John Jordan & Annabeth Chase Become NSW Seventh Steroid Positive

John Jordan & Annabeth Chase Become NSW Seventh Steroid Positive

Stewards recently finalised an inquiry into the positive finding of Nandrolone in the urine sample taken from ‘the greyhound Annabeth Chase at Tamworth on the 6th September, 2008.

The inquiry opened on the 17th November, 2008 where evidence was taken from Mr. Jordan, the registered Trainer of Annabeth Chase; who provided evidence via telephone and in writing.

Mr. Jordan advised the Inquiry that Annabeth Chase was injected with 1ml of Laurabolin on the 27th June, 2008 for the control of oestrus.

Mr. Jordan pleaded guilty to a breach of Rule 83(2)(a) which provides:-

    R83 Racing greyhound to be drug free

  • (2) The owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound-
  • (a) nominated to compete in an Event;
  • shall present the greyhound free of any drug.

The particulars of the charge being that John Jordan did on 6th September, 2008 present the greyhound Annabeth Chase for an event being Race (5) Carlos Iga Stake held at Tamworth other than free of prohibited drugs in that the race day urine sample taken from the said greyhound has returned on confirmatory analysis positive to Nandrolone (Rule 83(2)(a) Rules of Greyhound Racing).

After consideration on the matter of penalty Mr. Jordan was disqualified for a period of five(5) months from 17th November, 2008.

The following factors carried weight in the Stewards’ decision; that any penalty imposed must act as a deterrent, Mr Jordan's previous good record, Mr Jordan's guilty plea, Mr Jordan long standing as a Tamworth Committe Member and GHRRA's committment to drug free racing.

Addittionally Annabeth Chase was disqualified from its 2nd placing in Race (5) at Tamworth.

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