Friday 10th July 2009

RACE 1 7.39 PM
Palmerston Sports Club
Prizemoney 1st-$180 2nd-$75 3rd-$45 $300
1 Rowdy Rose B Kimpton
2 Agent Vale F Scott
3 Awesome Cairo R Phillips
4 Vapour's Fantasy J Osborne
5 Madalia D Davies
6 Kideisha R Cavanagh
7 King Les D Davies
8 My Sunrise S Bibby

RACE 2 8.04 PM
Southern Cross Television
Prizemoney 1st-$265 2nd-$110 3rd-$70 $445
1 Scar Warrior S Bibby
2 Estrella Again N Day
3 ***VACANT***
4 Go India R Phillips
5 All In Footrot J Osborne
6 ***VACANT***
7 Autobot M Famiglietti
8 All In Cuz J Osborne

RACE 3 8.29 PM
Foster's Group
Prizemoney 1st-$300 2nd-$120 3rd-$75 $495
1 Expect More J Osborne
2 Diddems R Phillips
3 Little Adele R Phillips
4 Okay Annie J Osborne
5 ***VACANT***
6 Gypsy Tokay F Scott
7 Biggest Mob's M Famiglietti
8 Happy As F Scott

RACE 4 8.53 PM
Free For All 537M
Casuarina All Sports Club Plate Heat 1
Prizemoney 1st-$400 2nd-$170 3rd-$110 $680
1 Poldar Eyes S Bibby
2 California Blue T Tzouvelis
3 Iron Atalanta B Smith
4 Outback Boy J Osborne
5 Pedro's Whiz P Donnolley
6 Risque Ruby R Brennan
7 He Said What R Brennan
8 Uno Zephyr F Scott
9 Pushin' Bobbie S Bibby
10 Betcha Typhoon F Scott

RACE 5 9.19 PM
Free For All 537M
Casuarina All Sports Club Plate Heat 2
Prizemoney 1st-$400 2nd-$170 3rd-$110 $680
1 Never Quoted R Brennan
2 Kehunga J Osborne
3 Iron Ruby B Smith
4 Arnhem Virus R Phillips
5 Shoe Phone P Donnolley
6 Conorman D Davies
7 Worth His Salt F Scott
8 Lonesome Mary F Scott
9 Pushin' Bobbie S Bibby
10 Betcha Typhoon F Scott

RACE 6 9.46 PM
MIXED 4/5 383M
SBA Office National
Prizemoney 1st-$230 2nd-$100 3rd-$60 $390
1 Cairo Star R Phillips
2 Cool Chyna R Phillips
3 Cyclone Vale F Scott
4 Money Frog R Brennan
5 Gunna Do It S Bibby
6 Lucky Devil J Carr
7 Pale Token B Kelleher
8 Diddy Do Dat F Scott

RACE 7 10:11 PM
5th GRADE 312M
Murray Oakley Discount Electrical
Prizemoney 1st-$195 2nd-$85 3rd-$50 $330
1 Lonesome Black J Carr
2 Tropic Flyer J Carr
3 Bad Curry R Brennan
4 Federal Hill S Bibby
5 Vader B Kelleher
6 Nitrate Soda R Brennan
7 Maybe Wild R Phillips
8 Ironbark Girl N Day

Kevin Pitstock

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