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Friday, 7 February 2014

Greyhound Box Draw For Unibet Gardens – Friday, 7 February 2014

Race No. 1Welcome To Unibet Gardens7:19 PM
5 event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,550 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155.


1BRANDEX541122.90Joanne Willis
2WEEKEND WES553622.80Peter Akers
4CHASING DE MOOLA415522.98John Miles
5MONOLITH252522.83David Ward
6MONTANA CURRENCY146823.10James Mcglinn
8HAPPY TOKAAM462322.87Thomas Pullman
9LITTLE DODGER712622.90Ed Thompson
10BLEISWIJK JEAN157623.18Paul Boyd
Race No. 2Night Out At Unibet Gardens Betf…7:38 PM
5 event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,550 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155.


1SKINNY REDINGO113329.79Brian Mitchell
2GNARLY AZZ532330.03Lorraine Watts
3PAD BURNER151529.84Ryan Tredway
5OPEN SEASON552729.85Gregory Adamthwaite
6GLAMOROUS OPAL337129.62Carol Hudson
7CRASHA ASHA323330.11William Davies
8TRICKY PLUTO124529.83Martin Hallinan
9FIRE THE STAR516630.26Mark Moroney
10MAJOR INCIDENCE876530.21Mark Davidson
Race No. 3Greyhound Social Club Betfair Bl…7:57 PM
5 event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,550 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155.


1LUCKY POINT121429.84Geoffrey Sattler
2MARKO’S MAGIC841430.06Mark Davidson
3GARRY’S DREAM552330.05Warren Slade
4RICKY TANGA532330.33Eric Sharman
6FLASH SUNRISE322530.54William Davies
7FREE FUTURE852330.12Karen Bice
10HE’S A CHANCE147629.72Johannes Vanderburg
Race No. 4Sires On Ice Maiden8:19 PM
M event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,185 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115.


3CALICO35X723.71Neil Docherty
7REZO OWES736523.32Beverley Sweeney
9KIYOMI’S GIRL857NBTAlbert Janissen
Race No. 5Newcastle Herald Stakes8:38 PM
FFA event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


1ROSE BUZZARD327122.57David Richardson
2MELISSA’S MEMORY611222.70Michelle Shambler
3MACOREKA243222.55Corey Spliet
4GO HOME BRO1178NBTJohannes Vanderburg
7MCSLOK718522.79Gary Robertson
8FASCINATE MARY386722.59Joan Singline
Race No. 6Dogpro National Futurity F8:58 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $103,125 Prizemoney.
1st: $75,000 2nd: $18,750 3rd: $9,375.


1CAWBOURNE REV323429.66Jodie Lord
2SMASHING SALLY111229.87Neil Falk
3QUEEN ESTHER174430.00Noelene Holloway
4RUE DE KAHN112329.80Dean Swain
5LITTLE SATISFIES452130.03Ryan Tredway
6ZIPPING DELTA413229.58Jason Mackay
7CAWBOURNE COBRA354330.00Jodie Lord
8RITZA HATTIE112129.41Mark Gatt
9CAWBOURNE WHIP124529.46Jodie Lord
Race No. 7Unibet Stakes9:18 PM
4/5 event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,645 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,150 2nd: $330 3rd: $165.


1PACKER TANGA733123.10Eric Sharman
2YOUR OWN PERIL781622.84Carol Wilson
3LEE BELLA116723.01Neil Docherty
4PEDRO ON TAP334722.84Richard Stock
5BLACKIES BEST78X2NBTLeonard Absalom
7SASSY SARAH114222.90Warren Slade
8BIRIGHITTI MAGIC316723.06Donald Andrews
9VISUAL BASIC254723.32Leonard Absalom
Race No. 8Newcastle Herald National Derby …9:38 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $103,125 Prizemoney.
1st: $75,000 2nd: $18,750 3rd: $9,375.


1BOYCE ROAD141429.33Mark Gatt
2EVIL PUNK222129.59James Coyle
3LOCHINVAR ROSSI834429.74Robert Smith
4WAYMORE’S BLUES151229.65Martin Hallinan
5ZIPPING SNOOPY122329.80Peter Dapiran
6SOVIET MISSILE215229.71Toby Weekes
7RITZA RAIDER223329.69Mark Gatt
8ZIPPING BROCK122129.54Peter Dapiran
9TRICKY PLUTO124529.83Martin Hallinan
10TOPPER HARLEY143529.88Anthony Azzopardi
Race No. 9Dogpro Maiden9:58 PM
M event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,185 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115.


1MEDIA KAHN574723.84Terrence Marsh
2TUNE UP8XNBTGlen Beuzeville
4SHIRLEY’S KIDZ623.66Robert Barnden
7SAUCEY GIRL-NBTRobbie Neville
8REDNECK BOYD524.20Nathan Goodwin
9KIYOMI’S GIRL857NBTAlbert Janissen
Race No. 10Woy Woy Poultry Stakes10:18 PM
5 event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,550 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155.


1SMASH THE CASH275123.06Beverley Sweeney
2NUTS AND BOLTS463323.00David Clive
3AMAZUKA255423.28Ed Thompson
4MUSCLE UP KAOS165322.93Natasha Benhard
5RICARDO BERRIE5434NBTBenjamin Spence
6FREDYS FLASH413223.02Ian Betts
7JUST AL637822.98Ed Thompson
8MAGIC CHICKEN62X122.85Beverley Sweeney
9IN A NUTSHELL842623.04Stephen Bell
10DEADLY SPRITE436623.13David Ward

How One Former Champion Still Impacts The National Futurity

One of Australia’s greatest racing bitches, 1982 Futurity winner Promises Free, has had a profound influence on the National Futurity over the last 30 years. An influence that almost certainly is far greater than any other single broodbitch for a NSW Group-class event, and, possibly, outstripping any other race in the country. And her influence even extends to six of the eight finalists in the 2014 final.

Inaugural running

The first National Futurity, took place in 1964 as the female complement to the National Derby, inaugurated the year before. Run over 580 yards (530 metres) on grass at Wentworth Park, the winner was Cultured Girl who scored in 31.6. The winner was a litter sister to the smart sprinter The Defiance, who was an unplaced finalist in the 1964 National Derby.


From 1964 to 1985 it was held over 530 metres on the grass Wentworth Park track. The 1986 and 1987 finals were run on grass over 457 metres at Harold Park. From 1988 to 1992 it was run over 520 metres on grass at Wentworth Park, then from 1993 until 2008 it was conducted over the same distance on the loam surface. Since 2009 it has been held on the loam over 515 metres at the Gardens.

When Is The Race Run

Since 2009 and the move to The Gardens, both the Futurity and Derby have been run on the same evening in February, although the 2014 final will take place on 31 January.

Biggest Winning Margins

Tiger’s Sunset (1988) and Midnight Capers (2012) both won by seven lengths, Holiday Belle (1996) by six and a half lengths, Fine Devil (1998) by five and a half lengths, Lissiloo (2003) by five and a quarter lengths, Turbo Top (1984) by five lengths

Closest Winning Margins

The closest finish, that I’m aware of, is the 1970 final won by Tidal Mist from box one, who scored by just half a head from Bokave, with Lucky Sprite just a half length away third. Gozo Nicoloa won by a short head from Rapid Strike in 1990. Promises Free (1982) won her Futurity from Winifred Bale by a head, while Nulkaba Lass (2004) and Lukeamy (2005) won theirs by a neck.

Most Successful Trainer/s

Victorian mentor Peter Giles trained 1999 winner Crystal Light and 2002 victor Hotshow Lil.

Three trainers have won the Futurity-Derby double in the same year: Geoff Watt in 1971 with Bomber’s Gift (Derby) and Top Saba; Allen Wheeler in 1974 with Steelflex (Derby) and Tintawin, and Christine Coleman with General Jeff (Derby) and

Only Dual Winner/s


Only Reserve/s To Win


Dual Finalists

The only two I’m aware of are Winifred Bale (second 1982, Won 1983) and Creative Whisky (third 2000, fifth 2001).

Some Beaten Stars

Bristol Miss (seventh, 1972), Roo Power (fifth, 1973), Kim’s Monaro (fourth, 1974), Mercia Bale (second, 1978), Winifred Bale (second, 1982), Gwendalyn Bale (third, 1983), National Lass (fourth, 1984), Miss Cruise (sixth, 1994), Rare Deceit (second, 1996), Byrneville Kara (fourth, 1997), Kedo’s Millie (sixth, 1997), November Miss (third, 1998), Fibba (fourth, 1998), Flash Joan (sixth, 2000), Hotshow Vintage (seventh, 2000), Floodfawn (third, 2001), Springtime Magic (eighth, 2001), Kumta Chase (second, 2003), Happy Hand (seventh, 2003), Edie Beauchamp (fourth, 2005), Nova Surf (third, 2009), Whirly Storm (sixth, 2009), Tonneli Bale (third, 2011), Zara Zulu (fourth, 2012), Desalle Bale (sixth, 2012), and Punch One Out (second, 2013).

Additional Notes

The 1967 winner Pearl Moss was a litter sister to 1967 Derby winner Mister Moss.

Night Aim, winner in 1975, won her semi-final at 100/1 ($101.00), relegating 1974 victor Tintawin to third.

Tiger’s Sunset, from Queensland, the 1988 winner, took her career record to five wins from five starts when she scored.

Expensive Lee, the 1987 winner, traces back to Tidal Mist (1970 winner) on her sire’s side.

Incredibly, an amazing 15 winners of the Futurity have 1982 winner Promises Free in their pedigree. Nine, Just Jedda (1991), November Sunset (1992), National Night (1993), Mystery Idle (1994), Lissiloo (2003), Lukeamy (2005), Jinderra Flame (2006), Bralyn Maisie (2007), and Elite Oriental (2008) all trace back to Promises Free on their sire’s side. Six, Rare Missile (1997), Crystal Light (1999), Junoseque (2000), Hotshow Lil (2002), Daydream (2010) and Crystin Bale (2011), trace back to Promises Free on their dam’s side.

This is set to continue with six of the eight finalists all tracing back to Promises Free, most by way of those incredible sires Amerigo Man and Walkabout Sid. Cawbourne Rev, Cawbourne Cobra, Queen Esther, Ritza Hattie, Rue De Kahn, and Zipping Delta all have Promises Free on their dam’s side, with the first two having her on their sire line as well.

Gatt & Dapiran Take Time Honours In National Derby & Futurity Semis

Mark Gatt’s well performed chaser Ritza Hattie successfully avenged her second placing from last week’s heat of the Group One National Futurity, with a strong display from box two in semi final two. After beginning moderately, the daughter of Bombastic Shiraz and Midnight Flare, loomed up between runners around the first turn to sit in third place behind Jason Mackay’s smart youngster Zipping Delta. The two-time Group winner took full advantage of a rails run on the home turn, to streak away by two lengths in a speedy 29.55.

Semi final one of the Futurity was taken out by Keinbah owner-trainer Ryan Tredway and Little Satisfies. Having just one career win to her name, the daughter of Cosmic Rumble and Really Satisfies, dwelt at the start and suffered a heavy check at the first turn, before showing genuine speed down the back to sit in second place behind early leader Smashing Sally. In a last ditch effort, the $35.10 rank outsider lunged at the line to score by a head in 30.03. Jodie Lord qualified two runners for Friday’s final with Cawbourne Cobra and Cawbourne Rev finishing third and fourth respectively.

Leading breeder Martin Hallinan has made an impact on this years Derby series and yesterday proved his charges will be very competitive in next Friday nights final by qualifying three runners. Hallinan’s best result was Zipping Brock trained by Peter Dapiran, who stepped out in semi-final two of the Derby with solid support from punters at $8.50. The son of Mantra Lad and Cho Chang jumped beautifully from box four and was never headed in a fast 29.56 display. Hallinan’s own runner Waymore’s Blues, put in another solid performance from box one to finish second and $2.10 favourite Red Road was squeezed out at the start and failed to qualify, however Gatt’s other chaser Ritza Raider ran a respectable third.

Semi final one went to the in-form Evil Punk for James Coyle, who exploded from box one and got a beautiful rails run to lead throughout in a speedy 29.59. Reserve runner Soviet Missile for Toby Weeks ran a gallant second at big odds of $18.60 to qualify and $1.60 favourite Boyce Road after finding early trouble, managed to run fourth and book his place in next weeks Group One final.

The box draws for next weeks $75,000 to the winner finals:

Group One National Futurity Final

1. Cawbourne Rev – Jodie Lord
2. Smashing Sally – Neil Falk
3. Queen Esther – Noelene Holloway
4. Rue De Kahn – Dean Swain
5. Little Satisfies – Ryan Tredway
6. Zipping Delta – Jason Mackay
7. Cawbourne Cobra – Jodie Lord
8. Ritza Hattie – Mark Gatt

Group One National Derby Final

1. Boyce Road – Mark Gatt
2. Evil Punk – James Coyle
3. Lochinvar Rossi – Robert Smith
4. Waymore’s Blues – Martin Hallinan
5. Zipping Snoopy – Peter Dapiran
6. Soviet Missile – Toby Weekes
7. Ritza Raider – Mark Gatt
8. Zipping Brock – Peter Dapiran

2014 National Derby Semi Final Replays

2014 National Futurity Semi Final Replays

Gatt Has The Numbers In National Derby And Futurity Semi Finals

Mark Gatt will head into tomorrow’s National Derby and Futurity semi finals at Unibet Gardens with an astonishing five runners across the four races and is set to dominate the two Group One finals next week.

Semi-final one of the National Futurity will see last week’s bolter Lani Banarni (4), who upset Gatt’s red-hot favourite Ritza Hattie in a blistering 29.40, exit from box four in a strong semi-final. Jodie Lord has three runners engaged in this race, with her best chance Cawbourne Whip (5). Despite finishing a disappointing fourth last week, she does have a 29.46 personal best at the track and can steal this from the squeeze box. Smashing Sally (8) trained by Neil Falk, has been very consistent of late and is looking for her fourth consecutive win and will get a nice run from the wide alley.

Series favourite Ritza Hattie (2) will step out in semi-final two of the Futurity final. She will be out to avenge her second placing last week and has a perfect opportunity from box two. The two-time Group winner began poorly last week, before making up a stack of ground to finish second in 29.40 and will be primed for this affair by master trainer Mark Gatt. Unbelief (4) for Troy Donaldson is going great guns at present, having won four races from her last five starts and she flew around The Gardens circuit last week in 29.65 from box five. If she begins well, expect her to give the favourite a run for her money in an attempt to keep her unbeaten record at the track in tact. Zipping Delta ran a super race last week to storm home for third in the fastest heat of the day, clocking 29.58. Despite being drawn inside a speedy runner, the Jason Mackay sprinter will only need a clear path to feature in the finish.

Semi-final one of the National Derby will see last week’s fastest qualifier Boyce Road (7) step out from box seven at only his second ever look at the track. After jumping brilliantly from box six and clocking a blistering 29.33 last Friday, the Mark Gatt trained youngster could potentially lower his personal best. Evil Punk (1) has stepped up enormously at his past few starts against quality opposition and is drawn beautifully on the inside to really test these runners. The James Coyle trained chaser finished the race off nicely last week behind Waymore’s Blues in a fast 29.65. Gatt’s other runner Black Road (2) was airbourne in the early stages last week before fading at the finish, however a repeat performance of last week could see him really test the field early.

Red Road is another sensational Mark Gatt chaser and will step out in semi-final two of the National Derby. He was edged out by litter mate Boyce Road for time honours last week by 0.01, flying around The Gardens in 29.34. Despite drawing the tricky middle box, the winner of seven races from just nine starts, showed electrifying early speed last week from box eight and only needs to jump to be victorious once again. Astute breeder Martin Hallinan has drawn favourably once again with Waymore’s Blues (1), who was ultra-impressive in his heat win last week, clocking a speedy 29.65. Gatt’s other runner Ritza Raider (2) ran home very well in the latter stages last week behind Waymore’s Blues and can run a cheeky race if he gets room to move early.

2014 National Derby Heats Replays

2014 National Futurity Heats Replays

Friday, 31 January 2014

Greyhound Box Draw For Unibet Gardens – Friday, 31 January 2014

Race No. 1Welcome To Unibet Gardens Stakes3:47 PM
FFA event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


1JOE HANLEY514122.45Ronald Bell
2CANDY QUEEN833322.71Thomas Pullman
3DIDDY STRIKE845422.51Colin Kneeshaw
4ROSE BUZZARD332722.57David Richardson
6HUT FIVE116222.84Scott Mcguire
7SKYELA TOKAAM131222.68Helen Pullman
8JASON EYES212222.76Peter Quinton
Race No. 2Greyhound Recorder Stayers Serie…4:07 PM
5 event over 715 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


1WATTO LOTTO4367NBTJohn Callaughan
4GIFT OF TIME5222NBTKerrie Walker
5MISS FICTION252642.63Ivan Hanna
7WHITE NINJA533343.08Terry Priest
8LITTLE RUM573142.57Peter Akers
Race No. 37pm Start Next Week 7 Feb Stks4:27 PM
4/5 event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,645 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,150 2nd: $330 3rd: $165.


1CRAZY RASCAL532329.86Thomas Pullman
2MASSIVE MERV541529.85John Callaughan
3MINZA RED ONE431429.98Charlie Gatt
4MY FANTAZIYA314530.36Glenn Smith
5FASHION PRINCESS212730.07Arthur Langman
6TAM’S WISH171530.06Michael Chilcott
7FREE FUTURE585230.12Karen Bice
8KISS ME MARLOW843530.28Peter Keegan
9KISS ME WENCH8118NBTPeter Keegan
Race No. 4Greyhoundproductsdirect.com.au M…4:47 PM
M event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,185 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115.


1BIG FOOT423.80Ian Betts
2DEVINE PEDRO48323.25Dennis Stewart
3ADAMSTOWN GIRL773423.00John Stewart
4VANDERLAH663X23.58Terry Priest
5GENISTA SENORITA874423.33Mark Beagan
7DIABLO’S GUN2866NBTLisa Hutton
Race No. 5Dogpro National Futurity S5:07 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $3,750 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,000 2nd: $500 3rd: $250.


1CAWBOURNE REV232329.66Jodie Lord
2CAWBOURNE COBRA235430.00Jodie Lord
3LITTLE SATISFIES145230.19Ryan Tredway
4LANI BANARNI811129.40Charlie Gatt
5CAWBOURNE WHIP112429.46Jodie Lord
6PRINCESS ALYSSA642229.77Norm Becroft
7BELLA SENORA141330.21Adam Wade
8SMASHING SALLY511129.87Neil Falk
9SIENNA’S DREAM213530.17Kelly Bravo
10MY FANTAZIYA314530.36Glenn Smith
Race No. 6Dogpro National Futurity S5:27 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $3,750 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,000 2nd: $500 3rd: $250.


1QUEEN ESTHER717430.00Noelene Holloway
2RITZA HATTIE211229.41Mark Gatt
3SENORITA SELENA221430.05Anthony Gannon
4UNBELIEF411129.65Troy Donaldson
5RUE DE KAHN511229.80Dean Swain
6MY BELLA ROSE212330.00Allan Manwaring
7ZIPPING DELTA141329.58Jason Mackay
8PUSH IT523129.82Dean Swain
9TAM’S WISH171530.06Michael Chilcott
10QUEEN MARINA656530.18Noelene Holloway
Race No. 7Newcastle Herald National Derby …5:47 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $3,750 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,000 2nd: $500 3rd: $250.


1EVIL PUNK822229.73James Coyle
2BLACK ROAD11X129.79Mark Gatt
3TOPPER HARLEY814329.88Anthony Azzopardi
4RITZA DANNY755429.92Mark Gatt
5HURRICANE RINO225330.21Anthony Azzopardi
6ZIPPING SNOOPY212229.86Peter Dapiran
7BOYCE ROAD114129.33Mark Gatt
8BIG HOFF172430.07Luke Azzopardi
9SOVIET MISSILE521530.26Toby Weekes
10WEZ MY HONEYMOON423530.17Sydney Swain
Race No. 8Newcastle Herald National Derby …6:06 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $3,750 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,000 2nd: $500 3rd: $250.


1WAYMORE’S BLUES415129.65Martin Hallinan
2RITZA RAIDER122329.96Mark Gatt
3LOCHINVAR IMPACT12329.83Robert Smith
4ZIPPING BROCK112229.78Peter Dapiran
5RED ROAD118129.34Mark Gatt
6TRICKY PLUTO112429.83Martin Hallinan
7KNOT TELLING YA237229.58Marie Burton
8LOCHINVAR ROSSI283429.74Robert Smith
9MASSIVE MERV541529.85John Callaughan
10KISS ME KETUT563530.32David Burnett
Race No. 9Unibet Maiden6:27 PM
M event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,185 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115.


1BLAST TASK7423.46Peter Akers
2TORA LEE546423.43Thomas Campbell
4DRAGON’S JOY764X23.47Timothy Murray
6HE’S SO METRO886523.50Lisa Hutton
8KONA LEEROY568NBTJohn Vanderburg
Race No. 10Unibet Lucky Last Stakes6:49 PM
5 event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,550 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155.


2KISS ME HUGHIE113322.87Peter Keegan
3SHAZAAM757722.63Thomas Pullman
4SLIM’S CRUISER865122.84Nancy Mcintosh
5CHASING DE MOOLA314122.98John Miles
6AUSSIE’S SON356323.17Michelle Bailey
7ALDERLEY REPORT138123.04Gary Robertson
8FREDYS FLASH41323.02Ian Betts
9BIRIGHITTI MAGIC316723.06Donald Andrews
10WEEKEND WES155322.80Peter Akers

Gatt Steals The Show At The Gardens

Thirlmere trainer Mark Gatt dominated proceedings at The Gardens yesterday afternoon, securing three of the four National Derby heats and qualifying two further runners for the National Derby and Futurity semi-finals to be conducted next Friday.

Black Road stepped out in heat one of the National Derby and began beautifully from box seven, leading all the way is a solid time of 29.79, recording sizzling early sections of 5.00 and 17.03.

Superstar prodigy Red Road has been firmly supported as the Derby series favourite and didn’t disappoint in heat three, jumping brilliantly from box eight and flying around the two-turn circuit in a near record 29.34. Even more pleasing for Gatt, was his performance after an under-done preparation.

“He went exceptionally well yesterday and was really short of a run. He’s only had a couple of small trials after being injured when he hit the running rail at Wentworth Park, so he can go better.”

After Red Road set the benchmark extremely high, no one expected it to be lowered. But then Gatt’s Paws of Thunder finalist Boyce Road dominated the final heat of the National Derby, edging out Red Road’s time by 0.01, clocking a sensational 29.33.

Exiting from box six, Boyce Road stunned race goers when he took out a heat of the Group One Paws of Thunder two weeks ago, clocking a speedy 29.69 over the 520m distance. Due to time constraints, Gatt didn’t have time to trial Boyce Road at Unibet Gardens and surprised his trainer with a magnificent performance.

“I was surprised how good he went yesterday. He jumped so well from box six and really showed good pace after that. I said to his owner Eddie (Kingswell), that the Paws of Thunder series would bring out the best in him and it has.”

With all three winners coming from the highly successful Collision and Mystic Pace litter, Gatt’s partnership with Oaks Road’s owner Edwin Kingswell have once again produced some exceptional prospects, set to dominate the states biggest races.

Waymore’s Blues took out National Derby heat number two for astute breeder Martin Hallinan, using box one to perfection and clocked a speedy 29.65.

Gatt’s Group winning bitch Ritza Hattie was installed as the $1.50 favourite for heat four of the National Futurity. However she had to settle for second best behind Charlie Gatt’s talented chaser Lani Banarni, who jumped superb from box one and led all the way in flying 29.40, making her the fastest qualifier for next week’s semi-finals. Despite finishing second, Gatt was very pleased with his charges performance and expects plenty of improvement next week.

“She didn’t jump that well yesterday and I was really happy she only finished a length and a bit behind the winner in that time. It seems to take her a couple of runs to really fire, so I’m expecting a lot of improvement next week and hopefully she can qualify for the final.”

Other heat winners of the National Futurity included; Unbelief for Troy Donaldson, clocking 29.65, Push It trained by Dean Swain ran 29.82 and Smashing Sally for Neil Falk recorded 29.87.

“I just hope I can get as many through to the final as I can. It would be a great thrill to have so many there and win. Some great dogs that have qualified for next week so mine really have to be on their game.”

If all goes according to Gatt’s plans, he could have four National Derby finalists and a National Futurity finalist, giving him a great chance of taking out both $75,000 to-the-winner finals on February 7th.

2014 National Futurity Heats

2014 National Derby Heats

Group One National Derby and Futurity Set To Light Up The Gardens

Group One action will hit The Gardens this Friday afternoon, with four heats of the Group One National Derby and Group One National Futurity to be conducted.

Greyhounds will arrive at the Birmingham Gardens circuit from all over Australia, in a bid to secure the sensational $75,000 first prize money on offer for each final winner.

Heat one of the National Futurity will kick off proceedings, with a few newcomers to the track, including last start winners; Bella Senora (2), who won the Australian Racing Greyhound Summer Cup last Thursday at Maitland over the 450m in a very quick 25.26, and Zipping Electra (7), for champion breeder Martin Hallinan, a winner over the 280m at Wentworth Park in 16.21. Cawbourne Cobra (3) has the fastest personal best at the track; recording 30.00 back in July of last year and can win this after some consistent performances at Wentworth Park.

Heat one of the National Derby sees another Hallinan runner in Zipping Snoopy (1) ideally drawn on the rails, having recorded two victories at Horsham (23.35, 410m) and Shepparton (25.85, 450m) in his preparation. Topper Harley (3) for Anthony Azzopardi comes into this race with solid Wentworth Park form and has genuine pace to lead this field. Black Road (7) put in an impressive performance during a stewards trial last week at Richmond for in-form trainer Mark Gatt, clocking a fast 30.64 and will be highly competitive in this affair.

Smashing Sally (2) will step out in heat two of the Futurity for trainer Neil Falk after two slick performances at Richmond over the past two weeks, clocking a personal best of 30.45. Dean Swain has another strong chance in this heat with Rue De Khan (4) having excellent form at the track with a personal best of 29.80. Recording three wins from four starts; this bitch is very strong in the latter stages and look for her at the finish. Cawbourne Rev (7) has been consistent of late, with a 29.66 personal best at Unibet Gardens and has enough early pace to get across from the wide draw.

Group One Brisbane Cup hero Kiss Me Ketut (7) will be looking to take out heat two of the National Derby for owner-trainer David Burnett, after some mixed form of late at Wentworth Park during the Paws of Thunder series. The winner of seventeen races can bounce back and has recorded blistering times all over the country. Evil Punk (2) ran a super race finishing second behind Gradence in the Paws of Thunder consolation last week at Wentworth Park and has good early pace to lead this field. Ritza Raider (6) is yet to be unplaced after ten starts and should run a cheeky race from an awkward draw, whilst Waymore’s Blues (1) has an excellent career record of five wins from nine starts and can’t be ignored from the favourable inside alley.

A newcomer to the Mark Gatt kennel, She’s Scandalous (1) gets a great chance to display her talent in heat three of the Futurity from the red rug at her first attempt around the two turn circuit. Unbelief (5) has flown around The Gardens at her past two attempts, recording 29.79 and 29.77, making her a genuine contender to take out this heat. In-form trainer Adam Wade has another talented chaser engaged in Peta Pitstop (6), impressive at Maitland last week over the 450m, clocking 25.30.

Superstar in the making Red Road (8) will exit from the wide alley in heat three of the National Derby for trainer Mark Gatt, and will only have to step cleanly to clock a blistering time. A winner six races from just eight starts, including a sizzling 30.22 at Richmond. Punters are already labelling him a series favourite. Zipping Brock (4) comes into this heat with some solid performances around the Victorian tracks for trainer Peter Dapiran, including a 29.73 personal best at Sandown. My Boy Snoop, for well-respected Hunter Valley trainer Brett May, has an ideal draw on the rails, with a sensational 29.56 time at the track. Recording a brilliant win two weeks ago at Wentworth Park in 29.92, expect a bold showing from this son of Where’s Pedro and National Futurity winner Daydream.

An amazing line up of bitches will compete in the final heat of the Futurity, with two-time Group winner Ritza Hattie (2) returning to the track she made her debut. She clocked a blistering 29.41 over the 515m journey back in July of last year. The unanimous series favourite; bred, owned and trained by Mark Gatt, has good early pace and will take some running down from a superb draw. Cawbourne Whip (3) enthralled enthusiasts during the St Ledger series at this track, recording a flying 29.46, and will provide a great battle with Ritza Hattie if she begins well. Larni Banarni (1) and Premier Mozz (5) have both won their past two starts in respectable times and can figure for the minors.

The final heat of the Derby will be an exciting race. Boyce Road (6) returns from a fourth placing in the Group One Paws of Thunder final in an easier field and will be highly competitive if he gets room early. He sizzled around Wentworth Park in his heat of the Paws, clocking 29.69, expect him to be storming home at the finish. Kelly Bravo and Take Charge (3) will make the trip up from Victoria. He has three consecutive wins under his belt and is a threat to take this out and book a semi-final spot. Tricky Pluto (7) has got plenty of ability and can figure in the finish. He ran second here last week and saluted at Wentworth Park the week prior in 29.99.

Heat one will kick off at 3.48pm EDST time on Friday afternoon, with the first four place getters moving through to next week’s semi-finals.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Greyhound Box Draw For Unibet Gardens – Friday, 24 January 2014

Race No. 1Dogpro National Futurity H3:48 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


1LITTLE SATISFIES414530.55Ryan Tredway
3CAWBOURNE COBRA623530.00Jodie Lord
4PUSH IT652330.01Dean Swain
5FASHION PRINCESS121230.07Arthur Langman
6RITMAR5777NBTMarie Burton
7ZIPPING ELECTRA1341NBTMartin Hallinan
8QUEEN MARINA365630.18Noelene Holloway
Race No. 2Newcastle Herald National Derby …4:10 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


2RITZA DANNY175529.92Mark Gatt
3TOPPER HARLEY1814NBTAnthony Azzopardi
4ATHOS5711NBTRichard Gray
5WEZ MY HONEYMOON142330.17Sydney Swain
6APPREHENDED1561NBTJohn Mcalister
8CUT ME OFF158431.75Peter Lagogiane
9KISS ME MARLOW843530.28Peter Keegan
Race No. 3Dogpro National Futurity H4:28 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


1REDHOT178230.01Antonio Chiarelli
4RUE DE KAHN151129.80Dean Swain
7CAWBOURNE REV123229.66Jodie Lord
8DEVINE VOGUE746129.87Patrick Parrelli
Race No. 4Newcastle Herald National Derby …4:50 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


1WAYMORE’S BLUES2415NBTMartin Hallinan
2EVIL PUNK1822NBTJames Coyle
3GIMME FUEL2326NBTKelly Bravo
4DEVINE AWE373730.03Patrick Parrelli
5BIG HOFF317230.07Luke Azzopardi
7KISS ME KETUT1563NBTDavid Burnett
8ZIPPING RORY211NBTBethany Dapiran
9PAD BURNER151529.84Ryan Tredway
10BANG POW BOOM3345NBTTerry Callen
Race No. 5Dogpro National Futurity H5:08 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


2HURRICANE BECCY518630.14Peter Tobin
3TAM’S WISH4171NBTMichael Chilcott
4MY BELLA ROSE2212NBTAllan Manwaring
5UNBELIEF141129.77Troy Donaldson
7PRINCESS ALYSSA264230.04Norm Becroft
8QUEEN ESTHER171730.37Noelene Holloway
Race No. 6Newcastle Herald National Derby …5:30 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


1MY BOY SNOOP152129.56Brett May
3QUITE READY181729.88Cheryl Murray
4ZIPPING BROCK6112NBTPeter Dapiran
5LOCHINVAR ROSSI328329.74Robert Smith
7HURRICANE RINO2225NBTAnthony Azzopardi
8RED ROAD1118NBTMark Gatt
9REXROTH1458NBTClay Mullens
10KISS ME MARLOW843530.28Peter Keegan
Race No. 7Dogpro National Futurity H5:48 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


1LANI BANARNI1811NBTCharlie Gatt
2RITZA HATTIE121129.41Mark Gatt
3CAWBOURNE WHIP111229.46Jodie Lord
5PREMIER MOZZ371129.83Kristy Sultana
7WISE ELLA8222NBTJeffrey Britton
8ZIPPING DELTA114129.90Jason Mackay
Race No. 8Newcastle Herald National Derby …6:07 PM
NG event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $2,015 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,400 2nd: $410 3rd: $205.


2MASSIVE MERV4541NBTJohn Callaughan
3TAKE CHARGE2111NBTKelly Bravo
4DUNDEE TORO1817NBTGeoffrey Scott-smith
5FIRE ELUSIVE151729.94Mark Moroney
7TRICKY PLUTO311230.02Martin Hallinan
8GOT THE LIFE1616NBTChristopher Carl
10PAD BURNER151529.84Ryan Tredway
Race No. 9Woy Woy Poultry Stakes6:28 PM
5 event over 515 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,550 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155.


1BANG POW BOOM3345NBTTerry Callen
2ROB ZOMBIE768630.67Terry Callen
3BIG OZ1421NBTCharlie Lamb
4LET ME ADAM6147NBTCharlie Lamb
5PATTYKATE SUE424429.95Wendy Ison
6C’MON CINDY485729.93Terrence Stewart
7GIRL STEPHANIE757730.17Terry Callen
8FREE FUTURE458530.12Karen Bice
Race No. 10Unibet Lucky Last Stakes6:48 PM
5 event over 400 metres at Unibet gardens Of $1,550 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155.


1KRAZY CAPER757322.88Ronald Bell
2KATIE MAREE122222.99Arthur Langman
3SO SEDATE356722.82Ivan Hanna
4SLIM’S CRUISER286522.84Nancy Mcintosh
6FREDYS FLASH4123.02Ian Betts
7SANDAVE SPRITE17NBTDavid Richardson
8SHE’S MY RUBY818723.44Michael Mowle

Mackay Surprisingly Avoids Suspension And Only Fined For Four Positive Swabs

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) stewards today concluded inquiries into analysts’ reports that the urine samples taken from Sometimes Speedy and Punch One Out after those greyhounds ran first and second respectively in the final of the Dogpro National Futurity at Unibet Gardens on 15 February 2013, the sample taken from Yarramundi Flash after that greyhound won Race 5 at Unibet Gardens on 22 February 2013, and also the sample taken from Zipping Tess after that greyhound won Race 2, the Ultra Sense Heat 2 at Wentworth Park on 23 March 2013, had each been analysed and found to contain the prohibited substance 5beta-androstane-3alpha, 17beta-diol, a metabolite of testosterone, at a concentration of greater than 10 ng/ml in a bitch.

Evidence was taken over the course of hearings on 18 November 2013 and today from trainer Jason Mackay, who was granted representation from Lenz Legal at the initial hearing and was today assisted by veterinary surgeon Dr Peter Yore. Further evidence was taken today from Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory (ARFL) Science Manager Dr Adam Cawley, Racing Analytical Services Ltd (RASL) Laboratory Director Paul Zahra and from Racing Science Centre Qld (RSC) Acting Manager Analytical Services Samantha Nelis. Written evidence was tendered from the ARFL, RASL, RSC, GRNSW, Mr Mackay and Dr Yore.

Mr Mackay pleaded guilty to three charges under GAR 83 (2) (a) in that he presented Punch One Out, Sometimes Speedy and Zipping Tess for the races in question other than free of prohibited substances in that the urine samples taken from the greyhounds after their events were found on confirmatory analysis to contain the prohibited substance 5beta-androstane-3alpha, 17beta-diol, a metabolite of testosterone, at a concentration of greater than 10 ng/ml in a bitch.

As the referee sample taken from Yarramundi Flash that was delivered to RSC was not confirmed at a level greater than10 ng/ml, no finding was made in respect of that presentation.

On each charge Mr Mackay was subsequently fined $2,000.

In determining penalty, stewards took into account Mr Mackay’s guilty plea on each offence, his record of only minor breaches incurred over more than 20 years of training, his record of having more than 400 cleared samples over approximately the past 12 years, his personal circumstances of full time training and a significant industry investment, his standing within the industry and freely given assistance in training matters, his co-operation with the inquiry and during the kennel inspection, as well as previous record keeping.

As has been the case with other inquiries involving 5beta-androstane-3alpha, 17beta-diol, both in NSW and in other greyhound racing jurisdictions a measure of leniency was extended as stewards were mindful that this was one of the first reports of the presence at excessive levels of this substance in a greyhound sample in NSW after the introduction of the rule on 1 January 2013.

The fact that initial advice of irregularities could not be conveyed to Mr Mackay until after the last of the races in question led to the imposition of similar penalties in each case.

The particular factors in this case should not be seen as a precedent in similar cases of presentation of a greyhound found to have a Category Three level substance detected in a sample in the future.

A measure of both specific and general deterrence was also considered, particularly in regard to use of a product known to have extended excretion times. The importance of the races involved and the effects such reports have on the industry reputation were also considered. Mr Mackay admitted negligence in his knowledge of the introduction of the rule despite widespread alerts by GRNSW prior to and after the rule was introduced on 1 January 2013.

Sometimes Speedy and Punch One Out were disqualified from the National Futurity final under the provisions of GAR 83 (4) and the placings amended to:

1st – Winsome Charlee
2nd – Lil Miss Sparkle
3rd – Lil Miss Mohawk

Zipping Tess was disqualified from the heat of the Ultra Sense under the provisions of GAR 83 (5) and placings amended to:

1st – My Signature
2nd – Paua Of Darkness
3rd – Grovebrook Ruler

As Zipping Tess ran last in the final of that event, no order was made under the provisions of GAR 83 (5).

Mr Mackay was advised of his rights of appeal.

Good Manners Go A Long Way For Velocity Zoe

Growing up we are often reminded how important it is to have good manners. In the greyhound racing world, they can be just as important. Astute mentor Tony Brett proved just how important manners are when a little bit of attention turned his bitch Velocity Zoe from a maiden, to a winner of over $20,000 in two starts.

Velocity Zoe landed the $20,000 Northern Rivers Vet K9 Reproductions Maiden final at Lismore on Tuesday night, leading from pillar to post in a sizzling 23.98. But it was the culmination of some hard work and attention to detail that yielded the results.

“It was just her box manners that had been letting her down, that’s why she’d had a few starts, she paws at the lids, so it’s been an ongoing problem that we’ve been trying to fix. After her last lot of starts, she’d run a couple of seconds at Ipswich and they were good seconds. That’s when I made the choice to pull her out for a month and see if we could fix those box manners for the Lismore series.”

It paid dividends for Brett with the daughter of Premier Fantasy and Velocity Thunder (Flying Penske – Subjective Lee). She had been showing plenty of promise on the trial track but had failed to convert it to results in her first six starts.

“Before the series started, I took her down to the track to trial and she went 24.09 and I knew then that we were in this up to our ears. We knew she had the ability it was just a matter of getting her box manners right, our race is sort of won or done in the first ten metres with her. If she’s pawing at the lids, which she hasn’t been doing as bad in the last couple of starts, it’s a worry.”

But there was little to worry about when Velocity Zoe found the front early in the final. Interestingly, Velocity Zoe wasn’t Brett’s first choice for the Lismore series, but as it turned out, she was the perfect fit.

“Once she came out nice, I knew she would run around the twenty four mark, and that’s always gonna be hard to beat. I had another little bitch who I was sort of setting for the race, I thought if I’m taking one, I may as well pull this girl out and see if I can fix her manners up and take the two of them. As it happened the other bitch came on season so as it turned out she was our only chance. She came out in the quali and missed it a bit but ran real nice, then she jumped good in the semi, jumped good in the final and as they say, the rest is history.”

It seems that racing isn’t the only thing that Velocity Zoe does at a frenetic pace, with the 28kg black bitch proving to be a bit of a menace around the kennels. Despite that, it’s clear that her improvement and results have endeared her to Brett.

“Her only real problem, which is why she probably paws at the lids, is that she’s way over the top. When we did the presentation after the race, I forgot her muzzle and left it at the presentation area. So I put her away for the swab, she was in the swab kennels for twenty minutes and when I came back she’d ripped her bed to a million pieces and that’s the sort of dog she is. She’s a bit highly strung but I’ll buy her a new bed for Christmas, she’s earned it for sure.”

Brett also trains Velocity Zoe’s brother, Chant. He too is showing his share of promise and shares a few cheeky traits with his sister. But Brett’s enthusiasm is obvious when it comes to the pairs futures.

“He’s the same and a bit like her. He’s learning all the time and is a bit full on too. But in saying that he ran second in the big Grafton maiden behind Lady Jasmin and she’s gone right on with it and he’s run 30.08 at Albion Park. He’s a nice dog, he’s probably still a few lengths of being a really good dog but they’re only young and they’ve got a bit to learn. It will be interesting in six months time, with a bit of maturity, to see how good they are.”

There may be more in store for the breed too with Velocity Zoe’s dam (Velocity Thunder) having some pups on the ground to another of Brett’s former stars, Glen Gallon.

“That was one of the main reasons we put him to stud while he was still racing. She was due on and a couple of other girls were due on. Steve (Williams) said I’d really like to use the boy (Glen Gallon) on these girls because they are good producers so far. So yeah, they’re over there and they look great and time will tell with those.”

Velocity Zoe’s success could now go onto the bigger tracks in Queensland with Brett buoyant about her future.

“We don’t have a lot of choice up here, but she has trialled well everywhere. I don’t think she’ll have too much trouble stepping up, she might take a little bit to get a really strong five hundred but I think she will run it for sure. If she can keep getting the start right she is a good little chaser.”

Brett will be taking it step by step with his 25 month old chaser, but should she keep improving, there may be an even bigger stage in her future plans.

“She will go to a Thursday night novice at Albion Park. If she happens to put in a couple of nice runs at Albion Park, I’ll be heading to the Gardens for the National Futurity with a couple and she’s sort of in the back of my mind too. If she can settle her ways, a race on a track like that against bitches should suit her.”

There’s no doubt that while ever Velocity Zoe continues to exhibit such impeccable manners, the sky is the limit and, if needed, Tony Brett will gladly keep buying her new beds.

Nothing Little About Amy Bennett’s Ambition

Nineteen year old Western Sydney trainer Amy Bennett is about to embark on the biggest journey of her training career this Thursday night at Dapto, when her smart chaser Little Elsie exits from box one in the Group Two Dapto Puppy Auction Classic.

After priming Little Elsie for this series, Bennett is on the verge of claiming her first Group race and a cash prize of $75,000 for her efforts. At such a young age, it’s no wonder the university student is astounded at her prospect.

“I’m amazed that I have a 1 in 8 chance of winning $75,000. I cried after she won on Thursday, I was just so proud of how far she has come. She used to turn in the boxes, so we sent her back to Glengarrie and they did an awesome job with her. Now she begins like a dream every start. I’ve come so close to winning a Group race in the past, running second and third but hopefully this is the one.”

Little Elsie began the series in brilliant fashion, jumping smartly and leading all the way in a solid 30.23. Her improvement last week during her semi-final was very pleasing to her young trainer, again putting in an all the way display from box one in 30.03.

“She improved two tenths on her heat time last week so I was stoked. I’m expecting her to improve again as she has every week. Drawing box one is great because it wins you races. She won’t have to cross any other dogs and she’s been beginning every time. One thing I will be looking for is to see if she scratches the boxes before the start, because if she doesn’t she will begin cleanly again.”

Beautifully bred by El Grand Senor out of Oxley Amy, Little Elsie began her career at Gosford over the short-course distances. She recently journeyed north for a successful campaign at Casino, which ignited her form, and she has won three of her past four including a second placing at Wentworth Park.

“Brad Northfield did an awesome job with her at Casino. She racked up two great wins and his guidance was amazing, I’m very grateful for his help.”

Recording her seventh win from just eighteen starts last Thursday, Bennett now has plenty of options up her sleeve for the two-year old, including the age classic Group One Laurels in Victoria and Group One National Futurity at Unitbet Gardens in February.

Bennett is having an outstanding year on the training circuit having racked up 23 winners in 2013, including 26 minor placings. She began learning her craft under the watchful eye of her father, Vincent Bennett, a very successful trainer who runs his own business, with Amy now in charge of their breeding and training operations.

“My dad is my best mate and the business wouldn’t run smoothly without his ongoing support. He has given me so much guidance and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has taught me, and my mum who puts up with me. She loves the dogs also and comes to the track when she can; it’s great to have so much family support. I have a new kennel hand Lauren McFadyen, she comes over every weekend and reminds me of what I was like a few years ago, wanting to learn as much as she can, her hard-work is amazing. I just really hope Elsie can do it for them as much as me because it’s truly a team effort.”

Little Elsie is only owner Dave Galvin’s third dog and after rejecting a large offer from overseas before the heats of the Dapto Puppy Auction commenced, it’s evident the right decision was made.

“Dave just loves her to bits and loves her like a pet so he couldn’t sell. He will breed with her when she’s finished. She is everything you can ask for in a dog, she’s great at home, easy to train and is becoming a really good chaser, with plenty of improvement left.”

This Thursday night a young trainer will aspire to achieve a lifelong dream and inspire a new generation of trainers in the process.


Maiden Takes Out Vic Peters Classic

Forty years ago the Vic Peters Memorial Classic was taken out by a maiden greyhound for the only time in its long history. To that time the event -which began life in 1951 simply called the Harold Park Classic- had been won by a slew of greyhounds which had gone on to achieve various measures of greatness. These included Sharid, Montana Jet, Black Top, Rocket Mac, Sammie Sparrow, Milimsimbi, and Woolley Wilson. None of them had gone into the race as a maiden.

The 1973 final was run on a wet track, and as so often happens when the course is damp, be it grass or loam, the outside boxes came to the fore. Whether statistics really bare this out or not, the perception is often that greyhounds drawn wide on the course when it’s wet seem to gain an advantage.

Whatever the truth, a sleek fawn greyhound by the name of Kim’s Monaro happened to be drawn in box eight for the 1973 Vic Peters Memorial Classic final, run over 457 metres at Harold Park.

Owned and trained by the astute yet taciturn Bob Doak, Kim’s Monaro had clearly shown her mentor she possessed above-average ability, and so he had run her in the Vic Peters non-betting qualifying heats, despite her maiden status.

The daughter of The Smoother (one of the fastest sprinters of his time) out of Doaks’ grand producer Monaro Flash, Kim’s Monaro breezed through her heat and took her place for what was her first official race start in a semi-final of the Classic on 27 October. She was drawn reasonably well in box three but the race held the pre-post favourite for the Classic in Arctic Tiger.

Kim’s Monaro began mid-field and immediately ran into bother. Although she held her ground and was third coming onto the first turn, Arctic Tiger had already bolted. In the long run home Kim’s Monaro finished well to snare second position and a place in the prestigious final, but she was six lengths adrift of Arctic Tiger who ran 26.30, the best time of the night.

On that wet final night in 1973, with the benefit of one race start, Kim’s Monaro duly rewarded the faith Bob Doak had in her by beginning quite well from her wide draw and quickly racing to the lead, despite the presence of speedsters such as Quick Sweep and Arctic Tiger. She gave nothing else a chance and cruised home almost five lengths ahead of Irish Alley and Ben Capell. Her time of 26.31 was easily the best of the night.

The 21-month-old would go on to greater heights after the victory, qualifying for such races as the Christmas Gift (fell), National Futurity (fourth), Ladies Bracelet (third), Richmond New Year’s Gift (fourth), and winning the 1974 Australian Cup.

Victorian Decision Spurs GRNSW Stewards In To Action

As has been widely reported, greyhound racing stewards in at least two states have been sitting an numerous positives swab inquiries, mostly to elevated Testosterone levels.

Today Greyhound Racing Victoria’s (GRV) Racing and Appeals Disciplinary Board (RADB) finally heard the positive swab inquiry in an elevated Testosterone level in one of Graeme Bate’s greyhounds, resulting in the leading Hall Of Fame trainer receiving a nine month disqualification.

Last month West Australian Racing and Wagering West Australia (RWWA) stewards handed Wayne Jacobson a nine month disqualification for what was considered “a high level” offence.

As if prompted in too action by today’s GRV RADB decision in to their leading trainer, Greyhound Racing New South Wales (GRNSW) stewards have finally formally announced the worst kept secret in greyhound racing; Jason Mackay is to front the GRNSW stewards over several positive swabs to elevated Testosterone threshold levels.

GRNSW have advised that having “received advice from the accredited laboratories of the findings of levels of the testosterone metabolite 5beta-androstane-3alpha, 17beta-diol above the threshold concentration of 10 nanograms per millilitre in urine samples taken from four greyhounds trained by Jason Mackay at meetings in NSW in February and March this year.”

The reports concern the greyhounds Punch One Out and Sometimes Speedy, which raced at The Gardens on 15 February 2013, Yarramundi Flash from The Gardens on 22 February 2013 and Zipping Tess from the Wentworth Park meeting on 23 March 2013.

The Punch One Out and Sometimes Speedy positive swabs relate directly to the 2013 National Futurity Final when Mackay’s greyhounds finished first and second in the $75,000 to to the winner event.

The Zipping Tess positive swab originates from her win in a heat of the 2013 Ultra Sense series. Zipping Tess ran last in the final as a $6.60 third favourite.

According to GRNSW, the finding from the fourth Zipping Tess sample was only confirmed today. No explanation was forthcoming from GRNSW as to the reasons behind the seven month delay from race night swab to second “B” sample confirmation.

Mackay has been notified of the findings and an inquiry into the analysts reports will be conducted at the offices of GRNSW on Tuesday 12th November 2013.

Peter Mosman Series Bursting With Brilliance

There is no doubt the current generation of young sprinters in Australia is nothing short of phenomenal, in fact you would not be far off the money to say that it is one of the strongest generations greyhound enthusiasts have seen in recent years. Tonight marks the start of one of the most gruelling age classics nationwide with the heats of the Group One Peter Mosman at Wentworth Park.

Run over three weeks the $75,000 series is host to the best 80 sprinters whelped on or after the 1st December 2010 with the honour roll bursting with former track stars including Solve The Puzzle (1998), Big Sam Banner (2002), Elite State (2003) and Surf Lorian (2004) whilst last year it was taken out by top liner Garrick Bale. With nine spectacular heats tonight below are a few of the standout runners in the series.

Hard to go past the superstar Black Magic Opal in the first heat despite the fact that he has drawn poorly in box five. He is one of the most exciting sprinters to come out of the Central Coast in recent times and is now in the astute hands of master trainer Jason Thompson. He was a dazzling winner of the Group Two Maitland Gold Cup in April and has won two from two for Thompson in Victoria in near track record times. With nineteen starts for fifteen wins and four seconds to his name including a 29.79 seconds over the track and distance he should take some beating.

Despite the scratching of boom pup Zulu Zircon heat two is still a fantastic race with local star Winsome Charlee boxed in the cherry for John and Minnie Finn. The daughter of Where’s Pedro and Ramblin’ Ruby has been freshened up for the series and will be lining up for her first start in almost a month. Winsome Charlee has won fourteen races all up including five at Wentworth Park with a best of 29.66 seconds and loves box one with four wins and a placing from five starts. The plucky little bitch does not have genuine zip but she makes up for it with a combination of heart and a big motor. Winsome Charlee is always thereabouts and has a strong record in group finals finishing third in the Group One National Futurity behind Sometimes Speedy and Punch One Out and second in this year’s Golden Easter Egg behind Grigorieva Bale. Shadow Lane will be her biggest threat from box three with some speedy times down south for Michael Carter including a nippy 29.86 seconds triumph last start at Sandown.

Heat five will see three time group winner Jagger Swagger line up from the rails box off the back of his terrific win in the Group Three Ranvet Gold Cup. The 36 kilogram son of Premier Fantasy and Surpassing took out the Group One National Derby at Unibet Gardens followed by the Group Two Richmond Derby earlier this year. The Mark Azzopardi trained sprinter has a personal best of 29.56 seconds over the track and distance as well as a flawless three from three from the one. His litter brother Incumbent is in the same heat from box three and is a handy performer in his own right with nine wins from 18 starts. Best of the rest is Gold Town who ran a near track record 29.49 seconds during the Easter Egg series however he is a bit hit and miss and Jagger Swagger is more reliable especially from box one.

In the following heat Gold Cup runner up Zulu Zeus also has the luxury of an inside draw and will be the dominant favourite after nearly running down Jagger Swagger last start. The Frank Hurst greyhound has won five races from eleven starts with a scintillating 29.83 seconds recorded at his last start in town over Tempest Shiraz. The youngster does not turn two until August but is in a class of his own with blistering times at Bulli (26.20 seconds) and Richmond (30.08 seconds)

Making the trip to NSW for the series is Group One Sapphire Crown winner Xylia Allen who will line up from box four in the seventh heat. She is about the only dog in the series who can get knocked left right and centre and still win emphatically and she looks set to win again tonight. She lacks early pace but is extremely resilient in running and has an enormous motor once she finds her feet. To put it simply with a clear run there is no dog in the race that can beat her because she is an absolute machine. If there is a bunch up rails runner Clockwise will be hoping to sneak through on the inside and snare the event. She has only had nine starts but has shown a stack of ability with fast times at Gosford(29.76 seconds) and Wentworth Park (30.01 seconds). She has never had box one but I can’t see it being a problem for her.

Xylia Allen’s talented litter brother Amram Allen will line up from box three in the heat after his freakish sister and looks to be right in contention. The black dog has put together ten wins and ten placings from 27 starts and was a dominant last start winner in 26.06 seconds (BON) at Warragul over Purcell Bale. He seems to have about as much speed as his sizzling sister but from the white he should be able to sit behind the speed and pounce on the leaders. His biggest threat is fellow Victorian and Group Two Harrison-Dawson victor Clone Your Own who will make his Wentworth Park debut from box six. The former New Zealander is trained by Robert Britton and has been racing brilliantly since venturing across the Tasman with six starts for four wins and a placing.
Included in this were thrilling times at Sandown clocked over three consecutive weeks (29.49, 29.41, 29.48 seconds). Box six is a concern however he is one from one from the green- if he can handle the track he will give them a shake.

The first race on a fantastic card at Wentworth Park will jump at 7:30pm. With so many exhilarating speedsters engaged in the series the next three weeks will certainly be action packed for greyhound racing enthusiasts and will reveal who Australia’s top young chasers are.

Bulli Gold Cup Betting Preview & Tips

The 2013 Bulli Ranvet Gold Cup is shaping up to be one of the most exciting races to be staged at the Bulli Circuit in recent years. Amongst the field is a mixture of proven group talent, track specialists and the next generation of budding superstars all competing against one another to claim the $25,000 winner’s cheque and group race glory.

BOX ONE: Mark Azzopardi’s Transcend Time is boxed to win the event. The son of Bombastic Shiraz and Elite Oriental is bred to fly especially around the one turn tracks with his dam a winner of the Group One National Futurity at Unibet Gardens and a two time placegetter in the Maitland Gold Cup in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Transcend Time is a multiple group finalist himself taking out the 2012 Group Two Multiquip Bob Payne Spring Sprint at Wentworth Park and since then he has made the finals of the Maitland Gold Collar, The Group Two Maitland Gold Cup and The Group Two Queensland Derby( runner up behind Hello Good Bye). Transcend Time is a winner of 15 from 26 including his heat last week where he clocked 26.35 for the track and distance whilst he also has a perfect strike rate from box one with two starts for two wins. Transcend Time is the most consistent performer in the field who deserves a change of luck.

BOX TWO: Zulu Zeus will be looking to bounce back to the winners list and in turn claim his maiden group victory after his four race winning streak came to an end when running second to Jagger Swagger in last week’s heats. The Frank Hurst trained runner has only had ten starts but has managed five wins in his career with super slick times at Bulli(26.20 seconds), Wentworth Park(29.83 seconds) and Richmond(30.08 seconds). Although he does seem to prefer the outside, if he can begin like he normally does he will be right in contention.

BOX THREE: Victorian campaigner Majestic Lee has been held comfortably at both starts at Bulli. Trained by Craig Treherne the white and black son of Brett Lee and Premier Class has a good motor however he will have to improve off his recent form to be a threat to this classy field. He has won 10 from 25 in Victoria but has not been beginning all that well lately and will not be able to give this lot a start.

BOX FOUR: Londonderry trainer Kristy Sultana will be hoping to turn around her bad luck of late in this event with Tarks Royale beginning wearing the blue rug. He has had three runs back from a lengthy spell and has won all three in impressive style. The son of Primo Uno has won eight from 16 with a best of 26.28 seconds at Bulli. The box is a worry however he has been beginning much better this preparation and should be at his peak in fitness. With a moderate beginner on his inside he should be able to find a nice position in the field and run a cheeky race.

BOX FIVE: Three year old Dinkum is a Bulli track specialist with five wins at the track and distance and three minors from eight starts. The son of Bit Chilli is prepared by Julie Fletcher and ran a fantastic race last week winning his heat by three quarters of a length in a fast 26.25 seconds. He has won 19 races overall from forty starts including a victory from every box. The awkward alley will make things hard for him especially with the flying Jagger Swagger on his outside however he has proven time and time again that he is capable of running times and overcoming bad boxes so must be respected.

BOX SIX: Dual Derby winner Jagger Swagger has been afforded no favours from box six but is the proven group chaser as the winner of the Group One National Derby and the Group Two Richmond Derby earlier this year. The black dog has won 18 from 27 for Mark Azzopardi with a scintillating personal best of 26.07 seconds for the course. He is not a blistering beginner but he does have good pace when he hits the ground so will only need a bit of room to gain a clear run and reach the front of the field.

BOX SEVEN: The second of Frank Hurst’s runners is Zulu Zircon in box seven- a litter brother to Zulu Zeus who is in box two. He is one of the most exciting greyhounds to come out of Hurst’s kennels with the experienced trainer rating both the black speedsters as good as any that he has had at their age. Zulu Zircon captured the attention of spectators when breaking his maiden status at Bulli in a hot 26.24 seconds before stepping out two starts later and running a smashing 26.06 seconds over the 472 metres. Last start he ran a handy second behind Transcend Time from box two. With only five starts to his name this will definitely be the acid test for the 34 kilogram son of Where’s Pedro, but if early indications are anything to go by he is a genuine group class dog.

BOX EIGHT: Mark Azzopardi’s third runner in the event is former Victorian Voltage Peak who ran on well to finish a close second behind Dinkum in his heat. The Talk’s Cheap sprinter has had three starts at Bulli and is yet to crack through for a win however he has run two nice placings. Looking at his form he appears to prefer the inside, but in a race full of speed he may be suited out wide to avoid interference.

FIRST RESERVE: Knocka’s Return is a talented type who is always thereabouts however he will need a bit of luck to gain a start and be competitive at this stage in his career.

SECOND RESERVE: Free Will is a top class greyhound for Anthony Azzopardi who recaptured some of his old form when running third behind Dinkum. He is not quite the dog he used to be based on recent runs and would struggle in this race.

Girls Set To Shine In Ladies Bracelet Heats

2013 Ladies Bracelet Heat One
Owner Harry Markou will be hoping to continue his fantastic run of success with his ‘Love’ dogs this Saturday night when the well performed My Sweet Love lines up in the first heat of the group three $25,000 to the winner Ladies Bracelet at Wentworth Park. The black bitch is trained by the astute Ruth Matic of Canyonleigh and has developed into a track specialist at headquarters saluting at eight of her eighteen starts over the 520 metre distance with a personal best time of a scintillating 29.73 seconds. The three year old chaser has drawn ideally in box two and should ping to the front, however she comes up against a highly talented bunch with almost half the field reassembling from last week’s QLD Futurity.

The winner of that event, Purcell Bale will line up from box four for the powerful Bate/Wheeler combination. The daughter of Dyna Lachlan and Princess Bale has won eight races from nineteen starts and looks a force to be reckoned with despite the poor draw.

On her outside wearing the yellow is the vivacious Winsome Charlee for Melinda and John Finn. The pocket rocket was desperately unlucky in last week’s Futurity finishing sixth, which was just one of many feature finals she has competed in. Winsome Charlee placed 3rd in the Dapto Country Winnebago Puppy Classic, 3rd in the Gosford Gold Cup Consolation, 3rd in the National Futurity Final and second in this year’s Golden Easter Egg to Grigorieva Bale whilst she was also a finalist in the 2013 Collerson at Wentworth Park. The beautifully bred bitch is by Where’s Pedro and out of Ramblin’ Ruby and has won from every box except from box five where she has drawn for this week’s heat. Despite this the peppy bitch has plenty of heart and although she has no early speed, she comes home like a train and should be figuring in the finish.

Queensland Futurity runner up Xylia Allen will give the Bate/Wheeler team two runners in heat one when she begins from box seven. As a winner of ten from twenty four she looks to have a massive shot, with the Launceston Cup winner rated by her trainer as ‘one of the fastest I have ever trained’. This massive statement paired with her awesome ability should see the big 31 kilogram bitch go close to favouritism.

Also worth mentioning in the first heat is Christopher Nutt’s Parissette. The daughter of prolific producer Paris St Germain carries with her great form which she has brought up from the apple aisle, with her rails draw sure to be in her favour.

2013 Ladies Bracelet Heat Two
Golden Easter Egg placegetter Cracker Jack Lil will be looking to bounce back to the winners list when she pings from the black in heat two. The 27 kilogram speedster is a winner of nineteen races from thirty one starts with a best of 29.72 seconds for the track and distance with her exceptional early pace a definite advantage in this field where she looks to be the early leader.

Drawn poorly on her inside is the flying South Australian My Little Star who will be making her Wentworth Park debut at her thirty eighth start. The black and white daughter of Carlisle Jack has been a terrific money spinner for trainer Bozidar Stamenkovic but will face her acid test tonight against a cracker field. Despite this she has plenty of class but will need to get away cleanly and avoid interference from her outside competitor who begins like a bullet and cuts straight to the rails.

Squeeze box runner Velvet Fog will be looking to maintain her impressive statistics and to keep her Wentworth Park form unblemished when she jumps wearing yellow for owner/trainer Benjamin Mccauley. The daughter of Bit Chilli has won five with four minors from a mere twelve starts and made her Sydney debut last Friday in great fashion running away to score by five and a half lengths in a fast 29.98 seconds. The black bitch possesses plenty of early speed and looks a definite threat if she can overcome the draw.

Rails runner Cawbourne Classy has hit a purple patch of form at precisely the right time for this event as a winner of her last two starts including a win at Wentworth Park where she travelled 29.99 seconds however she will have to do everything right with many of these runners capable of running much faster than the time that she posted in her win. Whilst it is definitely tougher than her recent assignments, the Anthony Lord prepared bitch is suited to run well from box one and should be able to sneak up into the placings

Graeme Bate and Paul Wheeler also have two engaged in this heat, with their best shot looking to be Dyna Jezabel who will start from box three.

2013 Ladies Bracelet Heat Three
The inform Sharron Webster kennel will start close to favourite in heat three with three and a half year old Lagoon Lowanna who has been racing in career best form over recent weeks. The Wentworth Park specialist won two on the trot at the Ultimo circuit including a barnstorming 29.68 seconds success where she also flew early, running a stunning first section of 5.30 seconds before finishing down the track last week to Jason Mackay’s sensational bitch Sometimes Speedy. The black bitch has won four over the track and distance and seventeen overall, and looks to be a huge chance.

Her biggest threat looks to be the lightly raced speedster Princess Black who lines up from box three for trainer John Heard. The pint sized performer tips the scales at just over 25 kilograms but certainly races with plenty of heart which she showed throughout February and March this year collecting four wins in succession over the track and distance with a best time of a breathtaking 29.59 seconds. The daughter of Give Me Five has only started once since finding trouble in a semi of the Golden Easter Egg, when finishing fifth behind the talented Fast Archer earlier this month. With a fast beginner on her outside, the risky starter will need to beat her rival out of the boxes, however she has the ability to do that and should go close from this draw where she has won two from three.

Yet another runner from the Bate kennel, Langi Bale, will jump from box five and looks to have a great chance at her track debut. The 27 kilogram lightweight has been a handy little racer winning fourteen races from thirty three starts including a fast 29.66 seconds at Sandown. The quick youngster has been running over the middle distance trips of late where she saluted at her last start over the consistent Yowyeh. Whilst she has a massive motor, she does lack early pace, and racing against a strong field, she can’t afford to give them too much of a start.

Green runner Midnight News will be looking to bring all of them undone at just her tenth start for trainer David Pringle. The least experienced of the eight runners, the bitch by champion sire Bombastic Shiraz out of Midnight Movie showed plenty of field sense and talent at her last start when overcoming a poor getaway to win by seven and a half lengths in an electrifying 29.45 seconds. This is clearly the best time posted by any of the runners in her heat and a repeat of that performance will see her obliterating her top class counterparts, however it will be difficult from the poor draw as she is another that lacks early zip.

2013 Ladies Bracelet Heat Four
The second half of John and Melinda Finns dynamic duo will step from box three in heat four. Sheikha is an extraordinary bitch who has made two group one finals at headquarters, the Golden Easter Egg and The Paws of Thunder, with the daughter of Collision and Im Exceptional taking out the latter in superb style earlier this year. A renowned railer, she is much better suited here than out wide and although she won’t be flying the lids, she is boxed perfectly to sit behind and pounce on the early leader.

One of her biggest threats is Kenneth Staines flying machine Montana Izmir who recently scored a hatrick of wins in town in fast time before running second to Lagoon Lowanna at her last start. Montana Izmir has won eight races from twenty nine starts and looks to have a promising future after posting a scorching 29.63 seconds at Wentworth Park just two starts back. The Elite State youngster is accustomed to the awkward draw where she has started from seven times and with her early pace she should be up with the leaders in the early stages, and if she can cross, she looks hard to run down.

Stamenkovic has another South Australian flyer engaged on Saturday night with Koombooyana Girl who is drawn nicely in box two in the final heat. The red fawn sprinter by Big Daddy Cool comes into the series with good form as a winner of sixteen from thirty two. The bitch has only just resumed from a two and a half month spell when she ran fifth behind Just Shine earlier this month. Despite this, she has plenty of speed with her record showing fast wins at the track including a 29.66 seconds triumph over the 515 metre journey whilst she has also defeated the likes of Sometimes Speedy, and based on this, she should also be respected.

Racing kicks off at Wentworth Park at 7:27pm this Saturday night whilst the girls are set to shine with the first heat of the Ladies Bracelet being race four with the lids to fly at 8:27 pm.

2013 Maitland Gold Cup Heats Preview

The highlight of the racing calendar at Maitland greyhounds is just one week away, with six sensational heats of the Group Two Maitland Gold Cup to be held this Thursday night at the showground circuit.

The $40,000 to the winner event is highly regarded and well known for attracting some of Australia’s best sprinters, including 2012 NSW Greyhound of the Year Oaks Road who was victorious last year for trainer Mark Gatt.

2013 is no different, with each heat containing some big names. What makes the Gold Cup series so cut throat is the fact that there are no semi-finals, with only first from each heat and the two fastest seconds making it through the lucrative final.


The first of the six heats is particularly challenging, with recent Gold Collar winner Scissor Queen lining up from box six, however she faces a hard task. The red fawn dynamo has won an astounding seventeen races with three placing’s from just twenty five starts and has the unblemished record of four starts at Maitland for four wins over the 400 metre distance with a personal best of a flying 22.25 seconds. Whilst this will be her first attempt at the gruelling Maitland 450, she is proven up to 480 metres, where she recorded a near record 27.15 seconds at Grafton. The daughter of Knocka Norris and terrific broodbitch Surf Queen, is trained by the astute Dave Irwin from Queensland, who never starts a dog underdone, giving the impression that Scissor Queen will be at her peak when she lines up this Thursday.

Looking to bring her undone from the squeeze box will be star Victorian El Brooklyn for the powerful Jason Thompson camp. The white and blue bitch by El Galo was a winner of the $15,000 listed Ultra Sense final at Wentworth Park on Golden Easter Egg night and looks a live chance despite the poor draw. Whilst she has never had a race start at Maitland, the speedster was originally born and bred in the area, and had her performance trial at Maitland in 2011 before being purchased by owner Seona Hood, where she clocked a scintillating 25.08 seconds over the 450 metre trip. The 29 kilogram chaser has the ability to ping the lids and should take some catching if she lands in front of the field a box rise.

New pup on the scene Black Magic Opal will also be looking to maintain his perfect record at both Maitland and from box eight when he lines up in heat one. The black powerhouse is by sire of the moment Magic Sprite, whose progeny have been setting the track ablaze in recent months. The Leslie Hudson speedster is no exception, recording ten ultra-impressive victories with three seconds to his name from just thirteen starts with a best time of a blistering 25.01 seconds, recorded just last week from the awkward box four. Whilst many would prefer the inside, Black Magic Opal can handle the pink rug, saluting on three occasions, with the outside at Maitland, not such a bad draw if you can begin.

Whilst there is more depth in the race, including Kaiser King, a winner of five from eleven, and the inform John’s Son who ran an amazing 31.88 seconds over the 565 metre trip last week, it is hard to look past the three star starters who should fight it out.


Champion trainer Jason Thompson also looks to have a live chance in the second heat with Whata Good Size starting from the green alley. Yet another pup out of Surf Queen (Dam of Scissor Queen, heat one), the Fear Zafonic Youngster does not turn two until June, but has already put together four impressive victories with three minors from only seven starts and looks a live chance to claim his heat.

On his inside is the consistent Minza Red One who ran a smart third behind Transcend Time last week at his track debut where he clocked a handy 25.38 seconds. The Charlie Gatt sprinter has experience on his side as a winner of fourteen races including a fast 30.06 seconds at Wentworth Park

The inside two runners should not be discounted with the Julie Fletcher prepared Dinkum a winner of 15 from 34 including an airborne 29.77 seconds Wentworth Park success. Box one should come as a welcome change for the son of Bit Chilli, who has had a run of bad luck in races from awkward box draws of late. The black dog does have enough early pace to lead the field and has the class to be prominent in the race, with his recent starts being in the semi-finals on the Golden Easter Egg and the heats of The Richmond Derby where he has struck trouble from bad boxes.

Anthony Azzopardi’s handy two year old Lucky Im Black could also run a cheeky race from the checks as a winner of five races including a smart 30.50 seconds triumph at Richmond. Whilst he has been racing a touch below par at present, he is capable of bouncing back, with an abundance of talent and a strong affiliation with an inside draw.


Heat three will see the Group Three New Sensation placegetter Johnny Fire vie for his second chance at group race glory after just eighteen starts for Lake Munmorah trainer Trevor Hagney. The son of Knocka Norris is yet to miss a place with eleven wins to his name including a speedy 25.51 seconds over the 450 metre Maitland trip. Whist he has the tendency to be tardy when the lids open, his motor is undeniable, and if given room to move in the early stages he is highly likely to take out his heat.

Also with a chance in heat three is on-fire trainer Jason Mackay who will be aiming to make another group race final after an unsuccessful night on Saturday when he lines up Elite State chaser Man of Manners who is looking for his fourth straight win. The fawn dog has not started since January; however Mackay will no doubt have him in tip-top shape for his race return this Thursday at Maitland where he has previously clocked a sensational 25.22 second personal best over the track and distance.

Golden Easter Egg runner Sheikha will also make an appearance in heat three with the daughter of Collision chasing win number nine. The speedy bitch oozes talent but will need luck from the wide draw, however with her early zip, she may be able to ping to the lead and catch a break.


Heat four will see regally bred chaser Transcend Time return to Maitland after his all the way victory last week where he defeated fellow runner Slater Hill by one and a half lengths in a fast 25.25 seconds. The son of Bombastic Shiraz and Elite Oriental has had three runs back after a four month break and has improved with each start, giving him a great chance in this field. The brindle racer is undefeated over the Maitland 450 metres after three attempts and will take some catching if he can run near his 25.13 seconds best.

Queenslander Rozelle Flash has been consistent in his two starts at Maitland, running second on both occasions, both in fast times. He should hit his peak this week from box three and is a live chance.

Slater Hill will give Charlie Lamb another handy chance in the heats when he lines up from box six. Whilst he has not won since January, the son of Slater and Group 1 Paws of Thunder winner One Tree Hill has run a stack of placing’s lately, all from bad boxes. He will definitely need to begin from the draw to be a live chance in the race; however his run last week behind Transcend Time was promising.

Grand old campaigner Diddy Strike will be turning four next month, yet has been racing with plenty of zest of late. Just a few weeks ago he claimed a heat of the Gold Collar in a slick 22.56 seconds, before following it up with a brilliant second behind super bitch Scissor Queen in the final. The black powerhouse has recorded three victories over the distance for a best time of 25.26 seconds. Box eight is a concern however he is all heart and should run a honest race for mentor Colin Kneeshaw.


The fifth heat is another tough race, but expect to see Dave Irwin’s Hot Tewin go close to the money from box two. The Give Me Five campaigner has won fourteen races from 46 starts including his last four starts in succession. He should be very hard to hold out from the inside draw, especially with his scintillating 24.95 seconds personal best for the Maitland trip.

One of his biggest threats looks to be the promising sprinter Knocka’s Return who has the impeccable record of eight wins from ten starts and will be jumping from box four where he is undefeated after two appearances wearing the blue. The son of Knocka Norris could not have been any more convincing at his Maitland debut two weeks ago running 25.05 seconds. The red brindle and white dog is normally a good beginner, which should make for a mouth-watering dual between him and Hot Tewin.

Majella Ferguson will have a runner in heat five from her fantastic Where’s Pedro x Stylish Scene litter, with Unexplained jumping with the pink rug on his back. Unexplained returned to Maitland last month after two below par performances late last year and scored an emphatic victory first up running a breathtaking 25.01 seconds over the track and distance. He also ran a cracking race on Saturday night at Wentworth Park, posting an all the way victory in 29.73 seconds. The black dog has had one start from box eight for one win, and the wide draw should give him plenty of room to move with all the railers underneath him.


Last but not least, heat six will see Maitland track specialist Lil Miss Sparkle return to the showground from box three. The 23 kilogram light weight will be aiming to make her second group final; with the daughter of Goodesy eligible for a $50,000 bonus should she win the final next week, being the first of his offspring to take out a group race. Foley has had tremendous success with this litter so far with all of the pups to have raced winning and showing great potential. Lil Miss Sparkle is definitely a star in the making and should go very close to winning on Thursday night, with her personal best time of 25.25 seconds in danger of being bettered.

The Majella Ferguson trained Electro Storm looks a massive danger in the red after clocking a near record 22.33 seconds over the 400 metres at Richmond last week. The Bit Chilli dog turns three next month and is a multiple city winner, indicating that he will relish the step up in distance this week, with box one a definite advantage.

Anthony Azzopardi has Dark Assassin jumping from the squeeze box in the last heat, with the son of Collision and National Futurity winner Daydream looking to make it his eighth win on Thursday night. The two year old has never had a start at Maitland which is a concern, however he has plenty of talent which always helps.

Also in with a chance is the powerful My Signature who has a massive turn of foot once he hits the ground. Trained by Lena Sweetman, the son of Talk’s Cheap does not normally begin well, but jumped much better on Saturday night at Wentworth Park. If he can get a clean run early he can clock blistering times. Watch out for him to be swooping late.

The 2013 Maitland Gold Cup should be a fantastic final, with not only the best that The Hunter Valley and NSW has to offer, but also some speedy customers from interstate who will give the $40,000 feature a great deal of depth. Racing kicks off at Maitland Showground at 3:57pm this Thursday afternoon with heats of the Maitland Mercury Maiden series. The first of the Maitland Gold Cup heats is race three and will jump at 4:37pm.

New Sensation Semi Finals Won’t Disappoint

Once the semi-finals of the Magic Maiden are run and won on Friday night, the group racing spotlight will shine upon round two of the inaugural New Sensation series. The New Sensation Series carries with it a group three status and a terrific winner’s cheque of $25,000 which has attracted some of Australia’s most promising young pups.

With strict rules that competing canines must be under 27 months of age and must have won no more than ten wins from no more than twenty track appearances, this series certainly diversifies the Easter Egg carnival and gives the future stars of the track the chance to be victorious when they otherwise may have been out of their depth with the big guns in the Group One Golden Easter Egg.

Last Friday night eight impressive heats were held, with some standout athletes showcasing themselves as potential superstars.
Keinbah trainer Ryan Tredway looks to have unearthed himself a gem in talented sprinter Rigs who will line up in the first of four semi-finals from box seven. Beginning only moderately from the squeeze box in his heat, the red fawn son of Pure Octane showed plenty of field sense, navigating his way through the pack to score a very dominant win by an impressive five and a half lengths on the line. At what is a remarkable achievement, Tredway bred the powerful chaser himself from his talented race bitch Really Satisfies, with his quest in the breeding barn definitely paying off, as Rigs has now won six races after just eight starts on the racetrack. Rigs is certainly among the best pups of his age which was illustrated when the two year old made the final of the 2013 National Derby.

Whilst luckless in the final coming fourth to Golden Easter Egg hopeful Jagger Swagger, the dog certainly stamped himself as one to follow, running very slick times throughout the series at Unibet Gardens including a scintillating 29.57 victory from box eight. Whilst his class is clear, he does face some talented opposition in his semi-final with Trevor Hagneys flying 30.03 heat winner Johnny Fire exiting box five, and the ‘first section specialist’ Helena Izmir boxed on his direct outside in eight. Helena Izmir has won four at the track with a sizzling 29.76 personal best to her name, and with her perfect box manners she should make the race a contest for whoever can keep up with her in the run to the first turn.

The fastest Heat winner from last week was the aptly named Fast Archer who was far too strong for his opposition when stopping the clock in a red hot 29.87 seconds. The son of Collision looks a star in the making and has definitely developed an affiliation with the Ultimo circuit, saluting in three of four attempts over the tracks gruelling 520 metre distance. Trained by Clay Mullens, the black chaser does prefer to be drawn on the inside, however with a nippy 30.04 second success at Wentworth Park from box seven to his name; he should be able to handle the wide alley on Friday night and only needs to get away with the pack to feature in the finish.

Fast Archer looks the standout performer in his semi-final, with his main danger appearing to be the 30.23 heat winner Super Colossal drawn inside him in box seven. Super Colossal is a winner of four races from six starts, with his speedy win last Friday his debut at Wentworth Park after previously racing in Victoria.

Mullens also has a qualifier in the third semi-final, with Fast Archer’s litter sister Camouflage Model lining up from box eight. The pint size performer that tips the scales at just over 24 kilograms ran an honest third behind Super Colossal in their heat however she does come up against some fast types with last week’s winners Sanjuan Slim and Charmed Assassin looking the likely pair to fight out the finish.

Sanjuan Slim kept his flawless Wentworth Park form intact, claiming his second victory from as many starts at headquarters in a swift 30.19 seconds. The Bit Chilli youngster does not turn two until June but has untapped potential winning four of his six career starts including a scorching 29.83 seconds at Unibet Gardens, with box three ideal for the chaser who has a liking for the rails.

The Jane Carruthers trained Charmed Assassin should also run a honest race with his nippy 29.97 heat triumph certainly capturing the attention of racegoers on Friday with the six box seemingly his biggest obstacle his semi-final this week. Another strong player in the third semi that should not be forgotten is Kristy Sultana’s charge Sydenham Pearl who has the ability to bounce back to the winners list after two unlucky runs at Wentworth Park over the past two weeks. The Just the Best pup has won four from seven and has the ability to run quick times; however she will need to ping the lids with the rest of the field after her naughty habit of missing the kick of late.

Regally bred chaser Lachlan Loaded looks the goods in the fourth and final heat, with the son of Dyna Lachlan and the dependable little chaser Dolphin Call showing industry participants what he is capable of when blistering around the circuit in a fast 29.98 seconds in his heat. A winner of five races from twenty starts, he is proving to be very reliable with the handy record enhanced by a further eight placing’s to his name. Jason Mackay’s One Inch Punch will also be looking to make it into next week’s final for his Richmond Vale mentor who also has his ‘golden girls’ Sometimes Speedy, and Punch One Out engaged in Saturday’s Golden Easter Egg Semi-finals. The son of Knocka Norris has won four races, and has had five starts at Wentworth Park for a handy win in 30.35 seconds.

One Inch Punch should improve from last week when he struck trouble after a slow start before showing plenty of determination to regain momentum and finish strongly in second place. The other main chances in heat four look to be litter brothers Dark Assassin and Tricky Business. The sons of National Futurity winner Daydream both have massive motors and are both more than capable of taking out the race. Dark Assassin is trained by Anthony Azzopardi and is a winner of seven from fourteen including a quick 30.02 at Wentworth Park, whilst Tricky Business for trainer Kristy Sultana is a winner of four from six and was a heat winner last week in a brilliant 30.14 seconds.

All four semi-finals look to be mouth-watering appetisers for Saturday’s main course – the semis of the Golden Easter Egg. Every dog in this series is capable of winning with boundless amounts of talent ready to be showcased when the lids fly open this Friday.

Magic Maiden Series Unveils The Sports Next Superstars

As the pursuit of group racing glory continues this week, punters and spectators alike will be treated to yet another tantalizing weekend at Wentworth Park. The action starts on Friday with the semi-finals of both the Group Three New Sensation and The Group Three Magic Maiden series.

Both semi-final series contain some sensational young sprinters and provide the perfect appetizer for Saturday night- when the track will again light up for the semi-finals of the Group One Golden Easter Egg as well as the heats of The Association Cup- which will see some of Australia’s best stayers converge on Sydney for their own slice of the group racing action.

The first of the semi’s to kick off on Friday will be the $25,000 to the winner Magic Maiden Series, with four fantastic fields assembling for what is sure to be a thrilling competition. Impressive heat winner Good Odds Demon looks a live chance in the first semi-final after his gutsy chasing effort in claiming his heat victory. Beginning only moderately from box two, he was crossed early and had to dig deep before finding the lead and eventually stretching out to win by two and a half lengths on the line. The well bred son of Collision and handy race bitch Punk Angel was having his first start on Sunday with his slick victory in 30.24 seconds indicating that he may have a bright future on the racetrack for his astute mentor Frank Hurst.

Fellow heat winner Ibrox Digger, out of star stayer Laura’s Legacy also showed some talent on Sunday and should be considered after his 30.22 heat success, whilst Big Daddy Cool youngster Cloud Ten will also be in contention after his 30.54 effort when taking out his heat. One that may slip under the radar and should definitely not be overlooked is flying Jilliby pup Mike Marlow who came in third to Ibrox Digger on Sunday. Whilst he was safely held by four and a half lengths on the line, the son of Lochinvar Marlow certainly has a massive motor recording a scorching 29.78 in a performance trial at Gosford earlier this month. Out of the fantastic racer Fascinate Marina, Mike Marlow was bred to be speedy and punters should not rule him out of this week’s semi-final.

Heat Two will see heat winners Palucka, Tollo and Zipping Simba vie for their spots in the final. Palucka is yet another one of Lochinvar Marlow’s handy offspring who has made it through to the semi’s, with the Kristy Sultana trained speedster a dominant all the way victor in his heat. Running a sizzling 30.19 seconds the black dog was triumphant at start four for his Londonderry trainer, and with a nippy first section of 5.49 seconds, he should be racing up with the leaders, if he repeats last week’s flawless beginning.

Looking to bring him undone will be Zipping Simba- a member of the astute Jason Mackay kennel who won his heat last week in 30.46 seconds. Whilst his victory may not have been as fast as Palucka’s performance, it was just as impressive as he overcame all sorts of trouble to finish over the top of his rivals. The son of champion Mantra Lad certainly has the bloodlines to be quick on the track, being out of prolific producer Or Catra, and with his heat success being his only race start, he will certainly improve for the semi-finals this week. Mark Bells Tollo also lines up in Semi two after a heat victory on Sunday and whilst his time was only 30.58 seconds, he has recorded a handy performance trial at Richmond clocking 30.95 seconds for the 535 metre trip.

Lochinvar Brando looks the standout in semi-final three with the Robert Smith trained dynamo scoring an emphatic victory at headquarters on Sunday when taking out his heat. Continuing the trend of being well bred, the son of Where’s Pedro and Smart Betsy could not have been more exciting when winning by two lengths in a nippy 30.19 seconds. Lochinvar Brando was having his fifth start on Sunday, and after running two placing’s in prior starts he was able to salute with his experience certainly being an advantage.

Also in contention from the cherry in semi-final three is the Doreen Drynan prepared Doo Wop Hooligan who was a winner in a moderate 30.59 seconds on Sunday. After a slow getaway, the black daughter of Premier Fantasy and Wentworth Park Specialist Eluthra had to work extremely hard, posted wide the entire trip and showed plenty of tenacity in running down early leaders Got the Life and Dither.

David Pringle’s heat winner Travelling Joe is also in with a chance and is well boxed in the two alley after a 30.46 triumph. Those looking for value in heat three should also be mindful of the Brian Mckivat trained Clonakilty Man who was a luckless second to Palucka in his heat. The blue dog was never out of trouble and did a fantastic job in running second for his Marulan mentor with a race victory not too far away based on his determined effort.

The fourth and final heat will be the most anticipated with another of Jason Mackay’s starters in the series, Tricky Jade, the fastest of the heat winners last week. Posting a sizzling first section split of 5.48 seconds the Bit Chilli Youngster was far too strong for her opposition, clearing away to win by an ultra-impressive ten and a half lengths in a scintillating 29.86 seconds. Out of a former National Futurity finalist in Navigator Miss, the black sprinter was having just her first race start after two impressive performance trials at Unibet Gardens and Wentworth Park.

Whilst Mackay’s charge looks the favourite she will have some tough opposition in heat winner Black Rip who took out his heat in 30.51 seconds and Jane Curruthers Clockwise who was shunted back in her heat after leading and did a brilliant job when coming back along the rails to qualify in second. By Magic Sprite out of the impressive chaser Elizabeth Royal, the powerhouse has clocked some fast times in performance trials, most notably a flying 29.88 seconds at Gosford in February. The well-bred bitch is certainly in with a big chance and should be given a second chance.

The semi- finals of this prestigious maiden series will definitely be exciting with many of these pups sure to improve. Racing kicks off at 7:18pm on Friday night, with all eyes focused on The Ultimo Circuit as the next generation of Australian sprinters is unveiled.

Jason Mackay’s Packing A Punch In 2013 Golden Easter Egg Series

If there’s one thing master Hunter Valley trainer Jason Mackay knows how to do is prepare greyhounds for the big occasions. This makes it even harder to believe that Mackay is still searching for his first Golden Easter Egg victory since the race’s inception in 1990.

2013 maybe the year with his two assault charges; Sometimes Speedy and Punch One Out, both ultra-impressive in their respective heats last Saturday night.

Sometimes Speedy, who clocked a flying 29.68 in an all the way display from box four in heat ten, impressed the Richmond Vale mentor for several reasons.

“The track was slowing down a bit towards the end of the night so she can improve on that. After being in the kennels for nine races I could not have been happier” said Mackay.

The daughter of Collision and Gemstone Supreme came to Mackay’s kennels in January from South Australia and has oozed class in all of her eight starts, recording eight consecutive victories. Her biggest win to date was saluting in last month’s Group One National Futurity final, clocking an airborne time of 29.40 in defeating kennel mate Punch One Out.

Drawing box three in semi-final number two of the Easter Egg, Mackay believes this will give her a great opportunity to improve.

“The earlier race will definitely help. You could see the track slowing down towards the end of the night so that time was very pleasing. She has won all eight starts for me since coming from South Australia and that’s a sign of something special”.

It was a credit to Mackay; he followed his instincts and took Sometimes Speedy on board after originally rejecting the offer. His team are now certainly reaping the rewards, just one race away from a Golden Easter Egg final.

By no means discourage kennel mate Punch One Out after a sensational runner up performance last week behind Graeme Bate’s Fully Advanced, who was just .02 seconds outside Noble Pedro’s Wentworth Park 520m track record of 29.43. After sitting behind the leader from box six, the daughter of Knocka Norris and Little Egyptian, checked off the leader in the home straight eventually beat by less than a length, still managing to clock a sizzling 29.51.

“She took three lengths off the leader who run a near track record. She still clocked one of the fastest runs of all time around the track and she came second. It’s hard to believe” said a delighted Mackay.

Coming up with box five in semi-final number four would usually be a deterrent for any trainer, quite the contrasting thought with Mackay extremely positive about the draw.

“I know this might sound strange but I’m happy with the five. If she draws the inside she crashes, so the middle is perfect for her. Hopefully she can put it all together”.

Mackay may head to Wentworth Park on Saturday night with two final spots already secured for next week as Tricky Jade and Zipping Simba were both successful at headquarters last Sunday night in heats of the Group Three Centrebet Magic Maiden series.

Tricky Jade recorded best of the night figures with a blistering 29.86 performance from box six, leading all the way to score by an enormous 10.5 lengths. Scarily, Mackay admits there is still more to come.

“I was very happy with her time but she can improve on that. The wind was howling which made conditions hard so I’ll look for her to go even better” said Mackay.

It’s no surprise Mackay expects the daughter of 2012 NSW Sire of the Year Bit Chili and Navigator Miss to lower her personal best, after an astonishing 29.45 performance trial at Unitbet Gardens in November last year.

On the contrast, Zipping Simba displayed a far from perfect performance, however did show promise in navigating his way through the field to score in 30.46. The raw nature of the youngster by Mantra Lad out of multiple group winning producer Or Catra will improve with experience, as Mackay explained.

“He did everything wrong and still won the race which was pleasing. He’s exactly the same at home, he’s very green in what he does but the more races he gets under his belt, the more mature he will become’.

There is no denying Jason Mackay is a true master in the art of training having racked up 29 winners already in 2013, inevitably with many more to come. Easter Egg Final night could provide the Mackay camp with multiple victories as he prepares live chances in both the Group One and Group Three semi-finals.

The passion Mackay exudes talking about the Easter Egg is obvious and infectious; even suggesting that I (as an unabashed Jason Mackay fan) make sure to “pull the whip” on Saturday night as he chases the illustrious $250,000 first prize; to be run and won next Saturday night.

Introducing The New Breed

Maiden races are always met with a sense of anticipation and excitement from all types of greyhound enthusiasts as a new wave of potential superstars is unveiled. The Centrebet Magic Maiden series provides a rare opportunity for the young and eager to step up onto the biggest stage at Wentworth Park and launch their career.

The Group Three listed event with a $25,000 winner’s purse is not for the faint hearted, as the testing 520m two turn circuit can prove an obstacle for even the most experienced race dog.

Every race goer will be keen to inspect new breeding prospects with a particular interest in Lochinvar Marlow’s offspring who have begun to filter onto the race track with prominent early success.

Mike Marlow (x Fascinate Marina) is the 2010 Paws of Thunder winners best hope after recording two sizzling performance trials at Maitland (25.56) and Gosford (29.78). Trained on the Central Coast by Lorraine Atchison, his dam Fascinate Marina, who was trained by Lorraine’s sister Noelene Holloway, had a successful racing career including 12 wins with 7 of those at Wentworth Park. Queen Esther also trained by Noelene, is engaged in heat 10 also with two positive performance trials at Gosford with a personal best of 30.12. With both greyhounds possessing natural early speed, Magic Maiden final night may just turn into a family affair for these two talented female trainers.

It wouldn’t be a feature series without dominant trainer Jason Mackay unleashing new, majestically bred superstars onto the scene. This year is no exception with Mackay’s best hope Tricky Jade. By Bit Chili out of Navigator Miss who was a National Futurity finalist, recorded two blistering performance trials at Unitbet Gardens (29.45) and Wentworth Park (29.92) in recent weeks and will be a heavy favourite when she steps out in heat eight from box six.

The famous Or Catra offspring are looking to continue the dynasty of success for renowned breeders Martin and Fiona Hallinan. Or Catra was responsible for the likes of; 2011 NSW Greyhound of the Year Zipping Lad, 2011 Group One Bold Trease winner Zipping Malfoy and Zipping Man who took out the 2011 Group Three Magic Maiden series. Zipping Simba is by Mantra Lad with fellow sibling Zipping Milo already showing promising early signs after running a brilliant second in this month’s Group Two Richmond Derby final taken out by Jagger Swagger. Coming up with box three in heat four, a respectable performance trial at Wentworth Park leaves plenty of room for improvement.

Mackay’s own charge Zipping April (Goodesy x Sirocco Lass) was just as exciting in a performance trial last week clocking 30.09 and is draw ideally out wide in heat seven to get the fly.

The name Frosty Fruits is synonymous to any greyhound enthusiast as one of the most successful bloodlines of all time. Flavours (2011 Group Three Laurie Healion Maiden), Pulp (Group Three Big Dog Cup), Goodesy (Group Two Bulli Gold Plate and Bulli track record holder) and Little Sparkle (2010 Richmond Oaks) are just a few of the prosperous offspring to come from this incredible broodbitch. This year trainer Craig Chappelow will unleash Frosty Vintage who is by Bombastic Shiraz and clocked the fastest performance trial at Wentworth Park last week, a sensational 29.90. Drawing box seven in heat eight will prove testing for the youngster but with plenty of room for improvement, no eyebrows will be raised if a lower time standard is set.

Castlereagh trainer Jane Carruthers has made an affluent return to racing with her best charge Clockwise. By Magic Sprite out of Elizabeth Royal, the speedy youngster has recorded three brilliant performance trials at Canberra (25.75), Gosford (29.88) and Wentworth Park (30.09). Coming up with box seven in heat four, this won’t be the last week see of this talented performer on the big stage.

Making the long trip down from Casino will all be worth it for trainer Brad Northfield if his talented prodigy Bralyn Morgan carries over his recent trial form onto the racetrack in heat three from box two. Beautifully bred by Collision out of Bralyn Mel who made the 2007 Group One Perth Galaxy and Group Three Easter Chase finals, was a very consistent stayer over the 700m plus journey. Its evident this stamina has transpired to her offspring with Bralyn Mel’s two performance trials at Lismore showing promising early signs clocking a personal best of 30.28 over the 520m journey.

Sunday nights racing will be a spectacular way to end the first week of the Golden Easter Egg series with those successful moving through to next week and one step closer to claiming the desired Group three event. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone to see these gifted youngsters return to headquarters next year and potentially claim the big one.

Greyhound Tips For 1st March 2013

For those of you who follow our selections, or are thinking about following them, here are our results from yesterday.

We gave you guys 6 selections, and and also selected the quadrellla, here are the results.

Quadrella(Queensland dividends):

  • 1st leg – Ruby Jones, Winner $ 5.10
  • 2nd leg – Mist Opportunity, Ran last and stewards order a swab.
  • 3rd leg -Trotting and Kay Cee Spirit, both dogs failed.
  • 4th leg -Hawko’s Mistake, Winner $ 3.60

Individual Selections

  • Velocity High, Winner $2.10
  • Restless Teddy, Winner, a whooping $7.10 the place.
  • Cambrian Rock, failed to perform.
  • Dodging, placed 3rd
  • Pipstar, placed 3rd
  • Steve Allen, Winner $ 2.20

Overall a very successful, night with two legs of the quaddide also saluting, at great odds.

Ipswich Greyhounds, Race 8 Box 1 Rylee’s Ebony. 5.23 pm QLD time

This bloke was our on top selection on Tuesday, from a bad box, box 5 he finished second. Today he has come up with the rails and looks unbeatable. He’s going to be short, but he’s going to be better than bank interest. He is absolutely flying this dog and its going to take a might effort to hold him out in this best 8 field today. He has a PB of 25.01 and i wont be surprised to see him run right up to that PB, given the right track condition. Rylee’s Ebony has been a model of consistency, in his last 3 starts since a spell and bad luck shouldn’t beat this bloke today. Best Bet.

Casino Greyhounds, Race 12 Box 2, Gitcha Money On 3.43 pm Nsw time

Sometimes it pays to have a remarkable memory, when trying to find that elusive winner. At times you often hear or see something and file it away for a later date. Well Gitcha Money On is that memory. A run of bad boxes and little luck, have seen this bloke fail quite often of late. I remember seeing him one day at Casino, when he put in a fantastic run coming from a long way back to fill a place, and his owner/trainer was also in praise of the Mogambo youngster. Today he has drawn near perfect in box 2 and if he performs at his best he will give this a mighty shake. He has a motor, and I’m sure this bloke is going to win many a race, once he kick starts the ball rolling. He should be in the leading division today, or with his best jump lead this race. He’s quite capable of running near to 23.00 dead, and he certainly gets his chance today in this week field. Each Way Bet.

Wentworth Park Greyhounds, Race 1 Box 2 Zippy Hand, 7.19 pm Nsw time

Well we are all aware of the thrashing National Futurity Winner, Sometimes Speddy will give these, but Zippy Hand is box extremely well to follow the 2 Jason Mckay runners and fill that 3rd position. She’s a mad railer and will get the perfect sit in behind the the favourite pair. She only needs to hold her position, and the outside division off early and i have no doubt she can fill the whole for 3rd. I guess I’ve unintentionally given you the Trifecta here, but Zippy Hand is strictly a place bet, and with the right run she should do her job. Place Bet only.

The Gardens, Race 2 Box 3 Kristen Robbo, 4.18 pm Nsw time

This girl owes me quite a lot, it may be foolish of me to select a maiden dog that seems to always find a way too get beat, but a win can’t be far off for the daughter of Bit Chilli. Poor decisions and slow beginnings have been the reason she is yet to win her maiden. She has the ability, and threatened many times, only to come up short. She has joined a new kennel and im hoping this may be the recipe she needs to finally win her maiden. She’s only an average beginner but winds up mid race, and from box 3 she will get her chance to stay out of early trouble and make her run rounding the home turn. When she puts it all together, there’s no doubt she will win. Lets hope todays the day. Each Way Bet

Geelong Greyhounds, Race 7 Box 8 Allen Benji. 9.08 pm Vic time

4 starts ago Allen Benji, gave the group 1 Hobart thousand winner, Blackall’s Boss a galloping lesson at Bendigo. In a small field he began brilliantly and was never ever in doubt racing away winning in a flying 23.63. This dog has a huge motor and has been unlucky not to have one more feature races. He probably doesn’t get the respect he deserves and he looks might hard to beat in this race tonight. He has a great record from box 8 and only needs a safe beginning to show his burn. His own PB is slightly below most of the field, but if this blokes comes out running, he will no doubt run the fastest PB of these. He has to contend with a quality line up but has had to do that his whole career. If he jumps the others will have a huge job to pick him up.

Well hopefully we have found a few winners for you, and we all look forward to tomorrow nights racing, at the Meadows, with the running of the Super Stayers. and the Group 1 Australian Cup.

Miata faces her toughest test, and no doubt it will be a race that the greyhound public wont want to miss. Can the Mighty Bitch from W.A do it? Only time will tell.

Best Of Luck

$$ Another day Another Dollar $$

Amy Bennett Is Flying High

Wilberforce trainer Amy Bennett is not your typical 19 year old girl. She is fast becoming one of the most talented female trainers in New South Wales after a stunning debut year in 2012. Amy’s statistics resulted in 25 winners and 50 minor placings with half of her runners finishing in the money every start.

Amy’s father and mentor Vince Bennett was a highly successful trainer for many years with two of his star chasers; Sky Fly High (2009 National Futurity Runner Up) and I Love Lucy (3rd 2007 NSW Distance Championship Final) now providing Amy with an array of talented performers. Billy Fly High (Premier Fantasy x Sky Fly High) is a brilliant short course sprinter winning 2 of his 5 starts including 2 minor placings. Stepping out in December at Gosford on debut, he blew his rivals away from box five clocking a flying 22.88 over the 400m. Fellow sibling Jimmy Fly High isn’t two far behind with a natural ability to master the two turn circuit, already a Wentworth Park winner in 29.99 and a sizzling PB effort at Richmond of 30.57.

Amy’s 2013 campaign picked up right where she left off racking up five winners in just four days during the month of January which spanned across; Gosford, Wentworth Park and Richmond. It began on Tuesday at Gosford with Intimidator Jake and Billy Fly High giving her a winning double over the 400m. At Richmond on Wednesday Lilly Fly High saluted over the 330m before a triumphant double at Wentworth Park on Friday with British Bomber and Clinga providing Amy with plenty of reasons to celebrate behind the boxes.

‘It was amazing. I couldn’t believe the success I had that week and the prizemoney was very very good’ Amy said with a sense of pride and excitement at her efforts.

Despite making her name for herself as an owner/trainer Amy insists her success is not a solo effort.

‘Dad (Vince) has taught me everything. I look up to him and have learnt what it takes to prepare a greyhound. It’s all about looking after them and their welfare. It’s certainly a team effort’ said Amy on a routine trip home from Gosford, her favourite track.

‘I love the people, the staff and the track. I’ve had a lot of success there and although it takes an hour and a half to get there it’s worth it’.

There’s more to this gifted and delightful young lady than just a vast knowledge of greyhound racing, as she tackles the task of completing a degree in primary teaching.

‘It’s really hard and I’ll be at trials or the races doing assignments but it will be worth it in the end’ said a giggling Amy. Time management is crucial as a trainer and the skills she is obtaining from studying and greyhounds will certainly make her wiser beyond her 19 years of age.

The only feat really left to achieve for Amy is that of a group win. Coming tantalisingly close in 2010 with Frisky Melody who was runner up in the group two Dapto puppy auction final it’s only inevitable that a final win is just around the corner. The preparation and care Amy puts into her greyhounds is a credit to her and her family as she will no doubt continue to rise in the ranks as a female trainer we can all aspire to be.

SA Bred & Owned Chaser Wins The Gardens Group 1 National Futurity

It’s been a big month for owner Jason Caddy who resides in Surrey Downs, a suburb north of Adelaide.

His star chaser Sometimes Speedy was nominated as one of the five finalists for the 2012 SA Greyhound of the Year earlier this month after she had an outstanding season for local trainer Troy Murray highlighted by her front running display in the Strathalbyn Cup Final back in November.

She missed out on the top prize, however, richly deserved her nomination in a star studded line up which included winner, Hope’s Up and Group 1 performer Kalden Mayhem.

Last month she was sent to NSW trainer Jason Mackay for a tilt at some of the bigger races Interstate and after three successive wins she started one of the favorites for the Group 1 National Futurity Final at the Gardens on Saturday night.

After beginning nicely from box 5 she speared to the front and from there the SA bred chaser was never headed recording a brilliant 29.40 victory over the 515m in winning by 2¾ lengths from kennel mate Punch One Out.

With the $75,000 first place prizemoney she took her career earnings past $114,000 with a fabulous record of 18 wins and 13 placings from 39 starts.

It is also terrific news for the SA Breeding Industry with Sometimes Speedy being locally bred by Troy Murray by Collision out of quality sprinter Gemstone Supreme. By winning Saturday nights Group 1 Sometimes Speedy also earned her breeder $7,500 thanks to the GRSA Super Bonus Scheme which rewards SA breeders if their greyhounds can win specific Feature Group races.

Greyhound Betting Tips For Friday 15th February 2013

Over $200,000 on offer at the Gardens today with the Group 1 National Derby and Group 1 National Futurity to be run and won today.

The Gardens Greyhounds. Race 5 Box 6. Punch One Out 8.38 pm. Nsw time

National Futurity final here and I’ve stuck with Punch One Out the hole way through the series, so I won’t be jumping off here. Super hard race and to many variables to go through nearly all the runners will get their chance. Punch One Out is boxed well and might get a nice cart across behind Little Miss Sparkle, who has fantastic burn but lacks the strength. Punch One Out to run over the top here. Super hard race and best of luck to all the Finalists.

Wentworth Park Greyhounds. Race 1 Box 1. Sickness 3.47 pm nsw time

Tough race here today and I’m going with the rails draw. Sickness has loads of early speed and is boxed to jump and run. Gets very tired but should open up a good break and keep rolling to the line. All the runners have very similar PB’s and I think the dog who leads will win – hopefully Sickness does that. Ones things for sure if he doesn’t win I’ll be the one coming down with Sickness. Good chance from a good box.

Geelong Greyhounds. Race 10 Box 1 Gate Crash. 10.08 pm Vic time

The very talented Gate Crash has drawn the rails here. And looks set too notch up win number 2. He has a really big motor and was only a length of breaking 30.00 for the 520 at Albion one night. And if he reproduces anything like that he will give this lot win burn. Should punch up from the start and with clear running should be way too good for these.

Casino Greyhounds. Race 11 Box 2 Bralyn Bop Bop. 3.07pm Nsw time

Surely this has to be the day that Bop Bop finally salutes. He has to contend with Bogan Miss drawn on his inside. Who went terrific last start jumping and looking brilliant when kicking away mid field for a great win. Bop Boo either jumps to the lead and wins or jumps second and finishes to hard for Bogan Miss. Either way today’s the best chance for him to salute.

Ipswich Greyhounds, Race 8 Box 5 Alleez Brigette. 5.14pm Qld time

We round out today’s tips here with the last semi final of the Vince Curry, Australia’s Richest Maiden race with the winner of next weeks final to receive $40,000. Aleez Brigette, looks panels better then these; has a big motor and should jump lead and win. Really showed what she was made of when charging from the rear to run second in her quali and with a clear run from the get go, she looks impossible to beat. Has good early toe, and is strong in the run home; so she can do it from both ends.
Just wins this and looks a huge chance in winning next weeks final.

Best of luck.

$$ Another Day Another Dollar $$

Friday 15th February 2013

Greyhound Box Draw For The Gardens – Friday 15th February 2013

Race No. 1Welcome To Unibet Gardens Stk07:19PM (NSWtime)
Mixed event over 600 Metres at The gardens Of $2,645 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,750 2nd: $410 3rd: $205 Unplaced: $40.


1RYBENBROOK BRITT57354NBTR R Bell (Blacksmiths)
2SANDAVE CHIEF3512635.32D L Richardson (Holmesville)
3BITTA GOSSIP14611FSHP W Shepherd (Cundletown)
4ZIPPING MILO31111FSHJ A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
5DEVINE MAID62215FSHP J Parrelli (North Rothbury)
6PRIDE OF EGYPT43112NBTD Garrett (Somersby)
7HOT BUZZARD4125534.98R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
8JUST JOKING34156FSHH Koberler (Riverstone)
9C’MON CINDY45424NBTJ J Magnisalis (Charlestown)
10READY TO SHINE55345NBTR Mansley (Black Hill)
Race No. 2Greyhound Recorder Novice Final07:38PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $2,400 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,650 2nd: $315 3rd: $155 Unplaced: $40.


1AUSSIE OPAL2314122.96L Hudson (Budgewoi)
2CASSIDY5516123.12L M Mcgee (Lochinvar)
3COSMOLICIOUS12112NBTR Gardoll (Pillar Valley)
4HOT AS HELL11122.87P W Neilson (Maitland)
5WALLY’S EXPRESS2452222.83P A Roderick (Weston)
6HIMALAYAN BLUE11162NBTJ F Callaughan (Luddenham)
7ALDERLEY CHAOS1526123.05T F Pullman (Keinbah)
8BLACK MAGIC OPAL1112122.67L Hudson (Budgewoi)
9POINTS BUZZARD3123223.07D Richardson (Holmesville)
10WEST ON EMILY122NBTA K Frazer (Wallerawang)
Race No. 3Lochinvar Marlow Mixed Final07:57PM (NSWtime)
Novice Grade 5 event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $2,400 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,650 2nd: $315 3rd: $155 Unplaced: $40.


1KISS ME MARY54544NBTK H Keegan (Greta)
2CORRUGATED BRIAN33682NBTA B Woods (Forster)
3KIRSTIN OTTO222130.25V M Cassar (Cundletown)
4IT TAKES TWO34853NBTS Smith (Branxton)
5GNARLY AZZ87243NBTL Watts (Paxton)
6AZURE CANIS364NBTG R Mclean (Nabiac)
7SHELBY KING35522NBTG J Robertson (Williamtown)
8ELIZABETH SWAN130.37W J O’Malveney (Doyalson)
9I’VE ARRIVED465NBTS Smith (Branxton)
10GOO JIMMY GOO73625NBTH E Rimmer (Fullerton Cove)
Race No. 4Woy Woy Poultry Mdn08:18PM (NSWtime)
Maiden event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,465 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115 Unplaced: $40.


1SURGEON ADAMFSHT Callen (Argenton)
2LEAPING FLAMEFSHB Tooth (Glen Martin)
3HEAR GUNS5FSHJ Jaeger (Aberglasslyn)
4CANDY QUEEN6FSHT Pullman (Keinbah)
6SAMBUCA SIYANFSHT F Pullman (Keinbah)
8BILLY’S SHELBYFSHG J Robertson (Williamtown)
9DIDDY SPLIT7FSHC O Kneeshaw (Bishops Bridge)
10NORMIE BONE7FSHH Norman (Wallsend)
Race No. 5Dogpro National Futurity Final08:38PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $97,780 Prizemoney.
1st: $75,000 2nd: $15,000 3rd: $7,500 Unplaced: $40.


1RUNWAY READY51333NBTK A Mansley (Black Hill)
2WINSOME CHARLEE1462129.70J R Finn (Warilla)
3SET TO SHINE54422NBTG Tsohalis (Belfield)
4RITZA ELSIE63222NBTM F Gatt (Thirlmere)
5SOMETIMES SPEEDY1211129.58J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
6PUNCH ONE OUT4121329.30J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
7LIL MISS MOHAWK62634NBTJ M Foley (Geurie)
8LIL MISS SPARKLE2111429.59J M Foley (Geurie)
9BUGATTI FLYER18535NBTJ A Davis (Riverstone)
10BLOW THE DOH1733529.79E Borg (Windella)
Race No. 6Multicam Routing Stk09:18PM (NSWtime)
Mixed event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $1,925 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,150 2nd: $330 3rd: $165 Unplaced: $40.


1SIMPLY GREAT5736630.08K P Cheetham (Harpers Hill)
2TOUCH OF GOLD3632229.83G Sparke (Yarrawa)
3KOBI JAY2144529.47R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
4UNEQUIVOCALLY27311FSHM J Azzopardi (Appin)
5PERUSIAN5544729.98T H Wilson (Fassifern)
6OUR MONEY BOX7442729.91R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
7TAROS MISS22737NBTJ M Foley (Geurie)
8FORREST1145530.01B D Tooth (Glen Martin)
9MALIGNING ROWE2561730.12P E Seaton (Holmesville)
10CRACKER BITS7265729.78D A Roach (Lochinvar)
Race No. 7Newcastle Herald Nat Derby Fnl09:38PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $97,780 Prizemoney.
1st: $75,000 2nd: $15,000 3rd: $7,500 Unplaced: $40.


1RIGS3111129.57R Tredway (Keinbah)
2MAGNUM BLAST33423NBTA Azzopardi (Londonderry)
3LACHLAN LOADED21533NBTC J Nutt (The Oaks)
4BARNEY’S MAGIC71234NBTA Azzopardi (Londonderry)
5JACK’S JOKER11122NBTD R Pringle (Clergate)
6DOZEN POINTS1311430.05J R Finn (Warilla)
7JAGGER SWAGGER5312129.47M J Azzopardi (Appin)
8KELMATTS FANTASY8211229.61M S Morris (Glenhaven)
9KOBI JAY2144529.47R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
10JOHN’S SON2183529.48R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
Race No. 8All Pro Hospitality Stk10:18PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $1,830 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155 Unplaced: $40.


1SWEET THRILL4812829.98J Jaeger (Aberglasslyn)
2ELITE ELIJAH21135NBTP C Noffke (Coominya)
3BUENA CHANEL3423130.33N E Watson (North Rothbury)
4NOTHINGS TO GOOD1552330.10L Croker (Lansdowne)
5EAST COAST LOW1678829.84I G Hanna (Wallsend)
6SLANDERING ROWE3364730.15P E Seaton (Holmesville)
7MARYANN’S BEST1217430.21L M Mcgee (Lochinvar)
8EBONITE3464330.18M A Skinner (Abermain)
9FANCY JILL413FSHM J Azzopardi (Appin)
10WAYLIN JOY5315FSHP Bigeni (Girraween)
Race No. 9Sires On Ice Mdn10:38PM (NSWtime)
Maiden event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,465 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115 Unplaced: $40.


1PROCRIS5FSHN Docherty (Swan Bay)
2BARGAIN HUNT4FSHD F Berwick (Sawyers Gully)
3AIR TRAVEL3284NBTS Brown (Sawyers Gully)
5STATE ROYALE7NBTJ J Jaeger (Aberglasslyn)
6SANDAVE WARRIOR22NBTD L Richardson (Holmesville)
7BOW’S LESSON6FSHK Pedrana (Cranebrook)
8COLOSSUS4FSHK Yates (Neath)
9VIOLET MISS6NBTN York (Abermain)
10COSMIC HAZE7NBTJ Barnett (Reedy Creek)
Race No. 10Hardy’s Precision Excavation St10:56PM (NSWtime)
Mixed event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,925 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,150 2nd: $330 3rd: $165 Unplaced: $40.


1ZIPPING TESS12641FSTDJ S Fletcher (Woonona)
2BIT WASABI1518722.61S A Ebbeck (Fennell Bay)
3GO ANNA LEE2115222.64K T Pedrana (Cranebrook)
4OSCAR PEARL3153522.65R A Lee (Lochinvar)
5VALLETTA VELLA7127822.85B K Sweeney (Booragul)
6ACADEMY KING3642323.13D W Tuckwell (Wallsend)
7NETNOCK8433122.98D C Diver (Medowie)
8MCSLOK7425222.79G J Robertson (Williamtown)
9BIG TOMMIE4232522.72S Smith (Branxton)
10LADY IN BLACK1813823.02M A Skinner (Abermain)

Friday 8th February 2013

Greyhound Box Draw For The Gardens – Friday 8th February 2013

Race No. 1Welcome To Unibet Gardens Stk03:47PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $1,830 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155 Unplaced: $40.


1HEIDI CHOICE78688NBTA M Lucas (Whittingham)
2MEAGAN ROBBO4555329.79E J Robertson (Williamtown)
3TOUCH OF GOLD2363229.83G Sparke (Yarrawa)
4TRICKY SEAL31FSHJ A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
5DEE GETTA3224129.56S Hill (Thornton)
6GROOVY ANDREW1545129.92W C Slade (Beresfield)
7AREM BOOTS41781FSHP Bigeni (Girraween)
8ELITE ELIJAH22113NBTP C Noffke (Coominya)
9OSCAR PEARL3153530.03R A Lee (Lochinvar)
10CAPTAIN CLARRIE61357NBTP A Ruetschi (Patrick Estate)
Race No. 2Sires On Ice Mdn04:07PM (NSWtime)
Maiden event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,465 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115 Unplaced: $40.


1SANDAVE WARRIOR2FSHD L Richardson (Holmesville)
3DANCING BONES32637NBTG F Brown (Karuah)
4GARRY’S DREAM45235NBTW C Slade (Beresfield)
5MACOREKA5FSHH M Pullman (Keinbah)
6TRINNY’S CHARM3372NBTN Benhard (Clarence Town)
7DAWN’S HISTORY2566FSHK Pedrana (Cranebrook)
8AIR TRAVEL328NBTS Brown (Sawyers Gully)
9DASHING TEESHA28NBTG Beuzeville (Warners Bay)
10DRAMA MUMA36NBTT S Mason (Cardiff)
Race No. 3Multicam Routing System Stk04:27PM (NSWtime)
Mixed event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,925 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,150 2nd: $330 3rd: $165 Unplaced: $40.


1NETNOCK2843323.00D C Diver (Medowie)
2MCSLOK3742522.79G J Robertson (Williamtown)
3YAPPIN’ COL21211FSTDK H Miller (Mortons Creek)
4PETTIGO FIRE3423422.84M M Moran (Merewether)
5CYCLONE SHELBY2432122.94G J Robertson (Williamtown)
6KNOCKA BLUE BOY34311NBTJ J Jaeger (Aberglasslyn)
7VALLETTA VELLA6712722.85B K Sweeney (Booragul)
8AWESOME PARTY12143NBTK Cheetham (Harpers Hill)
9TINKER KING12514FSHJ M Foley (Geurie)
10FAST KENNY11722.89W Weiss (Kurri Kurri)
Race No. 4Woy Woy Poultry Mdn04:47PM (NSWtime)
Maiden event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $1,465 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115 Unplaced: $40.


1MERCENARYFSHR Tredway (Keinbah)
2BUENA CHANEL3423NBTN E Watson (North Rothbury)
3YELLOW FEVER22422NBTR R Bell (Blacksmiths)
4JINGLE BELLS75654NBTD B Anderson (Black Hill)
5SPARRA LEE66335FSTDK T Pedrana (Cranebrook)
6CHELSEA WHO555F6NBTW C Slade (Beresfield)
7CURTAILMENT4F325FSTDW Robertson (Cessnock)
8WARSAW24335NBTW C Slade (Beresfield)
9KYM’S BOY585FSTDJ E Heard (The Entrance North)
10HONEY MUFFIN48778NBTJ Jago (Gorokan)
Race No. 5Newcastle Herald Nat Derby Sf105:07PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $4,380 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,200 2nd: $600 3rd: $300 Unplaced: $40.


1DARK ASSASSIN11223NBTA Azzopardi (Londonderry)
2JACK’S JOKER41112NBTD R Pringle (Clergate)
3MAGNUM BLAST23342NBTA Azzopardi (Londonderry)
4HAD A BLINDER63584NBTD S Swain (Box Hill)
5DOZEN POINTS5131130.05J R Finn (Warilla)
6JOHN’S SON4218329.48R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
7ALLEN MAKOTO11213NBTM A Delbridge (Balliang)
8RIGS311129.70R Tredway (Keinbah)
9MR. BEAU1445629.59R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
10LIKA BOSS12756NBTF J Harris (Kanahooka)
Race No. 6Dogpro National Futurity Sf105:27PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $4,380 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,200 2nd: $600 3rd: $300 Unplaced: $40.


1SHEIKHA52311NBTJ R Finn (Warilla)
2RUNWAY READY65133NBTK A Mansley (Black Hill)
3SHANGHAI ROSE1821229.60R J Kay (Lowood)
4TAROS MISS82273NBTJ M Foley (Geurie)
5LIL MISS SPARKLE1211129.59J M Foley (Geurie)
6BUGATTI FLYER11853NBTJ A Davis (Riverstone)
7SOMETIMES SPEEDY1121129.58J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
8SET TO SHINE55442NBTG Tsohalis (Belfield)
9SECRET SENSE64347NBTK A Walker (Henty)
10PRINCESS BLACK3221429.62J E Heard (The Entrance North)
Race No. 7Newcastle Herald Nat Derby Sf205:47PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $4,380 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,200 2nd: $600 3rd: $300 Unplaced: $40.


1MY SIGNATURE15724NBTL M Sweetman (Sweetmans Creek)
2KELMATTS FANTASY1821129.61M S Morris (Glenhaven)
3BARNEY’S MAGIC17123NBTA Azzopardi (Londonderry)
4BREAK LOOSE21172NBTD R Pringle (Clergate)
5KOBI JAY1214429.47R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
6TRAPPER JET2745429.91R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
7MAN OF MANNERS6311129.60J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
8JAGGER SWAGGER35312NBTM J Azzopardi (Appin)
9LACHLAN LOADED72153NBTC J Nutt (The Oaks)
10SIDDY CLASS12575NBTS E Swain (Box Hill)
Race No. 8Dogpro National Futurity Sf206:11PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $4,380 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,200 2nd: $600 3rd: $300 Unplaced: $40.


1PUNCH ONE OUT1412129.30J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
2PROVEN WAG8614130.02S A Gafa (St Clair)
3WINSOME CHARLEE3146229.90J R Finn (Warilla)
4LIL MISS MOHAWK76263NBTJ M Foley (Geurie)
5RITZA ELSIE16322NBTM F Gatt (Thirlmere)
6LA HOST1337129.68P Lagogiane (Llandilo)
7BLOW THE DOH1173329.79E Borg (Windella)
8SWEET THRILL1481229.98J Jaeger (Aberglasslyn)
9LIGHTNING LULU7161429.65J Heard (The Entrance No)
10WILLOW BLAZE21134NBTP K Braddon (Cowra)
Race No. 9Betfair Blue Paws Final06:30PM (NSWtime)
Novice Grade 5 event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,830 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155 Unplaced: $40.


1MISS USAIN3NBTT S Mason (Cardiff)
2ALDABARAN4524NBTB Mitchell (Caves Beach)
3DIDDY ECHO66242NBTC O Kneeshaw (Bishops Bridge)
4STATE ROYALEFSHJ J Jaeger (Aberglasslyn)
5PETTIGO PEPPER4254NBTR Herbert (Weston)
6PART TIME5268124.02P L Boyd (Richmond)
7CHIEF ELITEFSHR Browne (Cessnock)
8SLIM’S CRUISER54524NBTN P Mcintosh (Abermain)
9GARRY’S DREAM45235NBTW C Slade (Beresfield)
10KITTY GEEFSHL Watts (Paxton)
Race No. 10Greyhound Recorder Stk06:49PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,830 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155 Unplaced: $40.


1ACADEMY KING6364223.13D W Tuckwell (Wallsend)
2BELLA’S DREAM6714FSHK T Pedrana (Cranebrook)
3HUNTER HUMMER173NBTH M Pullman (Keinbah)
4MAKE MAGIC6242122.98D Skinner (Abermain)
5ROYAL CHASE4737323.01C V Vegchel (Raymond Terrace)
6SO SEDATE5415323.08T Mason (Cardiff)
7CHUBB LEE2515FSHK Pedrana (Cranebrook)
8ASHA TANGA12222.48M C Sharman (Muswellbrook)
9GLIDING GEM13323.00M J Moroney (Lake Munmorah)
10MONZO71352NBTL M Mcgee (Lochinvar)

Greyhound Racing Tips For Tuesday 12th February 2013

Xylia Allen smashes her own track record!!!

I thought the threat of a track record run may come from Nosey Rozy at Bulli last night, but Xylia Allen was simply breathtaking in the Launceston Cup last night.

After trailing the early lead she burst away in the straight to lower her own record she set the previuos week by more than 4 lengths, running a stunning 29.09 !!!

I’ve always had a huge opinion of this bitch and now she’s putting it all together. Xylia Allen will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Ipswich Greyhounds, Race 5 Box 6 Simmerly 4.17pm Qld time

Plenty of winners on today’s cards at Ipswich, but a tough day to find a little value. So we’re going to have to back a good dog off a bad box to increase the odds a little. And Simmerly looks that dog in race 5. Really honest bitch who is back from a go at the national Futurity where she finished unplaced in here heat. Should have no problems defeating this field here today. Has great early toe and is a reliable beginner. The 4 dogs drawn inside her are all slow beginners and this will allow her to jump and run. She should be a couple in front rounding the first turn. The best parts of her race are the first and second sectionals. And if she jumps and runs this race should be over passing the 600 boxes. Should easily break 31.00 and from the front that will win this. Great bet.

Gawler Greyhounds. Race 9 Box. 4 Tartuffe 3.12pm Vic Time

Very fast little bitch, who was one of the favorites in the S.A sprint Championship heats. But seems to race best when her confidence is up. Has poor form of late but this looks a race for her to regain her confidence. Am I’m guessing Her trainer Karen Bearpark has brought her he for exactly that. A confidence boost. She’s quite capable of running very slick time having allready won at Angle Park in 29.84. Has only a slow 31.27 here after 8 attempts, but theirs no doubt she can go alot quicker.
Is drawn in the middle here and theirs very little speed around her. The straighter start here at Gawler will suit and allow her to muster. If she can jump and muster from the get go she looks mighty hard to beat in this. Big Chance.

Devonport Greyhounds. Race 2 Box 8 Silent Giggle. 1.04pm Nsw time.

A 580m heat of the distance Championship here and Silent Giggle looks a great chance having drawn well here. Very versatile bitch who has no problems mixing here distances week in week out. Is the winner of 18 races and looks set to rack up win number 19 here. Should jump and sit out wide here on the track and as long as they dont skip too far away early she should be finishing off her race very hard. She needs to head a couple of her rivals early but if she does she looks a great chance in this.

Lismore Greyhounds. Race 4 Box 6. Bralyn Sharkie, 7.41pm Nsw time

Local trainer Bop Bop, (Brad Northfield) rugs up his first starter here, and the son of Collision is coming of a great performance trial of 30.35 for the 520m distance. And theirs no doubt a repeat of that performance will easily win this. Has come up with box 6, which makes it very hard. But Brads young dogs are going really well at Lismore and I’m hoping this bloke can continue that trend. His main danger looks to be the well drawn Last Mail. Who looks as if the extra distance will suit. Last Mail and Bralyn Sharkie look set to fight this one out.

Gosford Greyhounds, Race 6 Box 1 El Grover 8.39pm Nsw time

Tough 600m race here tonight with 3 genuine winning chances. I like to select dogs from good boxes however a couple of runners are perfectly boxed in this. I’m going to go with El Grover he’s the class runner of the field and is coming of a great Second 3 starts back from a wide box over 600 at Dapto. Where he chased gamely all the way.Has no trouble running out the 600 and from the inside looks as if he will boot up early and take running down. Only needs Bit Elite or Star Sapphire to make a little mistake, or cop a little check in running to run away with this. Great chance from the inside and looks a super winning chance. Boots up hits the lead and wins. Great chance.

Warragul Greyhounds. Race 11 Box 2 Frame. 10.09pm Vic time

Another shorty here tonight to end the night at Warragul, but it’s the one I like the most here tonight. Frame has been a bit hit and miss lately. And if that run continues it suggest she wins this. Has good early toe and should be able to hold a forward spot early on. If she can do this and balance up she will be mighty hard to beat. Penny Allen loos the main danger here but I’m hoping Frame is able to lead Penny early on and if she can she should be too strong in the run home for Penny Allen. Has a great winning record and generally wins or runs nowhere. If they head her early she may turn it up, so win bet only for this girl, although there’s very little in the race.

Best of luck

$$ Another Day Another Dollar $$

Friday 1st February 2013

Greyhound Box Draw For The Gardens – Friday 1st February 2013

Race No. 1Welcome To Unibet Gardens03:47PM (NSWtime)
Mixed event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $1,925 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,150 2nd: $330 3rd: $165 Unplaced: $40.


1TOUCH OF GOLD3236329.83G Sparke (Yarrawa)
2LORD RAIN2125429.85B A Keene (Twelve Mile Creek)
3LOCHINVAR RIP4117629.41R C Smith (Barnsley)
4EBONITEF346430.18M A Skinner (Abermain)
5SECRET SENSE66434NBTK A Walker (Henty)
6CRACKER BITS3472629.78D A Roach (Lochinvar)
7JEPPELI41246NBTP A Ruetschi (Patrick Estate)
8PREZBO52867FSTDM J Bonser (Long Jetty)
9*** NO RESERVE ***
10*** NO RESERVE ***
Race No. 2Sires On Ice Maiden Ht104:07PM (NSWtime)
Maiden event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,465 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115 Unplaced: $40.


1PETTIGO PEPPER425NBTR Herbert (Weston)
2PART TIME65268FSHP L Boyd (Richmond)
3TARAWI APRILFSHL Atchison (Jilliby)
4MISS USAINFSHT S Mason (Cardiff)
5DIDDY ECHO26624NBTC O Kneeshaw (Bishops Bridge)
6GARRY’S DREAM74523NBTW C Slade (Beresfield)
7SHE’S ELITEFSHR Browne (Cessnock)
8VIOLET MISSFSHN York (Abermain)
9KOBY TANGAFSHM C Sharman (Muswellbrook)
10MACOREKA5FSHH M Pullman (Keinbah)
Race No. 3Hardy’s Precision Excavations04:27PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $1,830 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155 Unplaced: $40.


1POWER BOMB64565FSTDJ F Rudd (Londonderry)
2BEEJAY ROWE7446530.15P E Seaton (Holmesville)
3ELITE ELIJAH32211FSTDP C Noffke (Coominya)
4BEE RAD5414329.87E Borg (Windella)
5GOODWIN FUTURE3128129.80B R Young (Kearsley)
6FASHION COURT48777NBTT A Ball (Singleton)
7FOXY INDY4275130.20C Odonnell (Edgeworth)
8WHERE’S DORA6331730.00B Wood (Abermain)
9HEIDI CHOICE78688NBTA M Lucas (Whittingham)
10*** NO RESERVE ***
Race No. 4Woy Woy Poultry Maiden Ht204:47PM (NSWtime)
Maiden event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,465 Prizemoney.
1st: $830 2nd: $240 3rd: $115 Unplaced: $40.


1KITTY GEEFSHL Watts (Paxton)
2BLUE GOODESY74226NBTR Brown (Wallsend)
3SURGEON ADAMFSHT Callen (Argenton)
4STATE ROYALEFSHJ J Jaeger (Aberglasslyn)
5CURTAILMENT4F325NBTW Robertson (Cessnock)
6CHIEF ELITEFSHR Browne (Cessnock)
7SLIM’S CRUISER54524NBTN P Mcintosh (Abermain)
8ALDABARAN4524NBTB Mitchell (Caves Beach)
9BARGAIN HUNT4FSHD F Berwick (Sawyers Gully)
10WHAKATANE FLYER6FSHC J O’Donnell (Edgeworth)
Race No. 5Newcastle Herald Ntnl Derby Sf105:07PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $4,380 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,200 2nd: $600 3rd: $300 Unplaced: $40.


1DARK ASSASSIN11223NBTA Azzopardi (Londonderry)
2JACK’S JOKER41112NBTD R Pringle (Clergate)
3MAGNUM BLAST23342NBTA Azzopardi (Londonderry)
4HAD A BLINDER63584NBTD S Swain (Box Hill)
5DOZEN POINTS5131130.05J Finn (Cranebrook)
6JOHN’S SON4218329.48R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
7ALLEN MAKOTO11213NBTM A Delbridge (Balliang)
8RIGS311129.70R Tredway (Keinbah)
9MR. BEAU1144529.59R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
10LIKA BOSS21275NBTF J Harris (Kanahooka)
Race No. 6Dogpro National Futurity Sf105:27PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $4,380 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,200 2nd: $600 3rd: $300 Unplaced: $40.


1SHEIKHA52311NBTJ Finn (Cranebrook)
2RUNWAY READY65133NBTK A Mansley (Black Hill)
3SHANGHAI ROSE1821229.60R J Kay (Lowood)
4TAROS MISS82273NBTJ M Foley (Geurie)
5LIL MISS SPARKLE1211129.59J M Foley (Geurie)
6BUGATTI FLYER41185NBTJ A Davis (Riverstone)
7SOMETIMES SPEEDY1121129.58J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
8SET TO SHINE15544NBTG Tsohalis (Belfield)
9SECRET SENSE66434NBTK A Walker (Henty)
10PRINCESS BLACK3221429.62J E Heard (The Entrance North)
Race No. 7Newcastle Herald Ntnl Derby Sf205:47PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $4,380 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,200 2nd: $600 3rd: $300 Unplaced: $40.


1MY SIGNATURE15724NBTL M Sweetman (Sweetmans Creek)
2KELMATTS FANTASY1821129.61M S Morris (Glenhaven)
3BARNEY’S MAGIC17123NBTA Azzopardi (Londonderry)
4BREAK LOOSE21172NBTD R Pringle (Clergate)
5KOBI JAY1214429.47R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
6TRAPPER JET2745429.91R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
7MAN OF MANNERS6311129.60J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
8JAGGER SWAGGER35312NBTM J Azzopardi (Appin)
9LACHLAN LOADED27215NBTC J Nutt (The Oaks)
10SIDDY CLASS12575NBTS E Swain (Box Hill)
Race No. 8Dogpro National Futurity Sf206:07PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $4,380 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,200 2nd: $600 3rd: $300 Unplaced: $40.


1PUNCH ONE OUT1412129.30J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
2PROVEN WAG18614NBTS A Gafa (St Clair)
3WINSOME CHARLEE3146229.90J Finn (Cranebrook)
4LIL MISS MOHAWK76263NBTJ M Foley (Geurie)
5RITZA ELSIE16322NBTM F Gatt (Thirlmere)
6LA HOST1337129.68P Lagogiane (Llandilo)
7BLOW THE DOH1173329.79E Borg (Windella)
8SWEET THRILL1481229.98J Jaeger (Aberglasslyn)
9LIGHTNING LULU7161429.65J Heard (The Entrance No)
10WILLOW BLAZE21134NBTP K Braddon (Cowra)
Race No. 9Multicam Routing Systems06:27PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 515 Metres at The gardens Of $1,830 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155 Unplaced: $40.


1FREE FUTURE58736NBTK F Bice (Tarro)
2KICK AND CHASE3487129.99B R Young (Kearsley)
3COLD FICTION3281729.92R J Lambert (Kearsley)
4GROOVY ANDREW1545129.92W C Slade (Beresfield)
5MALIGNING ROWE2561730.12P E Seaton (Holmesville)
6GALO GALO17747NBTK P Cheetham (Harpers Hill)
7PRETTY PERFECT4332829.98L A Atchison (Jilliby)
8MEAGAN ROBBO4555329.79E J Robertson (Williamtown)
9HEIDI CHOICE78688NBTA M Lucas (Whittingham)
10*** NO RESERVE ***
Race No. 10Greyhound Recorder Stakes06:48PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 400 Metres at The gardens Of $1,830 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,080 2nd: $315 3rd: $155 Unplaced: $40.


1NETNOCK2843323.00D C Diver (Medowie)
2MAKE MAGIC6242122.98D Skinner (Abermain)
3ROYAL CHASE4737323.01C V Vegchel (Raymond Terrace)
4HUNTER HUMMER173NBTH M Pullman (Keinbah)
5LADY IN BLACK1181323.02M A Skinner (Abermain)
6MOUSE’S HONOUR21222.76T Pullman (Keinbah)
7AWESOME PARTY12143NBTK Cheetham (Harpers Hill)
8CYCLONE SHELBY2432122.94G J Robertson (Williamtown)
9ACADEMY KING6364223.13D W Tuckwell (Wallsend)
10MUM’S A NUTTA6476323.04W M Ison (Bobs Farm)

Greyhound Racing Tips For Friday 25th January 2013

Another great day of chasing with the Warragul cup to be run at 9.28pm and the fastest qualifier in Boris Fields for trainer Jason Thompson has drawn the 8, after a great run of box 1s.

This should be a cracking race with plenty of chances, and different racing styles Amongst them. Good luck to all!

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Greyhound Racing betting Tips for Friday 25th January 2013 with Tips for meetings from Geelong greyhounds (Victoria), Warragul greyhounds (Victoria), Casino greyhounds (New South Wales), The Gardens greyhounds (New South Wales), Ipswich greyhounds (Queensland), and Gawler greyhounds (South Australia).

Ipswich Greyhounds. Race 3 Box 1. Swap. 3.37pm QLD time.

Swap, lines up here for the Velocity lodge boys, in race 3. And has come up with the coveted rails box. He’s a slow beginner, but posses a fair amount of ability. Not too sure he’s fully put it together yet. And I think the best is yet too come from this bloke.

He’s drawn along side 3 slow beginners and has already posted a quick 30.60 here and he only needs to reproduce something similar to that to be taking home the winners cheque here. Not entirely sure he’s suited of the red but with a safe and fair beginning Theres no doubt he should be winning this.

Casino Greyhounds. Race 11. Box 2. Poor Mans Boots. 3.07pm NSW time.

Poor Mans Boots will start the favourite here, after posting a very slick 22.99 over the 411. Was given the chance to win here last week over the longer distance in 484. But after a slow beginning and average run to the first turn he really never looked liked picking up the leader and finished 3 in 28.22.

But he meets a similar field here and although the inside box won’t entirely suit him he certainly can run the time needed to win here. If he can navigate his way into clear room early he will be extremely hard to beat. Forget last weeks run and follow up on him here today.

The Gardens Greyhounds. Race 4 Box 4 and box 8 Punch One Out and Wong Way Susie. 4.47pm NSW Time

Wow what a line up here today. With the National Futurity and the National Derby heats to be run and won. Some real talented chasers here and with quality fields it makes it quite tricky to sort them all out.

I’ve decided to settle on race 4 and am going to tip the quinella here. Not sure I’m able to split the very talented pair in the Jason Mackay trained black bitch in Punch One Out and Reg Kay prepared Wong Way Susie. Both bitches have shows immense talent with Punch One Out running very quick times at both Lismore And Albion park. Her run here last week was very good. She began average which is normal, but once she hit the ground she really opened up and finished strongly to run second. Needs an ounce of luck and safe get away here but boy has this bitch got some pace.

Wong Way Susie’s a brilliant beginner and has really put it together here the last couple of weeks posting two flying times. 29.55 and 29.78. And theirs no reason why she can’t go just as quick again. Thus making her very hard to beat. If all goes to plan this should turn into a match race. And a real dog fight to the line. Great quinella or boxed exacta. And I’d be taking the Sportingbet, SBO middle tote here. And maybe a chance at the bigger multiples. Good Luck.

Wentworth Park Race 5 Box 5. Back Page Lead. 9.07 NSW time

Former Apple isle chaser in Back Page Lead lines up here after her recent placing in the Summer Cup behind the Bate trained Irma Bale. She’s dropping enormously in grade here and certainly looks the on top pick. Has the early speed to hit the front and race right away with this event. The others around her are no slouches but she’s racing in fine form and only needs to continue to do so here to be really hard to beat. Should roll to the front and collect the winners cheque here for Steven White, Of Paua To Burn fame.

Richmond Greyhounds. Race. 10 Box 2 Seldom Said. 10.04 pm NSW time

Big chance here given to the money dog Seldom Said. Formerly prepared by owner trainer Jamie Mchugh of Logan Village in Qld. And now having a stint in NSW with trainer Anthony Azzopardi. This bloke oozes class and has a fantastic record to boot. He’s been their and done that winning the Molly Campbell Silver Dollar and runner up in the Group 2 QLD Derby, along with many other feature races.

And I can’t see this lot beating him. Has fantastic early toe and the drop in distance will not worry this bloke. Has real genuine speed and can certainly run the hands of the clock here. Put in a “had to be seen to be believed effort” over the shorts at Cranbourne one time, coming from last to first; and this is certainly firm within his grasp. Should be passing the line first against these. Great bet and hopefully at a reasonable price.

Warragul Greyhounds. Race 4. Box 2. Exclusive One. 7.48pm Vic time

The recent addition of National Sprint Finalist Exclusive One to leading trainer Jason Thompson’s kennels lines up here. And after finding a little trouble last week in the Warragul cup heats, where I’m certain he would of run away with the race if not for finding trouble as he was about to take the lead. Takes on a very handy line up here tonight but he’s a very fast animal and has previously stop the clock in record time. With a clean getaway he should make light work of these.

Gawler Greyhounds. Race 5. Box 5. Jet Blast. 2.39pm NSW time

Former Victorian chaser Jet Blast lines up from box 5 here today. And last weeks effort at Gawler was huge. He’s a real quality chaser this bloke and is sure to continue to stamp his authority here. Theirs a couple of quality chasers that certainly wont let him have it all his own way. But he’s in great form and the bigger more open track will suit, and if he begins as he has at times. This bloke should post best of the day figures. Great bet and keep following this bloke as he has plenty more wins to come over in S.A

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