen to ping and get some open space in the first 50m they can figure in the finish.

Top Four: 1 – 3 – 6 – 7

Suggested Bets: Win bets on Tic Tac Thomas and Moot Point

Boxed Quinella: 1,3,6 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,3/1,3,6,7/1,3,5,6,7,8 ($24 for 100%)

Race 3 – 525M Grade 5 – 8:00PM

Hurricane Rhino didn’t have a lot of luck in his debut here last week but prior to that he showed his true ability with a top win at Wentworth Park in 29.95. On the occasion he showed a tremendous turn of foot soon after box rise and he really dominated his rivals, tonight he has a slow begin drawn outside he should get every chance to muster and he can repeat his Wentworth Park performance.

Lektra Brave is surprisingly not that badly drawn in box six and he looked ultra impressive when winning at Sandown Park in a slick 29.52 last week. He is very hit or miss at box rise and you will know your fate with him in the first 20m. Velocemente and Liara Allen could be the surprise packets in the event, both have been racing without luck and both have tremendous ability when on song.

Top Four: 3 – 6 – 4 – 5

Suggested Bets: Win bet on Hurricane Rhino

Boxed Quinella: 3,4,5,6 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3,6/3,4,5,6/2,3,4,5,6,8 ($24 for 100%)

Race 4 – 600M Mixed 4/5 – 8:20PM

The classy Easton Bale looks well placed in this company and with a clean getaway he should be able to make every post a winner. In recent times he has been facing much stronger chasers and he has been gobbled up in the closing stages. Tonight I’m tipping him to be running 34.50 on the bunny and that will be enough to get the cash.

Kayo Marciarno doesn’t win a lot of races but he is rarely far away. He is going to get a long way back initially but he does storm home late and he is a great dog to anchor for second and third in the exotics. Eraptor has won two of three here and he has a solid 34.58 PB, so if he can get across early he should find himself in the mix. Dyna Werribee must also be kept safe, from the red he should settle fairly close to the speed and he is better than his form reads.

Top Four: 4 – 6 – 7 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 4/1,6,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Quinella: 4 to rove with 1,6,7 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,4,7/6/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,4,7/Field/6 ($18 for 100%)

Race 5 – 525M Mixed 3/4 – 8:38PM

Very open affair but I think with all the pace drawn out wide it might play in Ride The Rails favour. Normally a reliable beginner, he should be able to follow his kennelmate across in the early stages and he should be able to put a space in them off the back straight. He has previously won here in a smart 29.92 and he can show dazzling speed when on the bunny.

Allen Eryk is a gun chaser and he scored a super impressive 29.43 Sandown win in late May, the only concern with him is that he can take 30 or 40m to hit his stride, however with slow beginners either side he should get enough room in the early stages. Hawk Alone is ideally drawn and rarely far away in this company, whilst Fort Allen will settle on the speed and he should be in the mix for a long way.

Top Four: 8 – 4 – 1 – 6

Suggested Bets: Win bet on Ride The Rails

Trifecta: 1,4,8/1,4,8/1,3,4,5,6,8 ($24 for 100%)

Quinella: 8 to rove with 1,4,6 ($3 for 100%)

Race 6 – 525M Grade 5 Final – 8:57PM

Last week Duchess Bale pinged the lids and hit the first marker in a best of the night 5.05 and she maintained that high speed with a fastest heat win in 29.95. She should have no trouble finding the lead again tonight and it will be hard to see her being reeled in.

My Boy Snoop was having his first look here last week and he will have derived a lot of benefit from that run. He is normally slow to begin in his races but I think as they head through the first bend tonight he should find himself sitting in third or fourth spot and that should be close enough to threaten the leader.

Top Four: 2 – 3 – 5 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 2,3/2,3/Field ($12 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2/1,3,5/Field ($18 for 100%)

Boxed Quinella: 2,3,5 ($3 for 100%)

Race 7 – 725M Mixed 4/5 – 9:20PM

Tough race but I think we can find some value with the out of form Hala Belle. In late April she showed her true ability with a sizzling 41.82 Sandown Park win, since then he she been finding bother soon after box rise and has never been a chance in those races. Outside of Allen Deed there isn’t a lot of early speed in this event, so she should get every chance to settle in the top two.

Heaps Of Ability is perfectly drawn out wide and he has been racing in brilliant fashion Two starts ago he came from well back to score at Ballarat in 38.04 and on that occasion he beat a quality line up. Luna Jinx has enormous talent but she can make a lot of mistakes in her races. She is likely to be short and I think she is worth risking. Allen Deed should lead for a long way but I’m not convinced that he is a true stayer at the moment.

Top Four: 5 – 7 – 4 – 3

Suggested Bets: Win bet on Hala Belle

Boxed Quinella: 3,4,5,7 ($6 for 100%)

Race 8 – 525M Free For All – 9:40PM

Kiss Me Ketut is a class act when on song and he has been freshened up with a month off. Normally a reliable beginner, I’m anticipating that he will have more than enough speed to cross and if he can reproduce his 29.77 PB here he will prove very hard to gun down.

Buckle Up Mason has won three of his past four in brilliant fashion and he should be able to come across in the early stages with Kiss Me Ketut. I think Ketut will burn him off mid race but there won’t be a lot separating them at the line. Dream It is an enormous talent but he can be slow to begin at times, with a clear run initially he can definitely threaten.

Top Four: 6 – 5 – 3 – 2

Suggested Bets: Win bet on Kiss Me Ketut

Trifecta: 5,6/3,5,6/Field ($24 for 100%)

Race 9 – 525M Mixed 4/5 – 10:05PM

Rumbling Rick was a tad disappointing here last week but from the pink he should get every chance to cross tonight and I think he will be running time on the bunny. Outside of Pappa Galo there is not a lot of early speed and therefore he should be able to get a cheap lead. If you can get $3 or better that is great over’s.

Oakvale Flyer is all class and she has been racing in brilliant style of late. Two starts ago she showed sizzling mid race speed when scoring at Sandown in 29.48, a repeat of that will see her be in the finish tonight. Pappa Galo is drawn to settle in the first two and he must be included in your exotic bets.

Top Four: 8 – 4 – 1 – 2

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 8/1,2,4/1,2,3,4,6,7 ($15 for 100%)

Exacta: 8/1,2,4 ($3 for 100%)

Race 10 – 600M Grade 5 – 10:25PM

Shall She Rock has been racing without luck here over 525m in recent times and she really should appreciate the step up to 600m. She has been placed in three of her past four and on each occasion she has found bother in the early stages and then ripped home late. Looking at her race pattern and last 50m over the short journey, it looks like the extra journey shouldn’t pose too many problems.

Fearless Bert is the obvious danger, he is a gun chaser when on song and when given room in the first 50m he can show explosive pace. He has won over this journey previously but the only concern is that he likes to scout wide, so he will need a heap of luck as they head into the first bend. Zipping Casper appears to be the only other winning prospect. He is suitably drawn out wide and like Shall She Rock, his 500m form and sectionals indicate that this trip should suit.

Top Four: 5 – 3 – 8 – 4

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Shall She Rock

Race 11 – 525M Grade 5 – 10:42PM

Footluce Diva can be a little hard to follow at times but from the pink box tonight she should get every chance to show her best. Three starts ago she exploded from the traps and led throughout at Sandown Park. On that occasion she posted ridiculously fast splits and eventually stopped the clock in a sizzling 29.50.

Elite Devil was far from disgraced when placed here last week and he has early speed to burn. I would expect him to settle in the first two at the first bend and he should be in contention throughout. He’s Buzzin’ has loads of ability and he just needs luck at the first turn to make an impact.

Top Four: 8 – 4 – 1 – 2

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 8/1,2,4/Field ($18 for 100%)

Quinella: 8 to rove with 1,2,4 ($3 for 100%)

Race 12 – 525M Grade 5 – 11:00PM

Miss Kia Ora has found an extra gear of late and if she can reproduce her effort which saw her win here on Wednesday, she will prove very hard to hold out. In that effort she had to overcome some early difficulties and she then managed to hit the line in style and prior to that she smashed a field at Shepparton in 25.37.

Kerrigan Bale is a highly promising speedster who has won two of four starts to date with the latest win being at Sandown in a blistering 29.48. She has proven to be very hit or miss at box rise but when she hits she is brilliant. Shoulders is a classy NSW speedster and he didn’t have a lot of luck here last week, with a clean beginning he can make amends tonight.

Top Four: 5 – 3 – 6 – 1

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Miss Kia Ora

The Meadows Greyhounds Quaddie Tips

  • Leg 1: 1,4,6,8
  • Leg 2: 2,3
  • Leg 3: 3,4,5,7
  • Leg 4: 3,5,6
  • ($96 for 100%)

Wentworth Park Greyhound Betting Tips For Saturday 14th June 2014

Betting on tonight’s Wentworth Park greyhounds?

Make your punting night on the doggies easier with ARG’s exclusive Free Bets. This weeks featured free bet is the $500 Free Bet from BetEasy, plus BetEasy are offering every new account holder a free $50 bet on every Australian game at the World Cup.

Race 1 – 520M Grade 5 – 7:30PM

None Of Them is normally a very reliable beginner and he should find this much easier than last week’s heat of the Mosman Classic. He has been placed in four of his six tries over this trip and four starts ago he was ultra impressive when run down by Aurora Girl. Tonight he should get a fairly cheap lead and he will figure prominently.

Paddles Anderson showed his true ability with a smart 30.58 Canberra win recently and he was never out of trouble when soundly beaten by Hooksy last week. He should get a nice sit in the early stages and he will make his presence felt. Zipping Tarn will start as the favourite but she is having her first look here under race conditions and I think she is a big risk.

Top Four: 6 – 3 – 4 – 8

Suggested Bet: Win bets on both None Of Them and Paddles Anderson (both will be great value).

Race 2 – 520M Grade 5 – 7:50PM

Rosey Gardens is better known as a stayer, however tonight she finds herself in an event which features numerous front runners and she should be able to pick them off one by one off the back straight. She actually led last time over 700m, so she should be able to settle a little closer to the speed than normal tonight.

Miss All Class is drawn to hold the early lead and she recently posted a handy 30.27 win over this trip. The time wasn’t flashy but tonight’s field isn’t overly strong, so if she holds the lead she should be in the finish. Genetic Jenny has plenty of ability but she can be unreliable at times, whilst Joe Hanley can reel off dazzling early sectionals but he is always a doubt over the last 60m.

Top Four: 8 – 1 – 2 – 7

Suggested Bets: Each Way Rosey Gardens

Quinella: 8 to rove with 1,2,7 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,8/1,2,7,8/1,2,4,5,7,8 ($24 for 100%)

Race 3 – 520M Grade 4 – 8:07PM

Tiggerlong Amigo has panels on this lot and with an ounce of luck in running, he appears to be the bet of the night. He recently captured the Group Two WA Derby Final and on that occasion he turned in a huge performance after finding early bother. His box manners can be ordinary at times but he has an explosive first 50m which should still allow him to settle in a prominent spot.

Ritza Raider has won four of 14 over this trip and he was far from disgraced when placed here last week from this draw. With Army Surplus drawn underneath he should get a great cart across in the early stages. Prince Tanga has been racing in great form of late and he must be included in the exotics.

Top Four: 1 – 8 – 2 – 7

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 1,8/1,8/Field ($12 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/2,7,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race 4 – 520M Free For All – 8:27PM

Super race and I think we can find some value with Chica Destacada. Prior to being beaten here last time, she had posted two ridiculous wins here in 29.51 and 29.49 respectively. On both occasions she pinged the lids and never looked back, tonight she should have no trouble leading again and she will take a power of beating.

Double Twist really is freakish and she has won her two starts since resuming from a spell in breathtaking style. Obviously the box draw will pose a few problems but she still has the ability to win coming from off the speed. Evil Punk is another class act but with his wide draw he will need to do everything right early. Gradence doesn’t win a whole lot these days but he will be steaming home late and he is a great dog to anchor for third and fourth in your exotic bets.

Top Four: 2 – 5 – 8 – 3

Suggested Bets: Win bet on Chica Destacada

Trifecta: 2,5/2,5/Field ($12 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2/3,5,8/1,3,5,6,7,8 ($15 for 100%)

Race 5 – 520M Grade 5 Final – 8:50PM

Wild Roses showed tremendous early speed here last week and she appeared to tighten up in the last 50m, that was her first run here for over a month and she should have derived a lot of benefit from it. There doesn’t appear to be many overly strong runners in this event, so if she finds the lead again she will take some catching.

Chilli Sierra is another chaser who is blessed with explosive early speed and she should get a nice cart across in the first 60m. She isn’t known to win coming from off the speed but if she settles in the first two she will definitely be in the finish. Alotta Luck had no luck in her Wentworth Park debut last week and she really caught the eye when hitting the line hard in the final 150m. If she can get through the first bend relatively unscathed she should be right in the mix.

Top Four: 4 – 5 – 6 – 3

Suggested Bets:

Boxed Quinella: 4,5,6 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 4,5,6/4,5,6/1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ($30 for 100%)

Race 6 – 520M Special Event Semi Final One – 9:12PM

The first Semi of the Mosman sees superstar Hooksy get the chance to strut his stuff. Last week he was a tad slow to begin but he showed a blinding turn of foot and he found the lead after 30M. He really is an excitement machine and with a fairly clear run he should make light work of these.

Stilton Blue is a faultless beginner and he was far from disgraced when placed behind Tommy Brislane last week. Obviously Hooksy has plenty on him but if the favourite finds a little bother early he may be able to steal the prize. Warrior King looks to be the logical third pick. He was a recent finalist in the Group One Easter Egg here and when given room early he can show tremendous speed.

Top Four: 3 – 5 – 4 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 3/5/Field ($12 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3/4,5,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3/4,5,8/4,5,8 ($6 for 100%)

Race 7 – 520M Special Event Semi Final Two – 9:35PM

Push It has really found her best form of late and last week she carved up a quality field when scoring in a slick 29.81. She has won her past four starts here and on three of those occasions she run sub 5.40 to the first marker. If she steps cleanly again she will definitely give them something to catch.

Zipping Delta is another who is in great form and she used her rails draw to advantage last week when scoring a commanding 29.49 heat win. Obviously she has them covered for talent but she isn’t always reliable at box rise. Mr. Wheatley hit the line hard in his heat and he has the ability to cause an upset.

Top Four: 2 – 3 – 4 – 8

Suggested Bets: Win bet on Push It

Quinella: 2 to rove with 3,4,8 ($3 for 100%)

Race 8 – 520M Special Even Semi Final Three – 9:57PM

Tommy Brislane continues to impress and last week he showed a dazzling turn of foot soon after box rise and after finding the lead he went on to score a convincing 29.71 heat win. Tonight he has a fast beginner and keen railer drawn directly underneath and that should allow him to drive to the early lead again.

All Strung Out is also an exciting sprinting prospect and he went down by less than length here last week in a breathtaking 29.49. He has ridiculous ability but he can be a tad slow to begin at times. With a clear run in the first 50m he will prove hard to hold out. Keybow is obviously the class factor in the event but like last week he has early speed all around him and he will need to do everything right soon after box rise.

Top Four: 4 – 6 – 2 – 5

Suggested Bets: Win bets on Tommy Brislane and All Strung Out (both should be value with Keybow in the race).

Race 9 – 520M Grade 5 – 10:17PM

El Caballo has been racing in much stronger company of late and tonight he has slow beginners drawn either side. Two starts ago he was placed behind the in form Unbelief and on that occasion he was able to show good early dash. Tonight he looks really well placed and he should get every chance.

Another Call is drawn to probably find the early lead and he did break 30 seconds when scoring here in late May. He isn’t overly strong but with his early speed he should be able to set up a nice break in the early stages. Bessy Boo is armed with a mighty finish and she is a great chaser to anchor for third and fourth in your exotic bets.

Top Four: 7 – 2 – 3 – 6

Suggested Bet: Win bet on El Caballo (should be $3.4 or better and that is great odds)

Race 10 – 520M Grade 5 – 10:37PM

Magic Marlow is ideally drawn out wide and if he can utilise his brilliant early speed he may be off and gone with the prize through the first bend. His PB of 30.31 here isn’t flashy but this isn’t an overly strong race and he is probably capable of running around the 30 flat mark.

Elvee Express mustered pace very quickly when scoring here recently in 29.99 and a repeat of that will see him be very competitive. The only risk is that he can tend to move right at box rise and he will need a lot of luck in the first 50m. Freddy Diesel is a very fast chaser on the bunny and he should get a chance to return to his best form.

Top Four: 8 – 4 – 6 – 2

Suggested Bets: Win bet on Magic Marlow

Quinella: 8 to rove with 2,4,6 ($3 for 100%)

Wentworth Park Greyhounds Quaddie

  • Leg 1: 3,4,5,6
  • Leg 2: 3
  • Leg 3: 2,3,4,8
  • Leg 4: 2,4,5,6,7
  • ($80 for 100%)

GRV Stewards Lodge Appeal To Bate Sanction

Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) Stewards have lodged an appeal of two of the sanctions delivered by the independent Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board (RADB) in the case of Mr Graeme Bate, which they believe to be manifestly inadequate given the nature of the breaches.

Mr Graeme Bate pleaded guilty to five serious offences under the Greyhounds Australasia Rules (GAR) before the RADB on Tuesday 10 June 2014. The charges to which Mr Bate pleaded guilty include; administering a prohibited substance to a greyhound under his care, administering a prohibited substance to greyhounds trained by another person, procuring tablets for the purpose of administering to greyhounds and making a false and misleading statement.

Across the five charges, the RADB imposed penalties totalling 24 months disqualification and $1000 in fines.

Stewards have the right to appeal the RADB’s decision to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) under the Racing Act (1958).

Glen Canty, General Manager – Integrity, Racing and Welfare at GRV, commented that the decision of the RADB in regard to two of the sanctions does not send a strong enough message about the seriousness of the rule breaches.

“The decision to disqualify Mr Bate for a period of two years was too lenient in our opinion and after internal
discussions, GRV Stewards have decided to lodge an appeal,” Mr Canty said.

GRV will make no further comment about this matter until it is heard at VCAT

Graeme Bate Receives 24 Months Disqualification And $1000 In Fines

Offences Charged:

(1) GAR83(1) – In that Mr. Bate, the trainer of the greyhound Luxurious, which was nominated to compete in an Event, namely, Race 8, the Liam and Taryn syndicate – Mixed 3&4,conducted by Sale Greyhound Racing Club at Sale on 11 August 2013, did administer or cause to be administered the prohibited substance Hydrocortisone for the purpose of affecting the greyhound’s condition, behaviour or performance in the Event.

(2) GAR83(2) and (3) – In that Mr. Bate, the trainer of the greyhound Luxurious, which was nominated to compete in an event, namely, race 8, the Liam and Taryn syndicate – Mixed 3&4, conducted by the Sale Greyhound Racing Club at Sale on 11 August 2013, did fail on that date to present the greyhound free of any prohibited substance, given that a pre race urine sample taken from the greyhound indicated the presence of a prohibited substance, namely an unusual or abnormal amount of Hydrocortisone.

(3) GAR86(o) – In that Mr. Bate did make a false or misleading statement on 24 October 2013 regarding the presence of the substance Hydrocortisone in the form of Hysone 20mg tablets at his property at Lara, to Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) Stewards Mr. Glenn Fish and Mr. Ron Matthews and GRV Industry Veterinary Officer Dr Steven Karamatic during the course of an investigation regarding a swab irregularity taken from the greyhound ‘Luxurious’ on 11 August 2013, which in the opinion of Stewards was dishonest, improper or constitutes misconduct.

(4) GAR86(o) – In that Mr. Bate did procure up to six thousand (6000) Hysone 20mg tablets between on or about 11 August 2012 and 6 July 2013 on behalf of Mr Peter Hunt without his knowledge or permission, which in the opinion of Stewards was dishonest, improper, or constitutes misconduct.

(5) GAR86(o) – In that between on or about 11 August 2012 and 23 October 2013 Mr. Bate did administer or cause to be administered the prohibited substance Hydrocortisone, in the form of Hysone 20mg tablets, to greyhounds trained by Mr Peter Hunt without his knowledge or permission, being conduct which in the opinion of Stewards is dishonest, improper or constitutes misconduct.

(6) GAR86(o) – In that Mr. Bate, did procure up to seven thousand two hundred (7200) Hysone 20mg tablets containing the prohibited substance Hydrocortisone between on or about 7 May 2012 and 3 April 2013 for the purpose of administering to greyhounds, which in the opinion of Stewards was dishonest, improper, or constitutes misconduct.


General – General Following advice from Racing Analytical Services Laboratory, the Stewards of Greyhound Racing Victoria conducted an investigation into the results of a pre-race urine sample taken from greyhound ‘Luxurious’ at the Sale Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on Sunday, 11 August 2013.

During the investigation, Stewards received evidence from registered trainer Mr. Graeme Bate, Mrs. Beverley Bate (Owner), Mr. Joe Briffa (Trainer), Mr. Robert Camilleri (Trainer), Ms. Amy Cole (Trainer), Ms. Jenny Hunt (Trainer), Mr. Leon Harris (Handler), Ms. Michelle Mallia-Magri (Trainer), Mr. Chris Falcke (Department of Health), Wendy Fasoli (Trainer) and received statements from Dr. Alastair Smith (Sandown Veterinary Clinic), Mr. Paul Zahra
(Racing Analytical Services Laboratory), Dr. Steven Karamatic (Greyhound Racing Industry Veterinary Officer), Mr. Glenn Fish (Chief Steward) and Mr. Ron Matthews (Steward).

After considering the evidence, Stewards charged Mr. Bate with breaches of Greyhounds Australasia Rules as indicated in charges (1) to (6) above.

Under Rule 47.1 of the Greyhound Racing Victoria Local Rules these charges constitute Serious Offences. As a result, on Tuesday, 10 June 2014 this matter was heard before the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board in the first instance under Greyhound Local Racing Rule 47.3 and Sections 83C(b) and 83M(1) of the Racing Act.

Mr. Graeme Bate was represented by Ms. Carmen Randazzo SC, instructed by Mr. Rowan Slattery.

Mr. Paul Holdenson QC assisted by Mr. Patrick Considine (Corrs Chambers Westgarth) represented the Stewards Panel.

Mr. Graeme Bate pleaded guilty to charges (1) and (3) to (6). Charge 2 was not initially put for a plea. Upon Mr. Bate pleading guilty to charge (1), Charge (2) was withdrawn.

After hearing all the evidence tendered and having regard to GAR83 (1) and GAR86 (o), the RADB determined that:

(a) in relation to charge (1), Mr. Bate was guilty as charged and he was disqualified for 12 months;

(b) in relation to charge (3), Mr. Bate was guilty as charged. His conduct was regarded as improper and he was fined $500 and disqualified for 3 months;

(c) in relation to charge (4), Mr. Bate was guilty as charged. His conduct was regarded as dishonest and he was fined $500 and disqualified for 6 months;

(d) in relation to charge (5), Mr. Bate was guilty as charged. His conduct was regarded as improper and he was disqualified for 6 months (with 3 months of this disqualification to be served concurrently with the disqualification penalty for charge 4); and

(e) in relation to charge (6), Mr. Bate was guilty as charged and was disqualified for 6 months (to be served concurrently with the disqualification penalty for charge 4);

In assessing penalties, the Board took into account all the evidence and submissions, including the following matters:

(a) The nature of the charge;
(b) Mr. Bate’s guilty pleas;
(c) The nature of the prohibited substance Hydrocortisone;
(d) The need to maintain the integrity of greyhound racing and ensure a level playing field for all participants;
(e) Prior penalties for Mr. Bate and others for similar offences, including those penalties associated with other persons charged in the ‘Luxurious’ swab irregularity matter;
(f) Mr. Bate had the main role in the operations of his kennels including what medications were to be administered;
(g) Mr. Bate’s conduct was over a lengthy period of time; and
(h) Mr. Bate was a leading greyhound trainer with significant contributions to the industry over many years.

Acting under GAR83(4), the RADB also disqualified ‘Luxurious’ from Event 8 – LIAM TARYN SYND Mixed 440m – at the Sale Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on Sunday, 11 August 2013 and amended the placings accordingly.

You Can Talk Takes Out The 2014 Flying Amy Classic

You Can Talk made the most of her opportunities to land the listed Flying Amy Classic for ultra-consistent Queensland trainer Peter Ruetschi at Albion Park On Thursday night.

After leaving box three in third place, the daughter of Outa Credit and Where Are You (Hallucinate – Duel’s Me Mum) was quickly out-paced and left the straight in fifth position, receiving some slight interference in the process.

King Elliot (7) led the field out of the straight but was quickly under siege from the $2.80 favourite Angvella (1) who railed underneath him to take the lead down the back. Give You Credit (6) chimed in three-wide and looked destined to pass the leaders as they left the back straight.

With the three leaders racing tightly Angvella appeared to run wide, taking Give You Credit with him. But if the Ruetschi camp were disappointed that they’d been taken out of play after the looking the winner, they would have soon realised that all their Christmas’ had come at once.

The field had parted like the Red Sea for You Can Talk, presenting her with a gifted run and the 27-month-old duly obliged by spearing through to race away and score by 1 3/4 lengths in the time of 30.39. Happy Haswell (4) charged home for second while Angvella managed to pick himself up off the canvas to grab third just in front of You Say So (2).

It was the icing on the cake for Patrick Estate trainer Peter Ruetschi who had qualified three litter-mates for the final.

There were plenty of hard luck stories in the race but the worst effected seemed to be Give You Credit (6) who was taken wide when making a dash for home and Nala’s Heart (5) who also copped the backwash of that mix-up when making a run.

The win was You Can Talk’s 14th from 28 starts and takes her prize-money earnings beyond the $50,000 mark.

Full Results

1st – You Can Talk (3) – Peter Ruetschi
2nd – Happy Haswell (4) – Reg Kay
3rd – Angvella (1) – Christina Harman
4th – You Say So (2) – Peter Ruetschi
5th – Give You Credit (6) – Peter Ruetschi
6th – Super Vision (8) – Peter Young
7th – Nala’s Heart (5) – Robert Handyside
8th – King Elliot (7) – Reg Hazelgrove

Time: 30.39
1st Split: 5.54 (7)
2nd Split: 11.77 (1)
3rd Split: 13.08 (3)
Margins: 1 3/4 x 1/2
Scratchings: Flash Reality (9), Renatus (10)

Hooksy To Headline Peter Mosman Classic Semi Final Night

Victorian star chaser Hooksy will be the centre of attention this Saturday night at Wentworth Park, with three star-studded heats of the Group One Peter Mosman Classic to be conducted.

The son of Hondo Black and Uno Witch was all the rage in his heat last week, starting at skinny odds of $1.60. He didn’t disappoint an array of punters, clocking best of the night figures of 29.47. The Victorian first caught the eye of enthusiasts back in March. Tanya Auld and husband Jim made the testing trip up to the Glebe circuit from their base in Victoria and claimed their first Group win with Hooksy, the $25,000 Group Three New Sensation.

Hooksy will be a short-priced favourite when he steps out in semi-final one from box three. He has brilliant acceleration once he balances up and should secure a spot in next week’s $75,000 to the winner final. My Awesome Opal from box six is the only other heat winner in this semi-final after upsetting a hot field last week at huge odds, recording a time of 30.08 for trainer Marie Burton. Stilton Blue has been very consistent of late and finished a gallant second last week behind Tommy Brislane in a fast 29.71 by three and a half-lengths.

Semi-final two contains Jason Mackay’s talented chaser Zipping Delta, who put in her best performance at the track last week, clocking a sizzling 29.49 over the 520m journey. The daughter of Bekim Bale and Scarlett Spy began beautifully from the inside alley to record her third consecutive win and will be hard to hold out again from a favourable box three.

Another in-form chaser Push It upset hot favourite Keybow in her heat last week, securing her fourth consecutive victory at Wentworth Park when clocking a smart 29.81 from box eight. The Dean Swain trained chaser pinged from the outside box and was never headed in an impressive three-length win. Aurora Girl put in a brave performance last week from box two, finishing three and a half lengths behind Cawbourne Whip in a fast 29.70. Marie Burton’s chaser will need to begin well from the middle draw this week, but has speed to burn and should challenge this field from box-rise.

The final semi contains two highly talented greyhounds looking to keep their winning streaks alive, with Tommy Brislane and Cawbourne Whip having won their past four straight. Steve White’s Tommy Brislane now has six wins from seven starts and is starting to emerge as one of the hottest young prospects in the state. He blew his rivals away last week in a hot run of 29.71 after stepping well from box three. The son of Premier Fantasy and Mary Virginia shot away to claim victory by three and a half lengths and is a model of consistency on the race track.

Cawbourne Whip has also stamped her authority as one of the brightest starts on the NSW racing circuit, recording another flying time of 29.50 in her heat win last week. The Jodie Lord trained greyhound will have to overcome a difficult box five draw, however she has brilliant early acceleration and can outstep her rivals to the first turn.

Group One winner Keybow failed to fire in last week’s heats, finishing second to Push It, recording a time of 29.99. After missing the start, the Darren McDonald speedster left his run too late, reducing the winning margin to just three lengths. Coming up with box two on Saturday night is a huge positive for this greyhound; however the son of Take The Kitty will need to improve at box-rise with some speedy greyhounds engaged on his outside that will cross hard in the early stages.

Semi final one kicks off at 9.12pm, with the winner and second placegetter guaranteed a spot in next week’s final. The two fastest third placings will make up the remainder of the field.

Xylia Allen Wins 2014 Group One Albion Park Gold Cup

Australia’s Queen of the loam Xylia Allen added another Group One win to her list of achievements when she took out the Albion Park Gold Cup on Thursday night.

Beginning quickly from box one, the daughter of Turanza Bale and Tayah Bale (Droopys Vieri – Francesca Bale) gave nothing else a chance as she sped away to lead from pillar to post.

All eyes were on the clock as the 31kg black bitch made the $75,000 to-the-winner event a one act affair. When she crossed the line she had stopped the clock at 41.71, some 0.27 outside Dashing Corsair’s track record.

New Zealander Know Class (8) ran a solid race to finish in second. After leaving the boxes third, he ground his way home to run Xylia Allen to just three lengths on the line.

Infinite Wish was also doing her best work in the concluding stages and finished third a further 3/4 length away.

The win was Xylia Allen’s 32nd from 68 career outings and pushed her career stakes earnings beyond $600,000.

Full Results

1st – Xylia Allen (Jenny Hunt)
2nd – Know Class (James Shaw)
3rd – Infinite Wish (Angela Langton)
4th – Eleazar (Kieron Butler)
5th – Mepunga Tiara (Jeff Britton)
6th – Mullaway (Joanne Price)
7th – Set Her Again (Bruce Linnan)
8th – Golfing Amy (Des Pollock)

Time: 41.71
1st Split: 15:73 (1)
2nd Split: 12.23 (1)
3rd Split: 13.75 (1)
Margins: 3 x 3/4
Scratchings: Late Angel Lee (9), Auriga Doll (10)

Butler Ends 40-Year Wait In Gold Cup Final

Kieron Butler is one of the lifebloods of greyhound racing, a spoke that is necessary for the big wheel to keep on turning.

On Thursday night he will rug up Eleazar from box five in the final of the Group One Albion Park Gold Cup, which is a just reward for someone who has been in the game for so long and always produced his own greyhounds.

“This is my first Group One in my 40 years,” Butler told ARG.

“I’ve been in the game that long and I’ve never been in a Group One. I was in a Group Two which I won but that was 30 years ago at the Gabba and I was in a Group Two in the Galaxy where I think I ran third too. Other than that I have been in a lot of finals and that sort of thing but no Group One’s.”

It is a fruit of the Goodna-based trainer’s labour that he is quite proud of given that he has done everything to get his greyhound to where she is.

“I bred her, I breed all my own dogs, I do the lot. I have never had anyone hand me a good dog and say have a go with that, they are always my own dogs who I have bred.”

While Eleazar is often a victim of her lack of early speed, there is no doubt that she can carve out some time when she gets the opportunity, something she has shown from a young age.

“One of the guys up here along with some blokes in Victoria offered me big money for her when she was around 13-months-old, she is bloody quick, she just hasn’t had a clear run in her career. When she was in Sydney with Dean and Sid (Swain) I think she trialled something like 29.61 at Wentworth Park, that is why we put her in the Oaks and Futurity.”

Eleazar is no stranger to meeting greyhounds the calibre of the ones she will face-off against in the final and while Butler says what a privilege it is to be in the race, he also points out how she has met the best at the top of their game in 2014.

“It is just nice to be in such elite company with Xylia Allen, she is the best sprinter/stayer in Australia, if not the world, what she can do is freakish, she is just a freak.”

“She beat us at Wentworth Park the night she ran the record. Coming into the race I thought we had a chance of running somewhere but Holy Christ Almighty, she came out and ran something like 15.80 to the first mark which is unheard of and that broke my bitches heart.”

“The week before Dyna Willow beat my bitch in track record time too, so when she was down in Sydney she ran into a few good ones.”

Butler had sent Eleazar down to Sid and Dean Swain Sydney for a change of scenery from the Brisbane environment with a few factors forcing his hand.

“I sent her down because I couldn’t get a run with her for a month up here and she needed a break from that first turn at Albion Park. She kept finding trouble and getting belted, it got to a stage where every race she was in the stewards report three or four times. A lot of it is caused by herself of course with her box manners but sometimes there is other dogs that just seem to want to run into you.”

He believes the break may have done her well and that she is racing as well as ever now. Butler also says it could be due to the variety in training methods.

“She may have went into last week just a little bit under-done. She injured a hip-support a couple of starts back and I feel like she was only about 90% for that race. I was very happy with the way she won though because she finished off the race so strong.”

“That is how I train them, a little bit different to how she would have been trained down in Sydney. I swim them a lot and do aerobic sort of stuff where Sid and Dean get into them with the work. We are completely different trainers but we both do the same job and get the same results. They did a great job down in Sydney and they are top-class trainers, they know what they are doing.”

Eleazar is by Bit Chili out of Cool Poss (Big Daddy Cool – Cool Kissy) and Butler says while Eleazar will definitely be a brood bitch down the track, there may still be more to come of her ilk.

“Her mother is still here with me, she has currently got four pups to Fear Zafonic and then I will be taking her to Lochinvar Marlow to get the cross back through Bombastic Shiraz and Brett Lee through Sensational Lee and line breed them back to Big Daddy Cool. Eleazar’s dam-line goes back to Kissy Bear and Bearability and has worked well for us with Big Daddy Cool.”

Eleazar has already won nine races for Butler and accumulated over $40,000 in prize-money in the process. When it comes to the big final on Thursday night, Butler summarised his hopes and prediction in one simple sentence.

“Like I said it is just good to be there but I’m really hoping for that clear run, if she can get that, she will show them something, I’m telling you.”

This Week In Racing History



Yannick (box one) won the 1998 Tweed Heads Galaxy by six lengths, running 23.32 to set a new track record for the 420 metres at Border Park. Hiraani Blade, who would later be barred from racing at Wentworth Park after jumping the fence and trying to head off the lure in the back straight by galloping across the infield, finished second with Icy Prophet third and Maggiore fourth.

Tap Dance downed Gallant Ruler by two and a half lengths to win the 1994 Peter Mosman Memorial over 520 metres at Wentworth Park, running a race record 30.38 from box one.

Victorian stayer Totally Ablaze won the 1998 Albion Park Gold Cup (710 metres) by a neck from Queenslander Nujooloo with Tonight’s Wish third. Totally Ablaze, trained by Roger Nodzio, ran the trip in a fast 41.96, just 8/100ths outside the race record.

Coulta Colleen set a new track record time of 30.33 when winning over 525 metres at Broken Hill in 2001.


Mustard Moss took out the 1971 Journalist’s Cup (Best 8) over 790 yards (722 metres) at Wentworth Park in a fast 43.2. The Bill Fletcher-trained stayer downed 1970 NSW Greyhound of the Year Tara Flash by two and a half lengths with Fawn Mink third.

Worthy Reward won the first Peter Mosman Memorial final to be held on the new loam surface at Wentworth Park, in 1993. Worthy Reward defeated Rich Roulette and Pedictability in a slow 30.76 for the 520 metres.

Great Wish won the 1999 Peter Mosman Memorial by a whopping 10 lengths, running a fast 30.08 for the 520 metres, just 4/100ths outside the race record.


Farrago became the first greyhound to be earbranded in NSW, in 1951. He was given the number AB001. The plan was to try and prevent ‘ring-ins’ and would gradually be done to about 10,000 racing greyhounds in the state. The Greyhound Recorder claims Runaway Joe had been the first to be earbanded, on 2 May that year, by the NSW NCA, at Penrith. Runaway Joe, infamous for allegedly being a ring-in at Lismore in 1949, might well have been a test case and then Farrago, being a champion and very prominent, was used as the first ‘official’ earbrander.

Classy Victorian sprinter Solve The Puzzle blitzed a top-notch field to win the 1998 Peter Mosman Memorial at Wentworth Park. He downed fellow Victorian Adrenalin Storm by almost 10 lengths in 30.04, clipping a substantial 34/100ths off the previous race record. Lucy Lawless was third ahead of Fraud, Spoken Joe (later to set a track record at Wentworth Park) and Fibba.


Irish import Smooth Approach gave trainer Shirley Watkin her biggest success when annexing the 1975 Winter Stake by a length from Lord Beresford over 457 metres at Harold Park. Oberon Lad was 10 lengths further adrift in third place. Smooth Approach ran 26.49 to set a new race record.

Hotshow Vintage, from Victoria, won the 2001 Albion Park Gold Cup by a nose from Worldlee Man with NSW stayer Bronze Token a length and a half away third and fellow NSW stayer Pearl Larricki fourth. Hotshow Vintage collected $40,000 for trainer Jason Thompson.


Royal Kojak downed Star Wine by a head to win the 1987 Olympic Park Hurdle Championship, run over 511 metres. Revel’s Command was third with Weinberg fourth. The race was marred by three finalists falling.


Pied Rebel set a new track record of 23.8 for 440 yards (402 metres) at Tweed Heads in 1969 at only his third race start.

Garrick Bale won the 2012 Peter Mosman Memorial by seven lengths for trainer Andrea Dailly and earned $75,000, a 50 percent prize money hike from the previous year.


The John Young-trained Petite Panther won the 1970 Which Chariot Gold Cup final over 675 yards (617 metres) at Bulli by two lengths in 36.5.

Woolley Wilson held on to defeat Midnight Enemy by a head in the final of the 1972 Winter Stake (500 yards; 457 metres) at Harold Park. Woolley Wilson collected $2,500 first prize for trainer Geoff Watt.

Angle Park Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview June 12th 2014

If there was a corporate bookmaker in Australia that the average Australian would love to beat, it would be Tom Waterhouse. Sign up with ARG and take advantage of up to $250 in free bets. Once loaded up, follow Brad’s Tips and back a few winners!


Race 1 – Mixed 4/5 515m 7.11pm

Smash Crash won well Monday night from the same box, and should repeat the dose. Allen Illem is bursting to win a race and one little mistake from Smash Crash will see Allen Illem finally salute. Dyna Hula can begin and will be thereabouts. Wrex Bale needs a wide box but will come home hard.

Top Four Selections: 2 – 8 – 6 – 1

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 2,8/2,8/1,6


Race 2 – Grade 6 515m 7.35pm

Tia Belle finally won here Monday night, box eight suits and she should lead and win again. Taser Mcbain’s run was good last start, also behind Tia Belle, so she should improve again. Woodside Jagger is unreliable but can win and Kenta Bale can fill fourth.

Top Four Selections: 8 – 4 – 5 – 7

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Tia Belle


Race 3 FFA 731m 7.55pm

Long Gully Surf is the strongest runner and can show dash early, if he gets clear he’ll win. Defib Daryl will likely find the top at some stage and will take catching. Zara Mclaren is well boxed and will pose a threat. Book Of Shadows has talent but we may not see it tonight.

Top Four Selections: 3 – 4 – 1 – 5

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1,3/1,3,4/1,3,4,5,6


Race 4 – Grade 5 515m 8.14pm

This is the right race for As It Goes and she should win with any luck. If Avatar Kist can begin she can find the money. Stew’s Mistake is a fast dog, but it’s a mistake to back him from the middle. Tyson Willow can hold on for fourth.

Top Four Selections: 5 – 3 – 4 – 2

Suggested Bet: Win bet on As It Goes

Trifecta: 5/2,3,4/2,3,4


Race 5 – Grade 5 515m 8.38pm

Lochinvar Impala has a motor but can be risky. Pepper Kahn is a great bitch who gives her all and from the red she’s a huge chance. Dream Choice is a fair dog, but finds it tough here and Infinite Power has shown enough to suggest she’ll win a few here in SA.

Top Four Selections: 7 – 1 – 3 – 2

Suggested Bet: 1,7/1,2,3,7/1,2,3,5,7


Race 6 – Grade 5 515m 8.58pm

Cool Promise has shown her ability winning here in 29.73 and if she slides up the rail early she should win again. Happy Skipper is a huge threat, if he pings and goes look out. Kalden Balerion is racing well so he’ll be in the mix, whilst WireGrass loves it out wide and should pose a threat at some stage.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 5 – 4 – 8

Suggested Bet:

First Four: 1,5/1,4,5/1,4,5,8/field.


Race 7 – Grade 5 600m 9.22pm

Manila Express is a strong bitch who can round these up and win. Bally Swift is an interesting debutant who was formerly trained in QLD but was never tested over 600, she is bred to run 600 metres. Victa Victoria nearly got clear last week and if she does look out. Animate is a huge hope if she doesn’t get buried early.

Top Four Selections: 6 – 7 – 8 – 1

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1,6/1,6,8/1,6,7,8


Race 8 – Grade 4 515m 9.41pm

Princess Tee was strong in her last win and generally has toe and can lead from out wide. Wild Soul is super strong but needs clear room early. Stop Scrammin’ will be running on and Gilbert Allen can find fourth.

Top Four Selections: 7 – 1 – 3 – 8

Suggested Bet: 1,7/1,7/3,8


Race 9 – Mixed 3/4/5 600m 10.05pm

Genghis Kahn was exceptional last start over the 600 metre trip when he raced and won like a genuine group dog. All he needs is clear running tonight and he’ll round up Fire Tyson and win. Fire Tyson is having his first go over 600 and on any other night he’d win, but not tonight. Victa Scott and Cool Duke are the best of the rest.

Top Four Selections: 6 – 1 – 3 – 4

Suggested Bet:

First Four: 6/1/3,4/3,4


Race 10 – Grade 6 515m 10.24pm

Boojerooma should prove too classy here despite disappointing last start. Punishment is a super dog and will throw down a big challenge, whilst Buzz Kahn and Lektra Basset look the exotic hopes.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 6 – 4 – 8

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1,6/1,6/4,7


Race 11 – Grade 6 515m 10.44pm

King Chaos was in all sorts of trouble last start and from the red tonight he should win. Footrot Fanning is a talented pup and will be in the firing line at the business end. Hashtag Harry and Max Tyson look the next best.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 6 – 2 – 3

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1/6/2,3



Leg 1: 1,7
Leg 2: 1,5
Leg 3: 6,7,8
Leg 4: 1,7

$24.00 for 100%

Albion Park Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview June 12th 2014

If there was a corporate bookmaker in Australia that the average Australian would love to beat, it would be Tom Waterhouse. Sign up with ARG and take advantage of up to $250 in free bets. Once loaded up, follow Brad’s Tips and back a few winners!

Race 1 – NOVICE 520m 6.42pm

There are some nice young chasers engaged in this. Good Call Paul is the top pick despite drawing box five. He’s been sparring with a few good dogs lately and although this is still a hard race, he’s been tackling better opposition. Velocity Mist is highly talented and if she runs out the 520 metre trip she’ll go close. Renatus is likely to be the forgotten dog, keep him real safe because he can win. Derek Zoolander was impressive first up, so he will be thereabouts.

Top Four Selections: 5 – 3 – 1 – 4

Suggested Bet: Win on Renatus

Trifecta: 3,5/1,3,5/1,3,4,5


Race 2 – 5TH GRADE 520m 7.05pm

In a race with many chances, I’m going with Spring Caprice. She will be the value runner and on time form, is the quickest in the field. Box six will be tough, but with slow beginners all around, she can lead. Little Satisfies has shown ability and will get the gun run from the red. Outa Tempo is racing well and should be handy. Prince Harry has a big motor, however i doubt we will see it tonight.

Top Four Selections: 6 – 1 – 8 – 5

Suggested Bet: Eachway Spring Caprice

Trifecta: 6,8/1,5,6,8/1,5,6,8


Race 3 – 5TH GRADE 520m 7.22pm

Rumble Street was beaten Monday night but I expect her to make amends here. She can begin quick enough to lead and once in front, they won’t catch her. Tejay’s Tiger is well drawn out wide and should be burning across early on. Jebrynah Storm will get a lovely drag over and should be finishing off. Dramatic Miss is the class dog, but will need luck from the middle draw.

Top Four Selections: 2 – 7 – 6 – 4

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 2/4,6,7/4,5,6,7


Race 4 – 5TH GRADE 520m 7.41pm

Bill’s Fantasy got to the the front Monday night and showed what he is capable of, with a 30.00 flat run. From the red, he should be to speedy again. Serious Tate is drawn well and if he pings, he can hold down second. Fine Cotton will get back early, but should be storming home and Swift Opulence is far to good to leave out.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 7 – 3 – 5

Suggested Bet:

First Four: 1/3,5,7/3,5,6,7/3,4,5,6,7,8


Race 5 – FLYING AMY CLASSIC FINAL 520m 8.05pm

Angvella has the red and I expect him to win. He’s a dog with a motor and loves to rail, he can ping and lead all the way here. Happy Haswell is a talented pup, but will have to be exceptional from the squeeze tonight . You Say So has speed and is likely to be in the leading division at some stage. King Elliot might relish it out wide, so keep him very safe.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 4 – 3 – 7

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Angvella


Race 6 – 4/5 GRADE 710m 8.25pm

Late Angel Lee, Hougenie and Auriga Doll have this race all to themselves and the other Five runners are just making up numbers. Late Angel Lee is definitely getting stronger, but I still don’t think he’s a stayer. Auriga Doll is perfectly drawn and from out wide she can lob handy and prove to strong. Hougenie is strong and should be racing forward early. Betty’s Memory is the best of the rest.

Top Four Selections: 7 – 3 – 5 – 8

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Auriga Doll

First Four: 3,7/3,5,7/3,5,7/3,5,6,7,8


Race 7 – GOLD CUP FINAL 710m 8.44pm

The big one of the night and the possibility of a track record. If Xylia Allen leads like she’s supposed to, we could see her break another record. Mepunga Tiara was brilliant first up last week and is sure to improve again, whilst Infinite Wish will land handy early and can hold down her position. Eleazar is likely to power to the line.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 4 – 2 – 5

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1/2,4/2,4,5,6,8


Race 8 – 3/4 GRADE 520m 9.08pm

Tough affair with a few winning hopes. Miner’s Moss should go forward early and will take plenty of catching. Peter’s Pick is the most talented runner but will get strung up early. Cyndie’s Special will be burning early and can hang on to a place. Bodyline should be working his way to the line late.

Top Four Selections: 4 – 2 – 3 – 5

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 2,4/2,3,4/1,2,3,4,5,7


Race 9 – 4/5 GRADE 600m 9.28pm

Charter grows a leg from the red box and will be mighty hard to beat. Premier’s Reign is well boxed and can begin, so expect her up their early. Aza Time is super moody but can’t be left out and Knave hits the line like a train.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 7 – 8 – 6

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1/4,7,8/2,4,6,7,8


Race 10 – 5TH GRADE 520m 9.52pm

Tough race with many hopes. Washington Trick is racing superbly of late and can lead all the way. Sparkles is a talented bitch, and is drawn to return to form. Big Dac could be a hope if he jumps from out wide and Macgallen could fill fourth.

Top Four Selections: 3 – 1 – 8 – 6

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 3/1,6,8/1,2,4,5,6,8



Leg 1: 1,5
Leg 2: 3,7
Leg 3: 1
Leg 4: 1,2,4

$12.00 for 100%

2014 Group One Gold Cup Preview

Group one racing graces the environs of Albion Park this Thursday evening with the final of the 2014 Group One Gold Cup taking place.

The $75,000 to-the-winner event is run over the 710 metre journey and three Victorians, as well as a New Zealander will be taking on four locals in this year’s edition after last week’s heats.

The race has witnessed some quality stayers win in recent times, including Chinatown Lad (2008), Queen Lauryn (2009) and He Knows Uno (2012).

Victorian chasers have been dominant in the race in the last few years, winning three of the last four finals. Nellie Noodles won in 2010, Bobby Boucheau saluted in 2011 and Destini Fireball took out last year’s Gold Cup. They boast the two favourites this year and it will be no surprise to see the trophy heading south again.

Here is a look at the finalists with comments from the trainers;

Box 1
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Xylia Allen
Jenny Hunt
Janice Wheeler
Last 10 Starts
38 Months   Black   Bitch   by  

Turanza Bale

- Tayah Bale
Start Excellent Running Rail Finish Strong
Prizemoney Rating $7,915.00 Rating 100
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
67 31 10 11
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
46% 78%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
1 1 0 0
Box 1 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
7 5 1 0
Comments: ARG opinion is – The undisputed queen of staying racing in Australia who seems to set track records for fun. With a clean getaway she will take a power of catching and if she is anywhere near her best is all but unbeatable. Clearly the big gun in this final.
Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
41.55 41.55 15.97 15.97
Box 2
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Infinite Wish
Angela Langton
Champagne Partnership
Last 10 Starts
34 Months   Black   Bitch   by   Premier Fantasy - Jean Jeannie
Start Risky Running Rail Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $1,828.00
Rating 97
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
48 12 12 9
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
24% 69%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
1 1 0 0
Box 2 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
9 3 2 4
Comments: Angela Langton (Co-Trainer) – “I think if anyone can beat Xylia Allen she might be the one, but in saying that we have to really hope that she comes out well and then see what happens. We would probably still need Xylia Allen to miss the start a little bit and hope for some luck.”
Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
41.83 41.83 15.96 15.96
Box 3
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Golfing Amy
Desmond Pollock
John Pollock
Last 10 Starts
29 Months   Blue   Bitch   by   Goodey - Miss Amy Jade
Start Excellent Running Rail Finish Fair
Prizemoney Rating $542.00 Rating 79
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
27 5 9 4
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
19% 67%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
7 1 3 1
Box 3 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
5 2 1 0
Comments: ARG opinion is – A swift beginner who likes to get to the rails early. She has some quality dogs drawn on her inside so she will need to be right on her game to be competitive in this race.
Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
42.10 42.28 16.13 16.17
Box 4
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Mepunga Tiara
Jeff Britton
Barry Smith
Last 10 Starts

30 Months

  Black   Bitch   by   Premier Fantasy - Mepunga Opal
Start Excellent Running Middle Finish Fair
Prizemoney Rating $2,273.00 Rating 96
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
27 7 7 5
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
26% 70%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
1 0 1 0
Box 4 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
5 1 1 1
Comments: Angela Langton (Co-Trainer) – “She will have to begin very well, she isn’t draw too bad because she lies to use a bit of the track so she won’t cut down on Infinite Wish. She is going to need a lot of luck though.”
Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
41.94 41.94 15.98 15.98
Box 5
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Keiron Butler
Brian Allan
Last 10 Starts
31 Months   Brindle   Bitch   by   Bit Chili - Cool Poss
Start Risky Running Middle Finish Strong
Prizemoney Rating $1,103.00 Rating 85
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
38 9 13 4
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
24% 68%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
9 1 5 0
Box 5 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
3 1 2 0
Comments: Keiron Butler (Trainer) – “She just needs a bit of room getting to that first time. Everytime she races there she seems to feature in the stewards report three or four times. If she is within a few lengths of them down the back, they would want to be watching over their shoulders because she will be running home very well. I just hope we can get a clean crack at them.”
Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
42.15 42.15 16.45 16.50
Box 6
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Joanne Price
Joanne Price
Last 10 Starts
25 Months   Black   Dog   by   Velocette - Halzani
Start Fair Running Middle Finish Fair
Prizemoney Rating $311.00 Rating 70
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
18 3 2 2
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
16% 38%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
3 0 1 1
Box 6 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2 0 0 0
Comments: ARG opinion is – A winner of just three from 18 career starts who is yet to taste victory over the half-mile. Is very likely to find most of these a little too good.
Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
NBT 42.18 16.15 16.33
Box 7
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Set Her Again
Bruce Linnan
Younger Than Youngy syndicate
Last 10 Starts
37 Months   Black   Dog   by   Collison - River Seine
Start Excellent Running Rail Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $975.00 Rating 87
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
31 10 5 3
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
32% 58%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
7 3 0 2
Box 7 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
6 2 0 1
Comments: Bruce Linnan (Trainer) - “Yeah well, she came out good last week, I think she ran the fastest first section and I don’t think the dog drawn on her outside is terribly fast away so hopefully we can get around them, that is our only chance. I was a little bit disappointed in her run last week, I think she was entitled to win once she led because she can run the time that they went, but maybe I saw box one and got a little bit too eager and over-worked her, she was a little bit flat. But each week is a different proposition.”


Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
41.83 42.27 15.94 15.94
Box 8
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Know Class
James Shaw
Garry Cleeve
Last 10 Starts
38 Months   Blue Fawn   Dog   by   Willy What - Blue Fern
Start Moderate Running Middle Finish Strong
Prizemoney Rating $978.00 Rating 88
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
98 22 34 20
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
22% 77%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
1 0 1 0
Box 8 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
15 1 5 2
Comments: James Shaw (Trainer) – “I think he is not drawn too badly out in the eight, I think the seven ran the fastest first sectional last week so hopefully we can gate a cart across. If we can have half a dozen dogs behind us as we pass the 700 metre boxes the second time then I think we are in with a hope.”

Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
NBT 42.16 16.35 16.35
1st Res
Race Odds
Heart Replay
Late Angel Lee
Darren Titmarsh
John Hanley
Last 10 Starts
31 Months   Black   Dog   by   Late Show Lee - Rocklynn’s Angel
Start Excellent Running Rail Finish Fair
Prizemoney Rating $1,092.00 Rating 79
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
49 14 13 7
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
29% 69%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
6 1 0 1
Box Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
Comments: Front runner who has been struggling to run out a strong 700 in recent times. Is likely to be tested if he gets a go in this final.

Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
42.41 42.40 15.90 16.55
2nd Res
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Auriga Doll
Geoff Draheim
Draheim Partnership
Last 10 Starts
43 Months   Brindle   Bitch   by   High Earner - Auriga Gypsy
Start Risky Running Middle Finish Fair
Prizemoney Rating $636.00 Rating 77
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
66 16 12 7
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
24% 53%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
4 0 1 0
Box Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
Comments: Is yet to win a 700 metre race to date. Is highly unlikely to be able to match it with the big guns in this one.
Best Albion Park Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
NBT 42.24 16.19 16.32

If Xylia Allen (1) jumps and runs anywhere near her best then we are more likely to see her break Dashing Corsair’s track record than for her to get beat. She is all class and only has to put it together on the night to give this field a donkey-licking.

Infinite Wish (2) could be the main danger if she steps well but her main worry is the dog drawn outside her. Golfing Amy (3) has the propensity to jump well and carve left and Infinite Wish will need to avoid her early.

Mepunga Tiara (4) could be afforded space early and can lead a field like this if Xylia Allen doesn’t. She is classy enough to hang on for a long way and could pinch it at big odds.

Know Class (8) needs to stay out of trouble early and find room to grind home in his dour style. He looks a place chance.

Set Her Again (7) is fast early and has registered a handy 41.83 here in the past, she could be another vying for the lead in the early speed battle.

Eleazar (5) will need a lot of luck in the run to be able to unleash his best and only looks a rough place chance, while Mullaway (6) looks hopelessly outclassed.

Sandown Park Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview June 12th 2014

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Race 1 – 515M Restricted Win Heat – 7:08PM

I think the Kelly Bravo trained Blurred Lines can get us off to a flying start. In a race which lacks genuine speed the normally reliable beginner Blurred Lines should have no trouble crossing in the early stages. In recent times his form doesn’t look too flashy but he has been racing against stronger company on the provincial circuit and tonight he

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