Sunday 25th October 2009

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Sunday 2nd August 2009

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Friday 24th July 2009

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Sunday 14th June 2009

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Sunday 31st May 2009

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The Jodie Gilbert Show Rolls On At Canberra

In a good mix of races on Sunday evening it was Jodie Gilbert’s kennels which took home the most winners, with Teeny Tiny the most impressive, recording a 25.30 win.

The Stuart Dickinson owned Cawbourne line prevailing in five other events as Cawbourne Texas, Click, Norma, Rye and Madge all clocked up wins at good returns for connections.

Black Bitch Teeny Tiny the greyhound tipped to follow from connections after flying the lids clocking an 8.17 first section, the Primo Uno x In The Window bitch went on with the run beating home favourite Milk Run and Rosey’s Bond.
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Sunday 24th May 2009

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