More Drama For Jason Thompson

More Drama For Jason Thompson

In a dramatic twist that is starting to read more like a soap opera, than that of the life of Australia's leading greyhound trainer; Jason Thompson has now become embroiled in another physical altercation at Sandown Park; the scene of last years Melbourne Cup fiasco.

It is alleged that Thompson and Brian Selleck became involved in a physical altercation during the evening kenelling prior to the races. This time however, it seems Thompson has come off the worse for wear.

GRV Stewards officiating at the meeting, were compelled to open an inquiry in to the incident, which occurred in the vicinity of the kennel block area.

GRV Stewards last night only named Brian Selleck and "four other" licensed persons as being able to provide evidence to the inquiry, Australian Racing Greyhond has learned that Jason Thompson is alleged to have been involved in the physical altercation with Selleck.

If true, this would be the second physical altercation at a greyhound race track involving Thompson in recent times, after he was instrumental in last years Melbourne Cup fiasco and was alleged to have become involved in a physical altercation with Darren McDonald.

And frankly, GRV Stewards only have themselves to blame after they failed to send the right signal to all greyhound participants when they only handed Thompson a "light" $1,000 penalty for his involvement and conduct on that night.

At that time Australian Racing Greyhound felt obliged to ask the question with regard to the light penalty :

What sort of signal does this send to anyone else who can afford a poultry $1,000 fine about how they need to conduct themsleves or who they can abuse or assault?

Given a second physical altercation has now allegedly just occured within a few months of the first, and involves one of the same people from the first incident; GRV Stewards will need to take a good hard look at themselves, their processes, and how they hand out their sentencing and to who.

It's starting to look highly likely to that greyhound race tracks no longer appear like safe places to work, relax or enjoy your hobby.

Officially GRV Stewards have adjourned the inquiry to a date to be fixed, but this is likely to be Thompson's third time fronting a GRV Stewards Inquiry in as many months.

Sooner or later the penny will drop.

Kevin Pitstock

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