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Iasbet & Sportsbet Introduce Quaddie Betting On All Australian Racing

Australian online bookmakers, IASbet and Sportsbet have announced the addition of Doubles, Trebles and Quaddies on all Australian racing, including greyhound racing.

You’ll now be able to pick the winners of two, three or four consecutive races daily on all bets placed online over the internet at Iasbet and Sportsbet.

Quaddie wagers allow you to pick the four winners of consecutive races on the Quadrella race card to win a dividend on Australian racing.
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Greyhound Betting : Avoid Over Handicapping

When handicapping greyhound races, one of the most common, (and expensive), mistakes made by most fans is the “making mountains out of molehills”.

The serious handicapper first sorts out which of the several handicap-able factors are the most pertinent in the scoring of the race. Speed? Break? Early speed? Closing? Form? Class changes? Post position? Etc., etc. Early on, he realizes that some factors are more pertinent at some tracks than at others. At this point, he is on the right road to success.

However, most handicappers then proceed to give far too much credence to differences that are too slight. If he has learned, for example, that “speed” is the single most important factor at a certain track, he awards the most “points”, or “credits”, to the dog he determines is the fastest. And perhaps he deducts “points” for the “slowest” one or two dogs. That would be justified if substantial differences existed among the dogs.
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