Group Two Ipswich Puppy Auction Final Preview

Eight pups will reach the conclusion of a two year journey when they take their place in Saturday night’s Group Two Puppy Auction Final at Ipswich.

The race is worth no less than $40,000 to-the-winner, which is certainly nothing to be sneezed at for these young greyhounds.

Are Ate is likely to start an odds-on favourite for Park Ridge South mentor Rachel Scott. He won the Group Two Devonport Cup earlier in the year and has been sizzling around the Ipswich circuit over the first two weeks of the series.

Jan Warner will rug up two starters for the race in a field that includes five greyhounds trained by female trainers.

Let’s take a look in detail at how they measure up;

Box 1
Race Odds


Heat Replay
Ipswich Melody
Lancelot Waldon
Lancelot Waldon
Last 10 Starts
24 Months   Black   Bitch   by   Cosmic Chief - Yessam Melody
Start Good Running Middle Finish Fair
Prizemoney Rating $106.00 Rating 87
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
34 2 2 1
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
6% 15%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
11 0 1 0
Box 1 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
4 1 0 0
Comments: ARG opinion is: Has a very poor strike-rate and is yet to win in 11 attempts at this journey. Looks to be tested in this field.

Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
NBT 30.98 N/A 5.46
Box 2
Race Odds 
Heat Replay
Coach Little
Patricia Carrington
Robert Olsen
Last 10 Starts
30 Months   White & Black   Dog   by   Fear Zafonic - She’s The Word
Start Good Running Middle Finish Fair
Prizemoney Rating $249.00 Rating 91
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
38 7 11 8
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
18% 68%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
9 0 3 4
Box 2 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2 0 2 0
Comments: Patricia Carrington (Trainer): “Box two is good but I don’t think he can run the five-hundred out real strong. He jumps alright, it is just that last little bit he seems to struggle. Anything happens in those big races I just hope he can lead and hang on in that last little bit. We’d love him to win for the fellow who owns him, Robert Olsen, he lives up in Townsville.”

Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
NBT 30.92 N/A 5.48
Box 3
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Masai Princess
Jan Warner
Jan Warner
Last 10 Starts
28 Months   Brindle   Bitch   by   Collision - Miss Manyara
Start Good Running Rail Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $321.00 Rating 97
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
24 5 7 5
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
21% 71%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
3 1 0 1
Box 3 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
4 0 1 1
Comments: Jan Warner (Trainer): “We are not too unhappy with her coming from box three, she is a good jumper. If she can jump and land in front, it will take a lot for someone to run us down. She is a length quicker than Femme Jolie at the moment. They are both still very young.” 
Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.69 30.69 N/A 5.39
Box 4
 Race Odds
Heat Replay
Femme Jolie
Jan Warner
Jan Warner
Last 10 Starts

24 Months

  Black   Bitch   by   Fear Zafonic - Dream Thyme
Start Good Running Middle Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $420.00 Rating 92
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
4 1 2 0
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
25% 75%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2 1 0 0
Box 4 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
0 0 0 0
Comments: Jan Warner (Trainer): “We would have preferred her to get box eight. She was actually a bit sick before the series and it was touch-and-go whether she would race or not. She is a promising pup, we have had an offer for her but we knocked it back, we feel we are going to have a lot of fun with her. I’m expecting to see a big improvement from her.”

Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.71 30.71 N/A 5.41
Box 5
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Royal Albert
Desmond Gilroy
Donna Darcy
Last 10 Starts
30 Months   Black   Dog   by   Bit Chili - Yes Mistress
Start Good Running Rail Finish


Prizemoney Rating $445.00 Rating 95
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
19 4 3 2
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
21% 47%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
8 2 2 1
Box 5 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
5 0 2 0
Comments: ARG opinion is: Consistent type who landed a 30.68 win here a fortnight ago. Can be a little tardy early in his races and, as a result, may need some luck from this awkward draw.

Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.68 30.96 N/A 5.51
Box 6
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Are Ate
Rachel Scott
Quad Dog Partnership
Last 10 Starts
30 Months   Black   Dog   by   Lochinvar Marlow - Long Long Mama
Start Good Running Middle Finish Strong
Prizemoney Rating $1,064.00 Rating 100
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
43 13 8 2
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
30% 53%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
17 6 2 0
Box 6 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
3 0 1 0
Comments: Mike Chapman (Co-Trainer): The draw looks good, the five tends to crash left and the seven and eight stay off the track. We are confident that if he can lead, he should really win the race. It would be a big thrill for the owners, they bought the pup at six weeks of age. They have a few other pups with us and have had some luck, it would be good if they could win this race.”
Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.43 30.43 N/A 5.40
Box 7
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Oh That’s Nice
Dennis Hawkins
Dee Cee’s Partnership
Last 10 Starts
25 Months   Brindle   Bitch   by   Collision - Chasin’ Chloe
Start Good Running Middle Finish Strong
Prizemoney Rating $896.00 Rating 95
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
4 3 1 0
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
75% 100%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
4 3 1 0
Box 7 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
0 0 0 0
Comments: ARG opinion is: Promising young pup who only tasted defeat for the first time last week. Would probably need to find a length or so to be a winning hope but has plenty of scope for improvement with this being just her fifth race start.

Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.61 30.88 N/A 5.48
Box 8
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Melody Serenade
Lyndall Massey
Lyndall Massey
Last 10 Starts
24 Months   Black   Dog   by   Cosmic Chief -

Yessam Melody

Start Good Running Rail Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $434.00 Rating 90
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
11 3 4 1
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
27% 72%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
5 1 2 1
Box 8 Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
1 0 0 1
Comments: Don Massey (Co-Trainer): We don’t hold much hope from box eight, we really wanted to be drawn closer to the inside. I think from out there it is just going to be too hard to get across. He is really more of a 431 metre dog. We just have to hope there’s a bit of a mix-up and we get the fly.”


Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.87 30.87 N/A 5.47
1st Res
Race Odds
Heart Replay
Part The Sea
Rachel Scott
Butibam Partnership
Last 10 Starts
30 Months   Black    Dog   by   Bit Chili - Yes Mistress
Start Fair Running Middle Finish Good
Prizemoney Rating $194.00 Rating 89
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
40 4 6 8
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
10% 45%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
26 3 5 7
Box Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
Comments: ARG opinion is: Is consistent without winning too often. Would have to be considered a place chance if gaining a start.
Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
30.79 30.97 N/A 5.59
2nd Res
Race Odds
Heat Replay
Elite Alanna
Cynthia Shuttle
Cynthia Shuttle
Last 10 Starts
29 Months   Blue   Bitch   by   Elite State - Alanna Lorian
Start Fair Running Middle Finish Fair
Prizemoney Rating $221.00 Rating 85
Career Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
18 3 2 5
Strike Rates
Win % Place %
17% 56%
Track & Dist.
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2  0  0 1
Box Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
Comments: ARG opinion is: Has performed well over shorter distances at Ipswich but is yet to flatter over the longer trips. Is a definite improver but would need luck to feature in this race.
Best Ipswich Times
Best Last Sect. Best Sect. Last
NBT 31.01 N/A 5.51

All things being equal, it is hard to see anything beating the Devonport Cup winner Are Ate. The only slight concern is how easily he can find the front, with some speed coming from the likes of Coach Little and Masai Princess on the inside.

The only other unknown quantity is how much improvement some of these very young dogs have in them. Oh That’s Nice and Femme Jolie only need to find a length or two to be genuine contenders and that is not beyond the realms of possibility.

It augurs well for a super final come Saturday night.

Double Delight For Jan Warner In Ipswich Auction Final

For a relatively small kennel to get a greyhound through to a Group Two final can take a lot of good luck, and good management. To get two through all the way from an auction purchase is something special.

That is exactly what Bill and Jan Warner have done and, this week, they will rug up Masai Princess and Femme Jolie in the $40,000 to-the-winner Puppy Auction Final at Ipswich.

When ARG spoke to Jan Warner, there was a clear edge of excitement in her voice as she described her joy.

“We are stoked,” Warner said.

“We just could not believe it. We only had the two dogs entered in the series. You know, to get one through was amazing, because we are only a very small kennel, but to get two through, we just couldn’t believe it. It is absolutely wonderful.”

A win would mean a lot to the Warner’s and would be considered their biggest success to date should they be able to pull it off.

“This would be our biggest win, we have been in the final before and came third many years ago and I think we may have made one other final but this would definitely be our biggest win.”

Masai Princess (3) and Femme Jolie (4) have drawn right next to each other and both are blessed with terrific early speed. While not perfect, Warner says they are content with the draws.

“We are not too unhappy about the box draw, we might have preferred the eight for Femme Jolie, but they are both good jumpers. I guess if they are going to win, they are going to win.”

Masai Princess is the more experienced of the two winning five of her 24 career outings while Femme Jolie, who has had just four starts, looks to be a very promising youngster who has already attracted the interest of buyers. Warner explains that both dogs were lucky to even start in the series.

“They had both been a little bit sick, it was touch and go, especially for Femme Jolie on whether or not she was even going to start or not. She is a promising pup, we have had an offer for her but we knocked it back, we feel we are going to have a lot of fun with her.”

At the moment Masai Princess is still a length faster than Femme Jolie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot more improvement from her.”

Masai Princess registered her first win over the 520 metres Ipswich last week when she defeated boom pup Oh That’s Nice in a handy 30.69. Warner says she was pleasantly surprised with the effort but did expect the improvement given the way that they have nursed the up-and-comers along to the longer trip of the series.

“Masai Princess did surprise us last week, before the series we had never put them out of the 520 metre boxes, the most they had gone was a post-to-post, because they have got a long series to go through. They are both very young still.”

With a little bit more of that improvement, combined with some luck, it could be a big night for Bill and Jan Warner on Saturday evening.

2014 Ipswich Auction Series Reaches Semi-Final Stage

Ipswich will again take centre-stage late on Saturday evening with four semi-finals of the Group Two Ipswich Auction Series taking place.

With only five heats last week, almost all dogs get another crack this week at making the $40,000 final.

Here’s a look at the top chances in each of the semi-finals.

Group Two Ipswich Auction Series Semi-Final One (Race 5 at 9:11pm)

Oh That’s Nice (8) is undefeated in three starts and the only dog in this heat who won her race last week. She has a best time of 30.61 and has won her last two from this box. She should go close to winning again.

Cosmic Melody (2) is a little hit-and-miss but has won two here with a best of 30.74. She may benefit from the inside draw.

Commando Charles (4) has won four from 12 at Ipswich and ran a good second last week. Has a best of 30.72 at the track and looks one of the main dangers.

Part The Sea (3) has an ordinary strike-rate but is a consistent place-getter at the track and could feature in the placings.

Group Two Ipswich Auction Series Semi-Final Two (Race 6 at 9:34pm)

Royal Albert (7) was the only dog in this semi-final who won last week. The son of Bit Chilli – Yes Mistress (Go Wild Teddy – Raven Poldar) carved out a time of 30.68 for Dulguigan trainer Des Gilroy and looks the one to beat here.

Margiris (6) has won three at Ipswich and sizzled in 30.48 here in the past, albeit last December. If he can find anywhere near his best he will be right in this but his recent form is a worry.

Serious Tate (3) looks the only other hope but was beaten four lengths by Royal Albert last week.

Group Two Ipswich Auction Series Semi-Final Three (Race 7 at 9:56pm)

Not The One (8) for Greenbank trainer Robert Essex is not only the only heat-winner in this semi-final from last week but is also the only dog in this race that has won at this track and trip. He ran 30.69 from a wide draw last week and looks capable of replicating that.

Golden Lotus (6) has a terrific career strike-rate and ran third behind Not The One in her first look at Ipswich. She could be the improver.

Elite Alanna (7) has good form over the shorter 431 metre trip here and, if she can covert that to 520 metres, could be in the finish.

Coach Little (4) is a perennial place-getter over this journey with six placings from eight attempts. Expect him to be in the placings again.

Group Two Ipswich Auction Series Semi-Final Four (Race 8 at 10:17pm)

Are Eight (4) set the time standard last week with a scorching 30.59. The son of Lochinvar Marlow – Long Long Mama (Vesuvio – Eyre Intent) has five wins from 16 attempts at this trip and is the obvious top pick here.

Dooley’s Lock (6) was the other winner from last week. She registered the time of 30.78. It was her first win in six race appearances. She may need to improve slightly to win this.

Brodie’s Memory (5) is a young bitch who ran a good second in her heat last week. She looks the only possible danger to the other two.

Rockhampton Lands A Trifecta Of Black Wednesdays

Forget the blackout in Superbowl XLVII. The biggest power failure in sporting history is now the back to back power failures at Callaghan Park, the home of the Rocky Greyhounds.

In 2013 America’s greatest spectacle, the Superbowl, suffered a 35 minute power outage shortly after the half time show. The event was watched by millions around the world and featured the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers. The Superbowl is famous for its glitz and glamour, it’s million dollar advertisements, and American’s love of food and holidays. On this occasion the game was delayed – unprecedented in all it’s history. The Louisiana Superdome was left pitch black, with players and officials milling around the field, while technicians worked frantically to have the event back up and running, which took 35 minutes.

Imagine then the problems for Racing Queensland with the Rockhampton greyhounds being forced to abandon their past two meetings well after the scheduled start time due to problems with power. It gets better, the meeting this Wednesday has already been transferred to Townsville and there is no solution to the problem in sight.

Power Failure 1 – 12th of March 2014

The fields were drawn for the 10 race program (although nominations were extended due to short numbers) including the feature maiden final.

Unfortunately the races were delayed, with on course stewards and staff working to fix the problem as some of the lights on track weren’t working. RQ were keeping trainers in the dark as well, until finally bad news filtered through. The meeting was abandoned. There was no explanation, just news that the maiden final would be rescheduled – all other dogs would be forced to nominate again if wanting to race next week.

Power Failure 2 – 19th of March 2014

Another 10 race program and the one highlight for Racing Queensland would have been that this week had greater number of nominations than the previous. For trainers and owners the excitement had regrouped and The Rockhampton Greyhound Racing Club were forgiven for lasts weeks debacle.

Unfortunately in a case of déjà vu with the races were delayed and the meeting abandoned again. The industry was again being kept in the dark, as was the Rockhampton circuit. Trainers would again be making the long trip home asking why.

Two weeks in row and Racing Queensland had provided no races, no communication and no idea.

On Thursday the 20th of March 2014 Racing Queensland released the following statement:

“The race meeting on 12th March was abandoned due to a partial loss of power into the racecourse. Ergon Energy advised that a branch had come down on two wires resulting in a fuse tripping on the power pole near the Rockhampton – Emu Park Road (across the road from the Victoria Tavern). This resulted in the racecourse losing one phase of power giving variable power to the facility.

The race meeting on the 19th March was abandoned due to an electrical fault in the on-course switchboard. Unfortunately due to the nature of this issue it couldn’t be rectified last night.

RQ is working closely with the RGRC and local contractors to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

In some good news for trainers and owners, Racing Queensland have distributed to all acceptors an even percentage of the total scheduled events prizemoney. At least this helps with some of the costs involved.

The Trainers Reactions

ARG spoke with some Rocky trainers who expressed their dismay that the same could occur two weeks in row. With news that next weeks meeting has already been transferred trainers were naturally expressing their frustration.

“We are out of pocket, there are some trainers that drive in excess of 4 hours each way, surely more can be done to compensate those involved.”

“Abandoning a meeting can effect a dogs future. Those dogs that are out of form and were drawn to race may now struggle again to get a run. It could be weeks or months before they race again.”

“Abandoning the meeting means that all dogs have to renominate and it doesn’t seem fair to those that had been drawn to race then the following week they miss out or are reserve. Who knows what will happen when racing at Rocky resumes.”

“Why has next Wednesday been moved to Townsville, surely we could race Wednesday afternoon.”

Trainer and owners aren’t happy and they shouldn’t be.

The latest events at Rocky are just further holes in the hull of the sinking Racing Queensland ship. The Queensland board lacks direction and leadership and more needs to be done to show transparency, participants needs to be involved in the decision making process and help guide the decisions affecting the future. The participants are the ones that need to know.

Racing Queensland will argue that these events were bad luck. Week one yes, but two weeks in a row, no. That’s where planning is needed. There should be contingency plans in place that were readily available. Forget sky and fix the problem. The problem isn’t the need for live video into pubs, clubs and people’s home. It’s about looking after the product and those that provide it, the owners and trainers. That’s where Racing Queensland continue to get it wrong.

2014 Ipswich Auction Series Kicks Off

The wait for buyers of pups at the 2012 Ipswich Auction is over as their purchases begin their quest for a $40,000 winners check in the Group Two series this Saturday night.

The spacious circuit situated on the banks of the Bremer River will play host to five heats, with semi-finals next week and the big final taking place on the 5th of April.

Let’s take a look at the major players in each of the heats;

Heat 1

The first heat looks a tough affair with little in the way of form, particularly at Ipswich over the 520 metres.

Royal Albert (7) is the only dog to have won over this trip at Ipswich when he registered a 31.21 win three starts back on the 1st of March.

Masai Princess (3) is a winner of four from 22, including three over the shorter trips at Ipswich. The query with her is whether or not she will see out the 520 metres.

Serious Tate (8) is the most successful conveyance in the race, with seven career victories to his name. The son of Premier Fantasy and Surfing Madam is yet to win over the 520 metres at Ipswich, but ran second here last week and has also been placed over the distance at Albion Park recently.

The unknown quantity in the race is first starter Rush Lee (1), who will make her debut from the inside alley.

Heat 2

The second heat features the exciting prospect Golden Lotus (1) from the rails trap. The daughter of Collision and Chloe Siyan has saluted in five of her eight career starts and has her first crack beyond 500 metres in this heat. If she can convert her shorter form to this trip she may well take some tossing. With that in mind, she meets a couple of well performed dogs.

Commando Charles (6) is a winner of six from 24 and had been racing in much tougher company at Albion Park in recent times. This race looks right up his alley and don’t be surprised to see a sharp improvement on his recent form. He has won four from 11 at this trip and registered a best of 30.72.

Margiris (3) is another promising type who has won at Maitland and been placed at Wentworth Park as well as winning three over this journey, including a best of 30.48.

Tom Dooley (8) is a youngster having just his second start. He is in the astute hands of master mentor Tony Brett and is worth keeping safe on the credence of that alone.

Heat 3

Exciting youngster Oh That’s Nice (8) looks to maintain her unbeaten record in the third heat. She has won both of her races over this trip and has a personal best of 30.61 which was from the outside box. She looks good chance in a field that lacks depth.

Pert The Sea (2) has only won four from 38, but three of those wins have been over this trip. He has a best of 30.79 which he ran a fortnight ago and has to be considered some sort of chance.

Elite Alanna has won three races at Ipswich over shorter trips, including two of her last three over the 431 metre trip here. If she can transpose her shorter track form to this race she is worthy of consideration.

First starter Almost Allblack is a Bekim Bale youngster out of Hot Tamali Train and may be worth keeping an eye on.

Heat 4

The inside two boxes hold all the experience in the fourth heat, with both Coach Little (1) and Oskar Da Pooch (2) being winners of seven races each.

Coach Little has his fourth straight start from the inside alley and is yet to win over this trip from seven attempts, although he has been placed five times.

Oskar Da Pooch has won seven from 18 career starts, but his four attempts over the 520 metres to date are yet to yield a victory. Those four attempts have all been at Albion Park whereas all of his other racing has been done here which may play a part in how he fares in this event.

Melody Serenade (8) looks to be the other main chance in this heat. The daughter of Cosmic Chief and Yessam Melody has had just nine career starts for two wins and four placings.

Heat 5

Are Ate (7) returns to the Sunshine State for the final heat after spending the last three months racing in Tasmania. He is a winner of 11 races, including four over this trip with a best of 30.65.

Cosmic Melody (6) has won three of her 10 career starts, two of which have been over this trip. She has stopped the clock at 30.74 in the past and has the local experience to be a factor.

First starter Top Bekim is by Bekim Bale out of former Victorian race bitch Miss Martini and will be one to watch.

Queensland Racing – Who Let The Dogs Out

Attention owners and trainers – Racing Queensland Wants You! Much like the famous posters of James Montgomery’s ‘Uncle Sam’, and Alfred Leete’s ‘Britons Want You’ – Monday nights Albion Park race card further highlighted the despair facing greyhound racing in Queensland.

The past twelve months have been challenging (a lot longer I know). Queensland racing has struggled to attract quality fields to its Albion Park Monday and Thursday night programs over a long sustained period of time. This was highlighted again on Monday night where the club could only produce 8 races – most of which had short fields. Two maidens, one novice, one 600m 5th grade event and four 520m 5th grade heats. 73 total nominations. 6 dogs not required (how?).

Racing Queensland has two premier nights of racing – Monday and Thursday, where prizemoney sets the standard. Saturday at Ipswich has been very successful in the short term and could be partly to blame for the decline at Albion Park, however the problems facing RQ in regards to race fields has been going on for a lot longer than the past few months that Ipswich have provided Saturday night racing.

The quickest solution is to change race programming. The archaic program scheduling to have only 520m (and further) races on Monday and Thursday needs to change immediately. We simply don’t have the number of dogs to provide the product required. Breeding has changed and we only have ourselves (the industry) to blame – we wanted fast dogs. We bred with speed dogs – the problem with the fast dog approach is that not all of these fast dogs can run a strong 500 meters.

We cater for these speed dogs over shorter distances at other times for less money. These dogs race away from the spotlight. Albion Park meetings on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays have at times events made up over 331m, 395m, 520m, 600m and 710m. Surely it’s time to introduce these events to the premier nights of racing? We should reward the quality in these events with their chances at decent prizemoney on a Monday and Thursday.

It’s been done in the past. Look at the successful Thursday night back on the 20th of June 2013. Albion Park hosted one of the best nights of the year – with increased prizemoney and events scheduled over all track distances. I’m not a turnover expert, but the betting pools that night seemed very good. The reason was simple, the product on display. RQ needs to provide the product to attract the consumer.

The Victorian greyhound industry appears to be thriving and participation is fantastic. Race days are highlighted by full 12 race programs with eight dog fields and large crowds. The clubs attract the consumer with themed nights, competitions including shares in pups, a great media commitment and access to the product. It’s thriving. Its amazing to think that Queensland and Victoria have the same product – so why can’t we have the same success. Queensland has the product so how do we capitalise on it?

Australian Racing Greyhound has outlined many of the problems facing RQ in the past, including its lack of transparency, poor prizemoney, poor fields for feature race nights, and the Logan track debacle. The We Run As One campaign has failed to gain the momentum it hoped for. Again – the greyhound industry takes the back seat while the horses drive and harness rides shotgun. It’s time we help sell the product. It’s time we make our voices heard…

How do we encourage new participants?

How do we fix poor race fields, nomination counts and race scheduling?

How can we promote growth?

How should Racing Queensland prioritise the Greyhound racing industry?

Paw Note – The Track -

The uncertainty surrounding the proposed new greyhound track needs to be addressed. The most recent correspondence received from Racing Queensland was on the 14th of February 2014 – an email sent to participants outlining a competition to encourage participants to name the new Logan track. The competition entries close on the 12th of April prior to the April board meeting.

The email states – “Racing Queensland have been working hard behind the scenes following the announcement in September that greyhounds would have a new $12 million home in Logan (currently known as Cronulla Park).”

This email, like news before it, continues to dangle the carrot in front of participants – it’s a very long stick. Racing Queensland have been promising the new track at Logan for years and it’s been on again and off again like a bad Hollywood romance. What RQ need to do is provide transparency – what is happening? What is the delay? When will building commence? What will the track feature? And when can we expect to race? Only once we have transparency will participants be able to plan their future involvement and assist in future growth.

Amy Broadrick Disqualified For Four Years For Animal Welfare Reasons

Panel: N. Torpey, J. Hackett & P. Lane

Stewards today continued the inquiry into the welfare of the greyhounds Irish Gain and Elite Drop whilst in the care of Amy Broadrick, a registered greyhound owner, for a period prior to 4 September 2013.

When the greyhounds were returned by Ms Broadrick to their original owner in September they were found to be undernourished with Elite Drop having a body score of 1.5 out of 5 and Irish Gain having a score of 1 out of 5. Irish Gain was also found to have a large 20cm in diameter wound on the dorsal thoracic-lumber region.

Stewards originally directed Ms Broadrick to attend inquiries on the 30 September and 4 November. However she failed to attend on either occasion.

As a result Stewards acting under the provisions of LR20 proceed to hear the matter in hear absence and on 15 January 2014 issued the following charges:

Under the Greyhound Australasia Rule 106(1)(a) which reads:

(1) A registered person must ensure that greyhounds, which are in the person’s care or custody, are provided at all times with-

(a) Proper and sufficient food, drink and protective apparel.

The specifics of the charge being that Amy Broadrick, being the registered person at the time, failed to provide the greyhounds Irish Gain and Elite Drop with proper and sufficient food whilst in her care prior to 4 September 2013.

Under the Greyhound Australasia Rule 106(1)(d) which reads:

(1) A registered person must ensure that greyhounds, which are in the person’s care or custody, are provided at all times with-

(d) Veterinary attention when necessary

The specifics of the charge being that Amy Broadrick being the registered person at the time, failed to provide veterinary attention when necessary to the greyhound Irish Gain which sustained a large open wound to the mid-section of its back between the dates of 14 August 2013 and 4 September 2013.

Contact was subsequently made with Ms Broadrick and she was directed to appear today to answer these charges. However Ms Broadrick again failed to appear.

Therefore acting again under the provision of LR20 Stewards heard the matter in Ms Broadrick’s absence and after considering the available evidence found her guilty on both charges.

Stewards in determining penalty in this matter were mindful of Animal Welfare Policy of RQ which states that all persons are placed on notice that breaches of established animals welfare standards may result in their licensed being cancelled. Stewards also considered the seriousness of this situation and the lack of care provided by Ms Broadrick to both greyhounds to alleviate any suffering. It was the Stewards decision that Amy Broadrick be disqualified for a period of two (2) years on each charge effective immediately. The penalties are to be served concurrently.

It was further ordered that should she re-apply for a license or ownership registration Ms Broadrick is to appear before the relevant licensing panel of RQ to show cause why she should be granted approval to participate in the greyhound industry.

The RSPCA who are investigating the matter will be made aware of the Stewards decision.

Jungle Junction’s Future Looks Bright After Winning Vince Curry Memorial

Reg Kay won his first Vince Curry Memorial Maiden on Saturday night when Jungle Junction speared the lids and led throughout to beat a promising field of up-and-comers.

The regally bred daughter of Cosmic Rumble and Cindeen Shelby (Bombastic Shiraz – Proper Shelby) registered a race record 30.46 en route to her five-length win, a record formerly held by High Earner.

Kay says he is elated with the win, especially given that it is the first time he has won the race.

“It’s always a thrill to win a race like that, it’s the first time I’ve won it, I think we run second in it one year, I just can’t remember, but to win it is great,” he told ARG.

Jungle Junction was sent to Kay by leading Victorian Trainer Jason Thompson for a tilt at the $40,000 to-the-winner event and despite having obvious ability, she still surprised Kay with her continual improvement and her eventual win.

“Jason Thompson sent her up about six weeks ago and she arrived pretty well educated, but at the time I didn’t think she had the ability to win the Vince Curry, but she has just kept on improving.”

“We’ve got our own straight track here and she has been getting better every time I put her up.”

“She went 30.66 the week she won her heat and she probably went 30.40-odd the second week when she got beat and she’s been improving all the time.”

The plans for Jungle Junction are to eventually head south again to the Thompson kennels, but for now she will remain with Kay and will make her city debut at Albion Park this Thursday evening.

“There’s a race up here this week at Albion Park called the Young Guns. It is for dogs under two-and-a-half years old and there’s a lot of young good dogs in it. I’ve thrown her to the wolves a little bit and put her in that.”

“She’s never been there and the draw has just come through, she has drawn the one-alley which couldn’t be any better really. I’m not saying she can win it because the other dogs have had a lot of experience on the track, but she can get out in front and she is a good chaser, so you never know what might happen.”

With a little bit of luck, Kay could have landed the quinella in the Vince Curry Memorial, with his promising dog Size Does Matter running fourth. The son of Bekim Bale and Size It Up (Elite State – Size ‘Em Up) has shown a lot of promise as a pup with rumours of massive offers to buy him circulating the tracks.

Kay admits that Size does Matter has a lot to learn but also paid him a massive accolade when it comes to his potential.

“If he puts it all together, he could possibly be one of the best dogs I’ve ever had, but he’s a bit of a slow learner. He can trial anything by himself but he needs a little bit of room early, I think he was a bit stiff in the Vince Curry not to run a place, possibly even second. He got into trouble early, but that’s what happens when you haven’t got early speed.”

“He beats Jungle Junction by six lengths every time they trial, I always trial her with him. The last time I trialled them up here, we have got an electronic timer, and he only beat her by four. Normally she’d beat him out two lengths and he’d beat her by six. The last trial we had they jumped together, I thought oh geez he’s going to beat her by eight or ten here and he only beat her by four. I rang Jason straight away and said she has to be a chance on that run, she’s just improved every time.”

Size Does Matter will also take part in the Young Guns heats at Albion Park on Thursday night but has not been afforded the same luck in the box draw as Jungle Junction.

“He’s drawn the five-alley on Thursday night which won’t suit him at all, but he has had a look there before where she hasn’t. Like I said, I’ve thrown them to the wolves a bit, but rather than trial them I thought bugger it, they’re only racing their own age group. She (Jungle Junction) is going to end up a top-class race bitch and Jason said to give her a few runs up here before we send her back so I thought why not give her a go?”

Kay knows that this week’s series will be a real litmus test for both of his precocious stars, with a few others already having the runs on the board at the venue.

“There’s a couple of dogs in the series that have already broken thirty, so it will be tough. Mind you, they’re all breaking thirty there now since they put the new boxes in, the track is two-tenths quicker. “

“We hold the track record with Made To Size, he went 23.85 post-to-post that night, that’s what I tell everyone I gauge the record on now.”

Jungle Junction and Size Does Matter will definitely be two names to put in the black-book if you are looking to ear-mark potential future stars and both could well become very prominent chasers in both Queensland and Victoria down the track.

2014 Vince Curry Memorial Preview

Eight chasers will walk across the podium tonight at Ipswich chasing the title of 2014 Vince Curry Memorial winner at 9.59pm. $40,000 awaits the victor in Australia’s richest maiden race and six local trainers are represented and all have high hopes for their chargers.

Box One, Garrangay Duk, Pure Octane- Secret Sally

A bitch who has been lucky to make the final. Draws the red but will find it super hard to beat these. Rough chance at best here from the red.

Box Two, Werrina Lace, Mantra Lad- Petite Tory

This girl flew out in the heats and will be one of the hardest runners to beat. Her early toe and strength will no doubt be her greatest asset here and punters will need too keep her very safe.

Box Three, Clash of Kings, Fear Zafonic -Queen Lauryn

Massive chance here given to Clash Of Kings for trainer Steven Whyte. He’s unbeaten in the series so far, and will look to take up the early lead, and race away. With a quick getaway and an ounce of early luck the $40,000 first prize could well be his.

Box Four, Jungle Junction, Cosmic Rumble-Cindeen Shelby

Another runner who looks a super chance to salute here. She’s quick early and has plenty of raw talent. I’m not entirely sure she’s peaked yet, so don’t leave her out.

Box Five, Skuzi, Fear Zafonic- Una’s Pride

The A Team’s chances rest on this fellow here tonight. He’s drawn the five and will need a fair bit of early luck.
He does however look very green, so improvement would not surprise.

Box Six, Grin And Win, Cosmic Rumble- Real Macoy

The famous Zammit name is represented by Grin and Win here tonight and he is in with some sort of chance.Again the box will make his task very difficult, but he’s shown his class with two starts for two wins leading into the final. If he pings out and gets over, he could be standing on the podium come 10.05pm.

Box Seven, Size Does Matter Bekim Bale- Size It Up

Big things are expected from this young pup, and it will be a mammoth effort if he can deliver. Hes a slow beginner and will find himself out the back early. He’s capable of running 30.20 here, but I doubt he can do that from the rear against some very quick front running dogs.

Box Eight, Don’t Josh Me, Enry Walt-Shiloh Princess

This fellow will require a huge amount of luck and probably can’t win based on his past performances. But he’s in the field and will get his chance to take home the $40,000 winners cheque.

2014 Vince Curry Semi-Final Review

Last Saturdays nights action at Ipswich was red hot with the majority of the favourites making it through to the final.

Boom pup Size Does Matter, was lucky to get through after an early mishap. He chased gamely though and made it into the final after finishing second. Angvella the quickest heat winner missed out on a spot on the final after finishing third in her heat.

Semi Final One was won by Clash Of Kings, who beat Jungle Juntion by 2.75 lengths. The time was a great 30.43 and both dogs will be very hard to beat in next weeks final.

Semi Final Two saw Grin and Win salute in 30.83, after he was able to get across and make his own luck. Size Does Matter, put in a huge effort and flew home to grab second.

Semi Final Three was won by box eight runner Werrina Lace in a scorching 30.37 at odds of $42.70. It was a major shock for punters as her efforts in the heats were far from impressive. If she reproduces that run again in the final she’ll be mighty hard to hold out. Skuzi used box one to perfection and finished second to secure his spot in the final.

Semi Final Four was a blow out for punters with two roughies running one and two after trouble marred the race early. Garrangay Duk got the job done in a slow 31.27 for trainer Joanne Price and Don’t Josh Me finished second, beaten just under a length, to secure his spot in the final.

As is often the case in greyhound racing, the dog who leads and steers clear of trouble wins plenty of races.

Slow beginners will have there work cut out for them in the final, and it will pay to seek out the early speed if having a punt on the race.

The box draw for the final is.

Box 1 Garrangary Duk
Box 2 Werina Lace
Box 3 Clash of Kings
Box 4 Jungle Junction
Box 5 Skuzi
Box 6 Grin and Win
Box 7 Size Does Matter
Box 8 Don’t Josh Me.

Hara’s Annie
Ollie Benz.

2014 Vince Curry Maiden Semi Final Previews

Four semi-finals tonight will decide the eight finalists for the $25,000 to the winner Vince Curry Memorial next Saturday night. The first two runners from each heat will make the final, with the two quickest thirds securing a reserve position.

Semi Final One, Race Five at 5.22pm

In box five for trainer Reg Kay is Jungle Junction (Cosmic Rumble-Cindeen Shelby). She looks one of two main hopes in this first heat after flying the lids last week and leading all the way in a solid 30.66. All three of her sectionals were solid and she only needs to step to make next weeks final.

Box six, Clash of Kings (Fear Zafonic-Queen Lauryn), is the other main hope. He won his heat exactly like Jungle Junction, leading all the way to score in 30.57, two lengths quicker then his main rival.

Both dogs are having their second start and will need to jump away cleanly. Box three runner Rain Stream looks the other chance based on her solid placing here last week. If she too can get forward, she’ll prove challenging to defeat.

These three runners look the main hopefuls.

Semi Final Two, Race Six at 5.37pm

Semi Final two has the series hot shot Size Does Matter engaged to exit box three. The son of Bekim Bale and Size It Up was simply breathtaking to watch when he defeated a handy line up here last week. Box three should suit him and he only needs to get around the first corner safely and in third or fourth to prove far to strong for these.

Giggling Panther (Surf Lorian-Giggling) put in a impressive performance to place last week, after working extremely hard to find her way near the front after racing at the tail early. If she too gets around the first corner, she should put herself in a position to make the final.

Grin and Win (Made To Size-Real McCoy) from box seven, seemed a little underdone last week and will be one of the first runners burning to the top from out wide. He’s a great chance if he gets over before the first turn scrimmage.

Semi Final Three, Race Seven at 5.56pm

We see the ultra impressive Hara’s Annie, here from box two. She flew out last week and led all the way in super impressive fashion at odds of $14.00. I doubt she can go much quicker, but she only needs to repeat last weeks effort to secure her spot in the final.

Box one runner Skuzi, looks the other main hopeful, and he’ll be greatly aided by the inside draw and he looks to have a load of potential improvement on him.

Semi Final Four, Race Eight at 6.16pm

The book ends look to be the main pairing in this. Bundy Benz has more race experience then most and will also be greatly aided by the red. She probably can’t go much quicker then she did in her heat, but she should be the first out and on the bunny here tonight.

Angvella was the quickest heat winner and he is another with great early toe. From the pink box he will get every chance to burn them off before the first turn. If he gets over the race looks beyond reach of the other runners.

2014 Vince Curry Maiden Heats Review

It was a great night of racing at Ipswich with nine heats of the $25,000 Vince Curry Maiden. A big crowd was present and it appeared a huge success for the club.

Heat one was won by Special Girl, who raced up on the outside and was far too good running 30.66, with Golden Fleece and Don’t Josh Me, filling the places.

Heat two was won by Grin And Win, who flew the lids from box six and led all the way in 30.74 after trouble at the first turn. Claire Rose finished second. The Christina Harman trained Trident was probably the run of the race after being run off the track time and time again. He chased gamely to finish third.

Heat three was won by the blue blood Clash Of Kings, by Fear Zafonic from Queen Lauryn. He led from start to finish in a fast 30.57. Rain Stream ran second and Black Loafer finished third.

Heat four was won by Hara’s Annie at odds of $14.00, who flew the lids and held off the favourite Trio bar in a solid 30.65. She also run 11.98 in the run home, so the 520 proved no problem for the daughter of Cosmic Chief. Miss Pitty Pat wound up third.

Heat five was once again won by the favourite in Jungle Junction, a daughter of Cindeen Shelby. She too speared out and put the race beyond date early on. She triggered the timer at 30.66. Iva Vision, the son of Ivan Brown, finished second and Garrangay Duk wound up in third.

Heat six saw Bundy Benz, the daughter of Dashing Corsair for Geoff Uhrane, salute in 30.91 showing that sometimes race experienced can be a huge advantage. Sovereign Magic ran second and Werins Lace rounded out the placings.

Heat seven was won by Not the One, who loomed up only in the straight to zoom past the early leaders in a slow 31.22 for club president Rob Essex. Giggling Panther and Premier Leo finished second and third respectively.

Heat eight was the one everyone had come to see with boom pup Size Does Matter engaged. He found trouble early and received check after check. Mid way through he looked no chance, but to his credit he chased hard and railed up around the home turn and raced away for a fantastic victory in 30.95. His run home time was no doubt the best of the night. Skuzi ran second and Wild Boy held on well for third.

Heat nine, and time honours for the night, went to Angvella, a son of Just the Best and Joy Esme, who was quickest early and stopped the clock in a fast 30.43. He looks like one that will be mighty hard to beat in the final if he gets through next weeks semis. What it Shrinks wound up second and Spring Caprice third.

Round two gets underway this Saturday night.

Benarkin And Tony Brett Win The Big Dog

The Tony Brett trained Benarkin has led all the way from box one to win the 2014 Big Dog Cup at Albion Park tonight.

The 34kg black dog was back to his best in terms of box manners tonight and used the rails alley to aplomb, holding off the early challenges from Spirited Flame (2) and Cakes And Pies (6) who unfortunately went amiss.

Spirited Flame put plenty of pressure on Benarkin the first time down the straight, but Benarkin stayed nailed to the rails and forced Spirited Flame to toil hard out of the straight and into the back.

The two dogs drew away from the field up the back straight with Wag Tail (5) looking the only chance of running on, albeit from ten lengths further back.

As they headed for home, Benarkin had broken the heart of Spirited Flame and had the race in his keeping. Wag Tail rattled home to finish second, doing his best work at the end of the race, while Spirited Flame hung on for third.

Benarkin’s win was his seventh at the track and distance from just 11 attempts and he posted a slick 34.72 in winning the 600 metre event, which is a personal best for the son of Path To Power and Velocity Cloud.

The win caps a great month for Benarkin who also finished third in the final of the Group Two Summer Distance Plate at Wentworth Park in January.

He has now won 16 races from 40 outings and has career earnings in excess of $80,000.

Grandchester mentor Tony Brett will now focus on the upcoming Group One Zoom Top on Saturday week at The Meadows for his star chaser.

2014 Vince Curry Memorial Preview

As the 30th running of the annual Vince Curry Memorial draws closer we take a look back at who Vince Curry was, along with previous memorial winners and try to decipher our way through the hoards of dogs hoping to win Australia’s richest maiden race.

Not many people will be aware of who Vince Curry actually was. He was a talented radio broadcaster and often referred to as “Racings Mister Nice Guy”, who had a love for racings other four legged types, the equine speed machines. Vince sadly passed away in 1983 but his legacy lives on, with the Ipswich greyhound racing club honouring him annually.

Previous winners who have gone on to become superstars of our game are such dogs as, Token Prince, Just the Best and High Earner, the Queensland born and bred superstar who went on to become Australia’s highest prizemoney earner, and who now sits second in the career earnings list just behind the mighty Miata.

The Ipswich club have made changes this year to the format, dropping the usual four dog qualifying heats in favour of a three round series this year. 72 Maiden dogs line up on Saturday night in 9 heats, and there plenty of talk around about some seriously speedy pups.

Rumour has it, Size Does Matter, engaged in heat 8 from box one, by Bekim Bale out of Size it up, has been the subject of some enormous offers from interstate interests. With the dogs owner knocking back offers of $80,00 and $100,000 for the black April 2012 chaser. He’s reportedly trialled the house down in preparation for the series, and hails from a litter that look to be well above average. Litter sister Sticker Size ran 29.91 at Albion Park in only her fifth race start and first go over the trip. He’s certainly one to watch come Saturday night.

Tony Brett has also got a quality youngster engaged and these two look to be the stand-outs this far out from the series.

Heat one at 8.08pm has three first starters engaged with Ferrera, a daughter of previous memorial winner Just the Best jumping from box six. Jacqueline Greenough, wife of Kel, has a first starter out of new sire Humdrum from box seven, and Don’t Josh Me is the other first starter, who is also by a new sire in Enry Walt. Five performed dogs will make up the rest of the field.

Heat two at 8.34pm will see superstar High Earner represented by Independent Man, engaged to exit from box one for trainer Mick Boody. Keep a close eye on Trident, a son of the A Teams Fear Zafonic and Una’s Pride, who has thrown some handy types in previous litters.

Heat three at 8.51pm sees five first staters engaged, with an industry blue blood in Clash Of Kings exiting from box two. The son of Fear Zafonic and Champion bitch Queen Lauryn, will be one to watch. Bekim Bale, Just The Best and Collision are represented in the rest of the first starter progeny.

Hear four kicks off at 9.11pm With progeny by Bekim Bale, Fear Zafonic, Cosmic Chief, Collision and the two new kids on the block, Radley Bale and Take the Kitty, both sons of the great Big Daddy Cool. Bat Outa Hell, a daughter of Take the Kitty, will exit box five for Thagoona trainer Noël Evans and Radley Return jumps from box eight for Jake O’Rourke from Churchable.

Interestingly enough, box six runner Smashing Niro, will be contesting his second series, after competing in last years Vince Curry. Smashing Niro remains eligible, as he is yet to win that elusive maiden. Could this be a first?

Heat five will jump at 9.26pm with another six first starters. Cosmic Rumble, Mantra Lad, Collision, Pure Octane and Ivan Brown, will all be represented. Ivan Brown, the sire of box five runner Iva Vision, was a previous Maitland track record holder, who suffered shocking injuries after hitting the lure in a trial one day at Ipswich, all before his first race start. He was apparently quicker then his more successful litter brother in Gnarley Boy who won countless races for breeder and trainer Mal Dawson.

Other runners of note are Jungle Junction, for trainer Reg Kay, who is by Cosmic Rumble from superstar Cindeen Shelby.

Heat six at 9.41pm stays in line with other heats having six first starters engaged. Where’s Pedro, Recently retired Surf Lorian, Mogambo, Lochinvar Marlow and Queensland champion Dashing Corsair all have progeny engaged. Atlantic Hawk from box four for trainer Ron Ball might be one to watch here, as he hails from the super producer in Ultra Swift.

Heat seven 10.02pm is another heat littered with multiple first starters from sires such as Premier Fantasy, Collision,
Surf Lorian and Made To Size. Aston Galilee and the relatively unknown Elite and Classy both have first starters also engaged in this. Elite and Classy is making a bit of a name for himself here in the Sunshine State, with multiple city and feature winners, from minimal offspring.

Heat eight 10.22pm looks all over before it starts with the potential superstar in the making Size Does Matter exiting from box one. He’s reportedly run the hands off the clock in trials, and could be the quickest qualifier in the series. Seven first starters are engaged to run in this. Bekim Bale, High Earner, Knocka Norris, Pure Octane, Bit Chilli, Fear Zafonic and Westmead Offsprey are represented. Young trainer Geoff Uhrhane has Ollie Benz exiting from box eight, and the son of Westmead Offsprey will be Geoff’s only stater for the night.

The Final heat of the night is heat nine, at 10.37pm. Only three first starters line up in this. Collision and Cosmic Rumble are represented here and a big watch is the Tony Brett trained and Lenoard Antonio (Aka The Tooth Fairy) owned
Tom Dooley. He’s another who has talent and is likely to start favourite for the final heat.

In total 28 different sires are represented in the heats, and with such superstars as High Earner winning the race, their’s no doubt the series is likely too produce another star of our industry by the time the final is run and won in a few weeks time.

Best of luck to all competitors in Saturday’s heats.

Big Dog Cup Final Preview

The picturesque environs of Breakfast Creek or more specifically Albion Park, will play host to the 2014 Group 3 Big Dog Cup final this Thursday evening.

The Big Dog Cup had its genesis as the Queensland Cup and was originally run over the 555 metre trip at the now defunct Beenleigh circuit until it closed in 2003.

Since that time it has been run at Albion Park, originally as the Brisbane-Beenleigh Queensland Cup, before Big Dog came on board as sponsors.

This year’s event is worth a cool $25,000 to the winner and a cracker field of middle-distance greyhounds from the Sunshine State have assembled.

Let’s have a look at how they line up;

1 – Benarkin (Path To Power – Velocity Cloud) – Tony Brett

Benarkin returned to Queensland last week after a crack at group racing glory over 720 metres in New South Wales. The front running dog managed a third in the Group 2 Summer Distance Plate final, which was a massive achievement for the fifth grade chaser.

Beginning from box eight in his heat, Benarkin couldn’t find the front and battled in third and fourth throughout before finishing hard to land second placing. This weeks draw should suit the Tony Brett trained dog much better and, if he can find the front, he will take some catching.

2 – Spirited Flame (Vapour Whirl – Fire Goddess) – Christopher Riordon

Spirited Flame has a tremendous record over the 600 metres at Albion Park and suffered a rare blemish in her heat. The white and black bitch has won five of her seven outings over this track and distance, with a best of 34.98.

She began a little tardily from the outside alley last week in her heat and could never get to the fence. The inside draw may help her in that endeavour in the final and, if she can return to her best, she will be right in this.

3 – Never Tell (El Galo – Georgia Anne) – Anne Southee

Never Tell has been a consistent chaser over the middle distance and staying trips, but does not win out of turn. The 33kg black dog has only won two of 18 attempts over this journey and yet to break the 45 second barrier. Based on that, he is likely to find this field a little too hot and is probably a place chance at best.

4 – Starliner – (Pure Octane – Borgata) – Gary Pettersen

Starliner won this race last year when he ran down the classy Victorian stayer Irma Bale. He has had just three runs back from a short spell after a fall late last year. He has only had the two 600 metre runs since that time and is yet to finish in the top three. He may be better for those hit-outs, but will ned to improve sharply to make it back-to-back titles.

5 – Wag Tail – (Velocette – Bacardi Cruiser) – Christina Harman

Wag Tail is the most lightly raced greyhound in the field and has had just 29 career starts. The black bitch has won four from 12 over this trip with six further placings.

Last week she chased home the strong Cakes And Pies and was doing her best work at the end of the event. She will need some luck in the running to get a clean shot at them here and if she gets it, she will be a solid place chance.

6 – Cakes And Pies (Big Daddy Cool – Ultra Swift) – Ron Ball

Cakes And Pies is the Albion Park specialist who has seemingly been around the 600 metre trip as many times as the lure. In actual fact the striking blue bitch has had 25 goes at this trip for eight victories and a further 10 placings, including a best of 34.77.

Last week she showed more early pace than we are accustomed to seeing and showed them a clean pair of pads in her slick 34.98 win. If she can land close to the bunny again this week, she would have to be considered one of the top chances.

7 – Bellagio Lad (Big Daddy Cool – Ultra Swift) – Ron Ball

Bellagio Lad, the littermate to Cakes And Pies, is the second of Prenzlau mentor Ron Ball’s runners. The veteran of some 88 career starts will only have his seventh start over the 600 metres this week and is yet to win.

He has a fair amount of early zip and could well be the race leader. It would be a surprise if he can hold that position throughout the event though.

8 – Late Angel Lee (Late Show Lee – Rocklynn’s Angel) – Darren Titmarsh

Late Angel Lee looks to be the runner who holds all the aces in this final. He has won four of his six 600 metre races at Albion Park and registered a slick 34.79.

He began as well as ever last week and parked right behind the early leaders before blowing them away to win in the best of 34.94. The big query is where he will land this week from the extreme outside and, more to the point, if he can gain a clear run to unleash his trademark finishing burst.

The first reserve is White Hornet (9) who could only manage a fifth at his first 600 metre attempt last week and would struggle if gaining a start.

Culoz (10) is the second reserve and has only won one from seven over the trip in a slow 35.90.

The run to the first turn will be all important in this race. If Benarkin can find the front then it may be all over bar the proverbial shouting. He will need to be on his game to hold out the likes of Spirited Flame and Bellagio Lad, while Cakes And Pies is another who showed he can land on the speed and loves this track and distance. Late Angel Lee the one to beat if he can gain a clear shot at them.


2014 Big Dog Cup Heat One


2014 Big Dog Cup Heat Two

2013 Queensland Greyhound Of The Year Nominations

The 3 finalist for the Queensland Greyhound of the Year have been announced with Xylia Allen, Glen Gallon and Starliner set to do battle off the track to claim this prestigious title.

With wonderful track performances throughout 2013, the judging panel will have a tough decision in crowning the greyhound of the year winner. The awards night, to be held on March 14th 2014 at Kedron Wavell Services Club will also recognise the following performances from a great 2013 year of Queensland Greyhound Racing:

2013 Brisbane GRC Greyhound of the Year

2013 Bundaberg GRC Greyhound of the Year

2013 Cairns GRC Greyhound of the Year

2013 Capalaba GRC Greyhound of the Year

2013 Ipswich GRC Greyhound of the Year

2013 Rockhampton GRC Greyhound of the Year

2013 Townsville GRC Greyhound of the Year

Brisbane Leading Owner

Brisbane Leading Trainer

Brisbane Trainers Strike Rate

Brisbane Sire of the Year

Brisbane Broodbitch of the Year

Women in Racing Award

Personality Award

Young Achiever of the Year

Top Simbi Award

Hall of Fame

2013 Greyhound of the Year

The 2013 Greyhound of Year Finalists:

GLEN GALLON (Flying Stanley – Incoherent)

Tony Brett trained chaser will be looking to secure his first Queensland Greyhound Of The Year title after being a finalist in 2012. He was a winner of the Group 1 Winter Cup, going back to back after his success in 2012. He’s a retired superstar who raced against the best throughout his illustrious career.
Albion Park 2013 record of 12 starts for 8 wins and 2 placings including multiple sub 30 second performances.
Top grade performances in every one of his race track performances.

2013 overall record – 21 starts – 11 wins and 4 placings.

STARLINER (Pure Octane – Borgata)

Gary Pettersen trained chaser who excelled over the Albion Park 600m trip, highlighted by his Group 3 Big Dog Cup success. Starliner will be named the 2013 Albion Park Greyhound of the Year after starting at the track 32 times for 13 wins and 15 placings – winning the award based on a point system.

The white flash was a revelation in 2013 and much was written about the Northern NSW chaser, who was simply brilliant at headquarters, winning races over the 520m, 600m and 720m journeys.

2013 overall record – 40 starts – 18 wins and 16 placings.

XYLIA ALLEN (Turanza Bale – Tayah Bale)

Jenny Hunt trained superstar who dominated racing Australia wide. In Queensland she started 6 times for 2 wins and 3 placing’s including being a three time Group finalists at Albion Park, with her results including – 2nd in the Group 2 Futurity, 3rd in the Group 1 Winter Cup and 4th in the Group 1 Brisbane Cup.

Victorian trained chaser who is eligible for the Queensland Award after starting the minimum six races in Queensland. She was a multiple group finalists who certainly clocked up the travel miles in 2013 and will be favourite to win this award after her efforts in Queensland and other states.
Controversy will surround any award won by this super bitch after the suspension of her previous trainer Graeme Bate for multiple positive swabs in 2013.

2013 overall record – 40 starts – 16 wins and 15 placings, including winning 5 Group races and qualifying for many other group finals. Three time Group 1 Winner, including the Sapphire Crown, National Sprint and Peter Mosman Classic. Group 2 Launceston Cup winner and Group 3 Sandown Shootout winner.

ARG wishes all finalists the best of luck and congratulations go to award winners on their contributions to greyhound racing in Queensland for 2013.

Queensland Trainer Fined For “Blowing Up” Over Grading Issue

Racing Queenland stewards have this week fined Garry Bevan over his reaction to the grading of his greyhounds at a Rockhampton greyhound meeting.

On Wednesday, Racing Queensland (RQ) Stewards conducted an inquiry conducted an inquiry into the alleged conduct of licensee Garry Bevan in relation to a phone call he made to the RQ Greyhound Grading Staff on Friday 6th December 2013. Mr. Bevan contacted the office regarding the grading of his greyhounds for the Rockhampton meeting on the Wednesday 11 December 2013.

After considering the explanation given by Mr. Bevan, Stewards issued a charge against him pursuant to Greyhounds Australasia Rule 86 (f) (IV).

GAR 86 (f) (IV) reads:
A person shall be guilty of an offence if the person engages in, publishes or causes to be published, broadcasts or causes to be broadcast, the use of any contemptuous, unseemly, improper, insulting, or offensive language, conduct or behaviour in any manner or form towards, or in relation to any other person having official duties in relation to greyhound racing.

The specifics of the charge being that on the 6th December 2013, Mr. Bevan engaged in a phone call to the Racing Queensland Greyhound Grading Office in Brisbane and did use offensive language towards the grading staff over the grading of his two (2) greyhounds for the Rockhampton Greyhound meeting for the 11 December 2013.

Mr. Bevan pleaded guilty to the charge and made submissions relevant to penalty.

When assessing an appropriate penalty, Stewards took into consideration and Mr. Bevan’s excellent record over 30 years of training. Stewards were also mindful that behaviour such as this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Mr. Bevan was subsequently fined $400. Stewards ordered that $200 be suspended for a period of 12 months, on the condition that Mr Bevan does not commit any further breaches for a similar offence.

Mr Bevan was advised of his appeal rights.

Brisbane’s Hottest Day Cant Stop Kiss Me Ketut In The Cup

Thursday may have been Brisbane’s hottest day of the year, but that didn’t stop a terrific crowd from attending Queensland’s premier club for the 2013 Group 1 Sky Racing Brisbane Cup Final.  While the temperature was cooled with a light afternoon shower, trackside temperatures quickly heated up as the club hosted a wonderful night of racing, including attendance from AAMI celebrity Ketut. The stage was set as the 8 finalists made their way to the starting boxes for the $75,000 to the winner feature.

Pre post fixed betting was dominated by the Victorian raiders who occupied the first four lines of betting.  Tomac Bale would start a narrow favourite at $2.50 from box 2 and victory would be the first group 1 win for him and trainer Mark Delbridge. Battling Tomac Bale for favouritism at 2.70 was Australia’s best greyhound Xylia Allen, despite being awkwardly drawn in box 7. Farmor Las Vegas wasn’t well drawn in box 5, but the Robert Britton trained chaser was fancied at around 8.00. Omen bet Kiss Me Ketut shared the 8.00 line of betting with Farmor Las Vegas. The celebrity greyhound was hoping to impress his namesake, who was drumming support trackside knowing victory would see his cult following grow.

Of the locally trained chasers it was a toss of the coin between Frank Hancock’s Battistuzzi at $13.00 from box 3 and Sandra Hunt’s Top Story at $15.00 in box 1.  In the eyes of the punters Captain Clarrie at $24.00 in box 8 and Hawko’s Mistake at $48.00 from box 4 would need luck.  The race was set to be one for the ages.

Jumping well and exploding from the boxes was celebrity greyhound Kiss Me Ketut, who was off and on the bunny speeding through an unheard of 5.49 first section. Tomac Bale brought up old habits by missing it badly and was hampered by the outside dogs moving across. At the first corner Kiss Me Ketut was clearly in front from Battistuzzi, with Farmor Las Vegas moving to third. Behind them the field was bumping and in all sorts of trouble. Xylia Allen was back last after being repeatedly flattened and it would have taken a herculean effort to win from where she was.

Rounding the back straight and the crowd was up and standing, cheering on the Ready2Race success story who was holding the other runners at bay.  Entering the home straight and it was a race in two with Kiss Me Ketut holding on narrowly to score over a gallant Farmor Las Vegas by a half-length, with Battistuzzi two lengths away third.  Flashing home from the tail of the field for another wonderful performance was the unlucky Xylia Allen, who finished a narrow fourth. With the help of the new boxes the winner stopped the clock in a quick 29.82.

Prepared by South Geelong mentor David Burnett, the son of Bombastic Shiraz ex. Spiral Siyan was purchased at the 2012 Victorian Ready2Race series for $21,000.  The Melbourne Cup finalists is now a group 1 success story taking his career record to 37 starts for 17 wins, 6 seconds and 5 thirds with prizemoney in excess of $175,000. The celebrity status continues to grow.

2013 Group 1 Brisbane Cup Final Replay

Group 1 Brisbane Cup Final Preview and Comments

Thursday night will see all industry eyes firmly fixed on Albion Park, with the running of the 2013 Group 1 Sky Racing Brisbane Cup Final. The winning connections will pocket a cool $75,000, and the box draw has made the race a really open affair.

Can Australia’s best greyhound in Xylia Allen win from box 7? Can Tomac Bale give trainer Mark Delbridge his first Group 1?  Or will a local hope join 2012 Queensland champion Got A Moment on the list of winners?  With the start all important, and the new boxes giving tenths to a chasers race time, will we see the lowering of Made To Size’s long standing track record?  These questions will all be answered as the boxes open and Albion Park crowns another Group 1 winner.

2013 GROUP 1 – SKY RACING BRISBANE CUP FINAL – 520m – 8:52pm Qld Time


Box 1 – TOP STORY – Sandra Hunt

Heat Replay

Career Record – 32 Starts – 14 – 6 – 6 – Best Time at Track 29.77

Top Story finished one and a half lengths behind Battistuzzi in his heat, where he chased hard throughout and never shirked the task. The son of Knocka Norris and Bomber Babe is a track specialist, having made a number of group finals here through his injury plagued career.  With limited starts due to ongoing injuries, it has been a wonderful training performance to have him qualify for yet another group final.  Prefers an outside draw but in feature finals box one suits. A quality chaser who gives 110% every start, strong chance.

Sandra Hunt (Trainer) – “It’s a really hard race and we are up against it despite being drawn in box one. He’s a greyhound that races better out wide, but with the draw we are just hoping that he can be inside any first corner trouble. He’s the fastest dog we have ever had but has had to race with a career plagued by injury.  He has to lead to win.”

Box 2 – TOMAC BALE – Mark Delbridge

Heat Replay

Career Record – 28 starts – 15 – 3 -1 – Best Time at Track 29.63

He was the fastest heat winner in a super quick 29.63 BON, after leading from the boxes to the catching pen. Tomac Bale is a Group winning son of Dyna Lachlan and Princess Bale, and is from a wonderful litter of chasers.  He was super quick early and gave nothing else a chance after exploding from the boxes at what was his first look at the track and trip. He will benefit from that experience and again draws favourably in box two where he has had two starts for two wins. He is a big chance to give trainer Mark Delbridge his first group 1 success.

Mark Delbridge (Trainer) - “I think that he has every chance and I’m just hoping that he can begin.  He has been missing it lately, but last week was good and he jumped well.  I’ve run second a couple of times in group one’s,  so it would be nice to win one.”


Box 3 – BATTISTUZZI – Frank Hancock

Heat Replay

Career Record – 17 starts – 9 – 2 – 3 – Best Time at Track – 29.77

Battistuzzi won his heat in a personal best 29.77 after leading throughout in a dominant performance and is a three time group finalist, who has just turned 2 years old.  The son of Collision and Dulcinea is from an outstanding litter and does excel at the track and trip, with his box speed and racing sense a big advantage. He does prefer an outside box draw and box three hasn’t been favourable in his short career. He is a young greyhound who continues to improve and deserves a group win for his ability. He is the first group one finalist for the Hancock team and could win on Queensland’s biggest stage.

Edith Hancock (Owner) - “We are absolutely wrapt for the dog. He has just turned two years of age and this is his third group final. I don’t think he is well drawn, as we prefer him to jump from a wide draw. The Melbourne dogs look hardest to beat and it’s just a pleasure to be in the final.”


Box 4 – HAWKO’S MISTAKE – John Edwards

Heat Replay

Career Record – 56 starts – 16 – 10 – 9 – Best Time at Track – 29.94

Hawko’s Mistake ran second in his heat behind interstate visitor Farmor Las Vegas, chasing hard throughout to lose by a length and a half on the line after beginning well from box eight.  He is a favourite of his trainer, who admits he is the best chaser he has trained. By Buckingham Chuck and Ellie’s Diamond, he has been plagued by poor box draws. That continues for the final where he draws box four, a box he is yet to win from. Considering the quality of the field and his poor draw, he only looks a place chance.

John Edwards (Trainer) - “Honestly I don’t think he can win after coming up with box four.  He’s lucky to still be racing with the amount of injuries that he has had to cope with.  Box four makes it tough and to win he has to lead and find about eight lengths. I don’t think he can cross Tomac Bale.”


Box 5 – FARMOR LAS VEGAS – Robert Britton

Heat Replay

Career Record – 45 starts – 18 – 14 – 1 – Best Time at Track – 29.85

He won his heat from box four in a quick 29.85 at his Albion Park debut. The son of Knocka Norris and Farmor Cee You has travelled extensively in his career, winning on eight different tracks for the powerful Britton kennel. Possessing good early speed, his career has exploded in recent months, making a number of feature finals and racing against Australia’s best. He draws awkwardly in the final after coming up with box five, which isn’t favourable for the February 2011 whelp. He has started from box five on six occasions for one win and one placing. Last week was very impressive and if he leads he can win.

Robert Britton (Trainer) - “I’m more hopeful than confident. It’s definitely a good field with quality dogs. To win he will need to do everything right and probably lead. He is not a great box dog, but he can muster speed very quickly. I’m taking him up a day earlier this time as last week he didn’t travel the best and I think that told in his last sectional.”


Box 6 – KISS ME KETUT – David Burnett

Heat Replay

Career Record – 36 starts – 16 – 6 – 5 – Best Time at Track – 29.95

Kiss Me Ketut won his heat in a solid 29.95 after leading throughout from box eight.  He is a Ready2Race sales success story from 2012, where a $21,000 outlay has produced prizemoney well in excess of $100,000 and the title of Melbourne Cup Finalist. The son of Bombastic Shiraz and Spiral Siyan has won from every box and draws box six for the final, where he has a record of four starts for three wins. Whilst he isn’t as strong as some of the other finalists, he can lead and take advantage of any trouble behind him to feature here. Kiss Me Ketut is a celebrity greyhound that will be well fancied in betting and will improve on his heat time.

David Burnett (Owner/Trainer) - “He is suited by an outside draw and he won’t cut down to the fence until he has to. I definitely prefer drawing here rather than inside. It’s his fifth group final at 28 months of age, and it would be great to see him win this one. I’ve left the dog up in Queensland with Geoff Jones this week to acclimatise to the weather and he has been spoiling him, the dog is jumping around.  I’m just hoping he can avoid the first turn trouble.”


Box 7 – XYLIA ALLEN – Jenny Hunt

Heat Replay

Career Record – 49 starts – 20 – 10 – 8 – Best Time at Track – 29.81

Australia’s best greyhound whose heat win had to be seen to be believed, coming from behind to win after copping significant interference in a time of 29.81.  She is a tenacious chaser who would run through brick walls, and has a remarkable ability to lift herself up from the canvas when others couldn’t. This beautiful daughter of Turanza Bale and Tayah Bale qualifies for the fourteenth final of her brilliant career. She draws box seven in the final, which is the only box she is yet to taste success from. Xylia Allen is an outstanding sprinter who is a strong winning chance.

Jenny Hunt (Trainer) - “She could win or she could run last.  I just hope that she has every chance and doesn’t get knocked around or bumped too much.  She is in form and I know that she will give her best.”


Box 8 – CAPTAIN CLARRIE – Peter Ruetschi

Heat Replay

Career Record – 39 starts – 15 – 4 – 6 – Best Time at Track – 30.11

Captain Clarrie was the slowest heat winner in 30.11, chasing hard throughout to just nab the leader on the line. The son of Elite And Classy and Where Are You has been a wonderful chaser throughout his 39 start career. He is a group performer who was third in the recent Ipswich Gold Cup, and box eight won’t worry him. He set an Ipswich PB from this box when winning his Ipswich Cup heat. In five starts from box eight he has won three times and been placed on the other two occasions. He is prepared by form trainer Peter Ruetschi, who has had a wonderful 2013 with a number of feature finalists.  The Captain may not have the accolades of the other finalists, but deserves his chance and not without some hope.

Peter Ruetschi (Trainer) – “He is drawn ideally in box 8 and it’s where we wanted him to draw.  With any interference inside and a clear run I think that he is a real live chance in the race. It was his first look from the new boxes last week and good judges have said that it will improve his time by a tenth or two. He’s on the comeback from injury and going as good as ever. I think if Xylia Allen jumps nothing will beat her. It’s my first group 1 finalist and anything can happen.”

Reserves –

Heat Replay

9 – ROSE OF GALO – Albert Kennewell

Career Record – 31 starts – 11 – 7 – 3 – Best Time at Track – 29.99 (2nd)

Lead for 519 meters in his second place finish behind Captain Clarrie. She is very quick early, which is her biggest asset. She is by ill-fated sire El Galo out of Noir Rose. She isn’t as strong as the others and looks only a place chance if lucky enough to gain a start through scratching’s.


10 – TEE BRADY – Tom Tzouvelis

Career Record – 26 starts – 6 – 6 – 4 – Best Time at Track – 30.09 (2nd)

Heat Replay

He ran second in his heat after leading and being run down by an unstoppable Xylia Allen. This highly thought of chaser has been well travelled throughout his career, racing in four states including the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. By Cosmic Rumble and New Coin, he looks only a rough place hope if lucky to start.


The final looks an outstanding race on a wonderful card of racing. ARG wishes all finalists and connections the best of luck and a safe trip around.

Thirteen Facts About The Brisbane Cup

Inaugural Running

The first race took place over 558 metres at the newly-opened Gabba track in 1972 and was taken out by the Victorian sprinter Garron Court. The race was run on 26 October and Garron Court, a brindle bitch, exited box 2 and took her record at The Gabba to six wins from six starts.

Race Name

The event was initially called the Gabba Sprint Championship until 1975. Then, from 1976 to 1981 it became known as the Brisbane Cup. From 1982 to 1999 the event was sponsored by Coca Cola and renamed the Coca Cola Cup, but since 2000 it has once again become known as the Brisbane Cup.


The race has only been contested over two distances on two tracks. From 1972 to 1992 it was run over 558 metres at The Gabba and since 1993 it has been contested over 520 metres at Albion Park.

First Queensland Winner

The first Queensland winner of the race was Top Simbi in 1973, who was one of the greatest greyhounds to have ever raced in Queensland, Top Simbi won by five lengths to take his record at The Gabba to 17 wins from just 20 outings.

When Is The Race Run

Although now contested in December, the race was previously held in October, until 1994, and then September from 1995 to 2000.

Biggest Winning Margins

NSW speedster Pororoca won the 2005 event by nine and a quarter lengths from box 1, setting a new track record of 29.66 for the 520 metres in the process. Champion bitch Flying Amy won by eight lengths in 1995 in a then race record of 29.89.

Closest Winning Margin

This belongs to Victorian raider Uno Joel, who downed NSW star Mandagery Man by just a nose in 2007.

Most Successful Trainer/s

Jason Thompson has won with Uno Joel (2007), El Galo (2008), and Got A Moment (2012). In a strange coincidence, Thompson had two runners in the 2007 final, the winner and the last placegetter (El Galo), and two runners in the 2012 final, the winner and, once again, the last placegetter (Proven Nitro). Other successful trainers have been Dennis Reid (1987 Whip Tip; 1998 Questions), Ron Ball (1995 Flying Amy; 2009 Mr Metz; and three unplaced finalists in 2012), Tony Brett (2003 Bogie Leigh; 2011 Glen Gallon), Helen Ivers (2001 & 2002 Tricky Creek), and Tony Zammit (1994 Toss The Teddy; 1997 Barrio Babe)

Only Dual Winner

The only greyhound to have won the race twice is Tricky Creek, who exited box two in 2001 to score by just over seven lengths and, a year later, came out of box one to make it two in a row for Helen and Mick Ivers.

Only Reserve To Win

In 2012 Got A Moment made the field when Here’s To You was scratched. Although drawn in box 6, Got A Moment went on to score by two and a half lengths.

Dual Finalists

There have been seven of these. Flying Amy (second 1994, won 1995), Questions (won 1998, third 1999), Faithful Hawk (third 1998, second 1999), Bogie Leigh (won 2003, second 2004), El Galo (eighth 2007, won 2008), He Knows Uno (won 2010, fourth 2011), and Glen Gallon (won 2011, second 2012).

Some Beaten Stars

There have also been some pretty good greyhounds who have made the final, but not won the race: Bristol Sue (third 1974), Ungwilla Lad (third 1975), Roanokee (second 1997), Rapid Journey (second 1998), and Dashing Corsair (second 2009).

Dog Or Bitch

Perhaps the most interesting fact is that the vast majority of winners of the 41 running’s have been male greyhounds. Indeed, since the change to December finals in 2001 and the victories of Tricky Creek (twice) and Bogie Leigh (2003), the last nine winners have all been male.

Star Studded Lineup Qualifies For 2013 Brisbane Cup Final

The Brisbane Cup Final will be graced with some of the biggest names in Australian greyhound racing after the super stars fired on heats night.

Wheeler pair Tomac Bale and Xylia Allen will head the billing for the big race. Tomac Bale sizzled in heat six while Xylia Allen pulled herself off the canvas to win her heat in dramatic fashion. They will be joined by the likes of Farmor Las Vegas, Kiss Me Ketut and Battistuzzi in what promises to be a gem of a final.

Brisbane Cup Heat 1

The Frank Hancock trained Battistuzzi (Box 6) set the early standard with a blistering 29.77 win to open Cup proceedings. Top Story began well from box three carving out an early section of 5.60. The blue dog did all he could to hold out Battistuzzi but the son of Collision and Dulcinea showed tenacity to cross to the fence as they left the straight the first time. From that point it was a one act affair as Battistuzzi showed them a clean set of pads to land the heat by from Top Story who stuck on resolutely with Phantom Jewels rattling home for third. Battistuzzi has now won 9 from 17 and will be a major player in next weeks final after drawing box three.

Brisbane Cup Heat 2

Classy conveyance Farmor Las Vegas (Box 4) took out the second heat in style in 29.85. After beginning only moderately from the squeeze box, the son of Knocka Norris and Farmor Cee You drove up hard to lead at the post the first time in 5.59. Hawko’s Mistake (Box 8) chased hard in second place for the duration of the race but could not quite match motors with the winners solid run home of 12.77, going down by 1 1/2 lengths. Bellagio Lad finished in third place. The win gives Lara mentor Robbie Britton another crack at a group final just a fortnight after he landed the quinella in the Group 1 Bold Trease.

Brisbane Cup Heat 3

The third heat provided a sensational finish and the first major upset of the night. Local dog Captain Clarrie (Box 2) landed the event by the bearest of margins for trainer Peter Ruetschi after a long sustained run home. Rose Of Galo (Box 5) finished second after leading everywhere but the post. Rose Of Galo set the fast early pace with a 5.48 first section. Captain Clarrie and Clonakilty Man (Box 7) were the margin abbreviators for the entirety of the race and looked to have Rose Of Galo under siege on the home turn. But Rose Of Galo kept bobbing and looked as though she may just hold on, only to be nabbed by Captain Clarrie right on the post with Gold Town slipping up the fence to finish third. The son of El Galo and Rose Noir only managed a moderate 30.11 and one would think that he will need to find a couple of lengths to feature in the final, especially after drawing the extreme outside.

Brisbane Cup Heat 4

Victorian speedster Kiss Me Ketut (Box 8) led from go to whoa in an impressive front running display to land heat four in 29.95 for South Geelong trainer David Burnett. Spearing the lids from the outside, the son of Bombastic Shiraz and Spiral Siyan stopped the clock at 5.57 for the first section. From that point, Kiss Me Ketut made the race a virtual solo trial with nothing making an impression on the Melbourne Cup finalist. Spirited Flame (Box 3) rattled home to grab second place with Honey Bouquet in third.

Brisbane Cup Heat 5

Shoot Out winner Xylia Allen (Box 5) produced the biggest comeback since Lazarus to land heat five after looking gone for all money as they passed the post the first time. Beginning well below her best, the daughter of Turanza Bale and Tayah Bale found herself in fifth place and around ten lengths from the lamp lighter Tee Brady (Box 2) as they headed out of the straight the first time. While Tee Brady opened up a lead on the rest of the field, the Jenny Hunt trained black bitch began to cut a swathe through the field and wind up in pursuit of the him. By the home turn, Xylia Allen had hit the front and stormed away to win by a space in 29.81 which included a run home of 12.49. Late Angel Lee ran on well to finish third in the event. Should Xylia Allen be able to begin on terms next week, then she will be the in the final up to her ears.

Brisbane Cup Heat 6

The Mark Delbridge trained Tomac Bale (Box 1) sent an ominous warning to competitors by going within a length of the Albion Park track record in the final heat. After pinging from the coveted cherry alley, the son of Dyna Lachlan and Princess Bale ran 5.53 to the first mark and had already opened up a two length break on his rivals. From that point it was a matter of “eyes on the clock” as the red fawn chaser careered away to score by nine lengths in 29.63. Hopes Fantasy finished in second with Belfast Johnny a further 3 1/4 lengths away in third. Tomac Bale was ultra impressive in his 14th win from 25 starts and will be well in the betting next week after drawing box two.

Next weeks final promises to be worthy of star billing with a quality octet of chasers set to contest the event.

The box draw for the final is as follows;

2013 Brisbane Cup Final Boxdraw

  • 1 – Top Story
  • 2 – Tomac Bale
  • 3 – Battistuzzi
  • 4 – Hawko’s Mistake
  • 5 – Farmor Las Vegas
  • 6 – Kiss Me Ketut
  • 7 – Xylia Allen
  • 8 – Captain Clarrie
  • Reserves

  • 9 – Rose Of Galo
  • 10 – Tee Brady

2013 Brisbane Cup Heats Replays

Troy Sharpe’s Winning Ways

Queensland trainer Troy Sharpe is having a sensational 2013, racking up winners all over the Sunshine State including an impressive running double in the opening two events at Ipswich last night.

Sharpe has been training full-time for 8 years and has a 40-acre property that includes 70 dog kennels at Churchable, approximately an hour from Ipswich. Sharpe made the decision to quit his job as a construction manager to pursue his passion for greyhound training, with plenty of success to show for his efforts.

‘I came home from work and said to my wife; I’m giving work away and training full time’.

‘Sometimes when I have a bad week, I think to myself I’m mad for giving up a full time job, but I love what i’m doing and wouldn’t be doing anything else’.

Sharpe doesn’t operate his greyhound establishment alone, with the help of wife Sonya, daughters Abbi and Demi, his mum and a full-time employee Shaun.

‘My family helps me out enormously and I definitely couldn’t do it without them.’

‘My wife whelps all the litters and looks after them while they are young and my daughters always help me out at home and the track. Mum gets their dinners ready and helps with their maintenance and we have Shaun, who is a full-time employee.’

The Sharpe family have whelped around 150 dogs over the past year and are no strangers to producing regal bloodlines. Sharpe’s striking list of brood bitches notably includes; Kay Cee Chambers, mother of Kaycee Diva (winner of 17 races) and Kay Cee Power (finalist in 2010 Group Two Maidment Memorial final over 715 and a winner of 24 races). Kaycee Diva is currently 6th on the Queensland progressive point score list for 2013, with Sharpe now training one of her most talented offspring; Black Book Bob. A winner of 24 races from just 60 starts, the son of legendary Queensland sire Surf Lorian, ran a solid second placing last night at Ipswich over the  431m journey.

‘I’ve had a virus that has gone right through my kennel so he just wasn’t himself tonight.’

‘I was really happy with his run tonight and he will be back to his best soon’

Despite Black Book Bob’s stunning success on the track, Sharpe rates his best chaser to date as Kay Size State, a breeding prodigy of legendary racing figure Reg Kay. Kay Size State came to the Sharpe kennels with 4 wins under his belt and would go on to produce another 31 victories across a multitude of tracks and distances, providing endless thrills to his family.

‘‘I got a call to see if I was interesting in buying him and if I could come and watch him trial. He went really well so that’s how I got him and he was great for us’

‘He was just a beautiful dog. He had his own personality and he knew he was good’

‘He was the sort of dog would make a mess on his bed as soon as you got home from the races because he wasn’t happy he got left behind’

‘He’s now in Argentina at stud and has produced a group winner which is great to see’

Sharpe recently contested the Group One Vic Peters series at Wentworth Park with another star of his kennel; Placid Planet. A son of Cosmic Rumble and Bogie Angel, this talented youngster who is just 22 months of age, recorded a scorching 29.86 at Albion Park last month and already has 5 wins to his name from 15 starts.

‘He’s got plenty of ability but still does a lot wrong in his races which is just from experience’

‘He will be a better stayer than a sprinter, so I’ll just keep working on him and hopefully he can keep improving because he’s still very young’

Put the name Troy Sharpe in your black book, as this talented trainer is set to end the year with a bang and continue his run as one of Queensland’s most dominant trainers.

Outstanding Sprinters to Contest Group 1 Brisbane Cup Heats

This Thursday night Racing Queensland’s premier greyhound track Albion Park hosts 6 heats of the 2013 Group 1 Sky Racing Brisbane Cup.

The event, a highlight in the greyhound calendar every year, has again attracted a number of quality chasers including Australia’s best greyhound Xylia Allen. The heats are littered with quality chasers, including recent performers from the Melbourne Cup, Ipswich Cup and Lismore Cup series.

Race 3 – Sky Racing Brisbane Cup – Heat 1 – 7:28pm Qld time

Brilliant field to kick off heat one highlighted by interstate raider Iona Seven for leading Victorian mentor Robert Britton. The black 27 kilogram chaser has been wonderful throughout her race career, the highlight being her recent Group 1 Melbourne Cup final. She was well fancied in betting for the final before suffering at the first turn scrimmage finishing an unlucky last. A fast bitch who has raced the cream of Australia’s best chasers – will be well supported to progress to the final after drawing outside the field in box 8.

Leading the local charge is the Frank Hancock trained Battistuzzi. A member of the outstanding Collision – Dulcinea litter, he has been the standout of a great litter winning 8 of his 16 career starts. Brilliant at Albion Park he is a front running greyhound who is capable of breaking the magical 30 seconds week in and week out. The Gold Coast Cup finalist and Lismore Cup finalists is a group class capable of winning here – especially drawn in box 6 and having the vacant box inside him.

Owner Len Antonio has had a remarkable run with his two super bitches Regal Lauryn and Miss Lauryn (Surf Lorian – Queen Lorian). In the first heat, Miss Lauryn lines up in box 1 for leading conditioner Tony Brett. The beautifully bred chaser is a recent Lismore Cup finalist. A fast 29.96PB indicates her ability and she can go faster if the breaks come her way, especially with the draw.

Top Story (Knocka Norris – Bomber Babe) is also a chance after coming up with box 3. Trained by Sandra Hunt the track specialist may be out of sorts of late but cannot be discounted despite the quality here.

Race 4 – Sky Racing Brisbane Cup – Heat 2 – 7:46pm Qld time

Robert Britton continues the Group 1 Brisbane Cup assault with his second interstate raider Farmor Las Vegas. Drawn in box 4 the black son of Knocka Norris – Farmor Cee You continues on the group path, heading north after the Melbourne Cup series. Unlucky in his heat he failed to make the final. He is a multiple group finalist and the winner of 16 races, a speed greyhound who looks well placed to progress to the final, despite having never raced here. Will benefit from the vacant box to his outside.

Returned Queenslander Frosty Jay Jay heads back to the track where he made his name after a recent Victorian Campaign. The campaign probably didn’t get the recognition that was hoped but he did make the Group 2 Geelong Cup Final. Now back in the kennel with Renald Attard, the son of Knocka Norris – Slick Hannah is in great condition as evidenced by his flying 29.65 trial here last week. A wonderful greyhound who only needs to reproduce that to win here. Winning chance from box 3.

4 year old chaser Bellagio Lad is racing as well as he did when he started his career and looks another strong each way chance after drawing box 1. Trained by Queensland icon Ron Ball the veteran chaser has been outstanding throughout his career and continues to impress as evident by his sub 30 sec PB run here in September 2013. 79 starts for 15 wins and 28 placing’s – a wonderful competitor who looks well an each way chance again.

Race 5 – Sky Racing Brisbane Cup – Heat 3 – 8:08pm Qld time

Surfin’ Kawati (Surf Lorian – Tarzane’s Girl) draws box 4 in heat 3 for Coominya owner trainer Lois Neal. The 30 kilogram chaser is coming off a successful Ipswich Cup campaign where he started 2nd favourite in the final. No luck in the race saw him finish down the field. Prior to that Neal had him setting the track alight with 3 BON performances, including 2 here in sub 30 sec performances. Fast greyhound who only needs a little luck early to progress. Deserves a group final and win.

Interstate raider Gold Town returns to Queensland for another shot at group glory for Lara trainer Jenny Hunt. Recent form is outstanding including a second in the Melbourne Cup heats behind eventual winner Black Magic Opal and a second in the listed final on cup night behind Tomac Bale. Has had the benefit of having a race start here previously and is well drawn in box 1. The winner of 19 races from 62 career starts – looks a strong chance.

Brian McKivat continues the northern campaign with Clonakilty Man after no luck in the recent Ipswich Cup heats. Prior to heading north the son of Vee Man Vane – Gibbo Gold tasted back to back success in fast times at Wentworth Park. A sub 30 second trial here last week indicates his ability. Drawn in box 7 will need some early luck but is a quality up and coming chaser, a win would not surprise.

Race 6 – Sky Racing Brisbane Cup – Heat 4 – 8:28pm Qld time

=Honey Bouquet draws ideally in the cherry box for Beachmere trainer John Conlon. The 3 year old daughter of Bit Chili – Honey Mist was unlucky in the Ipswich Cup series disqualified for the final after a marring offence. Did win her heat in a race that needed to be seen to be believed. The 28 kilo chaser has been in outstanding form of late, including fast Best 8 successes here and sub 30 sec wins. The winner of a string on end, will just need to be switched on to win progress here

Lismore Cup and Ipswich Cup winner Regal Lauryn continues on her group mission lining up in box 6. Owned by Len Antonio and trained by Tony Brett the daughter of Surf Lorian – Queen Lauryn has been in outstanding form of late winning group heats and finals at her previous four starts. A brilliant greyhound with wonderful ability she does like to use plenty of the track in her races but can win from anywhere. The winner of 17 from 34 starts expect a bold showing from the pin up girl of Queensland racing.

Melbourne Cup finalist and Ready 2 Race success story Kiss Me Ketut journeys north for the first time drawing box 8 for South Geelong owner trainer David Burnett. Much has been written about the $20,000 race purchase who has been successful 13 of his 28 starts including contesting the Group 1 Melbourne Cup final. Having his first start at the track he will be afforded some room early after drawing box 8.

Heat 4 is an outstanding heat with many wonderful chaser engaged capable of winning and progressing to the final. Dulcie Dee for Edith Hancock is another of Collision – Dulcinea litter who can light up a race track with blistering times and performances. Spirited Flame was a recent second in the Ipswich Cup final and can’t be discounted. Not to forget Thunder Rocks engaged in box 5, a great chaser in great form of late being a reserve for the Ipswich Cup final for Stephen and Deborah Arnold.

Race 7 – Sky Racing Brisbane Cup – Heat 5 – 8:52pm Qld time

Australia’s best greyhound Xylia Allen headlines heat 5 for Lara trainer Jenny Hunt. The multiple group winner and finalist comes off an unlucky Melbourne Cup campaign when second in her heat behind fellow Brisbane Cup contender Kiss Me Ketut. The Shootout winner is a regular traveller who has raced the best throughout her illustrious career. The 13 time group finalist is owned by the Wheeler family and looks a strong chance to progress to another group final despite drawing awkwardly in box 5.

Bracken Ridge mentor Darren Titmarsh will look to upset the favourite with his up and coming chaser Late Angle Lee. The son of Late Show Lee – Rocklynn’s Angel is coming off a last start flying 29.67 BON win here when winning by 8 and a half lengths. The powerful finisher is a sub 35 second greyhound over the 600m and with his strength the race between him and Xylia Allen could be mouth-watering. 22 starts for 7 wins and 8 placings, will have to contend with box 4 but a win is not out of the question.

Gold Coast Cup reservist Spirits Away (Run’s House – Spirit Released) lines up in heat 5 for Southbrook trainer Paul Haig. The Phillip Muller owned chaser has had a remarkably consistent career and comes here off a last start 30.01PB here. A greyhound who can be tardy early, she does have good race sense and with her consistency cannot be discounted should interference strike the favourite.

Race 8 – Sky Racing Brisbane Cup – Heat 6 – 9:11pm Qld time

Winter Cup finalist and Victorian speedster Tomac Bale returns north for another shot at Queensland group racing glory. The Mark Delbridge trained and Wheeler owned greyhound has been a revelation throughout his short career winning 13 of his 24 career starts. A group winner drawn ideally in box 1. Has had the benefit of track, travel and race experience – looks well placed in this final heat.

The wonderful career of White Hornet looks set to continue in the 6th and final heat for Park Ridge mentor Ray Burman. His last start disappointment when unlucky in the Ipswich Cup Final is the only blight on an otherwise remarkable young career. Just 2 years of age White Hornet has recorded 11 wins and 7 placing’s from only 23 career starts. Group performer who is ultra-consistent and looks another strong chance despite drawing box 6.

Morayfield trainer Shane Ellis continues the Albion Park campaign with his wonderful sprinter Zipping Hurf. After no luck in the heats of the Ipswich cup, the son of Mantra Lad – Or Catra has won his last two in outstanding fashion here including a last start 29.84PB. Another group campaign and another poor box draw, in box 4 he loves the track and trip winning 10 and placing 5 from 20 starts here.

Box 5 starter Semi Earner (High Earner – Seminole) will look to continue on her improved form after her recent Ipswich Cup final where she finished 6th behind Regal Lauryn. The former Victorian is back at home in the Willow Vale base of Selena Zammit. A consistent greyhound better known over the middle distance but not without a chance here.

The six heats look set to highlight a wonderful night of racing at Queensland’s premier track with the first heat to kick off at 7:28pm Qld time. The six heat winners and 2 fastest seconds will progress to the Group 1 and $75,000 to the winner final Thursday week where Racing Queensland will be hoping a large crowd can gather for one of their showpiece events.

Queensland’s Wild Weather Can’t Stop Regal Lauryn

On a Saturday afternoon when wild storms lashed most parts of South East Queensland, fans of Queensland Racing held their collective breaths in the hope that any wild weather would not stop the running of the 2013 Group 3 Ipswich Gold Cup Final. Earlier in the day hail the size of tennis balls lashed parts of the state – but at 10.04 pm Qld time it was Regal Lauryn who was lashing up the spoils of Group 3 victory.

Punters had trouble pre-race deciding on a favourite, with most money split between fastest heat winner Surfin’ Kawati (box 5) and Regal Lauryn (box 8) – the money coming late and hard for the Tony Brett trained speedster who would start at $1.90 on the local tote. The only other runner under double figures was box 1 hope – Semi Earner. With competition for the early running vital in deciding the outcome of the $25,000 to the winner final, all eyes were on the start as the eight finalists exploded from the boxes and chased the bunny past the post for the first time.

Jumping well from box 2 Swap took a front running position with Regal Lauryn jumping well from the outside and having plenty of room. The race scrimmaged around the first corner affecting many chances including Surfin’ Kawati who didn’t jump well. Along the back straight and it appeared a race in two as Swap narrowly lead the favourite. Punters would have had high hopes with the favourite, with the late money suggesting that she could compete back to back group victories after her recent Lismore Cup success. Box 4 chance Captain Clarrie was making ground but was giving the others a big start and for the others they appeared to be racing for third after having no luck.

Into the home straight and it was Regal Lauryn who put the pedal down racing right away for a very impressive 6 length victory. Swap ran a terrific race for second with Captain Clarrie a close third. The winner ran a brilliant 30.26 for the Gold Cup win, eclipsing the previous race record of 30.34.

Prepared by leading Queensland mentor Tony Brett, the beautifully bred daughter of Surf Lorian – Queen Lauryn added to her already impressive resume. The black chaser has now won 9 of 11 at the Ipswich showgrounds and 17 from 34 overall. With the $25,000 in first prizemoney it takes her career tally to $110,000.

Yogi Blue’s – Outdated Rule Surrounds Ipswich Gold Cup Final

Last Saturday night the Ipswich Greyhound Club hosted six sensational Gold Cup heats for this weekend’s feature Group 3 final. With the 6 first placegetters and 2 fastest seconds progressing to the final, controversy surrounds the event following the suspension of heat winner Honey Bouquet for a first marring offence.

The Stewards report taken from the Greyhound Racing Qld website is reproduced below:

Race 7 – Ipswich Gold Cup Heat 4 520m
Shortly after the start HONEY BOUQUET shifted ground inwards. Approaching the winning post on the 1st occasion ZIPPING HURF was tightened for racing room between CEE EH OH and HONEY BOUQUET. Entering the bottom turn as a result of CLONAKILTY MAN shifting ground outwards CEE EH OH, RUSH OF POWER, HONEY BOUQUET and ZIPPING HURF were hampered in running with ZIPPING HURF losing ground. Approaching the 630m boxes CEE EH OH and ZIPPING HURF were racing tight and bumping losing ground. Racing over the concluding stages HONEY BOUQUET improved on the inside of YOGI BLUE and commenced shifting ground outwards, turned its heads outwards and made muzzle contact with YOGI BLUE on 1 occasion marring the running of YOGI BLUE.

Stewards spoke to the trainer of HONEY BOUQUET Mr. J Conlon and advised Mr. Conlon that the greyhound HONEY BOUQUET would be charged under Rule 69 (1) (a) Marring, 1st offence, and stood down for a period of 28 days plus a satisfactory stewards’ trial 520m all tracks.

The outdated rule that dogs found guilty of marring not being disqualified needs to change – the cost is too great for those other greyhound in the race being affected. Take last Saturday’s heat. Though it was visible to everyone watching the event live and on the slow motion replays, Honey Bouquet marred. At the conclusion of the race her trainer was informed that she had been stood down and suspended. She would not take her place in the final. Despite this – and because of this outdated rule – she still wins the race. Then because it is a heat race she is drawn for the Group 3 final. She is immediately scratched from box 3 and the first reserve takes her place in the final. This racing rule lacks common sense.

Where is the compensation for those greyhounds directly affected by Honey Bouquet’s performance? Those who were competing in the same race? Admittedly Honey Bouquet should have won her race easily. It was an enormous run and great performance, she made wonderful ground to peg back the leaders to win by the narrowest of margins.

Should Yogi Blue who finished second to Honey Bouquet been afforded the win and the place in the final? Why do stewards conduct a box draw on track with a greyhound that they have just suspended? When will the rules change to disqualify greyhounds from their race performances where they have been found guilty of marring and other like offences?

The victim in this instance is clearly Yogi Blue. While he didn’t perform to his best in last weekend’s heat race he does have an exceptional record at Ipswich including a super-fast 30.28PB here. That time is the second fastest of all the finalists. Only Surfin’ Kawati has run quicker – 30.19 PB set in his heat win which is the 4th fastest of all time at the track and trip. Changes need to be made. At his best Yogi Blue would be considered a strong chance – his race and chance will never be run.

Coincidentally, Yogi Blue was suspended in September 2013 for the SA Derby Final when second in his heat behind up and coming SA superdog Ernie Bung Arrow. The reason – Failing to Pursue due to injury. He was never drawn for the final after stewards made the decision to hold the draw over until the following morning. Perhaps a similar decision could have been made here with Honey Bouquet.

Nevertheless the race will go on and Saturday night will see the 2013 Group 3 Ipswich Gold Cup Champion crowned. The winner will join the list of past winners including: 1987 winner and great New Tears, 1989 winner Acacia Ablaze for trainer Brian McEvoy, 2003 winner Freedom Bale for an up and coming trainer Tom Tzouvelis and 2011 winner Cold Fusion who saluted in a race record 30.34 for trainer Neil Falls.

The finalists in box draw order:

Box 1 – Semi Earner (High Earner – Seminole)

Ex Victorian Semi Earner draws the cherry box for the group final after finishing a close second behind Swap in last weekend’s heat. Trained by Selena Zammit out of her Willow Vale base, the daughter of ill-fated sire High Earner has had a wonderful career registering 10 wins. Better known for racing over the middle distance events, the Ipswich 520m is a tough 520m and with her strength she will be running on strongly. Yet to win here she looks a place chance.

Box 2 – Swap (Collision – Velocity Miss)

Heat winner in a solid 30.54 PB winning by a length despite starting at big odds of $24.00 and being awkwardly drawn in box 4. Trained by Glen Smith he has an outstanding track and distance record with 13 starts resulting in 5 wins and 4 placing’s. Raced by the Velocity Lodge Partnership he is a live each way chance after coming up with a favourable box draw in box 2. Three wins in succession indicates his ability and he is racing in peak form. Quick early and runs a nice race here where his running and racing style perfectly suits the showgrounds circuit.

Box 3 – Honey Bouquet (Bit Chili – Honey Mist)


Box 4 – Captain Clarrie (Elite And Classy – Where Are You)

The Peter Reutschi trained chaser produced a 30.63PB in his heat win last week when jumping well from box 8 in his all the way win. The 520m looks as far as he wants to go and he was paddling to the line when just hanging on. Draws box 4 in the final. The winner of 14 races with 9 placings from 37 career starts, the small 30 kilogram black dog has been another honest chaser throughout his race career winning $32,000 in prizemoney. Consistent and not without a chance.

Box 5 – Surfin’ Kawati (Surf Lorian – Tarzane’s Girl)

The Lois Neal owned and trained Surfin’ Kawati made it win 3 wins in succession when destroying his heat in a best of night 30.19 PB by 7 lengths after leading throughout. Fast early it was a dominant display from the boxes to the catching pen for the son of Surf Lorian. Racing in career best form it followed from his two previous sub 30 sec BON performances at Albion Park. Peaking at the right time and in career best form he looks to be the dog to beat, despite drawing box 5. The jump will decide his chances in the final and followers will hope he has luck early and from there all eyes will be on the clock for times and margins. Deserves a win like this.

Box 6 – Not Held (Mogambo – Velocity Held)

The Shane Ellis trained chaser finished a close 2nd in his heat when losing by the narrowest of margins to Captain Clarrie who he just failed to run down in the straight. In a race full of interference it was a good performance for the consistent chaser who lines up in Box 6 for the final. It is the second finalist for the Velocity Lodge Partnership. 26 career starts for 10 wins and 7 placing’s and close to $20,000 in prizemoney. A bread and butter chaser who may need luck from this draw – each way.

Box 7 – Spirited Flame (Vapour Whirl – Fire Goddess)

Despite winning his heat in the slowest time, it was a great performance by Box 7 finalist Spirited Flame who copped a number of bumps and checks throughout – overpowering them to the line in a blanket finish. The white and black bitch looked a little lost throughout the race and it was no surprise as she hadn’t been to Ipswich for a long time. The winner of $80,000 in prizemoney, she has a wonderful career record of 21 wins from 51 starts. Owner and trained by Christopher Riordon – she can win this despite her poor box speed.

Box 8 – Regal Lauryn (Surf Lorian – Queen Lauryn)

Brilliant heat winner in a fast 30.28PB after leading throughout from box 6. The recent Lismore Cup winner is looking to go back to back cups after drawing ideally in Box 8 for the final. She is beautifully bred being by Surf Lorian – Queen Lauryn – the dam being the Queensland great and holding the Ipswich Track Record at a supersonic 30.01. The winner of 8 from 10 here, and 16 from 33 overall she has already accumulated $85,000 in prizemoney throughout her short race career. In the hands of leading mentor Tony Brett she looks a strong winning chance despite her tendency to use all of the track.


Box 9 (Box 3) – White Hornet (Cosmic Rumble – Skinny Magic)

Park Ridge trainer Ray Burman’s luck continues in 2013 with his young chaser White Hornet being afforded the advantage of Honey Bouquet’s suspension. Drawn as the reserve White Hornet will start in box 3 for the final – the same box he competed from in his heat when second behind fastest heat winner Surfin’ Kawati. Just 2 years of age White Hornet has recorded 11 wins from just 22 career starts, including 6 starts here for 3 wins and 3 seconds. Second successive group 3 final after recently finishing second at Albion Park in the Group 3 Gold Coast Cup final behind brilliant speed bitch Punch One Out. Each Way chance.

Box 10 – Thunder Rocks (Surf Lorian – Kaycee Diva)

The Stephen Arnold owner and trained chaser had a wonderful heat when a gallant second behind Regal Lauryn. It was a wonderful training performance to have the November 2010 son of Surf Lorian reverse his recent form where he has raced without luck at headquarters, including in his heat of the Group 3 Gold Coast Cup. A career record of 57 starts for 7 wins and 20 placings. Slow early but chasers hard and is an each way chance if he can gain a start in the final.

Selections – 5 – 8 – 9 – 2

The Ipswich Gold Cup Final is race 8 on a full 10 card program this Saturday night at Ipswich. Racing in the later timeslot – the race will be run and won at 10.04pm Qld time. ARG wishes all connections the best of luck for the final.

For The Love of The Dogs – The Stuhmcke Story

In times of disaster individuals can still find hope. And so it was on 11th of January 2011 – on a day when friends and family lost four of their houses, Tammy Stuhmcke had just whelped her first litter of pups. A litter of 8 by champion race dog Dashing Corsair out of lightly raced bitch Razolin Bond.

“It was January 2011 and the peak of the Ipswich floods. I was parked up the end of the street watching Mum’s house go under water. I had the pups in the car with me and I knew then that even with tragedy all around that these pups were going to be special.” Tammy told Australian Racing Greyhound after her biggest thrill in greyhound racing.

It was 9 years ago that Tammy and her childhood sweetheart and husband Jason, starting running the Ipswich Pet Food Shop – West Moreland Pet Supplies. Being located in a greyhound region, dog people would come by and the racing bug would eventually take hold and sink in. Through the pet food store they made their first greyhound contacts and naturally they acquired their first couple of greyhounds. The Stuhmcke’s bought some cheap race dogs and tasted limited success. Like most, it’s this limited success that starts the passion and life changes forever.

“We battled along for a number of years until finally we thought we had the knowledge and experience to breed a litter of our own” Tammy said. Through their involvement in the industry they had met Ray Nelson. “Unfortunately Ray passed away around the same time we bought his ex-racing bitch, Razolin Bond. We purchased her with a decision made that we would give her a litter and breed with her.”

Razolin Bond (Bond – Razolin) was a very lightly raced bitch who retired undefeated. Two starts for two wins over the 431m at Ipswich, albeit in moderate times. Looking through the family line, there were lots of named pups who never raced; lots of non-starters. Hayley as she is affectionately known around home showed Tammy something – the breeding gamble that they had to take.

Breeding decision time; how do you choose a sire? For the Stuhmcke’s it was easy. “We wanted a dog that could both sprint and stay. He had to have been an iron dog. He had to have raced consistently, and had to have had more than only a handful a starts. Who else but Harry!”

Harry, who Tammy now calls a friend; is the champion greyhound Dashing Corsair. The Queensland champ raced by Desley Williams and Paddy Fitch. The 2010 Queensland Greyhound of the Year, the only greyhound to have won both the National Sprint (2009) and National Distance (2011) finals. A remarkable fawn chaser who started 124 times for 57 wins, 16 seconds and 14 thirds. 18 group finals and a bank balance in excess of $455,000 dollars.

Harry was still racing when he served Razolin Bond, and in January 2011, 8 healthy pups were whelped. Tammy and Jason did it all on their own. Immediately, the pups became part of the family and they were reared that way too. “They were always given the best of everything!”

On the night of his final race start – the 2011 National Distance Final, Tammy bought the pups into the lounge room to watch and cheer on their dad. Harry, like his entire career before then had never let anyone down and for his final race start it would be the same. He would retire on top winning the Group 1 National Distance Final at Albion Park – a track where he would salute 33 times eclipsing the long standing record of champion Winged Runner. At the time of Dashing Corsais’s final victory Tammy took a moment and looked at her litter of pups, walking around the lounge room making themselves at home – again she had a thought much like she did the day they were born – Tammy believed that she had something special.

The pups would continue to be reared at the Stuhmcke property, and when the time came Jason and Tammy broke them in themselves. “It didn’t matter what they showed, I wasn’t nervous during the break-in. They would be loved no matter what they did on the race track and would have homes for life.” Tammy said. For the Stuhmcke’s – race wins are the icing on the cake – their thrill is the love of their dogs that has them involved.

The slowest of the break-in’s was a brindle dog affectionately known as Manu – Tammy had a soft spot for him and taught him some tricks. “I had taught him to high 5 me after he had trialed. He would come into the catching pen and I would stick out my hand and he would high 5 me” laughed Tammy. He was named like the remainder of the litter and would grace the track as Dashing Man.

Dashing Man set the race track alight with his best of day debut win at Ipswich in 30.68. A wonderful time for any class of greyhound let alone a maiden. The Stuhmcke’s knew then they had a dog with potential. The excitement of his first win was soured at his second start when he finished a distant second. It wasn’t the result that worried Tammy more the time. “He went a lot slower than he was capable of. I knew then that I didn’t have the ability to train a greyhound of his potential. He needed a trainer who could give him the time and attention that he deserved.” It was this realisation that would set Dashing Man on to bigger and better things.

Tammy was given the names of up and coming Victorian trainers Jamie and Brooke Ennis. They operated a small team from their Lara base and it sounded ideal – Manu wouldn’t suit a big kennel. Contact was made and Jamie told Tammy to put Dashing Man straight onto the plane. After a handful of Queensland starts Manu was leaving the only home he had ever known. Little did anyone know what would happen next.

Dashing Man started his Victorian career with aplomb, running a solid second for his Victorian debut at Geelong before having luck in the final the following week when he would finish 6th. He was then taken to town where the big stages make or break a dog – it made him. He would soon salute at The Meadows, Sandown and Cranbourne. He was finishing off his races like his dad, strong and full of running. In August 2013 he was stepped up to middle distance and he hasn’t looked back since, becoming one of Victoria’s and Australia’s most consistent chasers.

Fast BOD wins at The Meadows, Sandown and Ballarat – he was flying and he was consistent. He had no luck in the Hume Cup heats at the Meadows but was invited to contest the recent invitation only Group 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial at Sandown. A race worth $25,000 to the winner. The Stuhmcke’s first group finalists, their biggest thrill to date. Dashing Man’s biggest test, and the first Dashing Corsair offspring to contest a group final.

By now Harry’s trainer Desley Williams and Tammy were great friends, speaking regularly and keeping in touch via social media. Tammy knew the closeness and relationship that Desley had with her champion chaser. This race would be a big night for everyone involved with Dashing Man and Dashing Corsair – everyone who believed that good things should happen to good people.

In the final, the race favourite was the inform recent Meadows track record breaker Bookkeeper who was drawn in box 8 but Manu would have his supporters despite drawing awkwardly in box 4. As the boxes opened, Manu surprised all and came out full of running, quickly settling in second behind the front running Gambo Girl – it was a good position because he loves to rail. Bookkeeper had moved to third and was close enough if good enough. It was a thrilling race and as Tammy had always believed about this litter, something special was about to happen. Dashing Man ran down a gallant Gambo Girl to win by half a head. Rob Testa called it and Tammy knew despite the judge calling for the photo. “I was so excited, I told Jason that he had won. I was yelling at Jason… Rob Testa never gets it wrong, Rob Testa never gets it wrong!” And so he didn’t – Dashing Man would claim the group 3 title, his first group win and Harry’s first pup to win a group race. It was also the first group win for exciting young trainer Brooke Ennis.

Manu registered his 9th win from just the 28 career starts, a group 3 victory and took his career prizemoney to $71,000. It was the Stuhmcke’s biggest thrill. “It’s exciting – I love the racing game whether it winning a race like this or winning a maiden at Ipswich. Every win is a thrill and I just love seeing the dogs perform to their full potential. Win or lose I love them just the same – they are family.”

When Razolin Bond came on season again, the decision on a sire was an easy one. “How could we not go back to Harry?” And so they did, with 12 pups whelped in July 2013. Like the litter racing now, every one of these pups will be loved and given every opportunity to reach its full potential. The Stuhmcke’s wouldn’t have it any other way.

Class And Luck To Decide Ipswich Cup Heats

The 2013 Ipswich Cup has attracted the cream of Queensland chasers together with a number of up and coming potential superstars. This Saturday night 6 full heats highlight a great Saturday night of racing at the Ipswich Showgrounds Circuit. While the attention and focus of Queensland racing of late has been a lack of direction and leadership, the quality heats are a welcome distraction for the disarray facing the Queensland greyhound industry.

This year 24 different sires have produced the 48 offspring who will contest the 6 heats. As always, Queensland racing is dominated by the champion sires of years gone by – Surf Lorian (9 starters), Collision (6), Cosmic Rumble (4) and Where’s Pedro (3). More exciting, this year 14 sires will have just the 1 starter including greats like Bombastic Shiraz and Big Daddy Cool, and lessor known stud dogs like Vee Man Vane – sire of Banjo Boy, Cool Effort and Special Phantom.

With perfect conditions expected, and each of the heats have a number of winning chances, the racing is sure to be exciting as the dogs explode from the boxes.

Race 3 – ROB–ELLE HAIR DESIGNERS CUP HEAT 1 520m – 8.52pm Qld time

The Lois Neal owned and trained Surfin’ Kawati has been in brilliant form of late winning his past two Albion Park starts in blistering fashion with 29.71 BON and 29.81 BON times. The February 2011 son of Surf Lorian has always been a dog with outstanding ability but at times has lacked consistency. Neal looks to have found what works and he is in career best form. He looks almost impossible to beat after drawing box 1. A personal best 30.54 here is an indication of his ability but he can go much faster and he looks a good chance to win his heat and the group 3 title.

Park Ridge trainer Ray Burman has had a wonderful 2013 with his name in the winners list most race days. Leading the way has been his wonderful litter of Cosmic Rumble – Skinny Magic pups, the best performed being White Hornet. The White and Black November 2011 dog may have just turned 2 but he has already recorded 11 wins from 21 starts and close to $40,000 in prizemoney including a recent 2nd place finish in the Group 3 Gold Coast Cup final beyond speed bitch Punch One Out. Drawing box 3, he has a wonderful career record, especially here where has recorded 5 starts resulting in 3 wins and 2 seconds including a fast 30.60 PB.

Hanson Houdini for Tamborine trainer Geoff Allen looks another greyhound capable of winner and he looks like he will be well supported to topple the logical favourite. Drawn ideally in box 2, he does have a 30.69 PB here that was set in September. Only a small dog at 30 kilograms he hasn’t shown the best box speed, but he does possess wonderful ability to move through a race field as evidences by his short track success. A smart chaser and in strong hands – he looks a solid each way chance.

Race 4 – MCPHERSON MECHANICAL CUP HEAT 2 520m – 9.11pm Qld time

A wonderful heat race full of outstanding quality and on paper it appears that there are a number of winning chances. It looks like the winner will be the greyhound who gets the luck at the right stages, including those who can avoid any first corner interference. Regal Lauryn for master trainer Tony Brett will start a deserved favourite after her recent Lismore Cup success. Drawn poorly in box 6 she has an abundance of talent on the racetrack and is beautifully bred being by Surf Lorian from the outstanding bitch Queen Lauryn. A brilliant career record, highlighted at the track and trip which reads 9 starts for 7 wins and 1 second including a remarkable 30.32 PB. A repeat of that performance will ensure that whatever beats her wins.

Stay The Night for Greenbank trainer Robert Essex will look to challenge the Brett express after drawing the striped rug. The rising 4 year old has been a wonderful dog for the Cool Esky’s Partnership and loves the track and trip where he recorded 9 wins and 20 placing’s from 36 starts. $30,000 in prizemoney tops off his impressive record and it would be no surprise to see him perform well as he reaches the twilight of his career.

Rob Ball is no stranger to having fast dogs and the next litter from super producer Ultra Swift will look to replace the last headlined by the talented Flick Pass who lines up in box 4. The last start Albion Park winner (30.04 BON) will be having his first start at Ipswich but he will be well schooled and educated. He is possible of recording a fast debut win here. The winner of 6 from 13 he looks a dog to follow.

Leading trainer and owner partnership of Col Byers and Dallas Beckett head to the boxes with well performed Rockhampton sprinter Spring Money. The black dog will jump in the pink rug and while his two Brisbane starts have looked disappointing his Rockhampton 510m wins were anything but. He will have the benefit of having been settled into his new surroundings for the past month and Byers definitely knows how to get his chasers to win around the showgrounds circuit. An interesting runner who will be at value odds – a wonderfully talented greyhound who looks set to enjoy rich success around the south east corner based on his ability.

Race 5 – JACKWITZ FARMS CUP HEAT 3 520m – 9.26pm Qld time

Another outstanding heat race with a number of quality chasers engaged, the winner possible to come from any box and runner. Owner Leslie Bein has been a wonderful supporter of Queensland Racing and tasted success at the top level with his past champions. Young greyhound Placid Planet looks to be continuing on his good success as he develops into a quality chaser in the Troy Sharpe kennel. It will pay to forget his last run at Wentworth Park where he had no luck – he will benefit from that experience and he has a wonderful 30.47 PB here. By Cosmic Rumble – Bogie Angel he is only a baby but could be one of the best Cosmic Rumble prodigy if he can keep it going.

Wonderful producer Elite Oriental has thrown another promising pup in the Reg Kay owned and trained Rickshaw Rosie (box 6). The brilliant speedster has started at the track 5 times for 5 wins, albeit over the 431m trip. The 520m looks to be as far as she wants to go but she is in the hands of the master trainer and if anyone can produce a greyhound on the day its Reg Kay. A beautiful 25 kilogram lightweight bitch who looks to have a big future both on the race track and in future breeding.

Byers and Beckett team up again with box 3 chance – Coin Of Phrase. Like his litter brother in the previous heat Coin Of Phrase has been educated at Rockhampton where he performed with aplomb. This is the better of the two brothers, with Beckett knocking back Melbourne offers for the son of Surf Lorian – Spring Penny who has faced the starter on 15 occasion’s for 6 wins and 5 placing’s. A fall in Rockhampton prior to heading south, he has had the benefit of 3 runs at the track where he has recorded a best time of 30.83. A greyhound to follow and can go a lot quicker than we have seen so far – one to follow.

It’s been a long time since Spirited Flame journeyed around Ipswich but he does have a good record here. The winner of close to $80,000 in prizemoney he has been an outstanding chaser throughout his 50 start career. Out of form of late, if he can reproduce his form from earlier this year he will be a strong winning chance as he exits box 2 in the striped rug.

Beenleigh mentor Anne Southee engages Never Tell back over the 520m trip after campaigning over the distances of late. The exciting sprinter / stayer and son of El Galo and Georgia Anne has a fast 30.53 PB here, recorded in April 2012. Drawn widely in box 8 if he can avoid any trouble and interference he has the ability to power to the line late. With 8 wins from 14 starts at the track and trip a win cannot be discounted.

Race 7 – ANDREW SHEEAN’S PLASTERING CUP HEAT 4 520m – 9.59pm Qld time

Another quality heat race with lots of winning chances – the big query runner being box 5 chaser Clonakilty Man from Marulan trainer Brian McKivat. The March 2011 son of Vee Man Vane comes to Queensland after winning his last 2 starts at Wentworth Park, both in sub 30 second times, including 29.78 and 29.91. They are exciting runs at NSW premier track and it appears obvious that this has been a series targeted for the talented 35 kilogram chaser. Unknown if he has trialled on the track but does have a winning chance despite being allocated the visitor draw.

Yogi Blue draws box 1 for Yamanto trainer Peter O’Reilly. The son on Cool Effort – Opal Assassin has had a great 2013 making a number of feature finals including the recent Group 3 Gold Coast Cup final at Albion Park. Two starts ago won here in best of day 30.72 which is a good freshener for this feature. A super quick 30.28 PB here shows his ability and if he can reproduce that he will be unbeatable after drawing ideally in the cherry box.

The track and distance record of Honey Bouquet looks only ordinary on paper but she is a different greyhound to the one that last campaigned here. Time and experience has made her a top performer and Beachmere mentor John Conlon has her firing with back to back best 8 wins at headquarters. She has a best time over this trip of 30.40 and if she can bring her Albion Park form to Ipswich she will be hard to beat – especially if she jumps from the boxes like she can.

Zipping Hurf looks another winning chance from the 4th heat and he has great track record with a 30.81 PB set May 2013. The Shane Ellis trained chaser has been comfortably beaten behind the flying Surfin’ Kawati of late and if that dog can salute in heat 1 that form may look good for this. Drawn box 6 will need some early luck but can win.

Race 8 – IPSWICH RUGBY LEAGUE CUP HEAT 5 520m – 10.17pm Qld time

Shane Ellis continues his Ipswich Cup campaign with another chance in the 5th heat – Not Held. Drawing box 1 and with a fast 30.40 PB at the track and trip he looks a great chance of qualifying for the rich final. With 25 career starts returning 10 wins and 6 placing’s he will be well supported and fancied to progress. Can definately win despite the tough heat.

Craigie Whistler offspring Russian Red is the query runner here after being allocated box 7 for Placid Hills mentor Deborah Simon. The well-travelled greyhound is back where he started in the kennels of Simon. Southern state success with Kel Greenough in Victoria and John Mundy in South Australia indicates the high opinion placed on the February 2010 whelp. 35 starts for 11 wins and 8 placing’s including a super-fast 30.34 PB set here in April 2012. First Queensland run back the only query and concern – watch the market.

Park Ridge trainer Reg Hazelgrove has had a wonderful time with the offspring of Whirly Storm and one of the best has been box 2 runner Wise Forecast. $65,000 in prizemoney, 24 wins and 14 placing’s from 58 career starts and fast wins at Albion Park and Ipswich just some of the highlights. Recent form looks poor but he likes racing here with 10 top 3 finishes from 12 starts including a super quick 30.29 PB set May 2012. It’s an open heat with a number of chances and any of the other chasers could salute to no-one’s surprise.

Race 9 – DIRTY DOG SUNGLASS SHAK CUP HEAT 6 520m – 10.37pm Qld time

Grandchester mentor and leading trainer Tony Brett will start super bitch Miss Lauryn in the 6th and final heat after she came up with box 3. A daughter of Queensland great Queen Lauryn she too is coming off a Lismore Cup campaign where she was unlucky in the final behind her litter sister Regal Lauryn. Drawn well beside the fast beginner in Cecil Henry she will be afforded room to move early and looks a strong winning chance to progress to yet another feature final. She will only need to repeat her brilliant 30.33 PB here to win.

Ipswich track specialist and greyhound of the year contender Black Book Bob steps up the 520 m trip for the first time in this the final heat. The 3 year old son of Surf Lorian – Kaycee Diva has been in wonderful short track form stringing together another picket fence of wins. Overall his career record stands at 58 starts for 24 wins and 17 placing’s with 17 of those wins at the showgrounds circuit. The 520m looks as far as he wants to go but Troy Sharpe is known for getting his dogs to perform when it counts.

Darren Russell has another strong chaser in his kennel with box 8 sprinter Mysterious Thing. The 2 year old bitch is in outstanding form, as evidences by a recent 29.85 win at Albion Park when successful from box 2. Drawn out wide here, she has a fast 30.50 PB set in August 2013. Not yet a consistent week in week out performer, she does have lots of ability and if she brings her best form to this she will prove hard to beat.

South Maclean mentor Gregory Brennan brings Albion Park specialist Cecil Henry to Ipswich for the first time and he comes up with a favourable draw in box 2. The December 2010 son of Collision – Millennium has brilliant box speed and will be looking to lead the field early. The recent Group 3 Gold Coast Cup finalist has had no luck of late and the change of scenery may assist in sparking more race track success.

Box 4 runner Swap looks another chance in the final heat for trainer Glenn Smith. The well performed son of Collision – Velocity Miss has a best time of 30.58 here where he has also recorded 4 wins and 4 placing’s from 12 starts. Winning 2 of his last 4 race track appearances he is in good form and looks an each way chance for the Velocity Lodge Partnership.

It looks a great night of racing at Ipswich this Saturday night with a big crowd expected on track for both the Ipswich Cup heats and the Corporate Dollars Final. With fast times expected expect the conditions to be hot on and off the track. ARG wishes all trainers and connections the best of luck.

Early Speed to Decide Group 3 Gold Coast Cup

Last Thursday Queensland’s Premier Club hosted four heats of the Group 3 Gold Coast Cup series with the first and second place getters progressing to this weeks $25,000 to the winner final. On a perfect night for racing, the time standard was set by the brilliant Jetta’s Girl for leading trainer Tony Brett who stopped the clock in a very fast 29.79.  It was an awesome display of box speed by the recent Ipswich Track Recorder holder (431m) as she exploded from the boxes in a lightning 5.57 first section.

With the track in wonderful condition the four heats showed their class and ability with only lengths separating each of the 4 heat winners.  Prior to the heats Racing Queensland would have been disappointed in another feature series failing to attract full fields and big name greyhounds.  The greyhounds that competed are chasers with above average ability, but despite these local chasers, the event wasn’t supported by interstate trainers and runners as in years gone by.  It is yet another problem facing the administrators in a struggling Queensland Racing environment.

The highlight of the night was the early speed on display with some lightning quick first sectionals.  Prior to the bunny rolling past the boxes for this week’s final, it looks on paper that whichever grey can jump cleanest and quickest may be the one to claim victory and Group 3 success.

Group 3 Gold Coast Cup Final – 520m – Albion Park

Box 1 – Battistuzzi (Collision – Dulcinea)

Heat winner is a fast 30.12, he was able to wear down early leader Rose Of Galo and Queensland champ Glen Gallon. The veteran of only 10 starts is an up and coming greyhound with plenty of ability as evidenced by his track best 29.86.  The October 2011 whelp looks a greyhound to follow and with his racing ability and style he looks well placed after coming up with the rails draw.  Fast early and in the capable hands of Spring Grove trainer Frank Hancock. Winning chance.

Box 2 – Yogi Blue (Cool Effort – Opal Assassin)

Yamanto trainer Peter O’Reilly continues to shine in 2013 with another group finalist in box 2 runner Yogi Blue.  The April 2011 whelp has been a bread and butter performer throughout his career, returning 6 wins an 11 placing’s from his 31 career starts.  A recent trip to South Australia seems to have worked wonders for the blue dog as he ran his best race at Albion Park last week when a close second behind Punch One Out.  From the same box draw this week, he looks an each-way chance to taste victory in his toughest test to date.

Box 3 – Punch One Out (Knocka Norris – Little Egyptian)

A brilliant final section saw Punch One Out catch early leader Yogi Blue in a fast 29.85 when she took out heat three last week. The beautifully conformed 27 kilo black bitch has been a revelation since first gracing the track when second on debut at Lismore.  A well-travelled greyhound she is a multiple group finalist, having made feature finals throughout Australia during her 42 start career.  Having raced against and beaten some of the best greyhounds during her career she looks the one to beat in the final. With 21 wins and 14 placing’s and a bank balance in excess of $100,000 she faces the bunny from the same box as her heat win.  Great bitch in great hands – the one to beat.

Box 4 – Cecil Henry (Collision – Millennium)

Astute mentor Greg Brennan puts the polish on another group finalist with exciting sprinter Cecil Henry.  A heat winner in a strong 30.15 after exciting the cherry draw, he was able to lead throughout in a nice performance amongst the local Queensland brigade in a tight finish. The December 2010 whelp has only had limited starts but does have track experience at HQ where he has faced the starter on 22 occasions for 11 wins and 6 placing’s.  A poor draw with box 4 in the final, but a young greyhound with ability and in competent and astute hands.  Each Way chance.

Box 5 – Maid For Ron (Made To Size – Tina’s Show)

Baby bitch Made For Ron continues to show class beyond her experience as she charged home strongly when second behind fastest heat winner Jetta’s Girl. The veteran of just 6 career starts (4 wins and 1 second) is prepared by Queensland great Ron Ball. With a sub 30 PB at Albion Park – she does have exceptionally ability and is one of the most exciting up and coming greyhounds in Queensland. Despite her poor draw, and lack of experience she is a strong winning chance.

Box 6 – Rose Of Galo (El Galo – Noir Rose)

Mount Tarampa trainer Albert Kennewell puts the polish on exciting bitch Rose Of Galo who qualifies for another feature final.  The February 2011 whelp has an outstanding ability to ping the lids and with box speed winning races she looks one the early challengers in the final. Second in her heat behind Battistuzzi, she has a fast 30.02 PB here. With an overall record of 25 starts for 11 wins and 6 placing’s, she is a consistent performer and deserving of Group 3 success.

Box 7 – White Hornet (Cosmic Rumble – Skinny Magic)

Park Ridge mentor Ray Burman continues to shine in 2013 and leading the kennel charge is super consistent White Hornet. The November 2011 whelp is the youngest chaser in the final. Despite the young age he has an outstanding overall record and at HQ his record is outstanding with 13 starts resulting in 8 wins and 3 placing’s.  Already a feature finalist he has been a wonderful money spinner in his short career with prizemoney already in excess of $30,000. The Skinny Magic litter are winning races throughout South East Queensland with White Hornet the flag bearer and an each-way chance in the final.

Box 8 – Jetta’s Girl (Surf Lorian – Kaycee Diva)

Brilliant heat winner in BON figures stopping the clock at super quick 29.79 (5.57, 11.50 and 12.72).  The recent Ipswich 431m track record holder is racing in career best form and is perfectly drawn out wide in the pink rug. An overall record of 34 starts for 17 wins and 9 placing’s she is wonderfully honest in each of her race track performances. Raced by the Gargoyle’s Racing syndicate, it is yet another feature final for this beautiful daughter of leading Queensland sire Surf Lorian.  Prepared by Queensland’s leading mentor Tony Brett she will be will fancied in the final and is boxed to win.



Box 9 – Spirits Away (Run’s House – Spirit Released)

First reserve Spirits Away ran a terrific heat race when a close third behind series favourite Punch One Out. It was a great performance from the cherry draw by the Paul Haig trained and Philip Muller owned daughter of Runs House.  With a strong career winning percentage of 22 starts for 9 wins and 3 placing’s she does have an honest each way chance should she gain a start.

Box 10 – Dulcie Dee (Collision – Dulcinea)

Second reserve for the final is the litter sister of heat winner and box 1 finalist Battistuzzi.  Another chaser from the Hancock kennel, she is greyhound with untapped ability. Still a baby with just the 10 career starts she has a brilliant record of 6 wins and 3 placing’s.  A young greyhound going places and one to follow no matter what happens here. Fast early, she will be another with an open each way chance should she gain a start in the rich final.

The Group 3 Gold Coast Cup continues to be a highlight on the Queensland Racing Calendar despite having been moved to Albion Park since the Gold Coast Parklands Track closure in 2008. Recent winners include Velocette (2009) and Don’t Knocka Him (2012) amongst a host of well performed chasers of years gone by. This year’s final is an open affair, with early speed the key to who will take home the title and first place prizemoney.

Selections – 8 – 7 – 6 – 3

Racing Queensland Recommit To Logan Greyhound Racing Track

Racing Queensland has announced the initial stages of phase two of the Industry Infrastructure Strategy, with a $22 million commitment to Gold Coast racing.

RQ Chairman Kevin Dixon said the board would today recommend two proposals for the approval of the Queensland Government, including a replacement venue for the Gold Coast Greyhound Racing Club and a $10 million commitment to establish a new home for the Gold Coast Harness Racing Club.

“This announcement will provide clarity and certainty for the harness and greyhound industries,” Mr Dixon said.

“The Gold Coast Greyhound Racing Club will have a $12 million new home at Cronulla Park in Logan which is set to include the construction of a one-turn track with additional kennels, patron facilities and car parking.

“We are delighted to announce this commitment to greyhound racing at Logan, as the project has been on and off the table for many years and finally the time is right to progress.

“Meanwhile, a $10 million commitment to the Gold Coast Harness Racing Club will allow all site options being canvassed to be fully scrutinized, with the funds preserved for Infrastructure spending until a viable way forward is agreed upon.”

Mr Dixon said there had been many options put forward for relocating the Gold Coast Harness Racing Club, and intensive investigations were underway to ensure the best possible outcome for the Gold Coast racing community and the wider Queensland industry.

“At this point no decision has been made on a preferred option, however we felt it was important to commit a project budget to allow each opportunity to be evaluated with consideration of budget capabilities,” he said.

“Both of these projects are highly important to RQ and the new harness and greyhound boards, with major planning scheduled to begin next month.”

Mr Dixon said business case submissions for the two Industry Infrastructure Strategy proposals would be submitted to the Queensland State government within coming weeks.

Racing Queensland Backflips

Industry uproar and concern from participants over the recent RQ prizemoney restructure has forced Racing Queensland to revise its recent changes. Owners and trainers stood tall and took their concerns to RQ who listened and responded in haste. The changes were immediate.

On Thursday 12 of September 2013 – the following changes were made to take effect from 1 October 2013.

“The board has retained the strategy to increase from six to seven TAB race meetings across South-East Queensland each week which are vital to maintaining revenue and market share.

The budget has now been reallocated to provide for:

  • one class 1 meeting at Albion Park (Thursday),
  • three class 2 meetings at Albion Park (Monday & Wednesday) and Ipswich (Saturday)
  • three class 3 meetings at Albion Park (Sunday) and Ipswich (Tuesday & Friday)

There has been a slight reduction in the prizemoney for the top graded race which is run at Albion Park on Thursday nights.”

The board further announced a new grading policy that will become effective on the 1 November 2013.  The major changes will see distance categories being extended from two to four groupings. Heats and finals will now count as one win and not two as per past policy.

Firstly, as critical as I have been in the past towards RQ, credit must be given where credit is due and it is pleasing to see that they listened to the calls and cries of the industry in relation to this ONE issue.  Unfortunately it continues to highlight incompetence at the top level.  The industry wasn’t consulted in the first place and this backflip just further embarrasses the RQ brand.

Social media has been abuzz since the last release and its gives further evidence that the industry needs change.  Racing Queensland listened.   The Bundaberg Greyhound Club were furious as were the UQGA.  The quick change from RQ was well received.

“UQGA congratulated the board for revising the prize money restructure – stating that the extra race meeting on Saturday night at Ipswich will position the industry well for the new product co distribution next year by increasing turnover even further.” – Source Facebook.

As previously mentioned by ARG and countless other new sites, the issues that face Queensland Racing stem from within RQ and previous boards.  The underlying concerns impacting growth and the future of the industry are failing to be acknowledged and acted upon.  Queensland Racing needs a complete overhaul and it needs to start from within.

Prizemoney Boost

As mentioned last week the prizemoney boost is just smoke and mirrors.  It doesn’t address the concerns that the greyhound industry is still missing its entitled TAB distribution. We keep propping up the harness code.  If RQ fight for what they are entitled to – the flow on affect will take care of prizemoney itself. A small boost here will not stop the industry decline – nor should anyone be fooled into thinking that it will.

Grading Changes

RQ would like participants to believe that the proposed grading changes will present an exciting opportunity in Queensland. Greyhounds will now be entitled to win over 4 grades, instead of the previous 2.  This presents implications for race quality and the betting consumer.

Our breeding has been off for some time – we have catered for the speed dogs. We race small fields and the spectacle is ruined by poor layout and track design. We rarely see greyhounds missing out on a run – no matter what the dog’s ability.

The problem facing RQ is the lack of dogs available to make up quality fields.  I agree that RQ needs to cater for all classes and ability of greyhound but to sell the product and move forward we need to improve the product to the consumer.  The industry needs an overhaul.

The change to the grading proposal isn’t correct.  It needed to change but not the way that it has.  The changes will force poor dogs to perform over unsuitable distances. RQ will support this so that fields can be filled.  Corner starts already impact results – dogs are hampered and disadvantaged by box draws and track layout.  With dogs racing over unsuitable distances this will only be heightened further as the new grading proposal takes effect. The result – the standard of racing will decrease, the product that is on show will decrease and so too will the few remaining consumers who support it.

Changes are needed – but these changes should be industry driven – not from a board who have lost touch with the product they are supposed to control.


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