5 Points Of Interest From Albion Park Greyhounds

1. Punter woes

Queensland’s premier track Albion Park continued the recent trend of short fields, scratchings and a ten race card being made up of multiple maidens and novice fields.

As an industry relying on betting turnover for survival and growth these fields do little to inspire participants or encourage the punters – especially the mug punters that the industry now relies upon.

A quick review of the Queensland Tote showed that the win betting investment reached only $7000 in two of the ten races. In race ten win betting was lucky to reach $3000. With no chance of a third dividend punters and fans are turning away. Exotic markets were also down.

If the industry wants people to invest their hard earned dollars then they need to provide a product worthy of the same.

2. Maiden Races

Lets look at the maiden fields in races one and two. Both races were 7 dog fields that were even further reduced after scratchings.

Race 1 had 7 dogs drawn in the field and of those 7 four were first starters. After race day scratchings 5 dogs faced the starter at box rise. The small field took the gloss off the performances of the winner Zafonic and the second place getter You Think So who was ultra impressive. Both greyhounds are from strong kennels and both look to be stars of the future.

Race 2 was devoid of scratchings and 7 dogs faced the starter.

Each Monday we continue to witness multiple maiden events with short field sizes – something that RQL must address.

3. Novice Novice Novice

The two novice events were just the same.

In race 4 only the 7 dogs were drawn to race. In race 9 it was worse still with just 6 dogs being drawn.

Its not good to see greyhounds missing out on a run but surely race scheduling needs to be urgently improved. With the focus of Albion Park racing on other days being shorter races, namely 331m and 395m events, a proposal could be to include some of these events to Monday night – at least we would see full fields and increased competition for starts.

It would also improve betting turnover and improve the image for spectators, with stronger fields and competition as race starting spots would be more competitive. 520m events could be added to Wednesday and Sunday racing in return.

4. Mixed Finals – Prizemoney

It was interesting the see the prizemoney for the two mixed finals the same as the other races on the card. To qualify for the 520m final greyhounds contested 4 heats the previous week racing for a $1,400 first prize and a top two finish guaranteeing a start in the final.

The final was worth the same. No beating the grader or increased prizemoney.

The 600m event had 2 heats with the top four finish earning a final start. Again, prizemoney and incentive for the final was the same.

Could we have boosted prizemoney for these finals by dropping a novice or maiden from the card? Or are we still required to provide 10 races every Monday regardless or field size and quality?

5. Brilliant Berella

The 520m mixed final saw another great front running performance from the Jamie McHugh trained Berella Kathryn. The August 2010 black daughter of Meticulous-Tawny Shiraz continues to excel at headquarters bringing up win 3 at the track and distance.

With improved box manners she continues to find the bunny and now has the outstanding race record of 16 starts for 7 wins and 4 placings. She has been a great performer for McHugh in her short career so far with highlights including making the final of the rich Coonamble Maiden last October, to a blistering 19.77 BOD win at Capalaba. She has also won at Ipswich in BOD and has now surpassed $10,000 in prizemoney.

With her excellent box manners she looks a good thing to progress through the grades at headquarters and improve to Thursday night class.

Quality Does Count

It really does come out in the wash.

My call for more high standard races may be a long time coming but the evidence is mounting. Take race 5 at Wentworth Park last Friday – a lone Free For All amongst a night of mostly 5th grades. It started off with seven runners but scratchings reduced that to five, making it a sure fire loser in the exotic betting area.

However, in-form, well fancied dogs led to a small bonanza. Princess Black, Ritza Ryder & co led the way home with winners taking the spoils out of a $23,235 pool (in NSW), comfortably the best of the night. Not deterred by the small field, punters liked the quality and bet accordingly. As you might expect, exotic categories were well down on the night’s average.

In contrast, on the same day we saw yet another disaster. The last race at Bendigo, run at 7:19 pm, managed to attract a ridiculous $2,853 in the Win pool, a victim of clashing races in a crowded program. Pity the poor punters who really wanted to have a good go there.

The argument that more is better has got a lot of holes in it.


The season for maidens is building up. Ipswich has just run its “richest ever” series, Warrnambool is around the corner, while Dapto’s auction-based series – also the country’s “richest” – will follow. Owners and trainers love these added prize money events. Why wouldn’t they? It’s money for jam for the lucky winners.

For the industry at large they are a terrible waste of resources.

They encourage generally poor racing, with inexperienced youngsters falling over or crashing into each other. Most of those who buy their way in – via auction qualification – are of a poor standard and will never be seen again. Heats and semi-finals are usually dominated by a tiny handful of quick dogs starting at prohibitive odds. Remember that much of the prize money is provided by commissions from genuine racers in week to week events for which they have to battle with other performed dogs.

Unlike comparable thoroughbred series, which at least give priority to horses which have already earned money, anything goes for the greyhounds. No form or bad form is OK.

As betting propositions, they are a horror. Punters who sustain the industry will be bored stiff.

The concept of promoting the sale of young dogs is a good one but there are other ways of doing that without creating bad races.

It is claimed that these series offer the means for top dogs to come to the fore. True enough, but good dogs would do that anyway by going through the normal progression of maidens and graded races. Why mess it up?

Clubs, themselves controlled by owners and trainers, no doubt see this as a way of catering for their supporters. Yet their prime duty is to put on good races – on which the industry depends – and these maidens fail that test.


Xylia Allen was not only up for her first attempt at distance racing last Saturday but was also starting in her 4th race in 19 days, including a trip across Bass Strait and back, and had to knock over the champ Miata. Those venturesome souls who backed her in to $2.70 were brave indeed. To justify that price she had to run just as well over the 725m as she had in record runs over the shorter trips. That rarely happens, particularly for a bitch only 22 months old and it certainly did not this time – she ran 42.97, just a 5th grade time. Perhaps maturity will help.

So far, it reminds you of Irma Bale, a brilliant middle distance racer but usually caught short over longer races (yes, including the ones she has won), as it was again on Saturday in the Super Stayers. In both these cases punters face a dilemma, will she or won’t she get the trip?

Overlaying this question is the fact that I can’t recall a top notch stayer ever coming out of the Wheeler production line (have I missed one?). Useful only, but no more.

I wonder why this is so? Bombastic Shiraz could throw them both, so too Token Prince, but I guess the Wheelers are very happy with their steady run of good quality sprinters. And why not? There’s more money there.


All-the-way leaders won five of the eight Cup heats at The Meadows on Saturday, and a sixth almost did. Six winners came from the inside four boxes. Just three favourites won on a night when the track seemed a fraction slow. The Super Stayers races were run almost the same way.

Nippy, hard railers are all the go there. Get caught behind or wide like Miata and life becomes very difficult. Miata managed to run only a moderate 42.81. She will want to get away better in the final, or draw the inside.

What ever happened to…….?

It’s funny how people put so much energy into looking at a feature race before it happens and very little time following the same dogs once it is over. We read the form, study the box draw, make judgements about the dogs’ abilities and so on, and before the race is run it feels like we know each runner personally. Yet as soon as the race is over, the form guide gets thrown out, as do the original thoughts and it’s on to the next big event.

Well, with Nationals run and won once again, I’d thought it would be a nice opportunity to look at the finalists from both the sprint and distance finals over the last couple of years.

For many, the Nationals are a chance to see runners from states not usually followed, and once the events are over, it is so easy to forget about those that shaped one of the biggest races for the year. Hopefully for most, it will be a chance to answer the question ‘What ever happened to that dog?’
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Screwing The Bush – Quietly

Some people may have enjoyed those 12th races at Sandown and The Meadows over the last two weeks. Not too many, though. Only one of the four races run so far has reached the $10,000 mark on the NSW Win tote, and that one just barely. That’s about what a moderate midweek event at the provincials pulls in. It’s a big drop on takings for earlier races, so obviously punters think the 11pm start pushes them way past their bedtime. (For comparison, how many of you stayed up to watch Roger Federer claim his Wimbledon victory – or did you read about it next morning?)

It may have some consequences. While these figures are not really new, it is instructive to see what happened around the traps in those weeks.

In the week commencing July 9 we already know that 23% of surveyed races in the three eastern states started with a short field (see July 26 article). In the following two weeks the score was not a lot different – 19% for the week starting July 16 and 17% for the week starting July 23. Victorian races were responsible for half of all those empty boxes. A few were just bad luck – ie late scratchings – but most were due to a lack of reserves, fields with insufficient nominations (mostly higher grades) or perhaps dogs that did not want to be there in the first place.
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Numbers Are A Concern

The question of field sizes is getting more worrying by the day.

In the week starting Monday 9th a sample of 23 meetings with 256 races in the eastern states showed that 58 of them, or 23%, started with less than a full field. That’s a lot.

It’s also costly. TABs always tell us that smaller fields produce smaller turnover. I don’t have the figures to check that myself but casual observation supports that view, particularly for exotic betting.
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Look After The Golden Goose

Years ago, senior high school kids would make a beeline to town in the summer holidays, looking for a temporary job in one of the department stores. Customers, lacking suburban mega-centres in those days, would come in droves to do their Christmas shopping. I did a year at David Jones, another at Farmers (now Myer) and then two at Lowes.

Lowes proved the more interesting. It was much more up-market in those days and I was able to specialise in men’s shirts, learning stuff I still use today (“Just feel the quality of that material, madam”). I found myself working beside Les, a 40-ish bloke with slicked hair and a pin-striped suit. He had a secret which emerged in the morning tea break. “I work here three months a year to avoid being taxed as a professional punter”, he confided. “Normally, I am doing the rounds of the dog tracks for most of the week”.

This was very impressive stuff for a youngster. He saw I was keen and so eventually he invited me to check it out. “Come out to Harold Park on Saturday night. Meet me at 6:30 by the third pole back from the finishing post and I’ll show you the ropes”. And so began my introduction to greyhound racing. That timing, by the way, co-incided with the announcement of scratchings and weights for the night. No TAB then, of course.

Anyway, Les marked up my racebook (a genuine racebook then – no form in it) and off we went to have a merry time and beat the bookies.

The point of all this?

Well, just the other day, professional punter David Walsh – wealthy enough to fund the huge and controversial mew museum in Hobart – announced he was going to fight a tax office attempt to book him for past income tax. He had two grounds; first, that he had often asked the ATO at the time if everything was fine (they said yes, he claims) and second, that he earned his money punting and so was not liable to be taxed on any profits.

Walsh is in partnership with Zeljko Ranogajec, famed for being able to screw TAB margins down to the bare minimum (see our article of 27 Feb), as well as a few others in what they call a punting “club”. It bets scientifically on everything and turns over more than $2 billion a year. They have hundreds of worldwide employees to help them, according to a report in the Financial Review.

By tradition and tax office agreement, personal punting profits are free of income tax. Lottery prizes, too. But there is another rule which says if you are running a business you are eligible for tax. So when is punting a business? My mate Les apparently knew the rules, which is why he made a point of having a “day job”.

It seems there is a line somewhere between what Walsh does, what Les did, and what Joe Blow with $10 each way on the weekend does. But where is it? And why did the ATO let Walsh get away free for so long. The ATO claims it has come by new information but that seems to stretch the argument a bit. The activities of the above partnership have been well known for a long time.

However this case is sorted out, it opens a Pandora’s box. Working out expenses for a taxed punter would be a nightmare. How do you verify losing bets made in cash? What of a trainer who also bets heavily? Is the Mafia involved (I’m not joking)? How do you define “professional”? How will it affect racing in general?

And what about retrospectivity – a disgraceful practice when it comes to rules and regulations? Walsh is being stung for 2006 tax. Still, the ATO does not lose very often and Walsh is certainly pushing the boundaries.

I have no idea how much Walsh bets on the dogs, but he does claim to indulge in all three racing codes. Certainly we need all the serious punters we can get, mostly to counterbalance the growing horde of mug punters messing up the odds.

Politically, racing authorities would do well to campaign to make sure punting is left as free as possible from further taxing – what the TABs take out is tough enough as it is. Besides, betting transactions and racing participants are already heavily taxed in other ways in both state and federal jurisdictions. It makes no sense to kill the goose that is laying those golden eggs.

Walsh can look after himself but there are thousands of smaller fish in the ocean who could be affected by a contrary ATO ruling.

So how would such a campaign get under way? Greyhounds Australasia does not venture into anything “commercial”, it says. Yet another quandary! But if not GA, then who?

* * * * *

It was interesting to note the GRV publicity machine, currently in overdrive, mention that it has commissioned a public attitude survey in order to see how it is going. That’s a good step. The last time I can recall such news was back in the mid-1990s when Queensland GRA did the same thing. It may have happened since but, if so, the news has not emerged from any authority’s bunker.

And, when or if it is published, could GRV please post the results in an easily readable form? The fancy program which was used to display, for example, the last Strategic Plan had a silly paging device which made it frustrating to view, providing you could open it in the first place. The standard, good old zip file would do, thanks. That’s what everybody else uses. Even GRV formguides come that way.

Pretty is for art galleries.

* * * * *

More on GRV, I note that the chairman of the board has not only been busy passing on news about new toilet blocks at Ballarat but has announced some new appointments to middle level positions in the office. I would have thought that was the job of the CEO?

Also, a close inspection of the Ballarat construction pictures showed no sign of the flashy new “grandstand” mentioned in another media release. There is a covered set of benches there, but that’s about it. Did we miss something?

The vision thing, Mr Caillard; we need you to concentrate on the vision thing!

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Last Monday’s article queried the validity of GRV prize money distribution but it is equally important to consider where that cash is coming from. Maybe more so.

For a start, traditional TAB betting is in decline, as Tabcorp boss David Attenborough pointed out a few months ago. In theory, Fixed Odds at the TAB is claiming back a little but in reality it is just taking away from the normal pool. Anyway, I suspect it is quite small in greyhounds.

In 2010/2011, 20% of the action was handled by the fast growing NT bookmakers and a tiny bit more by Betfair. That’s a lot considering they have come from nothing and have no face-to-face contact with customers. Still, they have been criticised by former patrons who claim they have been delisted when they won too much. Even so, the NT contribution to re-energising the racing scene cannot be underestimated. As the man said, “Thank God you’re here”.
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Money And Other Bits And Pieces

Where does racing’s cash come from? From punters, of course, but it’s how it goes around that counts.

Tasmanian owners and trainers have been doing quite nicely in prize money terms recently, but that largesse is mostly due to their government achieving preferred commission arrangements with Betfair, which then located its head office in Hobart, all of which threw cash into the treasury. The sale of the tote to Tatts also gave the government a capital windfall.

Similarly, Victoria is mooted to increase prize money shortly as a result of commission changes initiated by the state government (following the renegotiated Tabcorp licence, etc etc) and political grants aimed at keeping the regions happy. In NSW, Racing Minister Souris, while in a happy election mode, promised grants to all racing codes. SA has already organised a bigger cut of total TAB commissions. Queensland greyhounds may also get some help, depending on how the March 24 election turns out.

These bonuses are all terrific but they have little bearing on the patronage of racing, whether in greyhounds or the other codes. Note, for instance, how little betting there was on the $40,000 to the winner Horsham Cup recently (see Good Intentions, March 8), despite a top class field.

More critically, they do not avoid the need to address the downturn in genuine punter numbers, the need to chase new business and the urgent need for a national betting pool to encourage the last item to become a reality – all measures guaranteed to result in bigger prize money, and to continue for years to come. Bonuses are once-off.

* * * * *

Since Albion Park introduced Sunday meetings there has been a sneaky decline in field quality on Monday nights – historically the second best meeting of the week. Part of the reason would be that they slip in 520m and 600m races on Sundays to go with the short stuff. There were three such races last Sunday. The next day they could manage only five graded fields, accompanied by four Maidens and a Novice.

Given the general downturn in dog numbers and/or quality in Queensland, extra meetings can lead only to over-racing, more scratchings or thinner fields. Plenty of dogs are backing up two, and sometimes even three, times a week, with all the uncertainty that creates. Not a good outlook.

Besides, Sundays are normally the worst betting day of the week. Too many family obligations, no doubt. On this occasion Sunday WIN pools were 17% lower than on Monday night – which is hardly the pick of the week itself. Seven Sunday pools were well below $10,000. To say nothing about higher weekend costs.

Anyway, the biggest turnover is not always the best. More profitable turnover should be the aim. And the most profitable rise in turnover is on the meeting you are already running. A fresh approach to programming and promotion is called for.

* * * * *

Winning isn’t everything. Not sure how Paul Wheeler’s $5 million prize money was split up last year but a quick check of recent meetings suggests that just over a third of it came from running 2nd and 3rd. The big wins must have been good for profits but the place prize money would have supplied meat and potatoes week by week.

In the last two main Melbourne meetings, the Wheelers scored 9 wins, 9 seconds and 3 thirds out of 22 races. A huge performance. And it took only 37 years to get there (Matriarch Emiline Bale whelped July 1975).

PS: In the Horsham Cup mentioned above, the Wheelers ran 1st and 3rd.

* * * * *

Still on the Wheeler subject, in the middle of the last decade, with only a few exceptions, it became obvious that their dogs were not running out a good 500m. Extensive surveys revealed they were leading up but fading, even over 450m.

Since then, the problem has been corrected in no uncertain terms. However, the current successes are also a function of one key characteristic – they all begin pretty well. They may not always lead, but they are normally very handy, which is why they often run Quinellas and Trifectas (as occurred in last week’s FFA at Sandown, where they also ran the First Four).

Is this nature or nurture, or a bit of both? And do our track designs help leaders too much? Comments welcome.

* * * * *

So far this year the four major eastern state tracks – Albion Park, Wentworth Park, The Meadows and Sandown Park – have run 593 races at their prime weekly meetings. Of those, only 45 or 7.6% were distance races (those over 700m). Half of those started with a short field.

But Wentworth Park, which provided 38% of total races, was responsible for 62% of all distance races. Queensland and Victoria (especially Sandown) rated poorly although they are quite strong in the 600m bracket, which Wenty cannot provide.

The parlous state of the staying art was well illustrated in the Betfair Cup last Saturday at Wentworth Park, when Thrilling Frank and Thrilling Bloom, starting at 25/1 and 50/1 (correctly priced, too), ran the Quinella, finishing in a very moderate 42.98. Old faithful Slick Lee put in its usual honest run to claim 3rd spot. The 720m first turn is no help at Wenty but even so the better credentialled dogs disappointed badly.

All too often, distance races are a raffle. It’s a far cry from the days when an adage of greyhound racing was “back the favourite in the distance race”. Yet, apart from throwing a few dollars at them occasionally, the industry is taking no obvious or practical action to enhance or even maintain the staying sector – one the public always loves. Improvements must necessarily start with attention to breeding.

Perhaps we should ask Paul Wheeler what the problem is. His dogs are seldom seen in distance races.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Some while back when Wentworth Park meetings were programmed on Saturdays and Mondays, I recall writing a piece about the doubts arising when dogs ran at both meetings. Was it too much to ask? How do we know if the dog will be fully fit the second time around?

In the event a trainer wrote back to give me the rounds of the kitchen. He was annoyed because he had sat up all Saturday night massaging his dog and otherwise treating it to get it right for the Monday race. In other words, mind your own business.

Well fine. A mighty effort, even if his dog did no good at the second attempt – and usually they don’t.
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It’s Coming Out In The Wash

It’s a sobering fact that on Monday 4th July 2011 – 37% of all TAB races in Australia started with a short field.

They included Albion Park (5 races), Bulli (6), Bathurst (3), Cranbourne (2), Shepparton (5), Angle Park (5), and Northam (5). Only Launceston had a clean slate with 10 full fields.

Three meetings offered 11 or 12 races, which makes it a little harder to build up numbers.
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Eggciting Times Ahead As Easter Egg Heats Begin – 2011 Golden Easter Egg Preview

It’s that time of year when the best of the best flock to Wentworth Park in hope of claiming the Group One Golden Easter Egg along with a record breaking $250,000 first prize.

Despite a few big names missing due to injury and retirement that hasn’t stopped a mouth watering night of racing this Saturday with ten outstanding heats to be conducted with first and second placegetters guaranteed a starting spot in next week’s semi finals along with the fastest four dogs that finish in third position.

As always, the all important factor in greyhound racing is the box draw. This concept is once again illustrated in heat one with Manuel Bale (quoted at $3.60 at Centrebet) trained by Victorian award winner Andrea Dailly, the current favourite after drawing the coveted box one. Last Saturday after beginning moderately, he quickly mustered speed to finish a gallant second to More Space in a classy free for all in 30.12.
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Sandown Greyhound Racing Review Thursday 10th March 2011

A typically chilly March evening greeted the punters and on-lookers at Sandown last night and it would be safe to say we got a fantastic night of racing. The night kicked off at approximately 7:07pm with race 1, the Kingston Trophies Final over 515 metres.

Most form guides around the country both online and otherwise had the pink dog Premier Boloney an almost un-backable favourite with the TAB giving punters fixed odds of $1.90 and rightly so as this R Bartolo trained beauty had run the quickest heat by a fair way.

Approximately 30 seconds later the number 4 Minami had collected the $4370 first prize at the whopping odds of $19.10, number 5 Indeed I Do and the number 3 Dyna Brownlow rounded out the places for a trifecta paying $1693. Race 1 as it typically does got the ball rolling at Sandown.
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North Adelaide Club Captian Kicks First Goal As Greyhound Trainer

North Adelaide Football Club Captain, Clint Alleway, has kicked his first goal as a greyhound trainer.

Alleway rugged up his greyhound Scewed Driver at Gawler on Sunday night in Race 9, The Sportsman Tavern Stake grade 6 event over 531m.

Alleway was lucky to even get a run in the event with Screwed River only getting the call up as second reserve when Miss Roxanne, Nikita Bob and Alvin Purple were all scratchings from the original starting eight.
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Australian Greyhound Racing Tips For Tuesday 25th January 2011

Australian greyhound racing Tips for Tuesday 25th January 2011 with selections tonight from Warrnambool greyhounds (Victoria), Warragul greyhounds (Victoria), Gosford greyhounds (New South Wales), Lismore greyhounds (New South Wales), Albion Park greyhounds (Queensland), Angle Park greyhounds (South Australia), Townsville greyhounds (Queensland) and Mandurah greyhounds (West Australia).

Undoubtedly the highlight of today and tonight’s greyhound racing is the running of the Group 2 Warragul Cup at Warragul over 460m, and featuring High Earner, Greta Bale, El Grand Senor, Enry Walt and Vee Best Vane.

Members of Australian Greyhound Racing Club are eligible for exclusive benefits, including a special best of all three totes offer from Iasbet, for any greyhound owner or trainer who is a member of the club. This is similar to what thoroughbred owners benefits they have been offered for some time. If you are interested in this offer, you just need to join our club and the offer will be sent in your welcome email. You can join by clicking on the email icon in top right of the menu bar or the “join club” panel in the top right of the sidebar on the home page.
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NSWNCA St Leger Series Begins Tonight At The Gardens

The Gardens will tonight play host to the heats of the Group Three Woy Woy Poultry St Leger, which is fast becoming one of the highest quality age restricted race series anywhere in the country and the 2010 edition can only improve its standing.

Trainers from all over NSW as well as South East Queensland the calibre Tony Brett, Dave and Jack Irwin, Mal Dawson and Brad Northfield have all targeted the event as well as inform locals Jason Mackay, Reg Kay, Ken Cheetham and Wayne Vanderburg.

Charity Greyhound Knights Defender is also engaged at the meeting and this will be his best chance to open his account for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and the Hunter Surf Lifesaving Association.
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Group One Winner Returns Home To The Gardens

It’s not often you see a Group One winner going around at a mid-week meeting, but that’s the case this Wednesday night at The Gardens, with Lochinvar Marlow resuming following his fifth in the Sky Racing Topgun at The Meadows last month.

The recent Group One Rock Energy Paws Of Thunder victor, a winner of nine from 17 at The Gardens circuit, will tackle Wednesday night’s $1,700-to-the-winner open class event in preparation for an assault on the Group Three Christmas Gift and Gosford Gold Cup, which are both looming large.

A strong close to the year will further enhance the son of Bombastic Shiraz claims towards consideration for the Betfair 2010 NSW Greyhound of the Year Award, along with the likes of Blue Lorian, Elite Blue Size and the recently retired Smooth Fancy.

Whilst one would assume, given his credentials, that the Robert Smith prepared speedster has a mortgage on The Recorder Best 8, but his task has been made easier with only three competitors still in the race after scratchings have taken a toll on the field size.

Jeff Jaeger’s smart race bitch Marinas Limerick is still engaged to race, and from a suitable wide draw, will make her presence felt. A last start winner at Gosford in 30.29s, Marina’s Limerick has run 29.80s at The Gardens, and her runs before last week’s Gosford success had been full of merit.

While veteran chaser Chevy Assassin is resuming from a month on the sidelines. The son of Whisky Assassin has won nine of 19 starts at The Gardens, including his last two in 29.82s and 30.30s respectively.

The race promises to be a keenly sought after affair, despite the smallness of the field, on a great night’s racing, with most eyes sure to be on the anticipated return of Group One winner Lochinvar Marlow.

Two other runners that will attract plenty of attention on the night are litter brothers Sam I Am and Yella Mustard from the powerful Jason MacKay kennel. The pair are full relations to the outstanding bitch, Smart Betsy and are closely related to Hall of Famer, Paua To Burn and Group One winner and now top sire, Bit Chili.

Sam I Am has drawn the red box in race three, the Tooheys New Stake over 400 metres, while Yella Mustard will jump from box six in the following race, the NCA maiden over the 515 metres.

Another interesting race on the program is race nine, The Greyhound Recorder Maiden over the short course 400m.

Promising stud proposition Knocka Norris is the sire of four of the eight chasers set to line-up, a feat that demonstrates the influence he is starting to have on the breeding ranks, particularly in the Hunter region.

There are 10 quality races on Tuesday night’s card, covered by Sky Racing1, but the best way to catch all the excitement is by being at The Gardens. ‘Edens’ restaurant is open with great food at reasonable prices, right on top of the action. Bookings can be made on (02) 49515842.

You can bet live on tonight’s bumper meeting at The Gardens at Sportsbet or Iasbet with the first race of the program scheduled to kick off at 7.02pm AEDT

Sunday 11th April 2010

Greyhound Box Draw For Canberra – Sunday 11th April 2010

Race No. 1Climate Doctor Maiden05:40PM (NSWtime)
Maiden event over 440 Metres at Canberra Of $555 Prizemoney.
1st: $325 2nd: $100 3rd: $60 Unplaced: $10.


1INS AND OUTS264L J Hannaford (Bungendore)

2MISS DEEPWATER3L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

3*** VACANT BOX ***

4FUTURAMA TRILOGY58323T Cahill (Wombat)

5WOMBAT WAY3725C C Overy (Wombat)

6*** VACANT BOX ***

7Twitter ME2L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

8SIR BOMBA62475Y Pappas (Royalla)

9*** NO RESERVE ***

10*** NO RESERVE ***

Race No. 2Ready 4 Plumbing After Hours Ds06:04PM (NSWtime)
Maiden event over 310 Metres at Canberra Of $530 Prizemoney.
1st: $300 2nd: $100 3rd: $60 Unplaced: $10.


1COMMANDANT CAPE6M Kranitis (Goulburn)

2BURNT CAKE288B C Peck (Gunning)

3*** VACANT BOX ***

4C’MON MORGO6K Morgan (Braidwood)

5DALZA’S TRILOGY4363T Cahill (Wombat)

6*** VACANT BOX ***

7DEMON FIGHTER32F58A F Jenkins (Higgins)

8MANGO WHIPS5L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

9*** NO RESERVE ***

10*** NO RESERVE ***

Race No. 3Ranger Geale Short Course06:22PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 310 Metres at Canberra Of $580 Prizemoney.
1st: $350 2nd: $100 3rd: $60 Unplaced: $10.


1TRIMTEX31444I F Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

2MIDNIGHT THEORY32236L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

3ORIGINAL BLONDE14214R Camilleri (Queanbeyan)

4SUMMARISE14532L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

5*** VACANT BOX ***

6WHOOSHY WOO WOO78568K Morgan (Braidwood)

7WALKAWAY FREDDY33211G J Collier (Googong)

8BOMBA BANQUET53265G Apps (Wombat)

9*** NO RESERVE ***

10*** NO RESERVE ***

Race No. 4Anytime Fitness 0-2 Wins06:42PM (NSWtime)
Novice Grade 5 event over 600 Metres at Canberra Of $1,090 Prizemoney.
1st: $750 2nd: $160 3rd: $110 Unplaced: $10.


1ROYELLA ROSE67766Y Pappas (Royalla)

2ROYAL MAX62131R W Littlefield (Orange)

3NET EFFECT36538J J Platts (Fraser)

4TILLY ASH46165J A Wilson (Wallendbeen)

5*** VACANT BOX ***

6MCDOOM13623M Bell (Austral)

7CRYPTIC QUAFF37286M Bell (Austral)

8LETHAL LADY44353J A Wilson (Wallendbeen)

9*** NO RESERVE ***

10*** NO RESERVE ***

Race No. 5John Montgomery Appreciation06:59PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 440 Metres at Canberra Of $790 Prizemoney.
1st: $500 2nd: $140 3rd: $80 Unplaced: $10.


1CYCLONE JOEY77133B C Peck (Gunning)

2WEONA BANQUET34122G Apps (Wombat)

3AMBER’S OSTI54414T E O’Keefe (Cootamundra)

4MIRO BOLT81747A Rowe (Goulburn)

5MANCUNIAN KOOL83627I F Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

6MISS JAGZ14634N W Staines (Yass)

7BONNIE HENRY54517T Cahill (Wombat)

8MISS CRIBRALTAR53345B C Peck (Gunning)

9*** NO RESERVE ***

10*** NO RESERVE ***

Race No. 6Rod Everett Maiden Final07:20PM (NSWtime)
Novice Grade 5 event over 310 Metres at Canberra Of $1,570 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,200 2nd: $200 3rd: $100 Unplaced: $10.


1FAIRLY DEEPWATER3L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

2SUPER SUPERIOR4223J K Coleman (Carwoola)

3NOW WHAT7524K Morgan (Braidwood)

4OVERLAP371S K Wadick (Moss Vale)

5KING BRAD2B Peck (Gunning)

6LIZ SHAWEN34764J M Curtin (Spence)

7HAPPY GLOW351B Coleman (Queanbeyan)

8WILD MORGY22J K Coleman (Carwoola)

9SWAN MISS5M Kranitis (Goulburn)

10SIR BOMBA62475Y Pappas (Royalla)

Race No. 7Scratchings To Canb By 9.30 Sun07:43PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 440 Metres at Canberra Of $790 Prizemoney.
1st: $500 2nd: $140 3rd: $80 Unplaced: $10.


1WOMBAT TRILOGY41T Cahill (Wombat)

2REDFERN FEVER54618P Rowles (Narellan)

3BUSH CAPITAL46745B C Peck (Gunning)

4MORGO’S BABE2465FK Morgan (Braidwood)

5ALEC BALET2311L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

6CHECK BOND OUT66277J J Cameron (Bungendore)

7JOHN BOY522F4A F Jenkins (Higgins)

8PEDRO VELOCE26358B K Sweeney (Booragul)

9*** NO RESERVE ***

10*** NO RESERVE ***

Race No. 8Congrats Lorraine & Jack Roy08:03PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 530 Metres at Canberra Of $990 Prizemoney.
1st: $650 2nd: $160 3rd: $110 Unplaced: $10.


1MATDAN24544L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

2CLASSY BEEN25444G A Brown (Wallendbeen)

3RAMBLING GYPSY36235G Apps (Wombat)

4BERRIDALE QUEEN51523L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

5BERRIDALE FLASHF3143I F Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

6OSTI’S GRACE26211T P O’Keefe (Cootamundra)

7ELITE HIGHWAY54526A F Jenkins (Higgins)

8DEANA KADE74757A Rowe (Goulburn)

9JUNIOR CONTENTED55441K E Sherd (Queanbeyan)

10SCHIEMER76646S R Smith (Stirling)

Race No. 9Canberra Mower Services Sprint08:21PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 310 Metres at Canberra Of $590 Prizemoney.
1st: $350 2nd: $110 3rd: $60 Unplaced: $10.


1STRAWBERRY THIEF76322J Baldacchino (Willow Vale)

2LUCKY FLUTTER67612K Morgan (Braidwood)

3ROSWILL STYLE18567W C Attwill (Abernethy)

4REGISTRATE35337L A Mcfarlane (Jerrawa)

5*** VACANT BOX ***

6JAY’S MAVERICK53466B C Peck (Gunning)

7HIGHLAND RAIN32421S K Wadick (Moss Vale)

8ALLENA BALE68513K J Staines (Jerrawa)

9*** NO RESERVE ***

10*** NO RESERVE ***

Race No. 10Noms Close Noon W’day @ Grnsw08:46PM (NSWtime)
Grade 5 event over 310 Metres at Canberra Of $590 Prizemoney.
1st: $350 2nd: $110 3rd: $60 Unplaced: $10.


1FIRST BANQUET24123G Apps (Wombat)

2BUDDHA’S GIRL63623T J Peck (Queanbeyan)

3HIGHLAND ABBEY82356S K Wadick (Moss Vale)

4REMA’S LESLEY84624W Slade (Beresfield)

5OSTI’S GREAT63114T E O’Keefe (Cootamundra)

6CAWBOURNE MARY16153M J Bullock (Jerrabomberra)

7HABMAK41711L D Roy (Wallendbeen)

8MIDNIGHT CRUIZER33351T N Blewitt (Queanbeyan)

9*** NO RESERVE ***

10*** NO RESERVE ***

Day Of Upsets At Canberra Greyhounds

In a nine race card at Canberra on Sunday, it was an afternoon which saw many favourites get rolled, allowing some punters to go home cashed up.

The opening event, heat one of the WWP 310 Maiden heats saw Rapid Guy Luke, who had been producing good early toe over the 440metre starts begin odds on favourite.

It was Imposing Blonde however who showed the early dash, and when the fawn bitch was unable to hold the rails run at the first turn, John Boy for Arthur Jenkins made the most of the opening to scoot away and break his maiden in 18.22 over King’s Prize and Smart Soldier.
Continue reading Day Of Upsets At Canberra Greyhounds

Its Official – Australian Racing Greyhound Is Number 1!

GRNSW CEO Brent Hogan has today confirmed what the rest of us already know – Australian Racing Greyhound is Australia’s Number 1 greyhound website!

The finding is even more remarkable given most of the rival websites are run by state authorities who virtually force greyhound participants to their sites to use greyhound form tools and online nominations.

In this afternoons GRNSW media release, Hogan acknowledged some of the annual growth on the GRNSW website, thedogs.com.au; had been due to the team of authors employed by GRNSW. And those authors do not come without cost to the NSW industry.
Continue reading Its Official – Australian Racing Greyhound Is Number 1!

Greyhound Racing Returns To Canberra

In return to racing in the Nation’s Capital it was double for Les Wolhuter and Ian McFarlane that headlined the 10 race card.

Canberran Les Wolhuter opened his account early with Bolting Byrnesy taking out the opening event ahead of Cawbourne Rapid and Pedro’s Mobile in 25.48.

Wolhuter’s second win coming in the eighth event with Careful Move spearing the lids to lead all the way and hold out Sir Pedro by ¾ of a length in 25.75, Book Of Days rounding out the placings.
Continue reading Greyhound Racing Returns To Canberra

Greyhound Racing Tips For Wednesday 23rd September 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound’s Greyhound Racing Tips for Wednesday 23rd September 2009 with Tips tonight from Ballarat (Victoria), Warrnambool (Victoria), The Gardens (New South Wales), Ipswich (Queensland), and Cannington (West Australia).

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet get yourself set up with an account at Sportsbet, most Australians are still eligible for a $50 Free Bet, no deposit required at one of Ausralia’s leading corporate bookies. You can also get set on Greyhound Racing at Fixed Odds at Betfair.

With tonight’s racing coming Ballarat (Victoria), Warrnambool (Victoria), The Gardens (New South Wales), Ipswich (Queensland), and Cannington (West Australia), lets review our betting advice for those tracks.
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Greyhound Racing Tips For Thursday 9th July 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound’s free Greyhound Racing Tips for Thursday 9th July 2009 with Tips tonight from Sandown Park (Victoria), Dapto (New South Wales), Albion Park (Queensland), Angle Park (South Australia) and Mandurah (West Australia).

Tonight’s racing features the final of the Imagetec Gold Coast Cup, which for the first time and for near future is being run at Albion Park due to the closure of the Gold Coast track last year. Adding spectacle to the night is High Earner striving for $138,000 in prizemoney in his short career so far and his fourth group race win.

As usual we’ll provide our betting Tips for each of the feature races tonight as well as our expert selections from the best of the other Greyhound Racing action on offer tonight.
Continue reading Greyhound Racing Tips For Thursday 9th July 2009

Greyhound Racing Tips For Monday 22nd June 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound’s free Greyhound Racing Tips for Monday 22nd June 2009 with Tips tonight from Cranbourne (Victoria), Wentworth Park (New South Wales), Albion Park (Queensland) and Angle Park (New South Wales).

With racing tonight from Cranbourne (Victoria), Wentworth Park (New South Wales), Albion Park (Queensland) and Angle Park (New South Wales), lets just review some of our betting advice for the way those tracks play.

Cranbourne races over the 311m, 520m and 699m distances. Punters should stay away from the 311m races as a short run to the first corner cause unpredictable results and leaders usually win. Box 8 is a huge advantage in these races.
Continue reading Greyhound Racing Tips For Monday 22nd June 2009

Amity Bale Remains Undefeated At Staying Races

In a big night of greyhound racing, Amity Bale confirmed her status as the rising star of Australia’s staying ranks, winning her heat of the $36,000 Group 2 McKenna Memorial.

The scratchings of Group 1 Albion Park Gold Cup winner Queen Lauryn and 2008 Group 1 Sandown Cup winner Chinatown Lad ensured Graeme Bate’s charge started a $1.40 favourite.

Beginning only fairly from box 7, Amity Bale found the rail behind early leader Which Wabbit before weaving through the field and racing away to a comprehensive 5.25 length win.
Continue reading Amity Bale Remains Undefeated At Staying Races

Greyhound Racing Tips For Thursday 18th June 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound’s free Greyhound Racing Tips for Thursday 18th June 2009 with Tips tonight from Sandown Park (Victoria), Dapto (New South Wales), Albion Park (Queensland), Angle Park (South Australia) and Mandurah (West Australia).

Some fantastic Greyhound Racing coming our way tonight with the semi finals of the Group 1 Laurels for the young females, heats of the Group 2 McKenna Memorial and, in our opinion, the best Group 2 Queensland Derby final seen for decades as well as the Group 3 Queensland Cup heats at Albion Park.

The scratching of Setanta from the Queensland Derby final has only strengthened to quality of the field with Fedex gaining the run from first reserve. Should be a great race and if you only do one thing tonight be sure to tune in at 9:10pm for what should be one of the best races you’ll see this year.
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Greyhound Racing Tips For Thursday 11th June 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound’s free Greyhound Racing Tips for Thursday 11th June 2009 with Tips tonight from Sandown Park (Victoria), Dapto (New South Wales), Albion Park (Queensland), Angle Park (South Australia) and Mandurah (West Australia).

Some fantastic Greyhound Racing coming our way tonight with the heats of the Group 1 Laurels for the young females and the males leading the way at Albion Park in the Queensland Derby heats. We’ll provide our betting Tips for each of the heats and hopefully find a few winners.

Last night’s Tips weren’t far off the mark with 3 firsts and 3 seconds from the 6 selections. Unfortunately the 3 winners were shades of red on the totes , so hopefully some of you worked the 6 Tips around the exotics and got a nice collect. Mind you, you’ll go along way to find another free tipping service that can provide 100% of selections in first or second place.
Continue reading Greyhound Racing Tips For Thursday 11th June 2009

Greyhound Racing Tips For Friday 15th May 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound’s free Greyhound Racing Tips for Friday 15th May 2009 with Tips tonight from Geelong (Victoria), Richmond (New South Wales) and selected races from Mandurah (West Australia).

Tonight sees four heats of the time honoured Richmond Oaks, unfortunatley time hasn’t been kind to the race and is is not listed as group race. Lets hope the club can work toward restoring the former glory of this race which has been won by some of the greatest bitches to face the starter at Richmond.

With tonights Greyhound Racing coming from Geelong (Victoria), Richmond (New South Wales) and selected races from Mandurah (West Australia), lets just recap betting advice for those tracks.
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Greyhound Racing Tips For Saturday 2nd May 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound’s free Greyhound Racing Tips for Saturday 2nd May 2009 with Tips tonight from The Meadows (Victoria), Wentworth Park (New South Wales) and Cannington (West Australia).

Tonight’s racing is highlighted by the heats of the Group 2 Ladies Bracelet at Wentworth Park for the females. The heats lost a little lustre when the pride of NSW, Miss Elly Mint has to be scratched earlier in the week, as well as Joanne Monelli. Incidentally both those scratchings were announced by us 2 days in advance of other greyhound media, proving once again that Austalian Racing Greyhound readers enjoy the most up to the minute information possible.

Additionally, tonight also sees many of the Group 1 Maturity aspirants have their final hitouts at The Meadows with greyhound from South Australia and New South Wales converging for some race experience before the heats.
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Miss Elly Mint Out Of Group 2 Ladies Bracelet Heats

Its been a tough week for the leading hopes in Australian greyhound racing over both the sprinting and staying journeys.

Hot on the heels of the news that upcoming Queensland stayer Shadow Boxer had gone a miss at his first trial in Victoria and would miss the Sandown Cup series, glamour NSW sprinter Miss Elly Mint has now been reported injured as well.

Pre post favourite for the Group 2 Ladies Bracelet at Wentworth Park this Saturday night, Miss Elly Mint was to have started from box seven in heat three of the $25,000 to the winner Ladies Bracelet.
Continue reading Miss Elly Mint Out Of Group 2 Ladies Bracelet Heats

Greyhound Racing Tips For Tuesday 28th April 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound’s free Greyhound Racing Tips for Tuesday 28th April 2009 with Tips tonight from Tips tonight from Albion Park (Queensland), Gosford (New South Wales), Lismore (New South Wales), Warragul (Victoria) and Mandurah (West Australia).

Well tonight we’ve prayed to the gods, bled a chook and made sure all our karma stones are in a line, as we need to break our current losing streak. We’re still showing a healthy profit, especially at Betfair, but there’s nothing like two losing night’s back to back to make you want to kick the neighbour’s cat. So with all that negativity out of the way lets get down to business.

With racing tonight from Albion Park (Queensland), Gosford (New South Wales), Lismore (New South Wales), Warrnambool (Victoria) and Mandurah (West Australia), lets review our track advice for those tracks.
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